Spell Bound – Chapter 2

The sound of the door slamming jolted Erik back awake from the light doze that he’d fallen into.

“I need to say I’m sorry.”

Erik hadn’t yet opened his eyes, but Casey’s voice was unmistakable.  The fact that he was sleeping in her room did, however, help narrow down the list of possible suspects.

“Look, Case, it’s not a big deal.  I was already up from earlier.”

Earlier referred to when Casey had tried to sneak out of the bed to go take her morning shower without waking Erik.  Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to take off the tight gloves she’d been wearing and had accidentally lost her balance when pulling on them, which sent her toppling onto her bed, and on top of Erik.  The shock of being awoken made him thrash, pushing her off and onto the floor, so when he finally opened his eyes he saw his mostly-naked girlfriend sprawled awkwardly, wearing just a pair of orange leather gloves and her new necklace, looking frustrated.

“Huh?”  Casey responded, confused, and then shook her head.  “Oh, the door.  Yeah, sorry about that too.  The thing pretty much always slams.  No, I meant about yesterday, or, before yesterday.  About not being willing to try new things.  Yesterday was amazing, and I hope we can do that again.”  Casey smiled at Erik as she spoke, hope evident in her expression.

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Yesterday, Erik had wanted to continue having sex with Casey continually all the way into the evening, but reality had set in, and after their second round of screwing, both had decided they needed a time-out, and shifted to just some cuddling on the bed, and then even watching television together.  Then stomachs growling had meant somebody needed to get food, and it fell to Erik to go and get it.

He could still remember Casey’s comment from the night before.  “Look, I’m super-willing to wear this for you, but wearing it out is another matter entirely.  No way.”

The necklace allowed him to give her commands, but they seemed to be pretty specific.  However, Erik saw no need to adjust her on that front.  He hadn’t set out to brainwash her to walk around in sexy costumes in public or anything.  Plus it would raise too many questions.  Keeping it in private was fine with him.

After they ate, they engaged in some more cuddling, played some video games –they were pretty evenly matched on that front— and then one last, rather lazy, round of love-making, before Erik actually passed out on top of her.

“Casey, last night was great for me too, so of course we can do it again.  Does that mean if I pick up another sexy costume, you’ll wear it?”

“Happily.”  Casey’s reply came with a smile, and the expression on her face let Erik know that the programming that she also wear his suggested outfits ‘eagerly’ was also still in full effect.  “Just, you know, not out.”

Erik finished waking up and stood, taking a good look at his girlfriend.  Casey was standing by the doorway, wearing only a towel wrapped around her.  Her dyed-blond hair looked almost brown, still wet, and hung limply behind her.  She was also still wearing the necklace that Erik had told her to put on yesterday, and he wondered for a second if she even realized she was wearing it.  He decided that it was better not to point it out, in case it disrupted the effects it had on her, and instead commented on something else.

“You know, you never struck me as the walking the halls in just a towel type.”

Casey responded with a smile.

“Well, it’s only a couple doors down, and it’s still early.  Plus, if I got dressed in the shower, I wouldn’t be able to give my amazing boyfriend a little show.”

“Oh?  Really now?”

Casey’s only response was to start swaying her hips back and forth, before slowly pulling the towel free, opening it.  Before anything was exposed, she turned, uncrossing her arms so that she was holding the towel wide, but still covered from his vantage point.

She turned, looking over her shoulder, and gave him a wink, before lifting her arms up, which made her towel rise up slightly, giving him just a hint of a view of her ass.  She bent over, thrusting her butt toward him, and wiggled it a little, before turning back around, crossing her arms once more, and draping the towel around herself.

“That’s it?”  Erik made sure to keep his tone playful.  He knew that Casey wasn’t going to stop there, but he had to at least act disappointed or the game wouldn’t be any fun.

“Well, you have been a good boy recently, so I guess I could show you a little more.”

