Remote Control – Chapter 3


The next morning, something warm and wet woke me before my alarm.  Before I got my bearings, I wasn’t sure what it was, but then my memory caught up and I settled back to enjoy what should be a fun morning ritual from now on.

Alice was actually pretty good at this, once I took a moment to let her do her work.  She ran her tongue around the bottom of my shaft, pressing the rough flat surface up against me for stimulation, before using her tongue to play with the tip.

After she’d licked and slurped for a few minutes, she paused momentarily with me fully in her mouth, before slowly sliding her head down and taking my entire length into her warm, wet insides.  I almost jumped in surprise as I felt myself brush against the back of her throat, and had to hold myself as still as possible to not choke her.  She probably would have been ok, but I didn’t want to break her focus if she was doing this well on her first try.

A moment later, she slid back up my length and I popped out of her mouth with a soft sound.

“How was that?”

She looked up at me and gave another lick up my length as I collected myself.  Alice’s lips twisted into a smirk, and she giggled before saying something that almost floored me.

“Does your sister’s hungry mouth feel good on your hard throbbing cock?”

I didn’t even begin to have a response to that, and she nuzzled her cheek against my shaft before she continued to talk.

“Come on, a good little slut talks dirty, doesn’t she?  Now, tell me if that’s good for you.”

Alice blew on my wet shaft before she wrapped her mouth around me again and sucked gently on the tip, playing a little while waiting for my response.

“Uh, it’s good.  Nice, but probably not enough to get me off.  The lips and tongue are better for that, but going deep like that’s good for the warm-up.  Great even, in fact”

I felt Alice nod, which was funny given that I was feeling the gesture with my dick.  Still, the motion was obvious, and I was glad she didn’t stop paying attention.

“You’re oddly good at this for somebody who hasn’t had a lot of sex.”

She wrapped her hand around my shaft and started pumping, gently, before she raised her head so her mouth could respond to my statement.  I complimented her silently for the attention to detail.

“It’s not exactly hard to figure out.  Sex involves a guy putting himself into a warm, wet hole, so this is probably the same.   A quick search online gave me a few tips on exactly what would make it better, and here we are.  The internet’s full of dirty words, after all.”

Alice leaned down and did something that felt almost like nibbling on my tip, but with her lips covering her teeth so that it wouldn’t hurt.

“You looked up online how to give blowjobs?  That is so like you.”

My younger sister gave a giggle.  “Well, yeah, if I’m going to be a slut, then I’m going to be the best slut ever.  I need to get in a lot of practice if I’m going to find a partner of my own.”

There she went again, talking about her plans to find somebody else.  I didn’t like her talking about that sort of thing.

“Alice, you’re in no hurry though, ok?  It’ll probably take at least months, if not the better part of a year, before you’re ready.”

“Oh.”  Her voice sounded dejected, and I looked down at her to see that she looked a little disappointed.  A moment later, she took a deep breath, and her hand’s pumping intensified.

“Well, then that’s what it will take.  Now, can I go ahead and finish off here?  I don’t think it’s good for either of us to be late.”

I looked down at her, before nodding.  If Alice was this eager over a simple blowjob, I was curious what the near future would hold.

Her mouth wrapped around me again, but she kept her hand on the base of my shaft, and she lowered her mouth until her fingers touched her lips, before she began to slide the whole package up and down my length, which felt amazing.  I’d taken care of myself plenty of times, but something about the addition of a warm and wet girl mouth just made it a hundred times better.

I thought about why she was doing this, and hardened a little further.  The remote had completely reprogrammed her mind to accept whatever I told her about sex, and so far her brain seemed still completely locked under its control.  Alice was helpless to question what she now accepted as truth.

She only needed to spend a couple more minutes before she got me off.  I spurted up into her mouth, and she swallowed without objection.  I thought I was done as she shifted into a casual sitting position, but a single last burst erupted up and shot toward her, landing on the tank top she was wearing.

My adopted sister had always been meticulous about her appearance, and hated when even one hair was out of place.  Whenever I made a mess, she always exploded, especially if it resulted in her clothing being stained.  That made her next comment hilarious.

