Remote Control – Chapter 5


Alice woke me Monday morning with her usual gentle licking.  She’d gotten pretty good at creeping into my bed without waking me up, but once she had my shorts down and began to actually get to work, I noticed the attention.

She was kneeling between my legs, as she usually did every morning, but unlike every time previous, she wasn’t wearing her traditional disposable tee shirt or tank top.  Instead, she was wearing the tight cheerleader uniform that Claire and I had kept her in for most of the weekend.

My dick throbbed as I remembered what happened after I’d zapped Alice into programming mode and told Claire that she could do the honors.  My good-girl sex buddy had been relentless, telling Alice just how aroused the uniforms would make her feel.  Claire hadn’t stopped until Alice had a full blown fetish, and I knew that my little sister would be horny as hell right now, giving me head while dressed as she was.

Still, her arousal didn’t seem to have any negative effect on her ability to employ her mouth.  Her head was bouncing up and down, happily licking and slurping my length as she did every morning.  Alice had gotten much better at this over the past week, and now she was able to get me off like a pro.

I felt the familiar tightening deep inside my balls, and a moment later, I spurted into my sister’s willing mouth.  Alice eagerly gulped down my morning offering, before pulling her head back, licking my tip to make sure she’d gotten everything.

Once it was clear that I was done, she sat up straight, before looking down at me and smiling.  I spent a few moments looking her over, still enjoying seeing her in the tight outfit.  While she now had a full on fetish for the uniform, I just had the usual guy thing for cheerleaders.  We both seemed more than able to come to terms.

Alice twisted her neck back and forth, a common ritual after she finished, before she reached above her head and stretched.  This caused her uniform to ride up, exposing her midsection, and I reached down and poked her belly button.  Alice smiled and squealed in response.

Normally, after she finished, Alice would scamper out of the bedroom and go get ready for school, but she didn’t seem to be in her usual hurry this morning.  Instead, she gave a contented sigh, before shifting and laying out next to me.

“Mind if I chill here for a bit, bro?”

I shook my head, since I really didn’t mind, and I was curious what brought Alice to my bed.

“Not in the slightest.  What’s up, Alice?”

She shifted to put a hand behind my back, and rested her other on my arm, moving it to nestle between her breasts.  Alice knew I found her chest lots of fun, and often made a point of showing she didn’t mind me touching her.

In response to my question, however, she simply gave a shrug.

“I’m not sure, honestly.”  Alice sighed again.  “Just feeling a little… off.”

“Something bad?”  I wanted to make sure that she wasn’t starting to shake off my control.  If Alice ever went back to being her old self, I could be in some serious trouble.

To my relief, she shook her head.  “Nah, just… curious I guess.”

“What about?”

Alice was silent for a moment, before she finally took a deep breath.

“How come you’re so good to me?”  She said the line in a rush, like she’d had to build up the courage to say anything.

“What do you mean?”

My sister twisted her face, and looking down toward our feet.  Clearly, she was embarrassed by what she was about to say.

“Just, mom and dad have both treated me like their favorite child for a long time.  I know they’re not supposed to, but I know they do.  Back…. Before, I didn’t really care, because I enjoyed the attention.  And back then I also used to treat you pretty badly, all things considered.  So why are you being so nice to me, and helping with my problems, and letting me join in on your fun with Claire, and everything else.  With what I did, you should have just kicked me to the curb when she showed she was interested.”

I shook my head, raising my free hand to gesture for her to slow down.  As she’d continued to talk, Alice’s voice had grown more and more frantic.  Now that she’d taken on a much more agreeable attitude, I actually liked my sister, and didn’t want her to be distraught.

“Alice, are you being nice to me right now?”

She cocked her head.  “Yeah… at least I’m trying to be.  I have to make up for how horrid I’ve been to you.”

I nodded.  “And tomorrow?  Will you try to be nice to me tomorrow?”

She nodded.  “Of course.  I want to make you feel good forever.”

“Then why are you worrying about what happened in the past?  Leave it be.”  I turned, and slipped my hand down the waistband of her skirt, probing around to work my way under her panties.  “You may have been a downright snot to me in the past, but that was in the past, and now you’ve elevated yourself to full partner in crime status.”

