Remote Control – Chapter 6


I’d spent most of the night staring at the ceiling, not able to fall asleep.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, I just had something I needed to accomplish, and my goals required the rest of the household to no longer be awake.  And thus, I couldn’t sleep until I was done.

I turned and looked at the clock, which read that it was now one thirty.  Shawna’s breathing had gone even and rhythmic almost two hours ago, and I was pretty confident that even Matt would be asleep by now.  I didn’t know how he managed to function at school, given that he liked to stay up late tinkering with his devices.

His devices.  Those had been what had started this mess.   I sighed to myself at the thought of everything that happened, but honestly I was just glad to finally be free from his control.  What he’d done to myself, and my sister Shawna, had been downright sick.  I could even now feel the bile rising in my throat at the thought of what he’d done, imagining myself, sitting on top of him, riding him until we both orgasmed.

He’d even made me orgasm in response to him fucking me.  The asshole.

I used to get sopping wet thinking about having sex with Matt, but thankfully, Jacob had managed to outwit him, and had used Matt’s remote on me to free me from my step-brother’s control.  For the first time in months, my head was now clear.  I had no sexual desires for Matt at all, and the thought of screwing him made my stomach turn.

Now, to pay Jacob back for freeing me, I was going to get him a copy of Matt’s cell phone program.  It was the least I could do.  After all, he, Claire, and Alice had been so welcoming after they’d freed me, and our time together had been amazing.  I would have just moved in with him and his sister, but unfortunately, Matt would get too suspicious, so I’d have to pretend, at least for a while.

By now, Matt had to be asleep, so I turned and started to creep out of bed, beginning to make my way to Matt’s room.  I was wearing a simple tee shirt and shorts, and if I had to, I could pretend that I was sneaking into his room for some nighttime fun.  Matt would totally believe that excuse, of course.  I just hoped I didn’t have to go through with it.  I would, because succeeding was extremely important, but it would be extremely hard to force myself to be with him one final time.

But I’d do it, because it was what Jacob needed, and I owed it to him to do a good job.

Thankfully, as I cracked the door to Matt’s room, I found that I was in luck.  He was lying in his bed, fast asleep.  I slowly crept across the room, trying my best to not make any noise.  I just had to get in, grab his phone, and then retreat to my room.

Every noise I made was amplified a hundred-fold as I crept across the room, making my way to Matt’s desk, where I knew he’d have left his phone, charging.  Both Shawna and I knew the combination to unlock his phone, Matt’s control buying the trust he needed to allow us such secrets.  Before tonight, I never would have been able to do something like this.

My heart pounded as I reached for Matt’s phone, and I hoped and prayed he stayed asleep.

I could finally breathe again when I got back to my bedroom, closing the door behind me and leaning up against the wall.  Shawna was a heavy sleeper, so I wouldn’t have to worry about waking her up.  I made my way over to my computer and hooked up Matt’s phone, working my way to find the installer files that contained his control program.  I needed to copy those to my computer and phone, and then mail them to Jacob.  Once that was done, I could return the device to Matt’s room and be done with this.

Jacob was going to be so proud of my accomplishment.  He was a pretty cool guy, once I’d gotten to know him.  I’d never really appreciate how handsome he was, although of course before I’d only had eyes for Matt.  Now that I was thinking on my own, everything was different, and I felt myself moisten at the thought of Jacob’s strong arms, pressing down on my shoulders, holding me on the couch as he slid into me, slamming forward with unrestrained power.

I couldn’t help but smile at how nice it was to finally get to have normal girl fantasies.  I wanted him to tell me what to do because it was what I wanted, not what some machine forced me to want.  I’d show Jacob I could be the best slave ever, and I was sure he’d like me for it.

The program finished copying, and I started copying it to my own phone before creeping back into Matt’s room to replace the device.  The second trip was far less nerve-wracking than the first, since I didn’t have to worry as much about discovery.  A mad dash to his desk to put the phone back would be far less suspicious than one out of the room with his phone.  Thankfully, he was still fast asleep.

I stopped and leaned against his desk for a moment, looking at Matt’s sleeping form.  I tried to feel something, anything, other than disgust at what he’d done, but I wasn’t able to.  Before he’d used the phone on me, I’d loved my brother, but I’d never been in love with him.  We could have been closer, if he’d wanted to be, but we’d been comfortably distant and that had been ok too.