Casey reached down with one hand, the other holding the towel closed, and lifted up the bottom, exposing more of her thigh, but stopping just short of exposing her crotch.

“There you go.”  She looked back up at him and stuck out her tongue.

“I think I’ve been a bit better than that!”

“Hmmm…”  She responded, cocking her head as if pretending to debate his comment.  “I guess.”

With one last playful smile, she reached up and grabbed the corners of the towel, spreading her arms wide so that Erik got a full view of her naked form.

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Walking over, he put his hands on her hips, and then leaned in close to kiss her.  Sensing his intention, Casey turned her head at the last moment, and closed the distance, while also wrapping her arms around him and pulling him in tightly for a hug.

They stayed like that for several long seconds, enjoying the feeling of each other, before pulling away.

“So, you’re all clean now, like yesterday never even happened.”

“Well, I’m sore enough that I know yesterday happened, so there’s still some evidence of our crime.”  Casey made a point of looking down between her legs.  “I always thought the whole ‘walking funny’ thing was a joke.”

“Wait, you really had trouble walking?”

“Well, not so much trouble, just achy.  We did do it three times.  Honestly, kinda amazed my hips don’t hurt more after all that.”

As she talked, Casey reached down and grabbed her towel, and started vigorously drying her hair.  Erik said nothing and watched the effect it had on her exposed body.  After a few moments, she realized things had gotten unusually quiet, and looked over at him, realizing where his gaze was.

“You are a total creep!”

“Hey, you’re the one who invited me to spend the night.”

“I don’t remember it being so much ‘invited’ as you passed out on top of me and I was too tired to push you off, so instead I passed out too.”

“Why do you have to care so much about the details?”

Casey responded by again sticking out her tongue at him.  Hair dry, she pulled it back into a loose ponytail.  It wasn’t the impressively tight affair from the previous day, but it kept it out of her eyes.

“So, what to wear.”  She said absently to herself as she walked over to her closet.

“Mind if I make a suggestion?”  Erik was curious how far he could push her programming and if he might be able to convince her to wear something normal, but outside her comfort zone.

“Huh?  I guess.  Just nothing too weird, ok?  And don’t take too long, I have class.”

As expected, her interpretation of his command didn’t kick in the happily or eagerly, since he hadn’t suggested anything, just suggested being allowed to choose.  Erik was getting the hang of just how specific Casey’s programming was.

“Well, of course you’ll need underwear.”

“Right.”  Casey nodded, and Erik watched as a change came over her, a smile easily coming to her face.  Even though it was a pretty simple ‘suggestion’ that she wear underwear, it was a suggestion, which triggered her programming.  Apparently, it didn’t matter if it was something she’d do without question in the first place.

He wondered for a moment if he could suggest she wear something ridiculous, like her costume from last night, and if she’d put it on, and then refuse to go outside.  It might merit investigation later, but for now he didn’t want to hold her up too much.  She had to get to class, and he’d get a huge earful if he made her late.

Looking into her closet, Erik tried to find something that he’d like to see her in that she wouldn’t normally wear, but probably wouldn’t cross over the line of what she’d be willing to go out in.

Casey had a casual style, which overall Erik didn’t object to.  The fact that she was comfortable with her appearance meant that most of the clothes she wore flattered her.  Her closet was packed with mostly t-shirts that he recognized, and knew that they were either snug enough to show off her figure, or stretchy types that hugged her figure.  There were a few loose t-shirts, of course, but they weren’t the rule of her wardrobe.

She also had a wide selection of hoodies in various colors, but they too were in the ‘flatteringly snug’ size category, and not the kind that she might wear to hide her appearance.

There were advantages to having a confident girl as a partner.  Still, he wanted something she wouldn’t normally wear, and finally, he found what he was looking for.

“Try these.”  He said simply, handing her two items that he pulled out.