My fingers found their way into her underwear, and I began to probe her pussy lips.  As expected, they were damp, probably from a combination of her outfit and her morning activity.  Her nervousness would have reduced her arousal, but as soon as I reassured her, she’d be back to ready for some fun.

Using the moisture already there, I slipped a finger up inside of her, and she cooed, closing her eyes for a moment before opening them to look at me once more.

“Are you sure you’re not still mad about before?  I’m really forgiven?”  Her eyes were starting to glaze over from my attention.

I nodded, and made a point of flicking her clit a couple times to get her mind fully off her worries.  She gasped, and her hips started to gently nudge forward, trying to get my finger a little deeper inside of her.

I decided that we’d talked about that enough, and changed the subject.

“So, Alice, what do you think about Claire?”

Alice smiled as I continued to slowly play with her.  “Are you kidding, she’s great!  I wish you’d let me play with another girl before.  If I’d known they were going to be so much fun to play with, I’d have started doing it a long time ago.”

I shook my head at my sister, but I did appreciate her enthusiasm.  “Really Alice?  A week ago, you had the sex drive of the Sahara.”

She pouted, and thrust her hips a couple times pointedly,

“Well, now, my pussy loves getting licked and scratched by other kitties, if you catch my drift.  Just thinking about playing with her again this afternoon has gotten me fucking wet.  I really hope she and I can get along, and she’s willing to bury her fingers and tongue in my little hole again soon.”

“Ok, one, I’m pretty sure the finger in you has something to do with it.  And two, I love it when you swear.”

Alice smiled, and leaned in close.  “And I love it when you stick pieces of yourself into my soppy little cunt.  Sometimes, this good girl likes being fucking bad.  I can see why Claire enjoys calling you sir so much.”

I laughed.  My sister had been a really good girl before, and hadn’t even had the sex drive to be secretly dirty.  Now, outside our sexual playtimes, she was still her old self, in that she was a model student, a dutiful daughter, and now a supportive sister as well.  But inside the bedroom, she was a fun contrast to Claire.  One of my slaves was a good girl who went bad when she was aroused, and the other was a bad girl who got wet just thinking about being good and respectful.

“Do you want me to start calling you sir, Jacob?”  Alice looked over at me, her eyes momentarily serious.

I thought about that for a moment, but then shook my head.  “Nah, I’d like to keep that a special thing between me and her.”

My sister looked like she was about to pout, but then her eyes lit up like she had an idea.  “No problem.”  She made a point of pausing a long time for effect before adding on.  “Bro.”

I increased the pace of my finger thrusting in and out of her.  “See, you have no reason to be jealous of her at all, do you, my slutty little sis.”

She started to move her hips, apparently no longer satisfied with the slow motions of before.  Alice was at the point where her arousal told her she needed an orgasm before much longer.

“No reason at all, big bro.  I get something Claire never gets, so she can have things that are her own.”

I smiled and leaned in close, increasing the speed of my finger, since Alice had earned some release.  Playing off of the commands Claire had given her, I whispered as tantalizingly as possible.

“And just think, this afternoon, my two special girls are going to help me capture some very hot cheerleader slaves.  They’ll all be lined up, in a row, ready and willing for you to order any of them you want to lick your tits, or cunt, or any part of you that feels hungry for girl tongue.”

Alice whimpered in response to my statement, and I felt her start to tremble before she stopped moving entirely.  After a brief moment, she started to shake and quiver, her orgasm as energetic as ever.

I got to school early on Monday, hoping to catch sight of Claire.  I’d looked for her on Friday, but she’d left so quickly I hadn’t been able to spot her.  I needed to find out who had used the remote on her, and fast.

Thankfully, she got to school early that morning, and I spotted her in the hall.  Trying to keep my distance, I shadowed her.  A group of other students walked up to her, their sloppy uniforms a stark contrast to hers which was perfectly tucked in, and looked sharp and crisp.

Her uniform was my biggest clue that something was up.  Claire had always been one of the problem students, and they liked to rebel against what they believed were stifling school rules.  For her to suddenly change and start wearing the uniform perfectly, something had to happen.

