Spell Bound – Chapter 1

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“Hey Erik!”

“Hey Casey.”  Erik paused, a little caught off guard by what he saw.  He’d been expecting it, of course, but the reality of what was happening hadn’t quite sunk in.  Still, he needed to act casual.

“Sorry it took me so long to get over here.  Class ran a little long and then I got caught up talking to somebody.”

“No problem!  I’m just glad you’re here.”

Erik’s girlfriend, Casey, punctuated the comment by walking over and giving him a tight hug, pressing herself freely into her.  Casey had always been a bit of an affectionate hugger.  Erik didn’t mind, since it meant that she was pressed up against him, and Casey was cute and perky, two things most guys wouldn’t mind touching them.

“So, what do you want to do tonight?”  Casey let go of her boyfriend a few moments later, and stepped back to look at him, still smiling with a hint of excitement on her face.

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“Oh, I don’t know.”

Casey rolled his eyes at the response.

Of course, most people would forgive Erik being a little distracted.  The outfit his girlfriend was wearing was quite flattering on her, and showed off an impressive amount of her flawless skin.  But what made it even more difficult to process was that she was showing no outward signs of anything being out of the ordinary.

Things were very much out of the ordinary.

Erik didn’t have many complaints about his girlfriend, honestly.  She was extremely friendly and affectionate, and a generally nice person.  Casey wasn’t the type of person to ever insult anybody, and made friends easily, and always seemed to brighten the room when she entered. She was supportive, always willing to listen when he had a problem, and could easily be considered anybody’s best friend.

The problem was that Casey was a bit –for lack of a better term- plain when it came to sex.  She wasn’t a cold fish or anything, and she was more than willing to mess around with Erik when he made an advance.  Casey rarely initiated, but she didn’t seem to think he was being overly needy whenever he slipped a hand up her shirt, or down her pants.  She’d just close her eyes, enjoy the petting, and after a little escalation she’d either get him off by hand, or straddle him and use her insides.

At first, Erik didn’t have any complaints.  Casey seemed like the perfect girlfriend.  After a while, though, he did feel like things were kind of one note.  Wanting to spice things up, he suggested that she might be willing to try putting on something a bit sexier than her usual.  He made sure to phrase it in a way that wasn’t insulting, and thankfully Casey had never seemed all that self-conscious about her body.  He’d been worried she’d explode at the suggestion.  She hadn’t, but she also had no interest in trying it either.  She told him that she’d feel too awkward knowing she was wearing clothes that were just for sex.

He’d considered the matter closed, and wasn’t so fool as to mess with an otherwise good thing, but still had felt like things could always be a bit more interesting.  It wasn’t until just recently that an opportunity to have a change of pace had almost literally fallen into his lap.

“Hello, Earth to Erik!”

Erik looked up to see Casey smiling at him, a teasing glint in her eye.  Her eyes really did sparkle when she was feeling playful.

“Oh, sorry.  Was just thinking about something.”

“Anything interesting?”  She asked, cocking her head to her side, her ponytail cutely bouncing as she did so.

Finally, he decided he couldn’t keep up the act any more.

“Just how sexy you look in that outfit.”

There was a moment of silence that passed between the two, before Casey furrowed her brow.

“Uh.  Ok.  Thanks, I guess.  I mean, I’m glad for the compliment but it’s not like I’m wearing anything special…”  Casey trailed off as she looked down at her outfit, and her furrowed brow intensified.

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“Wait.  This isn’t what I was wearing.”  She looked up at Erik, clearly confused.  “When did I change into this?”  She looked at him, and then back down at herself another time.

“Well, I think it looks really good on you, Casey.  You should wear stuff like this more often.”

Casey shook her head, and then looked at Erik, her face still showing her apparent confusion.

“I’m serious, I don’t remember putting this on.  And now my head is starting to hurt.”

Erik watched as confusion started to give way to pain, and he started to panic.  He’d never intended to hurt Casey, after all.  He really liked his girlfriend, and had only been intending to have some fun.

“Erik, what’s going on?”  A hint of panic rose in her voice as she spoke.

Worried that what he’d planned as an innocent prank had gotten out of hand, Erik reached into his back pocket and pulled something out, gripping it lightly in one hand.