Some part of me wanted to know why he’d targeted me in the first place.  He could have just as easily gone after Beth, our neighbor, from the beginning, and just had her be his girlfriend.  Shawna and I had both known for a long time that she had a slight crush on him, so it wouldn’t have even been all that underhanded of him to encourage her into a full relationship.  Instead, he’d targeted me, his sister.

I shook my head.  I couldn’t believe he’d done that to me.

As I made my way back to my bedroom, I took a deep breath to steady myself.  What I had to do next was going to be really hard for me, but it had to be done.  Jacob was right, Matt needed to be distracted, otherwise he might figure out what was going on, and we couldn’t have that.  Matt could put an end to Jacob’s growing Harem, and I owed too much to Jacob to let that happen.  The way he treated Claire, and Alice, and all of his girls, was just too nice and important to let Matt destroy.

Jacob used his power to bring unimaginable pleasure to those around him, rather than just jealously keeping it for himself.  I was glad to be a part of that.

The program had finished copying to my phone by the time I sat back down at my desk, so I disconnected the cable and installed the program.  Matt had made significant improvements to the program since his initial version, along with Beth’s help.  She’d been gone for a couple weeks, on some long-term trip with her family, but she’d still been communicating ideas to him, trying to optimize the program even further.

I’d ask Shawna to help me get updates to the program as he made them, so I could make sure that Jacob always had the latest version.  Well, not exactly ask.  She’d be helping me though.

My phone felt oddly cold in my hand as I started up the control app and dialed in Shawna’s number.  As her phone began to vibrate, my heart leapt into my chest.  I was going to be asking her to make a huge sacrifice, and she wasn’t even getting a choice in the matter.

Unable to move to go through with my actions, I closed my eyes, focusing on Jacob’s words.  He’d told me I needed to do this, so I’d go ahead and do it.  It was easy to do what Jacob said, after all.  It was also easy to do what he said.

Focusing on his words, I reached over and pressed the answer button on Shawna’s screen, before moving the phone over next to her head.  I wedged it between her ear and the pillow, then shook her awake.  She didn’t even have time to make a noise before the program ensnared her mind, and she lay in bed, eyes open, staring at nothing.

“Shawna, can you hear me?”  I asked, speaking into my own phone.  It was another enhancement that Matt had made to the phone, allowing the victim to answer simple questions.  The subject wouldn’t be able to carry on a complicated conversation, but at least some information could be collected.

“Yes.”  Shawna voice was flat and neutral, and of course I heard it more from her than through the phone.

“Ok, Shawna.   I’m going to tell you a few things, and you’re going to listen.”  I took another breath.  Of course, telling her to listen wasn’t necessary, anything said into the phone would be absorbed by the victim’s mind, after all.  I was just nervous and stalling for time.

“Shawna, you’re going to find that your sex drive is in super high gear, and you’re going to be at least a little horny all the time, but often you’ll get so horny you can’t control yourself.  You’re going to be so horny that you need to have sex at least once, sometimes even twice a day.  It’s going to be so bad that if you don’t have sex, you’ll be distracted, and unable to do anything else until you get release.”

I swallowed.  The next part was going to be the hardest.

“Also, you’re going to be irresistibly attracted to Matt.  He’s going to be the only one you want to have sex with, and you’re going to want to have sex with him all the time.  Sex with him once, twice, even three times a day is completely fine with you, because you find him so attractive and you enjoy having sex with him that much.  He’s going to be more than able to satisfy your new sex drive, and you’re going to eagerly seek him out to keep yourself, and him, satisfied.”

Matt needed to be distracted, and Shawna was going to be doing that.  He’d be so busy screwing her that he wouldn’t even miss the fact that I wasn’t sleeping with him anymore.  Granted, I was also going to be able to say that joining the Cheerleader squad was eating up my time, which combined with Shawna being eager and available, should mean I wouldn’t ever have to feel Matt inside me again.

Thinking about joining the Cheerleader squad brought back memories of the locker room.  They’d found a uniform for me, after freeing me from Matt’s control, and it had made me feel sexy and hot and wanted like little ever had.  It was nice seeing Claire and Alice in their uniforms as well, and Jacob had told Amanda, the head cheerleader, that the three of us would be joining.  Of course she’d been helpless to do anything but agree.

I shook my head, needing to focus on what I was doing.  Such fantasies could come later, even if thinking about them had gotten my nipples hard.  I knew if I reached between my legs, I’d find myself very wet, and I squirmed a little to control myself.

