Remote Control – Chapter 4


Friday afternoon couldn’t come fast enough, and I was really looking forward to getting to start my weekend off with a lot of fun with both my sexy companions.  Alice had snuck into my bedroom that morning, and I’d actually told her to stop before she got me completely off, since I wanted to be really in the mood for my second stab at Claire.  At first, she’d pouted in response to not getting to finish, but she’d relented when I told her she’d get to try something new that afternoon.

Claire had looked a little more haggard each day, and I could tell that she was having a harder and harder time containing how aroused she felt at how she was acting.  To her, the only release would be to get with me again, and she’d been trying her hardest to be as good as possible to get out of detention.  Of course, being good also served to further her arousal, which only made things worse for her, and the cycle would repeat.

When the bell finally rang, I rushed to our usual meeting spot, eager to get started.  Sure enough, Claire was waiting for me, her face brightening as she saw me.

“Hey Jacob!”

I smiled over at her, and she gave a little wave when our eyes met, playing every part the good little schoolgirl greeting a friend after class.  Claire then took a quick look around, making sure that we were the only ones nearby.  We’d chosen to meet in the lockers furthest in the back of the school, where hardly anybody ever traveled.  Sure enough, we were alone, which meant she could be herself.

“Jacob, the old witch let me go!  She said that I’ve been good enough all week that I can get a pass on the rest of my detention.  That’s awesome, isn’t it?”

Claire smiled up at me, and then leaned in close.

“That means we can, you know, tonight, right?”

I looked back at her, unsurprised by the news.  After all, I’d gotten impatient and encouraged Mrs. Shields to let her off the hook.  Still, I wanted to tease her a bit, since it was extremely fun, and we were alone so she should be able to be her usual self.

“We can what?”

Claire whimpered.

“You know.  You and me.  Having fun?”

I laughed in response, legitimately surprised that she wasn’t dropping the good girl act.  “Claire, I never thought I’d see the day when you’d be unable to say what you mean.  What is it you want to do?”

“I want to have sex with you.   Please.”

I noticed how Claire shuddered as she added the please onto the end, and smiled.  Claire had almost completely stopped swearing yesterday, only doing so once during our time together.  It looked like today, she was having a hard time doing it at all.  Claire had finally gotten fully addicted to acting the good girl, and was no longer trying, or possibly even able, to be anything but.  Each time we’d met previously, she’d made a point of reminding me that it was just an act, but now that it seemed she’d finally get the release she craved, it was like she was stuck on good girl.

Not that I minded.  After all, she still wanted to be a good girl who was having sex with me.  Plus, there was something oddly poetic about doing dirty things to such a reformed girl.  I let my mind wander, and imagined Claire, on her knees, begging me to do dirty things to her, but unable to use anything but sweet, innocent names for everything.  I’d tell her to convince me with some sexy begging, and she wouldn’t be able to, and every substitution caused her eyes to glaze over as she realized just what she’d become.

Alice was sexy because she’d been such a good girl who was now so willingly dirty, and Claire was just the opposite.  I couldn’t wait to see them together.

“Ok, come on.  Let’s go.”

Claire’s eyes brightened, and she nodded, before following me through the halls.  She stayed quiet and didn’t say anything, but a few times I looked back and saw her bouncing along happily.  Her behavior had almost completely changed since the girl she’d been at the start of the week.  A few minutes later, we arrived at the exit.  Alice was standing there, holding the bag that I’d given her earlier.

When she noticed that I wasn’t alone, my sister smiled and waved with her free hand.

“Hey Claire.  Coming home with us?”

Claire was surprised at the greeting, and looked back and forth between me and Alice.

“Alice is my sister, and she’s the only one with a car, so we need her to give us a ride home.  That is, if you still want to come over?”

Claire’s breath caught as I implied that she might not want to go through with the plan, and she shook her head frantically to reassure me.

“No no, it’s ok.  Just surprised is all.”

My sister got an impish grin on her face.  She’d spent the morning talking about how she was looking forward to getting to play with the two of us.  She thought I wanted Claire to be my girlfriend, so she was eager to show me how she could still be my slut even if I had somebody special.

I’d also told her that Claire had confessed to getting super aroused at pretending to be a good girl.  I was pretty sure that was what motivated Alice’s next comment.