“Don’t worry Casey.  I know just the thing to make it all better.  I just need you to look at this.”

Casey turned toward him, her face still tight.

“Look at… what…”

Casey’s voice trailed off as her face relaxed, quickly losing all trace of the earlier tension.

SpellBound - Chapter 1 - 3

Erik was dangling a necklace in front her face, and it glowed faintly, casting a warm glow onto Casey’s face.

“There we go.  That’s better, isn’t it?  Just relax and let the necklace take your mind again.”

He spoke in a soothing tone, but he wasn’t entirely certain it was necessary.  The necklace had a tremendous effect on Casey, and she relaxed further, her eyes lazily following the charm on the end of the thin cord.

Erik had been amazed when the necklace had worked.  He’d made it as more of a joke to himself, thinking that he could brainwash his girlfriend into being more adventurous.  Even if what the book had told him was wrong, Casey was the kind of girl who’d appreciate a simple gift, so there was no way for the plan to backfire.

He’d dangled it in front of her face the night before, and she’d almost instantly fallen into a trance.  When he put it away, Casey had no memory of him showing it to her.  When he brought it up again, she once more slipped into a trance, and this time he tested the waters by telling her that she would feel strangely in the mood, and ask him to mess around with her.

Once he had put the necklace away again, Casey almost immediately began to nuzzle Erik’s neck, and kiss his ear.  When he asked why she was being so affectionate, she’d told him that she’d been feeling unusually in the mood, and asked if he was up for taking care of the problem.

He’d happily helped her out, of course, and afterward went home to try and process what had happened.  Casey had actually fallen into a trance, just like the book said she would.

It didn’t take long for him to decide to use the necklace again, and this time when he came over to Casey’s dorm, he brought along an outfit that he’d bought a couple months back, hoping he could convince her to wear it.  Putting her in trance, he told her that she’d put it on, but that otherwise things would be normal.  Then he made her forget that he’d already come into her dorm, and stepped outside while she changed.

The necklace had worked, but as soon as he pointed out that what she was doing was strange, the suggestion had unraveled.  Putting her into the mood for sex was hardly pushing any boundaries, but a skimpy sailor girl outfit was way outside her comfort zone.

And now, here she was, standing in front of him, the tight yellow, red, and orange costume clinging flatteringly to her frame, rocking gently on the heels of the thigh-high boots that had been included.  He could probably use the pendant to make her again forget that she was wearing it, but if he pushed his luck any further, the suggestion would once again break down.

The book had a solution for that too.

“Ok Casey, just continue to stare at the necklace, stare at the pretty necklace and let it take your mind.”

“Take… my mind…” She repeated the words back, weakly.

“That’s right.  You can feel it taking all of your thoughts, leaving your head completely empty.”

“Completely… empty…”

Erik swallowed, still not entirely certain if he wanted to take the next step.  What he’d done so far was innocent enough, but things could really get out of hand if he increased his level of control.  Still, Casey was really sexy in the outfit she was wearing, and he knew he wanted to see her wearing sexy outfits more often.  And more importantly, he wanted to fuck her while she was wearing them, which was something she’d never allow him to do of her own free will.

He’d promised himself that was it.  He didn’t want to completely change his girlfriend or anything.  She was awesome, and a great girl.  He was just going to make her a little more adventurous during sex, that was all.

“Ok.  Casey.”  He again paused.  “Casey, I want you to take this necklace, and put it on.  Put it on, and then I can truly program you.”

“Program… me…”  She spoke the words, and her eyes gained a small amount of focus, looking at the charm on the necklace he was holding.  Then, she reached up, and gently took hold of the cord.

According to the book, once she put it on, she’d be completely under his power.  He could give her any command, make any change to her mind or personality he wanted, and she’d be helpless to resist.  He could turn this sweet girl into a hardcore slut, who cared only about getting a guy inside of her.

Erik shook his head.  That wasn’t what he wanted.  Just a couple small changes, that’s all.

The light from the charm faded as Casey finished putting the necklace on, and it rested comfortably against her chest, the color matching her outfit.

So far, the book had been correct, and he had no reason to doubt it.  Until he released her from his power, Casey would be completely at his mercy.  She was his to command, and to program, however he wished.  Completely helpless, like an obedient robot.