Apparently, her friends had also started to notice that she was acting differently, and their discussion was starting to get heated.  I could see one of the guys point to her chest, and then make wild gestures in the air.  I contemplated moving closer, but then decided it wasn’t important.  Claire wasn’t the problem, she was just one of the symptoms, and I just needed to tail her.  However, if she spotted me too early, she might make that difficult, and it would be that much harder to find out who had the remote.

The other students turned and walked away, looking over their shoulders with a mix of confusion and anger.  Once they were out of sight, Claire turned and leaned against her locker, taking a breath to steady herself.  I could tell from her expression that she was upset after such an argument with her friends, but she hadn’t walked off to join them.

That was when she did something very strange.  I watched as she straightened her uniform, settling her sweater vest squarely on her shoulders, and making sure that everything was aligned.  She adjusted her skirt, and checked the length, like she wanted to be sure everything was perfect.  As she started to look around, I ducked around the wall I was using to shield myself, and when I looked back, I could see her rubbing her fingers over her chest.  Something had her aroused enough that she was rubbing her breasts at school.

I was convinced she was under the effects of mind control.  Only something that strong would get somebody doing something like that in public.

As I watched her, she finished, shaking her head as she realized what she was doing.  Something from her bag caught her attention, and she pulled out a small cell phone.  Her face lit up as she read the screen, and she grabbed her bag before taking off at a quick trot.

Knowing that she was probably going to meet whoever was controlling her, I left my hiding place and began to follow her.

She crossed the school, heading to the west entrance, where she practically ran up to two students who were standing near the door.  Both were blonde, one male, and one female.  I recognized the guy as Jacob Lafferty, a rather average student with which I shared a few classes.  The girl was Alice Lafferty, and I’d talked to her a few times as well.  All three of them were talking and laughing.

It clicked in my head, they were both named Lafferty.  They must be siblings, of a sort.  They were both in classes with me, which meant they were the same age, which was odd, but not unheard of.  They could be twins, or there could be other explanations.

Either way, Alice’s uniform was neat and tidy, but that wasn’t out of the ordinary for her.  However, Claire walked up and stood next to her, both girls looking at Jacob with a similar expression.  Almost anybody who was looking would be able to tell that both girls were infatuated with him, and the little gestures they made gave it away.  Claire would push some of her hair behind her ear, while Alice would lick her lips before touching her stomach in nervousness.  All of these were classic signs of a girl talking to her crush.

I didn’t know what sort of relationship Alice and Jacob had, but odds were good the remote had been involved.  I had more than a little firsthand experience in that department.

Inching my way closer, I tried to listen in on their conversation, but they were wrapping up by the time I got close enough to make out anything beyond a few garbled words.  Claire leaned forward and gave Jacob a kiss on the cheek, and I saw something in Alice’s eyes that let me know she wished she could do the same.  Claire then turned, and walked off down one hallway, while Jacob and his sister turned down another.

If I could just spot him using the remote, then I would know for sure.  Thankfully, my last class today was with Alice.  Follow her, and she’d lead me straight to him.

Claire was waiting for me outside the gymnasium as I approached, and her eyes brightened as she caught sight of me heading her way.  I swept the room while walking the last few steps, looking for any signs of Alice.

“She’s not here yet.”  Claire offered, picking up on my goal.  “But there’s nobody around, so I can do this.”  She wrapped her arms around my neck, and leaned in to give me a huge kiss on the lips.  Not wanting to make that all she did, she wiggled her tongue into my mouth, and I opened up so that she could work through my teeth and explore around a bit.

Satisfied with her greeting, Claire withdrew her tongue, before our lips parted, and she rested her head on my chest.  She was just the right height to be able to place herself comfortably without having to stoop or stretch.  She let her weight relax into me, her arms still wrapped around my neck to support herself.  I tensed my back as the load increased, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, and Claire sighed as she rocked gently back and forth.

“This is nice, Sir, we need to make more time for stuff like this.”  She purred, leaning up to whisper in my ear.

I didn’t disagree with her in the slightest, but I wasn’t expecting this out of her either.

“Get a room you two!”  Alice’s voice disturbed us, and Claire gave a little jump, worried that she’d been caught in an inappropriate embrace at school.  However, as soon as she realized who it was, she returned to resting against my chest.