“Well, that’s why I didn’t get dressed before giving you your wake-up call.  I’ll see you downstairs for breakfast.”

And with that, she scampered out of the room, yanking her top up over her head.  I only just managed to catch a glimpse of her pink panties and bare legs as she fled.

I finally broke down and decided to check and see if Mrs. Miller would return the remote early on Thursday.  Even though it would only be one day, Matt’s innocent question of whether I had gotten it back the day before had twisted like a knife, and I knew I couldn’t afford to wait even one more day.

When the last class of the day let out, I scrambled as fast as possible across campus to her room.  I managed to catch her as she was about to leave.

“Mrs. Miller, please, can I have a moment?”

She looked at me, surprised at my state of distress.  Her eyes looked behind me, in case I was running from somebody.

“Leah, what’s wrong?”

I tried to summon up any persuasive force I might have to help convince her to see my side of things.

“I was wondering if I could get back that remote you confiscated on Monday.  My dad’s been wondering where it is, and I’ll get into some serious trouble if it doesn’t turn up.”

I gave her my most pleading look, summoning the spirit of a drowned cat to guide me.  I reached down and fingered the hem of my sweater, trying to look as nervous as possible.

Her first reaction was actually confusion, but then her expression melted and she sighed deeply, relaxing when she realized what I was talking about.

“Well, it’s clear it’s important, and to be honest you’ve been nothing but a model student.  I mostly took it because your sister hadn’t been paying attention in class earlier, and I wanted to teach her a lesson.  I just took it to give her a hard time, but if you’ll get into serious trouble, I can probably give a good student like yourself a break.”

My heart leapt.  I’d expected this to be a lot harder.  With any luck, I’d be home in less than an hour, remote secure, and this whole business would be behind us.  I’d make sure Shawna knew that I considered all of this her fault.  She could be reckless, but when things got serious, she’d listen to reason.

I followed Mrs. Miller down the hallway as she led the way to the English section of school.  She waved to Mrs. Shields before walking across the room to a drawer in the back.  I looked around, standing just inside the doorway, trying to act less nervous than I was as I waited for her to retrieve Matt’s remote.

Mrs. Shields gave me a dirty look when I briefly caught her eye, but she didn’t say anything.  She wasn’t nice to anybody, but I’d given her no reason to target me, so she tended to just not say anything.  I wasn’t planning on giving her any reason to change that behavior.

It was about two minutes later that Mrs. Miller returned.  I look at her hands, trying to find the remote, but both of her hands were empty.  She noticed my confused look, and started to explain.

“The damn detention kids must be digging through the drawer again.  One of them must have taken it, thinking it would be a good joke.”

I stood, stunned, trying to piece together what that meant.

“So it’s gone?  What, I don’t get it, that’s it?”  Panic rose into my voice, as I realized that I would have to tell Matt that the remote was gone.

More than just gone, in fact.  Somebody had taken it.  Somebody who may have already figured out how it worked.  A shiver ran up my spine at the possibilities.  The whole school could be in trouble.  And not just that, but if whoever it was ever said where the remote came from, Matt and the rest of my friends and family could be in trouble too.

Mrs. Miller saw the look, and put her hand on my shoulder, trying to reassure me.  “Now now, we know who’s been in here recently.  I’ll just ask around, and we’ll see who’s been in here.  We can find it, no problem, it just might take a few days.  With luck, you should have it by the end of next week.”

“Days…?  Next week…?  But, I need it.  I need it now.  It can’t be gone!”  Didn’t she understand just how important this was?

She looked at me.  “Leah, it’s just a remote control.  I know your father will be upset, but it’s not the end of the world.  We’ll get it back, and this will be over.”

I opened my mouth to say something more, but I knew there was nothing I could add that would change her mind.  There was no way I could explain to her that the remote could manipulate people, and that it had the power to change and rewrite people’s minds.  It was a device intended to be used only by those who understood the repercussions.

The remote was just an experiment in wave projection, something built on the way to actually creating a medical device that could accomplish similar effects.  Matt and the rest of our group used it responsibly to have fun, but the potential for abuse was so high, in the hands of your average teenager it would be devastating.