“I mean, Claire, you wouldn’t want to be rude and turn Jacob’s offer down, would you?  You don’t want to be rude at all, do you?”

Claire got a faraway look to her eyes, and Alice giggled, happy with herself for having triggered the other girl’s horny reaction, before she turned and walked through the doors.

Alice led the way to her car, with Claire and myself following a short way behind.  I kept sneaking glances at Claire, and realized just how out of it she was.  Her breathing was heavy, and she wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on around her.

“What’s on your mind?”

She turned and looked at me, and blushed deeply.

“Oh, just thinking about, stuff.”

I smiled as she shuddered at the fact that she was playing coy.  Old Claire would have just blurted out what she wanted, but this new one couldn’t, and that pressure built up within her.  She looked about ready to burst.  I wouldn’t be able to leave her like this forever, but it was fun to mess around with her a bit longer.

She sat in the backseat as Alice drove us home, staring out the window for most of the trip.  Alice made to talk with her a couple times, but I caught my sister’s attention and indicated that she shouldn’t.  Claire was as aroused as I wanted her to be, and much more could be too much.

I even saw Claire’s hand occasionally reach between her legs a few times to rub herself through her skirt.  Every time, she’d suddenly realize what she was doing after a few seconds, and would look up, seeing that I was watching her.  That caused her to blush and I’m sure made things even worse.

After what I am sure was the longest twenty minutes of Claire’s life, we finally made it home.  I sent Alice to go get us all something to drink, while Claire stood in our living room.  I walked around her slowly, looking over every inch.

“So, you ever going to drop the good girl act?”

She looked up at me, not saying anything and looking like she was thinking my statement over.  Then, she took a step toward me, wrapping one arm around my waist, before she leaned over and pressed her lips to mine, pulling me in close for a kiss.

As she pulled away, she looked up at me.

“Good girls kiss before they have sex, right?”

I nodded, and she shuddered, slightly.  She’d answered my question, even though it hadn’t been a direct reply.  I put an arm around her, placing it on her back to prevent her from pulling away as I put a hand up on her tit, and the expression of relief on her face was priceless.  She’d kept so much sexual energy bottled up all week, and finally she was going to get to let it out.

Claire jumped as another hand cupped her other fleshy globe, and I laughed lightly as Alice peeked around from behind her.

“Wait, what?  Alice?  What’s going on?  I thought you went to your room or something.”

I laughed at Claire’s confusion, and Alice gave me a playful wink as she sat down on the couch.

“I thought Alice might like to join in on the fun.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Alice?”

My adopted little sister smiled and nodded, licking her lips in anticipation.  I’d told her that I found the idea of a girl who didn’t mind sex with other girls to be very arousing, and she’d naturally adjusted to accommodate.  After all, Alice wanted to be my perfect little personal slut.

“I mean, think about it, Claire, what guy wouldn’t want to have sex with two very good girls such as yourselves?”

Claire looked between Alice and me, her face twisting, before she finally shrugged.

“So, what are we going to do to start this, Jacob?  I’ve been so darn horny all week.”

Alice snorted at how Claire was speaking.  “Wow Claire, you’ve really got this whole act down pat, don’t you?”

Claire looked between us again, before she shrugged again.

“I dunno, it’s just fun.  Maybe I let myself get carried away a bit, but eh.  Whatever makes you happy, right?”

Alice nodded, her eyes half closing as she remembered her last few days.  Finally, she spoke, her voice small compared to before.

“Yeah, I know that feeling.”

Claire looked back and forth between Alice and myself, and I smiled, hinting that there was more to that statement.  Finally, waiting around got to be too much for Claire.

“Come on, I’m serious.  What are we doing?”

I wanted to tease Claire a little bit, since it was so fun.

“Hey Alice, stand up.  You too Claire.”

My sister hopped to her feet, eager to please with a smile on her face.  Claire stood a little more slowly, but was standing a moment later.  I walked over and put an arm around Claire, placing a hand on the small of her back.

“Hey, Alice looks really good in her uniform, doesn’t she?”

Claire gave me a puzzled expression, but then nodded.

“Uh, yeah.  I guess.”

I smirked.

“Hey Alice, I think your skirt is a little off center, why don’t you adjust it?”

Alice nodded before she moved to adjust the waistband of her skirt, sliding it slightly.  It had been fine before, but she knew what game I was playing with Claire.