“Shawna, if Matt asks why you’re suddenly so willing to have sex with him, you’ll tell him that you don’t really know, and that it might just be that your hormones are changing or something.  You won’t know why you want to have sex with him so much, you’ll only know that you do.  In fact, you’re going to find yourself thinking about sleeping with him almost any time you have a free moment.  You’re going to spend your nights dreaming of having sex with him.  These thoughts and dreams will keep you almost constantly wet and ready.”

I tried to think if there was anything else, but I think I’d covered everything.  While she was going to have to do what I couldn’t do any more, I’d made sure to tell her that she’d enjoy it.  I didn’t want her to suffer, after all.  Job done, I hung up my phone, before quickly reaching over and grabbing Shawna’s, shutting it off and returning it to where it was before.

Shawna began to stir as consciousness returned to her, and I moved to sit on my own bed.

“Oh, hey, Shawna, did I wake you up?  Sorry, I couldn’t sleep.”  I said, firing up a game on my phone to pretend that I’d been playing.

“Huh?”  She was still disoriented.  “No, it’s ok.  I was just having a really good dream.”  Shawna’s voice carried off at the end, and I imagined she was remembering what she thought she’d been dreaming about.

“Thinking about screwing Matt again?”  I needed to check and make sure the commands had held.  I didn’t think Matt had made it so the program would only work on his phone, but I needed to be sure.

Shawna sounded embarrassed when she responded a moment later.  “Uh, yeah.  How’d you know?”

“You were talking a little in your sleep.  It sounded pretty intense.”

“Yeah, it was.”  She gave a little half laugh, and shifted in her bed, trying to get comfortable again.

“I bet you’re just downright sopping, aren’t you?”  I prodded.  We’d talked about our sexy dreams in the past, since we were always willing to share things.  Being twins has that effect on people.

I heard some rustling before she responded.  “Uh, yeah.  Actually really wet.”

Even though I was feeling guilty at what I’d done to Shawna, I couldn’t help but laugh as I realized what that noise had been.  “Wait, did you just reach down and check?”

Shawna shrank a little, looking sheepish in the pale light of my phone.  “Yeah.  Is that bad?”

I shook my head.  “Nah, just a little silly of you.  Go back to bed.  I’ll be passing out soon.”  I took a deep breath.  “Oh, and Shawna, one more thing.  I don’t say this enough, but I love you, and I’m really glad you’re my sister.”

She smiled back at me.  “Aww, that’s sweet.  I love you too, sis.”  She gave me a sincere look, before she rolled over, curling the covers around her again.  Within about a minute, her breathing had gone back to the calm, even rhythm from before I woke her up.

I fell back on my bed and felt guilt at what I’d done, but it was what Jacob had wanted, and I really wanted Jacob to be proud of me.  I had to show him I could be a good girl, just like Claire and Alice.  Jacob liked good girls, so that’s what I’d be.  Jacob’s good, loyal little cheerleader.

My hand found its way under the waistband of my shorts as I began to stroke myself, and I was still wet from my earlier fantasizing.  I imagined Jacob sliding himself into me after pushing my cheer skirt out of the way.  My torso and arms were encased in the stretchy, shiny blue material of our school’s uniform, and I felt so sexy and sporty, primed and ready to fuck.  Claire or Alice would be nearby, since Jacob was hardly ever without his girls, but that didn’t matter, because they would be just as sexy and attractive as I was.

I shuddered with a small orgasm as I imagined him telling me what a good job I’d done stealing Matt’s program.

“Remember, just keep it to warming up, I don’t want to get off too soon.”

Claire smiled up at me, and nodded.  “Of course Sir.”  After a quick smile, she opened her mouth, taking me gently inside of her, before flicking her tongue up the underside of my shaft.  My good little girlfriend then got to work, slowly licking up and down my length, not in a hurry at all.

I’d finally decided that was what I was going to consider her.  Claire would be my girlfriend, and would of course be the only person that I would be publicly attached to.  Alice and Leah would be my other two lieutenants, of course, and the rest of the cheerleading team would simply be my harem of obedient slaves.

Of course, Claire, Alice, and Leah were still my slaves as well, but they’d be allowed a little bit more freedom than the rest.  As if to punctuate my point, I looked over at Amanda, who was standing off to one side of the living room, mindless without any commands to follow.  While at school, she’d been her normal self, complete with bitchy attitude, but as soon as she no longer needed to think to blend in, she returned to her now default mindless state.