My sister trotted up to us, smiling playfully, her comment entirely a joke.  She moved to stand on the other side of Claire, looking over at me, a twinkling look to her eyes as she looked back and forth between Claire and myself.

“She’s being awfully affectionate today, isn’t she?”  Alice commented, her eyebrows arching suggestively.

Suddenly, it struck me.  “Alice, did you have something to do with this?”

My sister laughed impishly.  “Maybe.”

Claire shuddered against me as the knowledge that her thoughts had been altered triggered the other programming I’d given her, that made her aroused at her thoughts being changed.

She moaned, softly, as she leaned in and whispered into my ear.  “I don’t mind, Sir.”  She followed the statement with a gently nip of the bottom of my earlobe.

Sighing, I gave Claire a quick squeeze, before I pushed her away gently.  She only protested a little before she put her weight back onto her feet and stepped away, straightening her uniform and swaying her hips from side to side as though to let her skirt settle.

“When did you do it?”  I asked my sister, as I turned to face her.  Her face fell as she realized how serious my expression was.

“Um, yesterday, when you were in the restroom.  Right before she left, I zapped her and told her to be a little more lovey-dovey.  That’s all, honest.”

I looked at my sister as I swung my backpack off my shoulder, getting ready to grab the remote and zap her to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.  As I began to reach in, she continued her explanation.

“I’m sorry if I wasn’t supposed to, Jacob.  I just thought it would be fun, that’s all.  I won’t do it again without permission.  I promise.”

Her face was extremely serious, and I realized that she meant what she was saying.

“How’d you know about this thing, anyway?”  I asked, suddenly realizing that I hadn’t explained it to her like I had Claire.

She looked at me like the question made no sense.  “I watched you use it on Claire maybe a half dozen times over the weekend.  It didn’t take long to figure it out.”

That made sense, and I kicked myself for being so careless.  Still, if Alice could figure it out, that meant that other people could too.  I could use the remote on her and tell her to never touch it again, but then I’d be in trouble if anything ever went wrong and I needed her help.

Finally, I decided that I’d just extract a further promise from her.  After all, ever since I’d used the remote on her, Alice’s loyalty to me had been as complete as I ever could have imagined.

“Alice, do you promise not to use it again without permission, except in emergencies?”  I gave her a stern look to make sure that she understood how serious I was being.

She nodded quickly.  “Of course Jacob.”  Something in her eyes showed me that she was extremely grateful I wasn’t too angry.  She saw herself as my personal slut, and it was her first duty to make sure that my needs were met, after all.  Alice must have honestly thought that the best thing for me would be for Claire to be acting like a proper girlfriend.

I turned and faced Claire, who was watching the two of us with interest, but looked to be relieved that I wasn’t going to be punishing my sister.

“Come on, Sir.”  Claire said, grabbing my arm and starting to tug me toward the locker room.  “Don’t we have some real business to get to?”

Alice laughed as I got my bearings and started walking on my own.  Claire was right, of course, the real reason we were here wasn’t so that Claire and I could make out, we could do that at home.  Instead, this afternoon was for something a little more fun.  I’d spent time over the weekend preparing both of my girls to be in the right mind for converting others, so it should be a lot of fun.

I couldn’t help but giggle as Alice practically skipped in front of us to open the door, her expression one of uncontained impatience.  My previously cold, studious adopted sis had grown so completely into a sex loving slut that she couldn’t wait to get back into the uniform that Claire had programmed her to enjoy.

This was going to be a lot of fun.

I turned and knocked on the door one before the girl’s locker room, and Claire and Alice both looked at me strangely, wondering why we hadn’t gone to our expected destination.  I held up one finger, telling them to wait, and they turned as the door opened, revealing Coach Whitaker, the cheerleading team’s advisor.

“Ah, hello Jacob.  Come on in.”  He turned and took a step into his office, and I followed him, Claire and Alice not far behind.  They were looking around confused, but I knew they’d catch on.

“So did the girls bring their uniforms today, Coach?”  I asked, leaning against his desk.  The room had curtains drawn, so that he couldn’t see into the changing area.  Of course, that meant I couldn’t either.

