Remote Control – Chapter 2


Things were pretty surreal for most of the next day.  Part of me wasn’t even willing to believe that the previous day had happened, since it had been just so incredible.  There were no logical explanations for Claire’s actions.  I’d looked around online, and there were plenty of gimmick gags for a remote control that would control a woman, but they were just that, gags.

Still, either I’d had a pretty vivid dream during detention, or it had happened.  The dream option was pretty unlikely, since I was still sore from the previous day.

Everything became a complete reality when I was walking down the hallway before my last period.  I was minding my own business, as I usually did, when a voice called out from behind me.

“Hey, Jacob.  Wait up.”

The voice was familiar, but the tone wasn’t one I associated with the speaker.  In fact, I don’t think Claire had ever called my name before yesterday.

I turned to look at her, and the transformation I saw caused me to stop momentarily.  Claire had taken the command to look the part of a good girl perfectly.  I was sure that this was the first time she’d ever worn the uniform sweater, which sat snugly atop her tucked-in shirt.  Her normally hidden breasts were now easy to identify, since the stretchy sweater constricted around her chest.

Her skirt was worn properly, and her socks were likewise tight and snug against her legs.  She’d even done something with her hair to tame down the curls, and her locks had a healthy shine to them, running mostly in the same direction.  Claire had pulled out all the stops, as her outfit was complete with school uniform headband to hold her hair in place.

Claire cleaned up really, really nicely.

“You look good enough to eat.”  To prove the point, I devoured her with my eyes.

She had a mixed expression on her face, before she looked around.  Finally, she looked down at the ground, in a gesture of teenage nervousness.


She looked up and gave a half-smile.  There was something in her eyes that let me know that she wanted to say something else, to lay into me for making such a comment, but that wasn’t how good girls responded to compliments.  They just politely took them with grace and poise.

“Hey, Jacob, can I bug you for a moment in private?”  Her eyes pleaded with me to say yes.

I nodded, curious what she wanted to talk about, but also curious about how she’d react when no longer under the public portions of her commands.  I turned and led her to the lockers in the far corner of the school.  Few students ever came out this far, since it was out of the way, and the area was deserted.  For added safety, I ducked behind a row of lockers and dropped to a crouch.

Claire spent a moment looking around before doing the same, going down on her knees to keep her skirt from doing anything too revealing.  She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, her eyes closed while her face was still visibly conflicted.

Finally, she opened her eyes, and looked over at me.

“Fuck, you would not believe how hard it is to keep up that act.  I’ve spent the whole day feeling like I’m going to burst from having to pretend to be a goody goody.  Fuck fuck shit fuck damn.”

I laughed at her attempt to make up for an entire day without swearing in just a couple seconds.  Once I pulled myself together, my words came out between still chuckling breaths.

“I dunno, it seemed pretty natural earlier.  Nervous girl Claire, flirting with a guy just because he said she looks nice.”

Claire shot back a look of icy daggers, clearly not as amused by the scenario as I was.

I decided to have a little fun with her, and reached up to flick her collar, pretending to adjust it, even though it hadn’t been folded over.

“There, now you look perfect.”

Her eyes glazed over and she took a couple deep breaths, before whimpering slightly.  Even though she was allowed to act like her normal self since we were alone, the commands about her being aroused by the good girl shell still held.  She actually trembled slightly before closing her eyes and taking another deep breath.

“Look, sorry, I don’t have a lot of time and I can’t be late.  I talked to Mrs. Shields, but she wouldn’t let me out of all my detention.  I promised to be super good, and she said that if I didn’t step out of line once this week, that would be all.”  She took another deep breath.  “That’s a pretty far cry from a whole month though, right?  You can wait a week, can’t you?”

She looked over at me, expectantly, and I could tell she was scared I’d tell her that I wouldn’t wait.  In her mind, all her good girl act would be for nothing.  I wondered for a moment if she’d keep up the good girl act even if I told her no.  I hadn’t told her she was doing it to have sex, I’d just told her it would make her horny, then suggested the plan.

Still, I was rock hard right now looking at her, so I wasn’t anywhere close to done with her.  After making her sweat for a moment, I nodded.

“Yeah, of course.  Yesterday was awesome, so I’m looking forward to it.  If we have to wait a week, I’ll totally be down for another go.  Maybe we could even find some time this weekend.”

Claire smiled back at me, and nodded, her blonde curls bouncing.  “Yeah, that sounds good too.”  Her eyes got a faraway look.  “I really want to do that again.”

“I’ve really gotten you addicted, haven’t I?”  I reached up and brushed my thumb against her cheek, and she closed her eyes and leaned into my finger, sighing contentedly.

After a moment, she realized what she was doing, and her eyes snapped open, and she shuffled back a foot.