I’d have to start looking around the school, see if anything was happening out of the ordinary.  Nobody could use the remote without giving themselves away.  Shawna would have to help me, and we’d figure something out.

Mrs. Miller prodded me out the door, and I shuffled out in front of her.  On the way out, I ran into another student, and was shocked by what I saw.  I’d been in classes with Claire Wall the year before, so I recognized her, but she looked completely different now.  Gone was the unkempt hair and sloppy uniform.  Instead, she looked like she’d have a good chance at being on the honor roll.


She paused, and turned to look at me.  She squinted her eyes, before she seemed to recognize me.

“Leah, right?”

“Uh, yeah.  That’s a new look for you.”  I knew I should have been a bit more tactful in the comment, but it came out before I could really think it through.

“I’m trying to get my act together.”  She hung her head, before looking around, glancing up at the clock.  “Have to think about the future, you know?”

I nodded.  I myself was dizzy with all the colleges I was considering, trying to determine what I wanted to do with my life.  The newfound closeness with my family only made the decision more difficult.

Claire looked nervously at the clock, so I decided not to keep her.

“Well, I just want to say you wear the uniform well.  Have a good afternoon.”

She blushed slightly at the comment, and her eyes got a glazed look for a moment, before she gave a shy half-smile.

“Umm, thank you.  You too.”

I stared after her as she turned and walked into the room.  Once she was out of sight, I turned and shook my head.  Weird as that was, people grew up.  I had more important things to focus on, and Mrs. Miller was already gone.  I needed to find Shawna and start looking for signs of the remote.

I sauntered down the hallway to where I knew Alice would be waiting, not in any particular hurry to arrive.  Since I’d given her a new outlook a few days ago, she’d been extremely pleasant, and wouldn’t complain in the slightest about the delay.  My only regret was that I hadn’t gotten such an opportunity before the years of torment.

Sure enough, she was waiting patiently near the door, leaning against the wall.  She had her bag over her shoulder, but appeared to be daydreaming.  That was something that she’d always been too good a student to do in the past, and it was nice to see her cut loose a little.

“Dirtying your mind a little, sis?”

She jumped a little and looked over at me, before smiling and blushing.  That confirmed that she’d been daydreaming about something that was far worldlier than she ever would have considered before I’d started to teach her about sex.

“Let me guess…. Debating how sexy it would be to run around without any underwear?”  I had Claire’s daily offering sitting in my pocket.  This made three pairs I’d collected.

Her face twisted.  “Umm… I guess.  I don’t think it would be very sexy.”  I hadn’t phrased it as a direct statement, so she was still allowed to tell me her opinion.

I raised an eyebrow at her, and was about to tell her to think otherwise, when she continued.

“I mean, come on, I get more than a little frisky throughout the day, and sometimes that gets me wet.  That stuff would get on my skirt, and on my chair, and on the couch… it would be a big mess.  In fact, that would be totally gross.”

I thought about that for a moment.  On the one hand, it might be kind of fun to embarrass my sister by making her stain her skirt.  However, that seemed a little unnecessarily mean.  She was already doing her best to make sure I had an amazing time whenever we had sex, so it lost appeal quickly.  Then I spent a minute worrying about Claire, since I’d claimed her underwear.

Tomorrow, I’ll make a point of asking her if it was turning into a problem.  She wasn’t compelled to follow my suggestions, so if it was a serious issue, she wouldn’t.  Maybe I’d dropped more hints about physical signs of arousal to Alice.

My sister waved a hand in front of my face, trying to get my attention.  Before the remote, she’d have followed up such a gesture with a deriding remark.  Now, however, she just smiled.

“Dirtying your mind?”

I smiled at her.  “A little, just thinking about Claire is all.”

She cocked her head, before turning to walk out the door.

“Claire… wait.  Claire Wall?  You were in detention with her a couple days ago, right?”

I nodded.  “Yeah.  We, uh.  Well, things sorta worked out well.”

“Wait.  By well, you mean..?”  Alice turned and stared at me.

I nodded again.  “Yeah, we had sex.”

She bobbed her head, slightly.  “And that’s where you’ve been after class, you’ve been talking to her?”