The older man nodded.  “Yeah.  I told them that I wanted to see their routines as they’d look in full uniform, so they were told to make sure they brought them to school today.  They should be in changing now.”

I turned and looked at Claire and Alice, who still didn’t seem to have managed to catch on.

“It wouldn’t do to have a bunch of cheerleader slaves just wearing whatever workout clothes they normally practice in.  It’s not like they walk around in uniform every day.  Although, come to think of it, they might start doing so soon.”

Claire seemed to catch on before Alice did, and turned to look at the coach.  “You used the remote on him, didn’t you?”  She asked, as her face brightened as the gaps filled in.

I nodded.  “Yeah.  He has no problems with what our plans are for the team, does he?”

Coach Whitaker shook his head.  “Of course not.  You do what you need to do, and you kids have fun.  I’ll be back in a couple hours to lock up.”  With that, he turned and left out the door, stepping into the hallway and letting the door close behind him.

“There, we should have all the girls to ourselves.”  I reached into my bag and pulled out the remote, turning and holding it out to Alice.  “Can I trust you to just use this to zap them all, but not start the real reprogramming until you come get me when it’s done?”

Alice looked down at what I was holding, before she licked her lips and nodded.  “Sure thing.  One bevy of brainless cheerleaders, coming up as ordered.”  She reached up and grabbed the remote, before she took the few steps to the door that led to the changing area.  She opened it and stepped in, which resulted in a small squeak from one of the girls, but no sounds of panic as they realized that it was just another girl.

I didn’t hear anything of note after that, but it wasn’t like they’d start screaming as Alice zapped them or anything.  She’d come back and retrieve Claire and myself once she was done.

Speaking of Claire, I walked over to stand behind her, wrapping my arms around her, and she melted back into my embrace, her hands coming up to rest on my arm.

“I really do like it when you hold me, Sir.”  She said, as she leaned back into me even more.

“I’m starting to like it, myself.  I guess Alice has decided that you’ll be my girlfriend for real now?”

Claire nodded.  “I’d like that, Sir.  If you don’t mind of course.”

I shook my head.  “It’s fine, unless you have a problem with me sleeping with other girls.”

She laughed in response to the comment, and turned to face me, looking me directly in the eyes.  “You can sleep with whoever you want, Sir, as long as you make time for me.”

I nodded, and shifted my arms son one was around her waist, and the other rested gently on her hip.  “I’m glad you’re so open minded.  Otherwise, the girls on the other side of that wall would all go to waste.  And I’m sure you wouldn’t want that, for them to be standing there, all mindless, dressed identically and staring off into the distance, with nobody to command them and tell them what to think, and what to do.”

I leaned in closer, and Claire’s breathing began to get heavy.  Just as she’d programmed my sister to have fetish for the sporty uniform, I’d given Claire an appreciation of both girls, and girls being controlled.  The thought of the cheerleader team under my control should be making her practically gush into her panties.

My hand slid along her hip, tracing down toward the waistband of her skirt, and I slid my fingers under the elastic band, working my way inside her underwear.  Sure enough, I could feel the light dew that was forming in response to my taunting, and Claire purred in response, brushing her chest up against me, which caused her to gasp at the stimulation.

“You’ll make sure they’re all good girls, ready to fuck me, or you, or Alice, at a moment’s notice, won’t you Claire?”

She nodded.  “Yes Sir.”

“And you’ll do the same to any of them I tell you to, won’t you?”

Claire whimpered.  “Of course Sir.”

“They’re mine, just like you’re mine.”

“All yours, Sir.”  She pushed her hips forward, pressing herself against my fingers, her eyes half closed and her body practically shouting for more.

I decided to give her clit a few teasing flicks, before I withdrew my hand.  Claire was obviously disappointed, but didn’t object.  After all, we both knew that there was more fun to come.

The door latch turned, and Alice sashayed her way in, placing the remote into my hand with a smirk.  I noticed that she’d taken a moment to change into her uniform, which was still a little too tight for her.  Much as I enjoyed seeing her in the straining material, we’d need to get her one in the right size if she was going to do anything on the team, since it wouldn’t do for it to rip on her while she was parading around.

Claire and I would enjoy such a scene, but the rest of the school might have some problems with it.