“Hey, whoa, none of that.  The good girl thing is just an act, ok?”

I looked over at her and smiled as an idea came to me.  “So you mean it, you’re only a good girl on the outside?”

She nodded.  “It’s just an act.”  Her eyes glazed over, and she shook again, before taking a deep breath and saying again, in a more confident voice, “Totally just an act.”

It was obvious that she was trying to reassure herself more than me.

“Well, how about this then, while you’re sitting in detention, pretending to be the biggest little goodie-two-shoes ever, why don’t I help you be giving you something to remember who you are?”

Claire looked over at me, confused.

“Claire, give me your panties.”  I decided to cut to the chase.  We didn’t have long left and Claire couldn’t afford to be late.

Her eyes bugged out, and she started stammering at me.  I held up a finger and cut her off.

“Good girls don’t walk around without underwear.  It’s something you can do to help you stay yourself while you’re in detention.  Come on, you’re going to be late, hand them over.”

She looked at me, debating whether or not to give in to my request.  Finally, she reached up under her skirt and pulled her underwear down, stepping out of it before handing it to me.  Once she was done, she stood, bending over slightly and leaning against the lockers, making sure I couldn’t see up her skirt.

“There, you happy?”

I smiled over at her before wadding her panties up and shoving them in my pocket.  I’d only gotten a brief look, but they had been a simple pair of pure white bikini panties.  Apparently, good girl shell even applied to her underwear.

“Happy enough, for now.  Now, as you’re sitting in detention, you can think about how you’re still a rebel, and the good girl is just an act.”  I shifted and got to my feet, before taking a step over next to her.

“Now, you need to get to class, since you shouldn’t get into trouble.  Try not to let your lack of underwear be too distracting, ok?”

She nodded, and turned to walk away.

“Oh yeah, Claire, one last thing.”

Claire stopped, and turned back to me for a moment.  I walked over next to her, and shifted her skirt, slightly, before adjusting the hem of her sweater.

“There we go, wouldn’t want you to get detention for a less than perfect uniform.”

She whimpered and her legs shook, slightly.  She looked up, clearly wanting to make a barb of some sort, but the arousal in her eyes at what I’d just done finally won out.  Finally, she settled for the best she could manage.

“Thank you.”

Claire’s inability to get out of detention came as no real surprise.  Even if she acted as sweet as possible, there was no way Mrs. Shields would let her out of her punishment completely.  I’d only teased her about it a little because it was fun, but last night I’d made other plans.  I fully intended to fuck Claire again over the weekend, but I needed a distraction until then.

I spied said distraction as I made my way down the hallway after my last class.  Her name was Alice, and she was honestly unbearably insufferable.  One of the school’s resident goody-goodies, Alice was the epitome of what you got when parents told a girl her whole life she was special, brilliant, better than everybody else, and destined to be amazing.

She never acted out, never cut class, always volunteered to help out, and was every teacher’s first choice for happy little helper.  It made me sick.

As I walked up to her, she looked over at me, before rolling her eyes.  I was the only person she didn’t seem to feel the need to act nice toward, and she made a point of making sure I knew it.

“Are you ready to go then?  I have some things to take care of when we get home.”  Her voice was high and whiny.

I looked over at her, before nodding.  I had debated saying something smart, but all of that would come later.  After all, I had the entire evening to plan my revenge on Alice for a lifetime of torment.

Not only was Alice the biggest tattletale at school, since she was also my sister, she gave me a lot of grief at home.  Well, she was close enough to my sister, at least.  When I’d been born, my mother had almost died in labor, and my parents were told that they’d never be able to have another child.  Of course they were devastated, not by the news itself, or by the fact that I’d also almost died during my own birth, but by something else.  They were devastated that they hadn’t gotten a daughter.

A long time ago, they’d apparently made some plans about wanting a perfect little darling daughter, who behaved exactly as Alice did.  So before a week had passed, they’d started to consider other options.  Finally, they’d decided to adopt.  They had to spend a good deal of money to grease the machine, but six months later I was no longer an only child.

My parents didn’t abuse me or anything.  I was just, well, surplus.  I was the child they’d never really wanted, who they raised out of obligation.  I’d had no pretexts that I’d be all that close to my parents once I’d managed to strike out on my own.

Alice, on the other hand, could do no wrong.  They’d made sure she had an active social life, and all the support she could ever need.  They made sure she did her homework, got good grades, and was every bit the darling to everybody else that they wanted her to be for them.  They’d bought her a car as a gift on her sixteenth birthday, which was why I relied on her for rides to and from school.

In some ways, I think I got the better end of the stick.  At least I knew something about the world as a real place.