That thought gave him an idea.  He didn’t want to change her, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have a little fun while she was in this state.

“Casey, I want you to stand up nice and straight, like your standing at attention.”

“Stand at attention.”  She parroted the command back, and he noticed that her voice no longer had that dreamy quality to it.  Still, from her expression, he knew that she was very much in a trance.

A smile crossed his lips as he saw her move to obey his command.  Moving her hands to her sides, she pushed one side of her skirt down, leaving it crooked.  With how often Casey usually adjusted her jeans to make sure they weren’t lopsided, he knew she’d be too obsessive to ever let something like this fly, if she was in control of her own actions.  Instead, she was standing, waiting for his next command.

SpellBound - Chapter 1 - 4

“Like an obedient little soldier, standing at attention and waiting for the drill sergeant to bark an order.”  He spent another moment drinking her in with his eyes, before he decided he wanted to do one last thing.

“From now on, Casey, when you’re in a trance, you are to refer to me as Master.  You will respond to my commands with ‘Yes Master.’  Do you understand?”

“Call you Master.  Yes Master.”

Erik’s smile grew wider.  Hearing Casey say it was as sexy as he’d expected.  He had made sure to tell her to only do it while she was in a trance.  He didn’t want to turn his girlfriend into a full-time slave girl or anything, but it was fun.

Seeing Casey in the outfit he’d longed to see her wear for so long, while being so open, put him in the mood for something more.  He could keep playing with her, of course, but he did have an objective.  The whole point of having her put on the necklace was so that he could program her to be ok with the outfit he suggested.  More than ok, he wanted the outfits he asked her to wear to drive her wild, to put her fully in the mood to fuck, and to make her a willing and eager participant.

“Casey, go ahead and jump up on your bed.”

“On my bed.  Yes Master.”  She replied, before she turned on her heel and put her hands on the bed.  The beds here were a little higher than usual, so she had to hop up to get into position, and Erik watched as her perky skirt bounced cutely with the motion.  Casey then swung around so that she was in a sitting position, but Erik noticed that her position had left her a little exposed.

He’d told her to change into the outfit that he’d provided, and he hadn’t brought any underwear.  That meant that Casey was naked under the skirt she was wearing.

“Spread your legs a little bit more.”  The words were out of his mouth before he realized what he was asking.

“Spread my legs.  Yes Master.”

Casey moved to comply, not bending her knees since she hasn’t been instructed to, treating Erik to a perfect view of her exposed pussy.

SpellBound - Chapter 1 - 5

Much to Erik’s delight, Casey had shaved herself before the first time they’d ever had sex.  When she asked if he liked it, he had told her that he did, and she’d been willing to keep up with it ever since.  Seeing her like this, so exposed and clean shaven between the legs, made her look somehow even more exposed.

Erik walked over and put his hand up between her legs, and was surprised to find that her pussy was completely dry, with Casey showing no signs of arousal.  Then again, with the fact that she wasn’t really thinking right now, it did make sense.  He could fix that, along with her reluctance to try out clothes he liked.

He’d considered the commands for a while last night, wanting to make sure he made no mistakes.  At first, he thought he’d just order her to get horny whenever she wore clothing he suggested, but then he realized that could get out of control.  The last thing he wanted was to casually make a suggestion for what she wear for the day, and then for Casey to spend the rest of the day horny and wanting.

It really was just like programming. He had to be careful, or he could introduce huge bugs into his girlfriend.  He didn’t want that.  So he’d considered his commands more carefully to make sure that they couldn’t get out of control.

“Casey, from now on, you’ll happily and eagerly wear anything I ask you to.  You’ll find whatever outfit I wear to be comfortable, and will not object to it for any reason.”

“I’ll happily and eagerly wear anything Master asks me to.  I’ll find it comfortable and won’t object for any reason.”

One of the reasons Casey had objected to wearing anything other than her usual was that she said she wore clothing because it was comfortable.  Apparently, comfortable was always jeans, a loose t-shirt, and a hoody.  He wanted to see more of her body!

“Now, when I tell you that an outfit you are wearing looks cute, you’ll feel happy and comfortable when you wear it, and throughout the day, you’ll think fondly of me.”