Alice led the way into the changing area, as Claire and I followed, and I heard Claire gasp as she saw what awaited us.  The entire team, fifteen in all, stood haphazardly around the room, each staring forward in mindless attention.  Most had their hair pulled up into tight ponytails, but a few hadn’t gotten that far, their locks still hanging limply against their shoulders.  Every single one, however, was wearing her uniform, and stood with a blank, empty expression.

“I thought you wouldn’t mind if they finished getting dressed.  After all, the yummy part of the cheerleader is the outfit.”  Alice commented as she stepped over to Jodie, a cute raven haired girl, before running her hand over the girl’s chest.  Jodie gave no response at all, just standing at attention as Alice pawed her tits first with one hand, and then the other.

I walked between a few of the entranced sporty girls, looking each in the eye for any signs of life, and found none.  They just continued to stare forward, heads empty and waiting to be filled with my commands.  I could mold each of these girls however I wanted, and I was getting almost giddy with anticipation.

“I am so going to enjoy turning this bitch into a slave.”  I turned in response to Claire’s voice, and saw her standing next to Amanda, the queen bee of the cheerleaders, who was as expressionless as the rest of them.

I walked over to stand next to my newly admitted girlfriend, and wrapped an arm around her.  “Was she really that bad?”  I asked.

Claire turned and I could actually see tears forming in her eyes as she remembered what the other girl had said to her over the years.  “Yes Sir.  Some of the things she used to say to me were just awful, and she really had a knack for striking nerves.  She could just take whatever made you uncomfortable and rip it right open, making everything she said hurt as much as possible.”

“She especially liked making fun of anybody she considered a dyke.”  Alice said, as she walked over.  “Although I suppose in some ways, that sort of comment applies to both of us now.”  Alice gestured to herself and Claire.

I turned and looked at the bitchy brunette, and felt anger flash inside me.  I considered Alice and Claire to be mine, and knowing that this girl had tormented them in the past was really starting to upset me.  I wasn’t going to hold anything back with the commands I gave her.

“Well, time to change all that, don’t you think?”  I asked my two lovely lieutenants.  “After all, you girls have both been good, so I think some old fashioned revenge is in order.”

“Yes Sir.”  Claire responded immediately, with a smile.

“Absolutely.”  Alice’s expression was more reserved, but I could tell that she didn’t appreciate Amanda’s behavior either.

“Amanda, from now on, you are completely, totally, and absolutely obedient to me, Claire, and Alice.  You will obey all of our commands completely, and without hesitation.  In fact, you have no thoughts at all in your head but those necessary to obey our commands.  Outside of that, you have no thoughts, no will, and no desires of your own.”

Claire leaned into me as I spoke, and her breathing was starting to get heavy again.  I wrapped my arm around her waist, but kept going.

“Amanda, obeying our commands will make you horny and aroused.  You will never, ever, feel aroused or horny for any other reason.  Obedience to our commands will be your only source of pleasure.  No matter what, nothing else will be able to get you off, only obedience.  Your tits and your pussy are now no different than any other part of your body.  You won’t feel any pleasure from them at all, no matter who or how much anybody plays with them.  You only feel pleasure from obedience.  Obeying our commands is how you orgasm.  That, and nothing else.  When you obey, you may orgasm.”

“The less you want to obey our commands, the more they will arouse you.  The less you want to do what we say, the harder your orgasms will be.”

I heard Claire begin to whimper, and her hands were unconsciously reaching down toward her skirt.  Not wanting her to be impatient, I gently reached down and grabbed her arm, and she looked up.  Her eyes were blank and glassy, as though watching me give those commands to Amanda had put her into a sort of trance.

“Maybe you’d like to try those commands on, sometime?”

Claire didn’t say anything as she nodded, the gesture weak.  Her breathing was ragged and heavy, but she blinked, and life returned to her eyes.  “Yes Sir.  Maybe later though?  I want to try her out, please.”

I nodded to Claire, as I turned to Amanda, wanting to finish up.

“Amanda, from now on, you will refer to me as your master, and you will refer to Claire and Alice as mistress.  You will do anything and everything we say.  You are completely and totally loyal to us.”