Last night, I’d spent half the time refusing to believe that what happened between me and Claire had been real.  The other half had been spent thinking about just what I could do with this new power.  I’d brought the remote with me to school, tempted to start using it randomly, but eventually discretion won out.  Clearly, somebody had made the thing, which meant there was somebody, somewhere, who knew about it.  I had to be careful, or I might get discovered.

Still, my mind wandered to all the things that I’d be doing with it at home, or behind closed doors at school.  My life was going to become a lot more interesting.

After we got home, Alice ran off to her room, and I decided to spend a little while making sure everything I wanted to do was clear in my head, so I retreated to mine as well.

For a moment, I debated if this was really something I wanted to do.  Claire had turned out amazingly, and I could probably get all the fun I could ever want from her.  With just a little push from the remote, she’d blow me twice a day before finishing off with an eager, enthusiastic ride.

That thought died a moment later.  Variety was the spice of life, and I knew I could easily have as many girls as I wanted.  Plus, Alice had this coming to her.  She needed to step into the world, and I was more than happy to teach her.  I’d taken bad girl Claire and turned her good on the outside.  It would be a poetic balance to take good girl Alice and put some dirty, twisted thoughts into her.

About an hour after we’d gotten home, I crept back out of my room, ready to start having some fun with my sister.

I found her, sitting in the living room, working through her homework on the table in front of her.  She’d changed out of her school uniform, but what she was wearing now wasn’t all that much different.  She still wore a button up shirt, with a black sweater over top.  About the only thing that wasn’t the school uniform again was the color, combined with the fact that she was wearing pants.

Even at home, she was the world’s biggest prep.

Holding the remote tightly in my hand, I raised it and pointed it at her, pressing the volume up control a few times.  I wanted to start off with her a little distracted, and maybe have a little fun with her before I got down to business.

I watched the display at the bottom, having guessed that it would tell me the level of her arousal.  When I’d been with Claire the day before, it had lowered as she’d come down from the high, and gone back up when I had turned her back up again.

Unlike yesterday, however, the display just stayed reading a zero.  After a moment of not getting the display to change at all, I stopped pointing the remote at her and tried to examine it, curious what was going wrong.  With how many times I’d pressed the button, my sister should be throwing herself at me with wild abandon.

“What’s that?”

Alice’s voice caused me to look up.  She was looking at me, her face curious.  I took a moment to look at her, and take in all her features.  Like Claire, Alice was blonde, but her hair was a little less vibrant, and sandier.  It also wasn’t curly at all, instead hanging limply in the loose ponytail she’d pulled it into.

“Uh, just something I found.”  I wracked my brain, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Alice stood, wanting to get a better look.

“It looks like it’s just a T.V. remote.  What’s so interesting about that?”

My eyes skimmed over the device, trying to remember what I’d done with Claire.  I’d started by using the mute button on her, so I tried that as well.

“Hey, Alice, say something.”

She reached up and scratched her head.  “Ok, you’re being more weird than normal.”

So it hadn’t worked then, either.  I continued searching the back of my brain, trying to figure out what I was missing.  Did it only work on Claire?  That wouldn’t make any sense, who’d built a remote just to control a random girl, then leave it laying around?  There must just be something I needed to do to turn it on.

Then it hit me.  I’d pointed it at Claire accidentally and hit the power button.  It couldn’t be that simple.  I raised the remote at Alice again, and hit the power button.  The screen at the bottom flashed slightly and changed to display the number two.

“Ok, seriously Jacob, I have work to do.  Why don’t you go mess around with that thing in your room?”  She turned her back on me, to take the two steps back to the couch.

Still pointing it at her, I pressed the pause button, and she immediately froze in mid turn.  I gave a silent cheer inside, knowing now without a doubt that the remote could control my sister as well.

I walked a few steps closer, waiting to see if Alice gave any response to my presence.  As I walked around her, she didn’t turn her head to look at me, or acknowledge me in any way.  She just stood there, completely frozen, immobile.

Actually, now that I had gotten close enough, I could tell that she wasn’t completely frozen.  She was still breathing, her chest moving slightly, and occasionally her eyes would blink, but would always return to a fully opened position.  She was still looking straight forward, her focus on the couch, and she gave no response to my presence at all.

I watched her stand for a moment, her body just moving slightly since she had to breathe.  I wasn’t even thinking about it when my hand rose from my side, moving over toward Alice as she stood, immobile.  A moment later, my hand wrapped around her right breast, cupping the fleshy orb gently in a gesture I never would have imagined.

Even though the evidence was right in front of my eyes, I was having a hard time believing that Alice was giving no reaction to my groping her at all.  My other hand came up and started to play with her other breast, and before long both of my hands were rubbing and squeezing playfully.