“I’ll feel happy and comfortable when I wear something Master says looks cute.  I’ll think fondly of Master when I wear it.”

“But, if I tell you that an outfit you are wearing looks sexy, you’ll feel horny and get wet, and feel happy and sexy.  You’ll quickly be ready to have sex.”  Erik paused, and then corrected himself.  “It makes you ready to fuck me.”

That was another of Casey’s quirks.  She never wanted to call sex fucking, and always insisted on using pet names for it, or just calling it ‘having sex.’  Casey never directly chastised him when he did, but it clearly made her a little uncomfortable.

“Whenever I wear outfits that Master calls sexy, it makes me very horny and wet.  Wearing outfits Master thinks are sexy makes me feel sexy, and makes me wet and ready to have sex.”

“Casey, from now on, when we’re alone and you’re feeling horny, you will talk dirty to me.  You’ll call sex fucking, and you’ll your vagina a pussy, or a cunt.  It’ll give you a thrill to talk dirty.”

“When we’re alone and I’m horny, I will talk dirty to Master.  I’ll call sex fucking, and call my vagina a pussy or a cunt.  Yes Master.”

SpellBound - Chapter 1 - 6

Erik paused, once again amazed at just how powerful the necklace was.  In an instant, he’d changed a long-standing behavior quirk of Casey’s, and she’d shown no signs of even trying to resist.  That was why he needed to be careful in his programming, or things could go horribly wrong.

He nodded, confident that he’d put in controls.  The talking dirty would only be when they were alone, and he could switch how an outfit made her feel without worry.  It wouldn’t even have to be an outfit that he’d suggested she wear, he could quickly put her in the mood regardless, although if he abused the power and switched her around too much, it could be bad.

“Also, whenever I fuck you when you’re wearing an outfit that I told you I think is sexy, it’ll feel incredible, better than anything you’ve ever felt.  You’ll thoroughly enjoy getting fucked in sexy outfits.”

“I’ll enjoy when Master fucks me wearing sexy outfits.”


“Now, Casey, do you remember I suggested you wear what you’re wearing now?”

“Yes, I remember, Master.”

“So what do you think about the outfit you’re wearing?”

“I’m happy to wear it for Master, and think it’s very comfortable.  I have no reason to object, Master.”

Erik nodded to himself, happy with the response.  He paused for a moment to consider if he needed to make any other adjustments, but he also knew he should keep things targeted.  He didn’t want to change Casey more than he had to.

“Well, if I need to, I can put her back under and fix it if I’d made a mistake.”  He muttered to nobody in particular.  But, he wanted to get on with things, and that meant waking her up.  He could just have sex with her in this state, but the point was to get her to be a more active participant, not turn her into some mindless sex robot.

Reaching over, he took the charm on her necklace into his hand, and thought the word “Release” as clearly as possible.  He felt something he couldn’t quite describe shift, and let his hand drop, opening his eyes which had closed in concentration.

Casey was sitting up on the bed, looking over at him, life returning to her pretty face.

“Hey Casey, you feeling any better?”

“Huh?”  She seemed confused for a moment more, then her eyes widened.  Erik was worried for a moment that his programming hadn’t worked, but her face softened a moment later.

“Shit, Erik, I’m really sorry I exploded like that.  I was just confused, I guess.  Do you forgive me?”

“Of course.”  Erik licked his dry lips.  “So, uh, what do you think?”

He pointed to her chest and she looked down.  Erik worried she’d explode again, but when she looked back up at him, he was glad to see that she was smiling.

“It’s way more comfortable than I thought it would be!  And it’s kinda cute, now that I think about it.  A little more revealing than I’d wear out, but why wouldn’t I wear something my boyfriend likes.”

Her response was a complete change in attitude from last time he’d suggested.  “Happily” and “Eagerly” had been good words to describe what he wanted from her.

Time to try and see if the rest of his programming held.

“Yeah.  I also think it looks pretty sexy.”

Casey drew in a short, sharp breath, and something about her demeanor changed.  When she looked at him again, he could tell that her breathing was a bit deeper.