He’d selected a white dress shirt, and a red sweater vest.  They were entirely out of character for her, and he figured that she had them for occasions when she needed to be a little more dressed up.  It wasn’t the sort of thing she’d normally wear, but it was the kind of clothes that he saw lots of girls wearing around campus, so it wouldn’t raise any eyebrows.  It should be right at the line of what he could convince her to wear without magical assistance.

“Ok.”  Casey nodded, and smiled, grabbing them from his hand and setting down the sweater so she could pull the shirt over her arms.  Erik had gotten used to watching the way her body responded as her programming kicked in, and knew that he’d triggered it.  She was moving a little too quickly to be her usual morning pace, showing off the ‘eager’ portion of her command.

Turning back to the closet, he looked for something to pair with the rest of her current outfit.

Casey almost always wore jeans, unless it was just too hot for them, and then she picked shorts, usually denim shorts.  As he flipped through her selection, how one-note her wardrobe was in that regard became sharply apparent.  They weren’t baggy jeans, most of them also flatteringly sized and cut, although she only had a couple that would qualify as truly tight.  Most were well in the flattering but comfortable range.

Still, especially after he’d seen so much of her legs last night, he knew he wanted to keep seeing them, but her current top wouldn’t work with shorts, and he really did love the sight of a girl wearing a cute, swishy skirt.

“Do you own any skirts?”

“Huh?”  Casey looked up as she finished pulling the sweater over her head.  “Um… no.  Not really my style.”  She then started to adjust the collar of the shirt she was wearing so it looked right, spread open outside of the sweater, and pulled her ponytail free so that it hung behind her.

He was going to have to change that.  Last night, seeing her in that cute orange skirt, he’d realized just how good she looked in them.  He’d always enjoyed seeing girls in skirts.

“Well, you do own one now.”  He commented playfully.

Casey turned and looked at the discarded bright orange garment on the floor, before turning back to him.

“No.  Like I said last night, wear, yes, wear out, no.”

“Didn’t think so.  Still… does your roommate care if you borrow her clothes?”

“Umm… generally not.  I don’t do it very often.  More often she borrows something of mine.”

Erik turned and walked over to the other closet, before flipping through.  He didn’t find exactly what he was looking for, but he found something close enough.

“Try this.”  He held out a simple red skirt for Casey.

She looked at it for a moment, considering, before smiling and grabbing it.

“This is really not what I normally wear.”

“I know.  But I think you look really cute in it.”  He made sure to use the word that would trigger her programming.  “My cute girlfriend, in a cute sweater and cute skirt.”

Casey closed her eyes in response to the rapid repeating of her trigger word, and Erik noticed that her breath caught for a moment.

“Well, if you like it so much, I guess I have to wear it.”  She finally said as she finished adjusting the skirt into place.

“It also makes you look really mature.  Like a girl who really takes school seriously.”

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Casey pondered that for a moment, before giving him a playful glare.

“Wait, are you saying I normally look immature!”

“Yes.  Of course I am.  I think that’s the best way to make my girlfriend happy.  I read once that if you make a girl feel bad about yourself, she’ll sleep with you.”

She rolled her eyes in an exaggerated gesture.

Stepping next to her, Erik put an arm around her, resting his hand on the small of her back as he leaned in to kiss her again.  She closed her eyes and enjoyed the taste of him.

“You don’t think it’s too weird?”  She asked when they finally stopped.

“I think it’s weird that you think it’s weird.”  He commented, looking down at her outfit once more, hand still resting on her back.  If he didn’t know that her programming would have certain inconvenient side effects, he’d call her outfit sexy, but he meant that it didn’t look weird.  He saw plenty of girls wear outfits just like it every day, they just weren’t Casey.

“Well, if you like it, then I’m happy enough.  I’ll just remind myself of that whenever it feels strange.”  Erik noticed that part of her programming kicked in, that outfits he considered cute would make her happy when she thought of him while wearing them.

“Fair enough.  Also, you have great legs.  You really should wear skirts more often.”

Casey seemed reluctant to agree.