It was hot as hell, and I felt myself throb as I realized that all of the cheerleaders were now like Amanda.  The only reason any of them were thinking right now was to blend in with their families, but once they no longer needed to, they’d retreat to their rooms and become mindless dolls, waiting until they either received a command from me, or needed to do something to not arouse suspicion.

I looked down at Claire and gave her a little squeeze with my legs.  Even though she was as much under my control as Amanda, in many ways, I considered her more girlfriend than slave, and wanted her to know that.  I’d never really had a girlfriend before, so I was getting used to the little gestures.  Alice was also more than a slave, but she was honestly more a partner in crime than a girlfriend.

Leah, on the other hand, was still up in the air.  I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to use her, but time would eventually tell.  Right now, I just wanted to see the fruits of her mission last night.  She’d texted me that she’d gotten the program, but had been held up after school.  Not wanting her to arouse suspicion, I’d told her to take her time.

I could still remember the look on Leah’s face as Claire pushed her into the locker room the day before.  Her face had been a complex mask of shock, horror, and fear, and it had only taken a moment for Claire to pin her to the floor.  I may have wrapped her up in good girl clothing, but she was still one of the school’s biggest troublemakers, and she’d been in more than her share of fights.  I hoped going forward she’d put her street smarts to use being my good little partner.

I’d been in the middle of programming Tara, a cute little redhead on the squad, when the interruption occurred.

“What the?”  I wish my question had sounded a bit more suave, but the surprise had been genuine.

Claire smiled up at me.  “I caught her peeping on us out back, Sir.  I figured you might want to know.”

Leah looked up at me, gasping for breath as Claire drove her knee into her back.  I signaled for Claire to let up, and she did so, ever desperate to follow my instructions.

“Look, Jacob, I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but you have to stop.”  Leah gasped, trying to get the wind back into her.

I couldn’t help but laugh.  It was a little villainous of me I know, but it seemed appropriate.  By this time, we’d drawn Alice’s attention, and I waved her over.

“Finish up with Tara, and then continue with the rest of the squad.”  I said.  “I want them all like Amanda.”  Alice nodded, and started whispering into Tara’s ear.

I turned my attention back to Leah.  “So, Leah, I take it you know a little about this?”  I asked, holding up the remote.  Her eyes instantly snapped to it, and I could tell she knew more than she should, even just from watching me use it on the cheerleading team.   I pointed it down at her, and she flinched, as if it would hurt her more than any gun.

Realizing that I hadn’t zapped her, she opened her eyes and looked up at me.  “Look, Jacob, we can make this all right.  We can undo everything you’ve done, and turn everybody back to normal, and I won’t tell anybody, I promise.  Just let me go, and I can help you turn everybody back to the way they were before.”

This time, Claire was the one who laughed, and Leah twisted to try and get a better view of the girl who was holding her down.

“You little priss.  What makes you think I want things to be the way they were before?  Now, not only do I get to have fun, but Jacob’s helped me get most of the teachers wrapped around my fingers.   They think I’ve turned into every bit the model student that you are, after all.”  Leah’s face turned into a puzzled expression as she tried to digest what she was hearing Claire say.

“Yeah, me too.”  Alice chimed in, finishing with Tara and taking a moment before moving on to the next girl.  “I had a huge stick up my ass, and Jacob helped me get over that.  Now I get to have fun, and enjoy myself.  And I’m really enjoying myself.”  She smiled, clearly remembering the licking she’d gotten not long before.

“But what about them!”  Leah tried to indicate the cheerleaders around, but wasn’t able to use her arms and so she had to point with her nose.  “I don’t think any of them is happy to be a… a mindless little robot slave.”

I walked over to stand next to Amanda.  “Really?  I think they’re better like this, actually.”  I reached up and cupped her breast, rubbing my finger against her nipple.  She gave no response to the gesture, since her body didn’t feel any special pleasure from being touched there anymore.  “I mean, let’s be honest, cheerleaders are supposed to make people happy, right?  Now they’ll be making me happy, and they’ll be happy to do so.”  I turned and looked at Amanda.  “Well, happy enough, at least.”

I’ll admit I was hamming things up as the villain, but Leah was making it fun.  Honestly, Amanda was a bitch, and deserved what she got.

