Remote Control

Complete Series - Revised

Things have been going well for Matt and his friends, and the genius inventor has come up with a fun new toy. Thanks to a bit of an accident, it’s made it into the wild.

Jacob is an OK guy. He’s not the student teachers hold up as an example of failure, but they never really tell anybody to aspire to be him either. But when he finds Matt’s wayward remote, things get a lot more fun, very fast. With a little help from the remote, the school’s bad girl, Claire, turns into the perfect little teacher’s pet, at least on the outside. The opposite happens to Alice, who used to be so good he couldn’t stand it, but now she’s looking to try some new things. Jacob is more than willing to help them both out.

Chapter 1 – Power

Chapter 2 – Browsing

Chapter 3 – Episode

Chapter 4 – Channels

Chapter 5 – Crossover

Chapter 6 – Syndication