I leaned in close to the girl next to me.  “There, now doesn’t she look even more like a good girl?”

Claire’s breath caught as I finished the sentence, and she whimpered slightly.

“Claire, I think I have two good girls in the room with me, don’t I?”

Claire looked forward, her eyes locked on Alice as she let the programmed arousal flow through her.  Finally, she nodded, a small gesture that was all she could manage.

“Now now.  It’s ok.  I’ve been able to see it in your eyes all week.  I think you just need to admit it to yourself, and it’ll all be better.  Come on now Claire, just say you get aroused at being a good girl, and I promise everything will be really good for you.”

Her breathing grew even more ragged, and became more of a pant.  Still, I could see she was fighting it.  She had to know how aroused acting like a good girl had gotten her, but she hadn’t admitted it to anybody else.

I reached a hand down the waistband of her skirt, and placed it firmly onto her panties.  They were very wet.

“Come on Claire, just admit it.  You’ve been acting like a good girl all week because you love it.  You’re so horny on the inside that you can’t be anything but a dirty girl who loves acting like a totally good girl.”

Apparently, that finally caused her to snap, and she nodded.

“God, yes, Jacob, ok, yes.  Dressing like a good girl has gotten me so damn horny I haven’t been able to think straight.  Is that what you wanted to hear?”

“Yup.”   I moved my fingers so that I snuck under her panties, and slipped a finger up inside of her.  Claire gasped as I slid my finger inside and out in a few quick thrusts, each time making a point of brushing up against her button.

“And you’ll keep being a good girl for me, won’t you?”

Claire nodded, no longer trying to hide how aroused her good girl shell made her.

“I want to hear you say it.  Say you’ll be my personal little good girl.”

She whimpered, and took a few sharp breaths as her body shook slightly at my attention.

“Yeah… I’ll totally be your good girl.”

“Good on the outside, dirty and twisted on the inside?”

“Yes…”  She was practically panting as I thrust my finger in and out.

“Now now, I think a good girl would respond a little more respectfully, that’s ‘Yes Sir’ to you.  Do you understand?”

Claire’s eyes half closed, and she nodded, half gasping out her response.

“Yes, Sir.”

I noticed Claire begin to tighten and shudder, and I thrust my finger up into her as deeply as possible, playing with her nub with my thumb.  I hadn’t expected her to orgasm so early, but it wasn’t a big deal.  She’d be having more than a few more before the day was over.

“That’s the reward for being a good girl, Claire.  You’re going to be my twisted little good girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir.”  She nodded, but seemed to be collecting herself and getting her bearings.

A noise from the couch caught both of our attentions.  Alice was sitting there, her legs bent and pulled up one to each side, her fingers under her skirt and playing with herself through her underwear.  She stopped and looked up sheepishly as she noticed we were paying attention.

“Sorry, watching you two just got me pretty hot too, and I couldn’t help myself.”

Claire laughed before she looked over at me.

“I never realized your sister was such a slut, Sir.”

I shrugged as I said about the only thing I could think of.

“It’s a recent development.  Besides, I didn’t think that good girls went around calling other girls sluts.”

I turned and looked at Claire, and she smiled in return.

“Really Sir?  Good girls are supposed to be honest, for starters.  Plus, if I don’t let the bitch in me out once in a while, I’ll go totally fucking nutso.  Besides, I thought you found it hot when I was just pretending to be good, Sir.”

She smirked at that last part, and leaned over and nibbled on my ear.  I realized that the orgasm must have cooled her off enough that she wasn’t stuck in a horny good girl cycle, and was thinking a little more clearly.  I was curious what would happen we she started to get wound up again.

However, what Claire was saying about letting her real self out was a good thing.  I didn’t just want her to be a good girl, I also wanted her to help me come up with ideas for fun ways to use the remote, and she’d probably be better able to do so if her real personality wasn’t completely eclipsed.

I decided then to go ahead and let her know about the remote, and what I’d been doing with it.  I’d of course have to program her to never tell anybody or use it against me, but that was a small hurdle.

“Hey Alice, think you can control yourself enough to go change into the outfit that was in that bag I gave you earlier?  Oh, and take your time, I want to talk to Claire here a bit.”