Leah opened her mouth to speak again, but Claire clamped her hand over her mouth.  “Come on, Sir.  Do you really need to keep toying with her?  It’s clear she knows something about the remote, so why not just zap her and make her tell you everything, and then we can get back to having fun.”

Leah’s eyes practically popped out of her head when Claire mentioned zapping her.  It was hilarious to watch.  Also, Claire had a point.  I could keep playing movie villain and taunt my defeated foe, or I could just get on with things and find out what she knew.  I lowered the remote and pointed it at her, and Claire gave a quick nod, ready to get out of the way before I zapped her.

Once under the influence of the remote, I told Leah to tell me everything, and that’s exactly what she did.  She told me about her brother, and how he’d invented an almost magical control program for his phone.  He told me about how he’d used it on her, and her twin sister, Shawna, as well as their neighbor, Beth.

I’d asked her if she thought she could steal me a copy, and she’d responded that she was pretty sure she could.  It was funny to watch her as she fought against the commands I’d given her, forced to tell me the complete and total truth, even though she clearly didn’t want to.  I’d asked if we could use the remote or the program on her brother, and she said she wasn’t sure if he’d developed a countermeasure, and it would be risky if he had.  Instead, I decided to just have her steal a copy, and we’d try and avoid drawing attention to ourselves.

After all, her brother didn’t attend our school.  I could settle for just having complete control of the school, at least until Leah found out if he had a counter measure, and if so how to stop it.

Of course, Leah was much smarter than I was, that much I outright knew.  Claire wasn’t stupid, when she applied herself, but she wasn’t anywhere near as bright as Leah either.  Alice was probably the one who could come closest, but without the background information that Leah had, she wouldn’t be as able to help out with the remote, or this program either.  In light of that, my next actions were clear.  I’d have to convert Leah to my side, so she’d be as willing and eager a participant in my fun games as both Claire and Alice.

It was a lot of fun, coming up with the commands for her.  At first, I thought nothing would be able to top the ‘obedience is pleasure’ commands I’d given Amanda and the cheerleaders, but there’s something about trying to think of every way somebody could be eagerly loyal that just got my blood pumping.  I made a point of covering all of my bases.

By the time I was done with her, Leah not only thought the world of me, but she was happy that I’d gotten her away from her brother.  She’d do anything to make me happy, to pay me back for that.  I needed her intellect intact, so that she could work on devices for me, but I wanted her to be wholly mine.

Of course, Claire and Alice balked a little at having to share me with another girl.  It was one thing to have a bevy of obedient slaves, but another free thinking girl apparently rocked the boat for them.  No matter, a couple quick zaps with the remote, and they were now all the best of friends.

I liked harmony among my inner circle, after all.

“Wow Claire, your house is fucking huge!”  Alice’s voice snapped me out of my memory, and I looked up to see my sister, standing in the archway leading from the hall.  Like Amanda, she was wearing the blue and white cheerleader outfit of our school, the fetish Claire had given her still strong.  For her part, Claire was still wearing her normal uniform, considering it a distinction that her status as girlfriend allowed.

Claire slid her lips up my length, letting me pop out of her mouth momentarily.  “Well, my dad has a lot of money.”  She looked at me to see if I would indicate for her to stop there and get back to work.  I shook my head, slightly.  I really had considered the head she was giving me a warm up for things to come.  She did, however, continue to nuzzle me as she kept talking.

“He made a ton of money off the stock market, and got super rich.  That’s how he could afford to send me to private school even after I kept trying to get kicked out.”  She sighed, a winsome expression crossing her pretty face.  In some ways, she looked like she was recalling a misspent youth.  “He’s currently on vacation in Europe with the girlfriend of the moment.  Mom walked out on him a long time ago, taking a pretty hefty alimony.  She couldn’t stand him, or his tendency to sleep around.”

“Well his loss.”  Alice said, as she looked around.  She stopped when her eyes landed on Amanda, and giggled.  “It’s like she’s part of the furniture.”  She gave a small gasp as an idea occurred to her.  “Ooh, Amanda, come over here and squat on all fours like a stool.”

“Yes Mistress.”  Amanda responded, coming to life now that she had a command.  As instructed, she walked over next to Alice, before shifting down to her hand and knees.  A moment later, my sister gingerly sat down on her back, smoothing out her skirt in ladylike fashion.  She executed the gesture in perfect form, but I knew that she was now doing it to make fun of the proper girl she’d once been.

