Spell Bound – Original Version

Erik’s a decent enough guy. Even though fate’s forced him to move back in with his parents after college, he still has a good job, and a plan for moving out. He just needs a little time. But he’s just been too ashamed of himself to get things going with a girl.  A mysterious stranger leaves him the gift of a weathered tome, which promises him the ability to bind another to him. While he doesn’t believe in magic, what would it hurt to try?

Author’s Note – This is the original version of Spell Bound.  I have decided to reboot it into a more narrative based story, using the same general premise and characters.  I liked this story, but it was a little difficult to figure out where the plot would go long-term.  Additionally, I wrote it at a time where publishing it as Erotica required frequent sex scenes, which really limited the ability to develop a complicated plot and characters

Part 1 – Initiate

Part 2 – Partnership

Part 3 – Cabal

Part 4 – Witches

Part 5 – Fundament