My sister nodded, and stood up from the couch, straightening her uniform to try and hide what she’d been doing.  Watching her be such a horny slut was fun, but if it continued to get out of control, I’d need to take her down a notch or two.  If I was going to have two girls, and possibly more, I couldn’t have her be too crazy horny.

Once Alice had left, Claire moved to sit on the couch, and I sat next to her.

“So what’s up, Sir?  Please tell me that we aren’t done having fun.”

I shook my head.  “Not even close.  Don’t worry, by the end of the night, I expect you and Alice won’t be able to walk straight.”

Claire’s face twisted a bit.  “Yeah, about that.  This might be a strange question… but are you having sex with her?”

“Well, yeah.  Isn’t it obvious?”

I laughed as Claire’s eyes bugged out.

“But, what about you and me?  I thought you were waiting up for me?”

I raised an eyebrow, surprised at her reaction.

“Claire, I said we’d get to have sex again, I never said I wasn’t going to do it with anybody else.  Plus, I think it would be fun to see you and Alice get it on.  You two would be totally hot.”

She shifted a bit on the couch, moving away from me.  I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out, but I was getting the impression I’d need to use the remote on her for more than just her silence.

“Hold on a second… I’m not a lesbian, at all.  If you want to have a little fun, that’s one thing, but I’m not here for some sort of orgy or anything.”

I sighed, and reached over for my backpack.  I’d hoped that Claire would be up to join me in playing with Alice on her own, but apparently she needed a few more tweaks.  I pulled out the remote and held it up.

“Wait, what’s that?  That looks familiar…”  Claire scrunched her face, trying to remember where she’d seen it before.

“This?  It’s a remote that lets me control minds.  It’s why Alice is such a slut.”

I watched as Claire ran that through her mind.

“You got that when we were in detention, didn’t you?”

I nodded.

Her eyes widened as she realized what must have happened.

“You used it on me to make me have sex with you, didn’t you?  And you also made me get horny by dressing all nice.  You… you fucker, what the fuck did you do to me?”

I pointed the remote at her and pressed the record button.  I could have taunted her a bit more, but there wasn’t really a point.  The display on the bottom of the screen flashed, and Claire slumped, still sitting upright but completely relaxed.

“Claire, you have no memory of being upset concerning the remote.  In fact, when I told you about the remote, you found yourself very horny at the idea.  You love the fact that I used it on you.  Every time you think about how I’ve changed you, you get horny, and can’t wait until I use it on you again.”

“You also love watching me use it on other people, it makes you extremely horny.  Knowing that I used it on Alice means that every time I give her a command, you get horny.  You’re addicted to watching me control other people, and it gets you very hot to watch me do so.”

“However, you have no interest in controlling anybody yourself, especially not me.  You’re never going to use the remote on me, nor will you ever tell anybody about it.  You like playing this game, and don’t want anybody to ever find out.”

“And finally, when I wake you up, you’ll find Alice irresistibly attractive.  You have a thing for girls, and find them just as attractive as guys.  You love looking at their tits, their legs, and the thought of licking their pussies, or anywhere else for that matter, gets you aroused.  Seeing Alice dressed as a good girl just makes you think about how being dressed that way makes you feel, and just makes you even hornier.”

I tried to think if I needed anything else, but I couldn’t think of anything.  I pressed the play button, and watched as Claire came back to life.  After a moment’s hesitation, she looked over at me, and smiled widely.

“You just used it on me, didn’t you Sir?”

“And what makes you think that?”

She rolled her eyes.  “Because I just thought about how fun things will be when your sister gets back.  Given that I didn’t use to be bisexual, I’m pretty sure you changed something.”

I laughed.  “And?  Is that a problem?”

She shook her head.  “No Sir.  Just making sure.”

I patted the couch nearby, and she moved to sit right beside me, snuggling in close.

“So, you don’t have any problem with me using the remote on you or anybody else?”

“Not in the slightest.  Knowing you can just change a person’s mind makes me really, really hot Sir.  I just wish you’d let me know sooner that was why wearing my school uniform was getting me so bothered.  I’ve felt like I’ve been going crazy for the last week!”

After a moment she added.

“Uh, Sir.  God, calling you that’s getting me horny again.  That thing’s really strong, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty irresistible.”

She leaned into me.

“I’d tell you to feel how wet I am right now, Sir, but after your earlier stunt, I’m sure you already know.”