“So we’re all going to be cheerleaders?”  Alice asked, her tone conversational.

“Yeah.”  I nodded.  I wanted them all to be on the team.  It would help keep them in shape, and if Amanda was any indication, it would also help them to be delightfully flexible.  Plus, I thought about them doing routines in the sexy outfits, and felt myself throb again.  “Amanda, tomorrow we’re going to make it happen.  Let me know who I need to zap to make it official.”

“Yes Master.”  She responded, not moving underneath Alice.

Alice seemed to remember something else, and leaned over to reach up under Amanda’s skirt.  She fished around for a moment before extracting her hand, examining it briefly, before giving another playful giggle.

“Yup, queen bee Amanda really does hate being a human stool, and she’s dripping wet from the obedience.”  Alice raised her finger, as if to show me.  The commands I’d given Amanda had included that obedience would be her only source of arousal and pleasure, and that the less her original free self would be willing to obey the command, the more aroused she’d feel.

It seemed kind of poetic.

The doorbell rang, and Claire got up to head into the other room and answer it.   Odds were good it was Leah.

I have to admit, Claire’s house was extremely impressive.  For whatever reason, I’d always thought that since she was an outsider at school, she must be poor, but that was just myself being more of a bitch than I probably should be.  Sometimes I could be a pretty bad person, and I hated that.

“Hey Leah.  Glad you could make it.”  Claire said as she opened the door, an honest smile on her face.  I was glad she couldn’t hear my internal dialogue, or I’d be blushing right now.

I took the step inside before responding, since it was still pretty cool outside.  “Hey Claire.  How are things here?”

“Pretty good.”  She replied, shutting the door.  “Alice, Jacob, and Amanda are in the living room, getting started.”  I felt a pang run through me, worried that they were already through having fun.  Apparently, Claire picked up on it.  “Don’t worry, things haven’t gone too far, just warming up.”

I followed her the short distance to get to the living room, and saw Alice sitting on Amanda, who was apparently pretending to be a chair or stool for her.  I couldn’t help but smile at that fact.  Jacob had told me that he’d programmed most of the cheerleading team to be his mindless slaves, but that they’d also follow the instructions of his special girls.  I was glad to be one of those, and it could be fun to order around some of the girls who used to make so much fun of the rest of the school.

Matt had just kept the three of us, myself, Shawna, and Beth, as his personal playthings, and never really thought about branching out much.  Thankfully, Jacob was much more willing to have a little fun.

Speaking of which, he was sitting on the couch, and I took a couple steps to stand near him, eager to show him the control program I’d stolen the night before.  I stopped short when I saw that he wasn’t wearing anything from the waist down, and his penis was hanging out freely.

God, penis.  Even though I’m supposed to be all sexy and getting ready to have fun with Jacob, and the others, I still think of such nerdy words for everything.  At least I could call my own a vag, rather than needing to use the full word, but I needed to be sexier if I was going to convince Jacob to shove himself up inside me.

“Uh, hey Jacob.”  My eyes were still glued to him as I said hello.  My hand was up and pushing a lock of hair behind my ear before I could even think about what I was doing, and I mentally kicked myself to calm down.  I did what he asked, of course he’d tell me I’d been a good girl, and then everything would be great.

“Did you get it?”  Jacob looked over at me, his face carrying a hint of concern.  He must be worried that I’d failed, or worse that I was back under my brother’s control.  Matt probably wouldn’t let me remain free for very long once he found out what had happened.

I smiled at Jacob and smoothed my uniform.  “Of course.”  I held up my phone.  In my hurry, I’d forgotten to email it to him the night before, and my laptop was still at home, so my phone was the only copy we had right now.

Jacob turned and looked at Alice.  “Hey, Alice, get your phone out.”

The look she gave him could only be described as excitement.  Alice was there yesterday when I explained what the app did, so she knew what Jacob was proposing, and she was actually excited to know her brother would be controlling her.  He must have really had a lot of fun with her and Claire before I met them.

I fired up the app as Alice pulled out her phone, and once it was ready Jacob told me the number to dial.  I punched in the numbers, and a moment later Alice’s phone started to ring.  She didn’t even hesitate before putting it up to her ear.

“Huh, I don’t feel anything strange.”  She said, giving a puzzled look to both Jacob and myself.

I hurried to explain.  “Just give it a moment, it’s got to figure out your phone.”  I hoped it worked fast, and that Jacob wouldn’t think poorly of me, or that I was faking.