“Yeah, it does…”  Her voice trailed off as she seemed lost in some light fantasy.  “So, I was wondering something…”  She prompted once she came back to her senses.

“Oh, what’s that?”

Casey squirmed a little on the bed.

“I was wondering how it might feel for you to fuck me while I’m wearing this.”

The posture she was in left her pussy exposed and visible, and Erik could see something shiny in the dorm’s light.  Casey was also breathing heavily, and he couldn’t be sure, but he thought that maybe she was trying to rub her nipples up against the inside of the top with her movements.

His programming had very clearly held.  Just calling the outfit sexy and she was now horny and ready to go, even talking dirty like he’d suggested.

Erik wanted to just jump on the bed and oblige her, but he was having fun playing with his changed girlfriend.

“I dunno Casey, I’m not really in the mood…”  He trailed off, mimicking her earlier suggestive tone.

“Really now?”  Her response came with a smile and she followed his gaze.  “I think I can convince you otherwise.”  She shifted, turning to give him a full view of her pussy, and reached down to lift up her skirt, making the invitation clear.


SpellBound - Chapter 1 - 7

“Are you sure you don’t want to come over and fuck your girlfriend’s ready and willing pussy?”  She wiggled her hips invitingly.  “I’d very much like to feel you fucking the inside of my greedy cunt.”

That was all it took.  Casey had never been so forward, and he liked it.  She cooed when he dropped his pants, and her eyes widened when she realized how hard he was.

“Somebody’s ready to go.”

“I told you, I think your outfit’s really sexy.”

“Mmm… That makes two of us.”  She gave him a flirty wink, and then yelped as he grabbed her legs, before pulling her over to the edge of the bed.

He rubbed himself up against her, lubing himself up with her juices, and she purred from feeling him rub up against her, while also adjusting her position to make sure she’d be comfortable.

A moment later, she moaned as he pushed forward into her, her breathing heavy.

“Oh god Erik, it’s like my pussy’s been waiting for you.”

He smiled at hearing her use the term he’d programmed into her, and began to push back and forth, slowly at first and then with greater speed as she found a rhythm to match his.  She seemed content to let him do most of the work, and he didn’t mind.

“That’s just incredible.  Fuck my horny little pussy.”

“You really seem into it.”  Erik grunted as he spoke from the exertion.

“It feels really good.”  Casey smiled up at him.  “Don’t know why, maybe it’s just the energy, but this feels awesome.”  Erik thrust into her a couple forceful times, and she winked at him in response.

“Well, I’ll happily give my sexy girlfriend an orgasm, if that’s what she wants.”

“Oh god yes.  Yes please.”

“Yes what?”

Meghan moaned.

“Yes, fuck me silly until I scream.”

“As you wish.”  Erik picked up the pace, going as fast as he could on his own, and Casey moaned again, half-closing her eyes as he continued.

“Oh god.  Oh yes.  Fuck me.  Fuck.   Keep it up.  Please.  Yes.”  The single words of encouragement continued, but Casey clearly wasn’t in any mood to string together entire sentences.  She was flailing her arms and squirming in response to her attention, the collar of her outfit flopping behind her, in a disheveled mass along with her ponytail.

SpellBound - Chapter 1 - 8

A series of loud moans turned into a low growl as her eyes widened, and Erik felt Casey clamp down on him.  He slowed his pace slightly, letting her enjoy the feeling of being pushed over the edge.

He’d never gotten his girlfriend off this fast before.  She could cum from him being inside her, from time to time, but this time it felt downright too easy.  And all because of a few small adjustments he’d made to how she felt about what she was wearing.

Casey clapped a hand over her mouth, and blushed slightly, realizing that her noise might have alerted the next room over to what she was up to.  Still, she looked down at Erik, and gave him a playful look and a smile.

“I hope you’re not done yet.”  She said, looking up at him.

“Not by a long shot.  Make some room.  Legs are tired.”

Casey nodded, and then flipped around, opening up some space on the narrow bed.  It wasn’t spacious, but it was big enough for two.  She moved over to the edge, giving her boyfriend as must space as possible.  A moment later, he’d hopped up behind her, arms wrapped around her, to make sure he wouldn’t fall off as the continued.

“So, you want me to keep going?”