I laughed, wrapping an arm around her, and Claire spent the next few minutes leaning against me as I played with one of her tits, kneading it slowly, which brought a purr from her in response to the attention.  After about another five minutes, Alice finally returned, wearing the outfit I’d given her.

“How do I look?”

I turned and gave her a once over, and Claire did the same.  Alice had changed into one of our school’s cheerleader uniforms, and it looked pretty good on her.  The blue and white top wasn’t a perfect fit, but the fact that it was a little tight on Alice accentuated her shapely chest, which she thrust out proudly as she realized she was on display.

The material was designed to stand up to a little stress, so I didn’t think it was going to be a problem.  The skirt clung tightly to her waist, elastic overcoming any size differences.  Alice gave a little half twirl for the benefit of Claire and myself, and the skirt swished as expected.  I gave her a thumbs up, and she smiled.

For her part, Claire wasn’t able to pull her eyes off of Alice, and she stared long enough that it was apparent she was checking her out.  Alice didn’t seem to mind the attention, and struck a few poses, each designed to almost expose her butt or accentuate her tits, taunting Claire, and laughing at the other girl’s obvious attraction.

“Oh, keep it up missy.  I’m pretty sure Jacob here will be more than happy to let me punish you if you keep teasing me.  Isn’t that right, Sir?”

I nodded, and Claire looked back at Alice with a renewed hunger in her eyes.

Alice walked over and sat on the chair near us, draping herself over the arm of the chair.  I took that moment to point the remote at her and press record.  She slumped over, her head hanging in a position that looked like it would be painful if I left her in it too long.

“Hey, mind helping her get comfortable?”

Claire nodded, and moved over next to Alice, positioning her more squarely in the chair.  As she did so, I noticed that Claire’s hands lingered over Alice’s breasts, and she even snuck a hand up her skirt for a moment, under the guise of taking hold of her thigh to move her.

“You’ll have plenty of time to play with her later, don’t worry.”

Claire nodded.  “Sorry Sir, somebody made me eager to explore girly bits.”

I shook my head at her comment, and then turned back to my sister.

“Alice, you’re going to find that you aren’t quite as horny as you have been for the last few days.  You’re still my personal slut, who just loves having sex, and as long as I get you started you’ll get very horny and be very eager when we’re messing around together.  You’ll just have your old sex drive the rest of the time, whenever I’m not kicking you to get started.”

Claire looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t think I could deal with her if she was at that setting all the time.  Probably the last thing anybody expects a guy to admit, but there is such a thing as too much sex!  I just want her around when I want to have some fun, is all.  Although, you’re right, her old sex drive is probably a little too low.”

I turned back to my sister.  “Alice, whenever I’m not playing with you, your sex drive will be about three times what it used to be.  That should be enough that she’ll be fun without being a pest.”

Claire nodded.  “Hey, I’m just enjoying watching you do it.  Plus, you did tell her to still be a horny slut, just to take breaks…”  Her voice drifted off as her hand moved unconsciously to between her own legs.

“I need to take you down a notch as well?”

Claire looked down at her hand, but then shook her head.  “Nah, I’m just excited in general is all.  Ironic, I’m getting aroused because you’re controlling her, even though you’re programming her to be LESS horny.”

I nodded in agreement to Claire’s statement, before turning back to Alice.

“Alice, you’re also going to be happy and enthusiastic about getting to have fun with another girl. The thought of licking Claire, and her returning the favor, will get you very wet and very horny.”

With that, I pressed the play button, bringing Alice back to life.  Claire turned and looked at me as Alice started to come back to her senses.

“So, is Alice here just playing a cheerleader, or will she actually be joining the team?”

“Oh, I want her to join the team.”

Claire turned to me, her eyes suddenly wide.

“Please tell me you’re also going to be using your remote on them too.  I can’t stand those bitchy girls, and I’d love to watch you put them in their place.”

“Yeah, I figured you might like that.  And don’t worry, you’ll get a front row seat.  I plan to have you join the team too.”

“Wait, really?”  Claire was obviously shocked.  Being a cheerleader was probably the last outcome she’d expected.

I raised the remote and wagged it at her.

“I believe the proper response is ‘Yes Sir.’  That is if you want to be around to see the mindless row of cheerleaders.”

She half closed her eyes and whimpered.