“Well, how long’s it going to…”  Alice trailed off mid-sentence, and her expression slackened.

I felt my heart start to beat faster, and I turned to Jacob.

“Any ideas?”  I asked, holding out my phone so that he could command his sister.

To my surprise, he shook his head.  “Nah, you come up with something fun.  You’ve earned it.”

My heart started beating so fast I was worried he could tell it was fluttering.  If I’d earned it, then maybe he thought I’d been a good slave, and followed his commands.  I had to be sure.

“So, I’ve… umm…”  I couldn’t say it.  A good little slave didn’t ask for praise from her master, after all.

He caught on to what I was fishing for.  “Yes, you’ve been a good girl.  Good and obedient.”

My nipples instantly hardened in response to that, and I felt a small shiver run down my spine, directly into the space between my legs.  It was small, but I had an orgasm, and I could feel the moisture building as I did so.

That little reward gave me an idea of what to do for Alice.  I raised the phone to my ear.  “Alice, from now on, whenever anybody licks your neck, you’re going to have an orgasm.  It will be so strong, you won’t even be able to stay standing.”  I turned and looked at Jacob, and he was smiling.  Apparently, my idea had been acceptable.

“Anything more?”  I asked, and then decided to add.  “Master?”  I was his slave, after all, so it was only right that I call him that.  Neither Alice nor Claire called him that, so I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to.  Claire had the whole ‘Sir’ thing going on that Matt had tried for a while, but Alice didn’t seem to call him anything special.  “Should I call you that?”

“It does sound sexy when you say it.”  My heart skipped a beat.  “And that’s enough, I wanna see it in action.”

I nodded and hung up the phone, and a moment later Alice began to stir.

“So?”  She asked, looking around.

Without waiting for her to have time to ask many more questions, I crossed the room and grabbed her shoulders, leaning in close to lick her neck.

“What the?” She started, but then stopped.  “Oh…”  The sound drew out into a moan, and she started to tremble, a little violently almost.  She lost her balance and fell off of Amanda, and curled into a tight ball on the floor, her body twitching slightly in response to the programmed release.

“Wow.  That looks awesome.”  Claire spoke from across the room, and I turned to smile at her, before turning back to Jacob, who was on the verge of laughing.

“Leah, you’ve done really well.”  Another small orgasm shot through me, and he walked to stand next to me.  “That is going to be so much fun.”

I smiled and nodded, and Jacob wrapped an arm around me.  It felt good for him to hold me, since he wouldn’t do that if I’d disappointed him.  His hand came up and started rubbing one of my nipples through my clothing, and he easily managed to find the bud given just how aroused I was.  Of course, I didn’t feel anything at the contact, since a good slave felt aroused at obedience, rather than physical pleasure, but if it was what he wanted to do, I of course wouldn’t argue.

“So, any chance I get to have some fun?”  Claire asked, her voice whining slightly.  She was looking over at Alice, who was still recovering from her orgasm.  I guessed she was feeling a little worked up at seeing her friend almost pass out from pleasure.  Claire seemed to have a big thing for being controlled.

“Claire, full slave mode.”  Jacob said, without warning, and Claire only had a moment to be surprised before all expression drained from her face.  Her posture straightened, and she looked straight forward.

Jacob had programmed both his sister and Claire, as well as myself, with what he called a full slave mode.  When he turned it on, we’d be exactly like the rest of his slaves, completely mindless and without thoughts beyond those needed to obey his commands.  While I hoped to be a good little slave for him all the time, I still had my thoughts, but the knowledge that he could take them at any time made me tremble a little, in a good way.  I was pretty sure Claire felt the same way.

“Leah, go play around with Claire a little.   Make sure she doesn’t respond to your attention.”

“Yes Master.”  I replied, before I really thought about what he’d said.  Eager obedience was important, after all.

I took the few steps to stand next to Claire while Jacob went to go talk to his sister, extending a hand to help peel her off the ground.  I leaned in close to Claire, searching her face for any signs of reaction to my presence, but there was none.  I reached up and started rubbing her chest, looking for signs of her nipples, but wasn’t able to find them.  It was only after I went under her sweater that I was able to find them, the buds only a little hardened at watching me control Alice earlier.

They didn’t harden as I continued to rub, but I knew that wouldn’t.  The remote, as well as Matt’s phone app, were able to control the body’s reactions completely.  I reached a hand down the waistband of Claire’s skirt, my fingers probing to find her vagina.