Casey nodded, ponytail bouncing.  “Yes please.  Please keep fucking me.”  The raw words were an arousing contrast to her still-polite demeanor.  She’d told him once that she wanted to make sure he never thought she took him for granted, but it was clear she was having a hard time making this not look one-sided in light of her programmed lust.

Erik pushed her skirt out of the way, and worked himself into a position where he could slide into her from behind.  It took some maneuvering, but before long, he was back inside of her.

“Good.  Didn’t want you to get cold out there.”  Casey giggled as she spoke.  Apparently, the initial wave of super-horny must have died down from her first orgasm, and she was back to being a bit more cutesy.

He didn’t mind cutesy.  He just wanted her to talk dirty too.

SpellBound - Chapter 1 - 9

“God I’m a lucky guy.”  He said as he started thrusting again, reaching down and grabbing her chest to help stabilize.  Casey reached up and shifted his hand so that his fingers were around her puffy nipple, and he took the hint, squeezing gently, and getting a pleased moan in response.

Unlike before, where he’d been doing all the work, this time Casey was moving her hips as well, helping make each thrust that more intense.  It wasn’t long before he felt her start to tense up again, and her head flopped back into his chest, her eyes unfocused with another orgasm.

“Sooo… gooood…”  She purred as she came down from her latest high.

Once she recovered, she began moving her hips again.

“Your turn.”  She said, her voice light and playful.

“Oh, I get a turn?”

Casey smiled at him.

“I’d be the world’s worst girlfriend to not give you a proper thank-you after all that.”

She kept sliding her hips forward and backward, causing him to slide in and out of her.  Alone, the motion probably wouldn’t have been enough to get him off, but he had just felt his girlfriend have two intense orgasms just a few moment prior, so he’d been holding back his ejaculation, and she knew it.  Mostly, she was telling him that he could let go, and she’d keep moving to help him finish.

Casey’s efforts were quickly rewarded as she felt a strong pulse inside of her, and she knew that he’d just sprayed into her.  Slowing, she pumped a few more times, to make sure that he was fully done, and stopped moving once she no longer felt him throbbing.

They both panted, catching their breath, neither having the energy to talk.  The silence lasted a few minutes while they recovered.

“I hope this thing is machine washable.  It’s gotta have some girl or guy sex goo in it.”

Erik laughed at her comment, but noticed that she hadn’t called it fuck juice or something crasser.  In a way, he liked that she’d reverted to her old way of speaking, since it meant that she wasn’t horny any more, which could only mean he’d done a good job and satisfied her.

“It is.  Does that mean you’d be willing to wear again?”  He knew that she would if he suggested it, but he was curious how her mind was coping with what happened.

“Uh huh.”  Casey nodded, and then started to turn over.

Erik hopped down off the bed to give her room to splay out.  Casey had told him before that it wasn’t always comfortable to be too close until she’d cooled off, although she hadn’t chased him off while he was recovering.  He leaned casually against her roommate’s bed, and looked over at his satisfied girlfriend.

SpellBound - Chapter 1 -

“Just let me know the next time you’re in the mood, and I’ll happily put it on.”

“Or you could put it on to let me know when you’re in the mood.”

“True.”  Casey nodded, and then gave a tired smile.

“I really do think it flatters you.”  He punctuated the comment by deliberately running his eyes over her.

“Well, I’m glad.”

“So.  What do you say to sending a message to your roommate to stay away tonight?”

Casey’s eyes widened.  “You’re still in the mood?”

“Kinda.  And I’ll be up for it again soon enough.  Plus I’d like to actually sleep with my girlfriend, instead of just sleeping with her.”

Casey giggled at his comment.

“Ok.  Hand me my phone, and I’ll tell her we’re busy.”  Casey turned so that she was facing him, and again made space on the bed.

Erik did as he was told, grabbing the phone before hopping up next to her and handing her the device.  As she started to send a message, he began gently running his hand over her body, first over her stomach, feeling the sweat as he traced the lines of her abs, and then over the top of her outfit, feeling the smooth material beneath his fingers.

Once Casey finished sending her message, she caught his eyes, and then wrapped her arms and legs around him before giving him a strong, determined kiss.

Making out with Casey was always good.