Alice took advantage of the momentary lull in the conversation to join in.

“Wait, Jacob, what if I don’t want to be a cheerleader?  They’re mean, and I don’t really get along with them.”

“Aww, come on Alice, you’d probably be really aroused at being on the cheerleading team.  In fact, I bet wearing that uniform has already gotten you horny and ready.  Remember your favorite position?  Imagine if you practiced what sort of other positions you could explore.”

Alice’s eyes glazed over as her mind followed the command to believe anything I told her about sex.  Now, instead of objecting, she was imagining herself as a cheerleader, and it was clearly making her hot.  I’d turned down her self-motivated horniness, but I could still manually get her going any time I wanted.

Claire noticed the change in my sister.  “Holy… you just did something to her, didn’t you?”

I nodded.  “Yeah, she pretty much believes anything I tell her about sex.”

Claire smirked.  “Awesome.”

“Well, we can deal with the rest of the team on Monday.  Right now, I think I’d like to see you two going at each other.  Claire, come here and lie down.”

Claire moved to lie out on the couch, and I walked over to take Alice by the hand, snapping her out of her reverie.

“Alice, I want you to eat out Claire while she eats you out.  Let’s even make a game out of it, whoever gets the other off first gets a prize.”

Alice nodded, before moving to position herself on top of Claire.  With a little bit of coaching, I got them into position, Alice lifting Claire’s skirt out of the way and pulling down the other girl’s panties, before Claire reached up and discovered that my sister wasn’t wearing any underwear under hers.

Claire patted her playfully on the bottom.  “Such a little slut.”

“Only for Jacob.”  Alice wiggled her butt in the direction of her now rival.  “Now, are you ready to lose?”

“You say that like you have any experience being with a girl.”  Claire looked over at me as she said this, clearly unsure if I’d already encouraged my sister to pop her Sapphic cherry.

Alice beat me to the response.  “I don’t need experience to beat you.”

With that, Alice leaned down and started to lick Claire, who started to object until she realized that I wasn’t going to stop the contest now.  Rather, she reached up and shifted Alice’s legs until she could get access to her pussy lips as well, and started to probe with her tongue, before moving on to full on licking.

I watched as the two girls went at each other, and was amazed at the fact that neither of them would have ever considered being with a girl before I’d gotten to them.  The remote had managed to reprogram their minds to where they thought nothing of having such a contest.  In fact, they both seemed eager to get whatever prize I had in store.

Claire was the first to think to user her hands, and reached up to slide a finger inside Alice, leaning her head around to still be able to lick.  Not wanting to be outdone, Alice followed suit a moment later, probing into the other girl and working hard to get her off.

They spent a few minutes just working at each other.  I knew girls had a bit more mentally to their orgasm, and decided to encourage them both.

“Hey Alice, do you have any idea how sexy I find the two of you right now?  And you look so deliciously scrumptious in that uniform.  Doesn’t she look good, Claire?  Cheerleaders really are the sluts of good girls, aren’t they?  They get to act all sweet and innocent when really they’re just trying to get people horny.”

Both girls moaned as I triggered the fetishes I’d placed into them.  Now, Claire would be focusing on the fact that Alice’s cheerleader skirt kept brushing against her face, and how Alice had looked when she’d been modeling earlier.  The uniform was clean, with sharp angles that would bounce around inside Claire’s mind, sending her further up into programmed hornyness.

Alice, on the other hand, knew I found her sexy, and her desire to be a good slut for me meant that she wouldn’t fight her arousal.  I wanted her to be bisexual, and to be a good little slut, she’d no longer fight the feelings brought on by Claire’s tongue in the slightest.

Too bad for Alice I didn’t have any intention of letting this be a fair fight.  I’d been with her too much recently to pass on a chance to have my way with Claire.  This little show was just to help me be even more in the mood, and it was working completely.

Ready for things to move on, I leaned in close and whispered in Alice’s ear.

“Alice, you think it would be really hot to watch me fuck Claire.  Would it really be so bad, sitting on the sidelines in that hot little uniform, playing with your own little pussy?  You can put your legs up, and rub yourself with that yummy skirt, while you watch me tear Claire in half.  You can’t even imagine something that would get you more aroused.”