Alice could be very perceptive.


She gave me a playful look, smiling and batting her eyes a little.  “Do you like her?”

I stopped and considered the statement for a moment.  All we’d done so far was have sex, and I teased her a little after class to remind her to keep her eye on the prize.  I wasn’t really sure if I liked her.  I didn’t dislike her.

Finally, I shrugged, deciding to be honest.  “Not sure.  Maybe.”

Alice unlocked the car and got in, before turning the key in the ignition.  Instead of backing out, she turned and looked at me.

“You should find out.  You could use a girlfriend.  Need me to help?”

I looked over at her.  “Alice, how would you help?  How many boyfriends have you had, anyway?”

She blushed.  “Uh, none.  But still, I can help somehow.”

I rolled my eyes.  “So far, it’s just been sex between us, and she wants to have sex again.  That’s all for now.”

Alice considered this for a moment.  “Well, I like sex, now.  Maybe I could join in?”

I thought about having a three way with both of them, and found the idea to be highly agreeable.  I raised my hand in a thumbs up.

“Just promise me one thing, ok Jacob?”

It was my turn to be confused.  “What’s that?”

My sister wrung her hands, clearly a little nervous.  “You won’t be kicking me to the curb the moment you get a girlfriend, will you?”

I looked over at her and laughed, before I reached up and brushed my hand roughly over her head.

“Not in the slightest.  Somebody’s going to have to take care of my morning wood, after all, and mom and dad will probably get a little suspicious if she sneaks over every morning.”

Alice smiled and looked back at me, reassured.  She backed the car out of her spot and put it into gear, before pulling out onto the street.

We spent the trip home talking, which was weird, since we’d always been at each other’s throats before.  Even weirder, we didn’t talk about sex, or about Alice’s education in the ways of being a slut.  Instead, we talked about random, normal things, like which teachers were giving me a hard time, and Alice shared her wisdom on how to best play to each of them.

Even though her good girl act hadn’t been much pretending, she still knew what each of the teachers wanted, and how best to deal with them.   Now that she was on my side, the fruits of her honest charm as a student had turned into the subtle manipulations of a partner in crime, and she relayed her tips with a smirk and even the occasional wink.  Apparently, I was having a bad effect on her in more ways than just the sex education.

I’d also found out a lot more about my sister the last few days.  She didn’t have many friends, since she tended to push people away and focus on academics.  There were apparently different types of girls, even at her level.  I’d figured all the goody-girls were the same; teacher’s pets who followed all the rules, didn’t cause trouble for anybody, and generally got along with each other.

It turns out I couldn’t be more wrong.  Alice was a loner, and a bit of an outcast among the teacher’s favorites.  Amanda, the head cheerleader, was the biggest queen bee at the school.  I’d known she was pretty high up there, but Alice confirmed that she was probably on top.  Alice was too favored by most of the teachers to be on Amanda’s target list, but the pretty cheerleader more than enjoyed playing around with others who didn’t enjoy such favors.

Since Alice was too nice a girl to enjoy beating others down, she’d never been invited to such groups.  Apparently, giving your brother hell at home didn’t count.

“Well, in some regards, I’m glad you aren’t part of her group.  Still, those uniforms of theirs do look pretty damn hot.”

Alice nodded.  “Yeah, but the people in them are really mean.  Plus, it’s not like you have to actually be a cheerleader to wear the uniform to look hot.”

I thought about this for a moment.  I supposed I could use the remote to get a uniform, or order one off the internet.  I’d have to think about it.  I imagined how Alice would look in one of the school’s blue and white uniforms, and wanted to do more than just imagine.  Still, that was a plan for another day.

We pulled into the driveway a moment later, and Alice turned to me.

“So, I have some homework to get done, and of course I need to change…”  She let the sentence linger.  She’d found some tighter tops that showed off her figure, and a couple skirts that I thought she looked good in.   I’d debated telling her I wanted her to try something a little sluttier, but something about getting to fuck her when she was still dressed like her old self just made everything better.

The cheerleader uniform could be a nice compromise.  They were still supposed to be good girls in short skirts, after all.