No, I reminded myself.  I’m trying to finger her pussy.  Her hot, wet pussy.  I plunged a finger up inside of her, feeling the slick moisture of her arousal, and looked at her face for any sign of response.  Her breathing didn’t even change one bit.  Claire was completely under Jacob’s control, just like the rest of us.

His rubbing me earlier hadn’t affected me, but that thought made me yearn for more commands to have another orgasm.

I was paying so much attention to Claire that I didn’t even notice somebody sneaking up behind me until the arms wrapped around my chest.  I turned away from Claire to see Alice behind me, her arms wrapped to cup my breasts.  Her face was blank and expressionless, just like Claire’s, and I knew Jacob had flipped her into slave mode.

Alice rubbed me, and I proved my loyalty by not feeling a thing.  I didn’t even respond as her hands began to explore elsewhere, sliding inside my skirt and doing to me what I’d just done to Claire.  I was of course wet from before, but no new arousal came from her efforts.  Like a good slave, obedience was all I craved.

“So, I realize I haven’t actually fucked you properly yet, Leah.”  Jacob said, walking to stand next to me.  “Amanda, go stand next to Claire.”

The brunette stood and did as she was told, joining her sister slave in blank obedience.

“You too Alice.”

A moment later, all three were in a line, awaiting their master’s orders.

“So, how shall I take you?”  Jacob asked, walking to stand next to me.

I smiled as I answered the simple question.  “However you would like, Master.”  There wasn’t any other answer.

“Well, I have three mindless beauties, I might as well make it four.”

My thoughts ground to a quick halt as he said the words that made me as mindlessly obedient as they were.

I looked at all four of my slaves as they stood in a line, waiting for my next command.  I’d noticed that they weren’t standing completely still, their clothes would occasionally ruffle as they made small movements to stay upright.  Still, each gave no indication that she’d have any problems standing at attention forever, until I needed them.

By happy coincidence, they’d arranged themselves in an alternating pattern of cheerleader and school uniform, their skirts forming a slightly jagged line that seemed oddly straighter given their obedient immobility.  I actually had a little fun flicking the bottom of Claire’s skirt as she stood, and watched it swish behind her.

But I had been holding back my release long enough, so it was time for the real fun to start.  Plus, looking at the members of my harem made me so ready for more.  They were all so willing, eager, and obedient, and I could have any of them however and whenever I wanted.

“Leah, go stand next to the couch.”  I snapped.

“Yes Master.”  Her response was immediate, and she walked to stand where I had told her.  I walked over and took my seat.

“Turn and face away from me, looking at the others.  And take off your underwear.”

“Yes Master.”

Watching her take off her underwear, I was reminded of the time I’d joked with Alice about her not wearing any.  I was still tempted to forbid my girls from wearing it, but sometimes it was fun to rub the material under my fingers while I played with them.  Plus, it gave them something to flash when they wanted me to know they were in the mood.

I wanted to be able to see all of my slaves at once while I took Leah for the first time, which was why I wanted her facing them.  “Spread your legs, and bend over.”  As she did so, she ended up being at about the right height, and I positioned myself between her thighs.

Reaching up, I grabbed her hips, and pulled her down and back.  She’d feel the strain in her muscles later, but I knew she wouldn’t mind.  She slid onto me easily, her lips still moist with arousal from the commands I’d given her earlier.  Like Amanda, she was programmed to feel no pleasure from physical contact, only obedience, but unlike the bitchy cheerleader, she normally had all her mental abilities intact.

Except for now, of course, but she didn’t need them for what I wanted from her.

“Fuck me, Leah.”

“Yes Master.”  She replied, as she began to move forward and back, sliding herself along my length, the moisture inside her making a slurping sound.  She fell into a steady, even rhythm, and I exhaled in enjoyment as she obediently did something that she’d never have dreamed of doing even just yesterday.

I looked over at my three other slaves, still exactly where I’d left them.  Had they been awake and aware, they still wouldn’t have had any problem with me screwing Leah, but they’d have looked on, eager for my attention.  In their current state, however, they couldn’t even string together enough thoughts to realize how horny they were, let alone to do anything about it.  Instead they just stood, mindless and obedient.

This newfound power was going to be a lot of fun.  Leah’s warm, wet pussy easily milked an orgasm out of me.

It was only going to be the first of many.