Her eyes immediately shot open wide, her mind programmed to accept the suggestion about her sexual preference completely.  I watched as the muscles in her body tensed up, a signature of hers that she was about to orgasm.  Sure enough, a moment later, she started to shudder and gasp, no longer able to pay attention to Claire.

I pulled my pants down around my legs as I announced the victor.

“Looks like Claire won.  She gets the prize.”

Claire gave Alice a playful swat on the bottom.

“Maybe next time, rookie.  So what’s my prize, Sir?”

“Oh, just this.”

I reached over and lifted Alice’s shoulder, pulling her up into a sitting position.  She was still on top of Claire, which hid what I was doing from the other girl’s view until I had positioned myself at her now vacant opening.

A moment later, I pushed forward, sliding in easily with how wet Claire was.  She gasped, but when she realized was I was doing, the sound turned into a moan.

Alice shifted off the other girl, moving over to her chair to watch.  As I’d described, she pulled her legs up above her head, triggering another wave of programmed arousal, before she began to rub herself with the material of her skirt.

I shifted my hips back and forth, settling inside Claire, before I pulled out a few inches, slowly, before slowly moving forward once more.  I was just warming up, letting our bodies get to know each other, and Claire looked up at me.

“Sir, I’ve decided.  I’d very much like to be a horny little cheerleader for you.”

I thrust forward, a single quick, sharp motion, before pulling out slowly once more.

“Oh really, and you’ll help me program them all?”

She nodded.  “Yes Sir.  They’ll all be a bunch of good little sluts for you.”

I thrust forward again, and Claire whimpered, but I still didn’t start to thrust.

“What if I want some of them to be dirty sluts?”

“Whatever you want Sir.”  She closed her eyes, and bucked her hips to try and get some more stimulation.  “I just want to help make them whatever you want.”

I nodded.  “And you’ll still be my good little girl?”

“Always, Sir.”

I pushed forward, then pulled out quickly, before ramming in once more.  Claire squirmed beneath me as I began to work for real, thrusting in and out of her hungry lips, her hips bucking up to meet me with each thrust.  After a moment, she wrapped her legs around me, helping my thrusts go even deeper into her.

“What are you, Claire?”

She whimpered, still helping thrust, as she responded.

“I’m your good little girl, Sir.  With your power, I’ll be whatever you want, Sir.  Say the word, and I’ll be a horny cheerleader…”

She increased the pace of her leg thrusts, and I sped up as well.

“You’ve made me your mindlessly horny schoolgirl, Sir, and I love every minute of it.  I love being what you’ve made me, and I love watching what you’ve done to Alice, too.  God, Sir, seeing you in control…”  She trailed off, not able to keep her train of thought.

Claire reached up, and started playing with her tits, her hands easily finding her nipples even through the fabric of her uniform.

Panting, she looked up at me, her eyes half closed.  “I’ll be such a good girl for you, Sir.  Every minute, of every day, I’ll be your good little horny schoolgirl.”

“And good girls get rewarded, don’t they?”  I spend up, feeling a burning in my legs, but it wasn’t enough to bother me.

“God, yes, Sir.  Please, reward me, and I’ll be good.  I promise to be good.  I’ll be such a good girl Sir, such a horny good girl…”

Her voice trailed off, but I saw her lips still moving, trying to talk despite her mouth gasping for air.  A moment later, she made a sound that was halfway between a moan and a scream, and I felt her begin to spasm around me, her legs pressing tight on either side as her body tensed up and started to shake.

I heard Alice moaning on her chair, her orgasm triggered by watching Claire’s.  I released as well, having held back as long as possible, which had been difficult to do while listening to Claire.   The release felt amazing, and I let myself spurt up deep within her, before I finally collapsed on top of her.

She was making muffled noises, and once she pulled herself together, I could make out what she was saying.

“Good girl… such a good girl…”  Her body was wracking with aftershocks at each statement, the words feeding her mind and still pushing her over.

“Hey Claire, what do you call a good little girl who does everything she’s told?”

Claire whimpered in response, but didn’t say anything.

“She’s called a slave, isn’t she Claire?”

She nodded, and I felt a tremor in her body.

“So you’re my good little slave, aren’t you Claire?”

She nodded again.  “Good little slave…”

Claire got a faraway expression, and her face twisted into a dreamy smile as her body shuddered and trembled again at the admission.

It was going to be a very fun weekend.