I nodded to my sister, to let her know that I agreed with the plan.  Yesterday, we’d agreed that it would be best if she got her schoolwork out of the way first, before we began her special lessons.  Mom and dad would be home late tonight, so I wouldn’t even need to use the remote on them to get them to ignore us.

Last night things had almost gotten awkward, when they’d heard the noises coming from my room.  A quick hit of the rewind button and they just thought Alice was asking her brother some questions.

The next time I saw them, I needed to give them a more permanent suggestion to ignore us.  So much to do, so little time.

Two hours later, my stomach reminded me that it needed some attention as well, and I made my way to the kitchen to get something to eat.  Alice was making herself a hot sub sandwich, and threw another into the oven when she saw that I was looking around as well.

“So how’s the schoolwork going?”

She groaned.  “Long and hard, of course.”  She paused a moment after she said that, and giggled.  “Well, I guess not long and hard enough, in some ways.”

I punched her playfully on the arm, but inwardly I thought it was actually a pretty good joke.  When she wasn’t trying to be a bitch, my sister could actually be pretty cool.

I was zoning out on the recliner, letting my dinner settle, when something warm and soft hit my face.  I pulled it away to realize that it was a pair of girl’s underwear.  Alice was looking innocently at the ceiling, before she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs, showing a brief flash of exposed skin.  She caught my eye and grinned, before returning to looking innocent.

“You dropped something.”  I held up the white underwear.

She looked over at me, and shook her head playfully.  “Nope.  That’s not mine.  Must be somebody else’s.”

“I don’t know… I’m pretty sure it’s yours.”  I looked around, as though pretending there could be somebody else in the house that might have dropped her panties.

“Yep, looks like you’re the only one here.”

Alice leaned back on the couch, before raising her legs over her head and pulling them toward her chest.  She had a hand on either knee to hold them in place.  Her skirt, however, draped over her crotch, hiding it from view.

“Why don’t you come over here and check?”

I laughed as I stood up, and walked over next to my sister.  With a quick gesture, I flipped her skirt up, exposing her now well trimmed pussy.  I’d commented to her the day before that she would find sex more enjoyable with it maintained, and she’d of course believed me, commenting that her orgasms were even more intense after she’d taken a quick trip to the bathroom.

Looking down at her, I gave her my most reproachful look, which was difficult given that I wanted to laugh at her.  I cannot describe how in the mood I was from seeing her laying on the couch, with her legs up, her clothing rumpled from her position.

I reached down and cupped her with my hand, feeling a bit of moisture.  I began to rub gently, and she whimpered a little.

“You’re just ready to go at the drop of a hat, aren’t you?  Or the drop of something else?”  I raised an eyebrow and held up her underwear.

She giggled, which caused her to squirm.  The motion made my hand brush over her more forcefully, and she squealed a bit at the sensation and squirmed some more.  I felt myself harden as I watched her wiggling back and forth underneath me.

Deciding that was enough foreplay, I reached down and slid my shorts down my legs.  Since I knew what was coming, I’d made a point of changing into something easy to remove.  A moment later, I sprung free, at full attention.

“I don’t think I’m the only one ready to go on a moment’s notice.”  Alice smiled up at me.

I leaned forward and rubbed my tip against her, gathering up some of the moisture around her.  Not in the mood to take things slow, and knowing she wouldn’t object, I moved to place myself at her entrance, before easily sliding up and inside.

“Wow Alice, you are wet.  Having your legs up above your head like that gets you really hot and juicy.  You’re so damn horny right now.”

My sister moaned in response to the command, and I slid myself out of her slightly, feeling her get even more wet and lubricated as I did so.

“In fact, next time you put your legs up, you’ll be practically gushing, won’t you?”

She half closed her eyes and started to smile, a little dreamily.  Sure enough, in response to my command she moistened even more.  With this much lubrication, everything would be quick and easy.

“This is your new favorite position, isn’t it?”

Alice nodded up at me, her eyes still drawn into two slits, before she moaned again.

“Yeah.  Jacob, wow, this is totally awesome.”