“I’ll think about it,” was all she finally conceded.

Reaching over, he gently took hold of her necklace, closing his eyes to focus, and thought a word loudly in his mind.


A moment later, he opened his eyes, and saw Casey’s face had gone completely blank, her eyes wide and glassy, like the previous afternoon when he’d first programmed her.

Slowly, he pulled his hands away, unsure if she’d be able to continue standing on her own.  Apparently, she could, as he didn’t collapse when he was no longer supporting her.

Fourth Image

“Casey, can you hear me?”

“I can hear you, Master.”

He’d forgotten about telling her to call him that.  It was still sexy to hear.

Erik debated just keeping her like this for a bit and enjoying the way she looked, but he glanced at the clock and knew he didn’t have too much time.

“Casey, from now on, you are forbidden from wearing pants or shorts.  You can only wear skirts.”

“I can only wear skirts.  Yes Master.”

Erik considered if it was a bit too drastic, but decided against it.  He’d just consider it making up for the years of never wearing them.  Plus he wasn’t planning on leaving the command in forever, just long enough for her to get used to them.

“You’ll come up with whatever justification you need to for your new wardrobe, and won’t think it’s strange or worry about it at all.  You won’t even really feel the desire to wear the clothes that you’re forbidden from wearing.”

“I will come up with a justification for my new wardrobe, and won’t think it is strange or worry about it.  I won’t feel a desire to wear pants or shorts.  Yes Master.”

He nodded, glad for that one.  He didn’t want her to panic and start feeling like she was losing her mind.  With this, she should just rationalize that she wants to try his suggestion and a change of pace.

Of course, with the fact that she didn’t own any skirts, there’d be a logistical problem, unless she continued to raid her roommate’s clothes.  Still, he figured he should nudge her along.  Remembering her schedule, he added one last command.

“Tomorrow, after you get out of class, you’re going to go on a shopping trip to buy several new skirts.  You’ll make sure they look good, and are short enough to show off your legs.  They don’t have to be slutty though.”  He thought if he needed to add anything more.  “Well, get one or two that are slutty, but you’ll only wear those when we’re alone.”

“I will go shopping for skirts tomorrow, Master.  I will buy ones that are short enough to show off my legs.  I’ll buy a couple very short, slutty ones that I will wear only when I’m alone with Master.”

He ran the commands back through his mind, looking for holes.  He was worried that the shopping trip command could backfire if she bought only ankle-length skirts, but she’d never been one to hide her body, so he was pretty sure she’d continue to buy flattering clothes, just in the new style.  Plus, her repetition sounded right.

Reaching up, he placed his hand back on the small of her back, and took hold of her necklace.


Before she managed to regain her senses, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers.  It took her a moment to catch up with what was happening, but then she started responding to his presence, pressing in close.  He rubbed his hand against the small of her back, enjoying the feeling of the fabric under his fingers.

“You’re so going to make me late.  Which would be ok, if my first teacher wasn’t such a stickler for being there on time.”  Casey walked over and grabbed her bag from the chair where it was resting.  “But I’m so looking forward to after class so we can meet up?”

“Of course!  Stop by my apartment?”

Casey nodded.  “I’m going to have to put on my face during the first break.”  She leaned over and grabbed a small bag off her desk, which Erik recognized as having her make-up, before she shoved it inot her back-pack.

“Now, I really gotta go.  I’ll see you soon.  And I’ll totally be thinking about you all day while I’m waiting.”  She looked up at him, and smiled, before making her way to the door.

“I’ll be waiting.”  He called after her as she slipped out the door, it slamming behind her in customary fashion.

Turning, he looked at her desk, and grabbed a pad of paper, tearing off a couple sheets.  Pulling a pen out of the cup where she kept them, he wrote down two words at the top of the sheet.

“Casey’s Programming.”

It was going to be important to keep track of everything he put in her head, to make sure he didn’t make any unfortunate mistakes.