I looked down at the remote, before I raised it and pointed it towards her.  I checked to make sure nobody was standing behind her, before I pressed the power button.  Amanda blinked, once, and I saw her straighten, but she gave no other indication that anything had changed.

Pushing Claire away, gently, I walked over to stand next to my newly converted slave.  She gave no reaction as I approached, even when I stood right next to her.  However, unlike the girls currently powered off, she had a certain amount of animation to her.  It was hard to describe, but I could clearly tell that she was waiting for commands to which she would respond, rather than just being blankly in a programmable state.

Reaching up, I cupped her tit, and she gave no response.  I started to rub the surface with my thumb, looking for the nipple, and I found her bud after a moment of searching.  Even though I was paying close attention to it, she gave no response at all.  Her breathing didn’t speed up, and I didn’t even feel the nub harden under my fingers.

I slipped my hand down the waist of her skirt, and began to probe her pussy.  It was bone dry, without even a hint of moisture.  Given the attention that I’d been paying to her, any girl would have at least some reaction, but it appeared my commands were holding.  Amanda was incapable of feeling pleasure from anything other than obedience.

“Claire, take off your panties.”  I didn’t give any warning before saying the command as I turned.

It was evident that Claire had slipped back into her aroused trance, because she jumped a little as I spoke to her.  Still, once she got back into her right mind, she didn’t question the order.  “Yes Sir.”  She quipped, as she reached up her skirt and pulled her underwear down her legs.

“Sit down on the bench there.”  I knew she’d enjoy what came next.  Claire did as instructed.  I turned and faced Amanda, who was still waiting for my command.  “Amanda, I want you to lick Claire until she orgasms all over your face.”

“Yes Master.”  Was her only reply, as she stepped away from me.  I smiled as she walked over to Claire, who realized what was about to happen and smiled as well.

Claire leaned back on the bench, letting her legs fall to either side as Amanda positioned herself between Claire’s legs.  Amanda lifted Claire’s skirt, and began to lick, not hesitating in the slightest at doing something that mere minutes before would have been unthinkable.

I watched as Amanda ate out my new girlfriend, who cooed and squealed at the attention.  Claire would kick out as Amanda hit a particularly good spot.  Amanda continued on, heedless of the few blows that landed on her torso.

“So does Alice get to have her itchy pussy scratched too?”  My sister asked, as she leaned around me.  She’d been waiting as she watched me program Amanda, but hadn’t done anything.  She was trying to practice her self-restraint and not play with herself just because she was aroused.  It was funny to think that Alice even had to exercise restraint for that, but given just how horny I’d made her, it was pretty impressive.

I turned and nodded to my sister.  “How about this, you remember the commands I gave Amanda, right?”

Alice nodded.

I held out the remote.  “Go ahead and give the same commands to one of your choice, and then she can send you through the roof.  We’ll be giving all of them the same programming before we leave.

Alice smiled as she reached out and grabbed the remote, and gave a little salute in acknowledgment of my instructions.  She headed back over to Jodie, and began to whisper in the other girl’s ear.  I turned back to Amanda and Claire, and saw Claire with her legs wrapped around Amanda, pulling the other girl in closer, while her hands were balled into fists.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Claire found release.

I walked over to stand next to the two girls, and sure enough, after only another minute or two, Claire started to shudder.  I reached down and rubbed her breast as she orgasmed from Amanda’s attention, waves of pleasure shooting through her as Amanda’s tongue found its mark again and again.  A moment later, Claire lay still, panting, and I saw her hair was damp with sweat.

Her commands obeyed, Amanda sat up and returned to being immobile, awaiting further instructions.

Before I could think of anything else to tell her, Claire spoke, gasping between breaths.  “Amanda, ride Jacob until his cum is dripping down your thighs, then you can have an orgasm.”

“Yes Mistress.”  Amanda responded, and turned to face me.  I could see moisture on her face from where she was eating Claire, and true to the command, she’d allowed Claire to orgasm on her face.  Now, apparently, it was my turn.

Amanda was working at my pants before I could even open them myself, her hands opening my belt with an ease that made me think she’d had practice doing this before.  In less than thirty seconds, I had my back on a bench, and Amanda was positioning herself above me, before plunging down without hesitation.  I panicked momentarily, worried that she’d be dry, but she was actually more wet that Claire or Alice had ever been.  I figured even the two commands she’d already obeyed had been enough to get her in the proper mood, given that the last thing she ever would want to do was eat out Claire.