I spent a few seconds just sliding in and out of her, enjoying the feeling of her wet pussy hungrily eating me.  While she would occasionally try and bounce up onto me further, I was doing most of the work in this position.  Given how good it felt, I didn’t really mind.

Her legs must have been getting uncomfortable, because she folded them over at the knee.  It didn’t cause any problems on my end, but the gesture compacted her down, and I really loved the way she looked.  I got an image of her just tightly taking an open, accommodating pose, there only for my pleasure.  In many ways, that statement was true, because she existed as she did now only because I enjoyed her being this way.

Still, the fact that she got enjoyment out of the arrangement made her a willing and eager participant, and I liked that too.  If she was struggling the whole time, it wouldn’t be the same.  Instead, my sister was now a good companion, more than willing to try out new things and help me get in the mood.

Alice shifted her legs slightly, again trying to get comfortable as I continued my thrusting, and I felt a pressure on my dick as she pushed her legs together.  She must have felt something too, because her eyes popped open and she looked up at me.

“Was that, um, good for you?”

I nodded down at her, and she smiled, before pushing her legs together again.  It moved things around inside her hole, causing more pressure for both of us.  She closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh as I continued thrusting.

“This is my new favorite position, actually.”

I smirked at her, and continued thrusting.  She made her usual quiet, reserved noises, and a moment later, she seized up, and I felt her shake around me.  Now that she was practiced at recognizing an oncoming orgasm, they weren’t as intensely jarring, but her spasms and gentle moaning were sure indicators that she’d been satisfied.

It had struck me earlier that when I was having sex with both Alice and Claire, they’d always orgasmed first.  In fact, even now, when I was above my sister, I found myself holding back the orgasm as long as possible.  I could have easily just quickly thrust into her and been done by now, but I enjoyed drawing out the experience.

Some of my friends had talked about sex in the past, saying that some girls can’t even get off on a guy’s dick, or that it’s extremely rare.  They of course all claimed they’d given girls countless orgasms just from fucking, but I knew it was a lot of nothing.  I took it as a matter of personal pride that mine was enjoyable enough that they got off every time.

Plus, the feeling of a girl orgasming around you is incomparable.  The pressure of Alice’s legs being pressed together combined with her muscles clamping down to make things so good for me that it drove me through the roof.

I’d hoped to hold out for a little longer, but I only made it to the tail end of her first orgasm before I felt myself release as well.  I gave a few more slow, even thrusts as I spurted into her.  Alice held her legs together to maximize the aftershocks for both of us, until I pulled out from her still hot center, moving to sit down next to her on the couch.

After a moment of us both panting to catch our breath, Alice grabbed some tissues off the table nearby, before rubbing herself down.  Once she was done, she grabbed another handful and turned to take care of me.

I hadn’t actually ordered her to do that, she’d just done it yesterday on her own.  After, Alice had told me it was because she just felt things should be cleaned up when we were done.  I didn’t have any objections, and since she wanted to, I let her do it.

Finally, she was done, and I looked over at her.

“So, how was that?”

She turned and gave me an incredulous look, before rolling her eyes.   It was the same gesture she used to give me when she thought I was being stupid, but it had so many different meanings now.

“Awesome, of course…”

She tailed off as she leaned back on the couch, before taking a deep breath.  I watched her for a few moments before I realized that she was deep in thought.

“Something eating you?”

Alice looked over at me, and hesitated, but she was still operating under the commands to tell me everything about sex.

“Just, feeling a little worried about the future.”

That was surprisingly heavy, given what we’d just done.

“Care to explain?”

She shrugged.  “I just need to get used to the fact that this is all there is now.  I’d wanted a life and career and all, but with how horny I get, I’m pretty sure neither of those is an option.”

It was my turn to give her the non-believing look.

“Alice, what the hell are you talking about?”

She cocked her head and looked at me.  “Well, I’m a slut, so all I’ll be doing is having sex, right?”

I shook my head, curious what had gotten her thinking this way.  For somebody usually so smart, she was being weirdly dumb.

“Alice, you seem to get by just fine at school, right?  And you do your homework before we have our fun.  Even if you had to have sex once a day, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else.  Stop being ridiculous.”

