Crystal Rapture

Brian has spent most of his college life wishing he could be with volleyball player Marie, but he could just never build up the courage to ask her out, or even talk to her. Thankfully, his friend Wayne has sent him a device that should allow him to change all of that. Will power corrupt now that Brian finally has the tools at his disposal to get what he’s always wanted?

Hypno Hospitality

Kimberly wouldn’t say she’s unhappy with her job, and her life, it’s just that it’s all rather boring. There are worse things than being the night clerk at a business class hotel, but it’s not where she imagined ending up.

When a strange customer arrives late in the night, all of that starts to change. Before she’s even caught up to what’s happened, she’s inviting him to her home, and offering to be a good hostess, no matter what it takes.

Mind’s Vault

Greg’s had a pretty decent life. His girlfriend, Christine, is ok, although she can be a bit of a handful if something sets her off. He’s managed to learn to life with her, and things are looking like he should have a pretty normal life.

He’s just gotten a call informing him that he’s inherited his grandfather’s estate, complete with isolated house and sizable fortune. His girlfriend thinks they should just sell it and stay in the city, but he’s quickly growing to like the place. Once he discovers what’s in the strange vault in the basement, he’s liking it even more.

On Call

Matt’s spent his whole life figuring out how things work, from taking apart the lawnmower to building a (small) catapult in the backyard. If it can be made to go, he wants to know how.  A long time ago, he had to bury his feelings for Leah and Shawna.  His latest experiments with cell phones have, however, provided him with some new and interesting opportunities.  With nobody else to test the device on, Matt turns to Leah, kicking off a chain of events that leads to all sorts of interesting fun.

Remote Control

Things have been going well for Matt and his friends, and the genius inventor has come up with a fun new toy. Thanks to a bit of an accident, it’s made it into the wild.

Jacob is an OK guy. He’s not the student teachers hold up as an example of failure, but they never really tell anybody to aspire to be him either. But when he finds Matt’s wayward remote, things get a lot more fun, very fast. With a little help from the remote, the school’s bad girl, Claire, turns into the perfect little teacher’s pet, at least on the outside. The opposite happens to Alice, who used to be so good he couldn’t stand it, but now she’s looking to try some new things. Jacob is more than willing to help them both out.

Recruitment  Drive

Doctor Oswald Goodman, Board Certified Psychotherapist. That was what the card Karen read said, in small, unassuming text. He’d just moved to the area, and was looking to set up a new practice. A chance encounter brought the two of them together, and ended up changing Karen’s life forever.

Karen’s been having money problems, a lot of money problems. She’d give anything to not be constantly worrying about how to manage to make ends meet. While Doctor Goodman might not be able to help her with her money problems, he offers to at least help her get her mind off of it, for a while. He needs some help around the office, and she’s just the kind of diligent, hard worker he’s looking for.

And once he has one accommodating employee, why not have her help him find a few more?

Spell Bound – Original version

Erik’s a decent enough guy. Even though fate’s forced him to move back in with his parents after college, he still has a good job, and a plan for moving out. He just needs a little time. But he’s just been too ashamed of himself to get things going with a girl.  A mysterious stranger leaves him the gift of a weathered tome, which promises him the ability to bind another to him. While he doesn’t believe in magic, what would it hurt to try?

Spell Bound – Revised Version

Erik’s Relationship with his girlfriend Casey is good, but not great.  After he finds a weathered tome at work one day, it teaches him how to create powerful magical artifacts, including one that can bend another to his will.  He’s not looking for too much, just a little extra spice in the bedroom.  But things rarely stay that simple for long.