She started to pump up and down, her athletic legs easily able to get to a good pace in almost no time.   Amanda leaned forward, putting her weight onto my shoulders, which allowed her to piston with pressure on my cock that felt incredible.  This definitely wasn’t the first time Amanda had ridden a guy, and she knew how to do it in a way that would extract any favor.  Now, of course, she was doing it solely because Claire had ordered her to.

I saw Claire out of the corner of my eye, getting up and straightening out her clothing, before she grabbed her underwear and pulled it back up her legs.  Looking over at me with a wink, she pointed to the door, and I could tell she needed to head out for something.  I nodded, and she scampered out.  The way she was holding her legs together, it was clear she needed to take care of some unmentionable business.

Alice howled as Jodie managed to hit her button in just the right way, and I turned to look at my sister, who was sitting on another bench, the other girl on her knees, face buried in Alice’s pussy.  Alice had her hands twisted in the other girl’s hair for support, but Jodie didn’t seem to mind.  Instead, she just continued to lick, following whatever instructions Alice had given her.

Soon, the entire team would be mindlessly obedient.  I’d have an entire army of slaves at my bidding, and that would be just the start.  Over time, I’d make a point of taking over the entire school, and they’d be helpless to stop me.  I just had to be careful and make sure nobody found out while I did so.

Amanda continued her thrusting as I let that thought sink in.  I had that much power, and it was right at my fingertips. I erupted into Amanda’s obedient pussy as she continued to thrust, skillfully milking out every drop, before she came to a stop.

It was amazing how quickly she finished after I stopped shooting into her.  Her pussy was, after all, just a tool for my pleasure, so there was no need to continue once I was done.  As she came to rest, some of my fluids leaked out from inside of her, and she started to spasm gently.  She gave almost no indication that she was having a silent orgasm, but she’d been instructed to have one, and she obeyed.  I felt her pussy lips quivering around me, and it sent me into a few post-orgasm aftershocks of my own.

I let the door close as I watched Amanda finish riding Jacob at his command.  What he’d just done to those girls was unthinkable, and I needed to get to Shawna and Matt as soon as possible, to tell them what happened.  Hopefully, Matt had completed his countermeasure, and we’d be able to stop Jacob before he managed to do too much more damage.

Voices behind me let me know that somebody was passing by, and I turned and leaned against the wall, acting casual.  I nodded as the two girls passed by.  To them, I was just somebody waiting for her friend, and not the peeping Tom I was sure I’d appear if they’d caught me with the door cracked.

Once they were gone, I turned and cracked the door once more.  Jacob had Amanda and Jodie lined up next to each other, and he and his sister were both standing next to another girl each, whispering words into their ears.  I knew it would probably only take about ten or twenty minutes to finish giving the same commands to each of the girls.  After that, they’d all be his helpless, obedient slaves.

I wouldn’t be able to stop him, only hope to undo what he’d done once I had access to Matt’s phone program.  We could call each of these girls, and tell them to return to being themselves.  I just had to leave and let him know that I’d figured out who had the remote, and worse, what they were doing with it.

I froze as I heard somebody clearing their throat behind me.  My mind raced as I turned, trying to think of an explanation, but it died on my lips as I realized who it was.  Claire Wall was standing behind me, a smirk on her face, and one hand on her hip.

When had she snuck out?  I could have sworn she was still in there, but I didn’t have a full view of the entire place.

“Uh, hi Claire.  I can explain.”

She smiled at me as she nodded.  “Leah.  I’m sure you can.”

Her hands were lightning fast, and before I could even let out a word, let alone a scream, she’d slapped one hand over my mouth, and the other came slamming into my gut with a force that a girl her size shouldn’t have been capable of.  Before I managed to recover, she’d spun me around with one hand, and opened the door with the other.  My mouth free, I tried to shout, but there was no air in my lungs, and instead I could only gasp, hoping to get in enough air to shout out before it was too late.

I spun as she pushed me forward, and I collapsed into a heap on the floor.  The last thing I saw was the door closing shut behind her.