She nodded, but I was pretty sure she wasn’t fully believing me.  I decided to take things one step further and throw her a lifeline.

“Plus, you’re a teenage slut, your sex drive is way increased by your hormones, after all.  In a couple years you’ll probably calm down and be able to go longer without sex.  Never extremely long, but definitely longer.”

She looked at me, and her eyes brightened.  “Really?”

Now I couldn’t help but laugh at how encouraged she looked.  Teaching Alice about being a slut could have some interesting moments.

“Yes, of course, sheesh.  You’re young, so you’re supposed to enjoy your sluttiness.  It’ll calm down some day, so don’t fight it or worry, ok?”

Alice nodded, her hair bouncing around her head, still damp with sweat from our earlier activity.  I decided to have a little more fun with her.

“I still think you’re fighting it…”

She got a defiant look on her face.  “Nope, not fighting it at all.”

“Oh yeah… prove it?”

She raised an eyebrow.  “How?”

I smiled as I reached over.  “Like this.”

I grabbed one of her legs and pulled it up, bringing it so that her knee almost touched her chest.  She got the hint and raised her other leg, and I reached over and probed her depths with a finger.  Sure enough, she was already slick even though she’d cleaned herself off just minutes before.

“See, told you I wasn’t fighting it.”

“Yup, I guess you weren’t.  You win…”

I slid my finger up inside of her, and she gasped in response.  My other hand wanted something to do, so I reached up and started rubbing her breast through her shirt and sweater.  Since she wasn’t wearing a bra around the house, I was able to make out some details, and she purred at the gentle stimulation, combined with the rougher stimulation of my finger.

Even though there wasn’t anything in it for me, this was still too much fun to pass up, and I started fucking her roughly with my finger.

My eyes shot open as I realized what I’d been missing all day.

After I’d found out that Mrs. Miller had lost the remote, I’d gone and talked to Shawna and told her the bad news.  Even she couldn’t brush something that serious off, and agreed that we needed to look for somebody who might be abusing the device.  We’d spent a while wandering the school, figuring that if somebody was having sex during the day, they would have been noticed, so odds were good it was somebody who might be around after school.

I’d been so focused on finding another person that I’d completely overlooked the most obvious suspect.  Claire had been acting like a whole new person.  I hadn’t seen her in a long time, but the school wasn’t so large that there was much chance she didn’t share a class with either Shawna or myself.

“Hey, Shawna, tell me about Claire.”

She looked over at me.  We were sitting on our beds, but neither of us had been able to sleep.

“Claire Wall?  You know probably as much as I do, just her reputation.  She’s been trying to sweet talk the teachers lately though.  I think she’s racked up so much detention it’s the only way they’ll let her ever have a night or weekend again.”

I nodded.  “Do you think somebody might have used the remote on her?”

Shawna thought about that for a moment, but then shook her head.

“That doesn’t make any sense.  Somebody using the remote on a girl to make her clean up her act and not get detention?  That sounds like something a teacher might do.  Actually, come to think of it, it’s fully possible one of the teachers found it and used it on her.  That makes sense.”

I thought about that for a moment, but it didn’t make as much sense to me.  I tried to recall how she’d looked when I talked to her.  She’d had a glassy look to her eyes that I’d originally written off as being tired, but now that I thought again, it also could have been arousal.  I’d told her she looked nice and she’d gotten aroused.

“Well, we both know one guy who’d use such a device to get a girl to look nice for him…”  I let the comment hang, but Shawna clearly knew what I meant.

She nodded, then lay quietly on her bed for a while, debating what to do next.  Finally, she broke the silence.

“Think we need to follow her?”

“I think it would be a good idea, and soon too.”

Shawna made a noise.  “I can’t tomorrow, I have a game scheduled.”

Most of her games tended to be on Saturday, but every now and again there was a Friday one to throw off the schedule.

“Think it can wait till next week?”

I tried to think of another way.  It would be silly to go it alone, the potential problems were just too great.

“It’s going to have to.  Let’s hope whoever it is doesn’t do too much damage in the meantime.”


My dreams were filled with thoughts of what somebody could be doing with the remote, and it took a long time to finally fall asleep.