I spent a little while trying to search the tips of her breasts, looking to see if her nipples were standing on end, but I couldn’t find them.  She was wearing too many layers of clothing, even if they had hardened.  I wanted to see if she was reacting to my attention.

I thought about stripping her down, but I had other plans for her, and I didn’t want to use up too much more time.  Thinking of something last minute to check, I slipped my hand down her pants and into her underwear, to check and see if she was responding to my attention.  I was glad to find she was, even though I was going to make her a lot hornier in a moment.

I raised the remote and pointed it at her again, and pressed the record button.  Alice moved, and I almost jumped, before I reminded myself that Claire had gone limp when I was recording commands. A moment later, Alice was standing loosely in place, her arms at her sides and her posture relaxed.

Perfect.  I’d finalized what I wanted to say to her earlier, and now was the time to go through with my plan.  It was a simple command, but I was planning on getting a lot of mileage out of it.

“Alice, from now on, whenever your brother tells you anything about sex, you’ll believe him completely.  Everything your brother tells you about sex will become completely true.  You will not question or doubt anything your brother tells you about sex.”

I ran that through my mind again, just in case I’d missed something, but it was complete in its simplicity.  All I had to do now was make the best of it.

“Alice, you’re going to sit down and do your homework.  While you’ll react to my presence normally, you won’t go out of your way to leave, or forcibly try to get rid of me.”

Nodding slightly, I pressed pause.  My dick was reminding me that my plans for the night included more than just talking, and wanted to get down to action.  As Alice started to move, I pointed the remote and pressed the volume switch up until it read a four.  Probably not enough for her to be mindlessly aroused, but enough to get her distracted.

Sure enough, Alice’s breathing was a bit heavier than it had been before.  I was sure if all I’d done was play with her breasts it would have been enough to at least get her started, but the arousal control should have put her solidly into horny territory.

I sat down on the chair across from her.

“So what are you doing, anyway?”

She looked up at me, jumping slightly, as if she had forgotten I was there.  Shaking her head to regain her focus, she looked down at her work again.

“Just some math homework.  Calculus.  You wouldn’t understand.”

It wasn’t like Alice to not take a moment to rub how smart she was in my face.  I pressed the up button again to get her even more distracted.

“Yeah, that does look pretty complicated.  I dunno how you can stay focused on it.”

As she looked up at me again, I snuck another press of the remote, bringing her up to a six.  She looked at me, and her eyes glazed a bit.

“Yeah.”  She paused a moment.  “But I need to finish.”  She looked back down, but I could tell she had to focus to gain the will to do so.  Even still, she was pressing her legs together and was starting to fidget.

I was pretty sure that if it had been another girl, she would have started flirting with me.  Taking Claire to an eight in a single go had skipped the intervening steps, and taken her straight to full on ready to fuck horny.  Alice was up at a six, and was clearly extremely distracted, but she was fighting it with everything she had.

“You look like you have something else on your mind.  Want to talk about it?”  Up to a seven.

Alice closed her eyes, and took a few panting breaths, before she looked up at me, her expression somewhat lost.  The way she was looking at me, it was like she’d again forgotten I was in the room.

“I, uh, don’t think you could help.  You’re not in Calculus.”

I smiled over at her.  “I wasn’t offering to help with your homework.  I was wondering if you had anything else on your mind.  Come on, you don’t need to keep secrets from your big brother, you can tell me anything.”

Alice seemed to struggle a bit, and I could see the wheels turning.  I’d commanded her to believe everything I told her about sex.  While I hadn’t called out that I knew she was aroused, she knew she was, and I was curious how she’d respond.

Finally, she broke down.  “I’m just really feeling frisky, is all.”

I laughed at the word she’d used.  “Frisky?”

“Yeah.”  She panted.  “You know, worked up.  That sort of thing.  Maybe I just need to go to my room and relax a bit.”

“You’re not going to masturbate?”

She looked up at me in shock, and her face reddened.  “What?  No, that’s gross.”

My jaw almost dropped.  Alice was such a good girl, she was too good to masturbate?  My pants got really tight from that knowledge, given what was coming soon.

“Well, masturbating would help you get over it.”

Her eyes glazed again, slightly, and her lips moved.  I could slightly make out her whispering what I’d said, before she nodded.

“Yeah, I guess it would.  Still, it’s gross.”

I looked over at her and laughed.  “Heck, I think what you really need is a good plowing.”

She cocked her head.  “Plowing?”

Rolling my eyes, I explained.  “You know, plowing.  When a guy puts his dick in a girl and plows the field.”

Alice’s eyes bugged and she turned away from me.  “You would think that.”

I laughed again.  Her innocence made her super cute.

“Come on, think about it.  Wouldn’t it feel good to let a guy put himself in you?  Can’t you just almost feel a big, thick cock pushing up inside of your hungry lips?”

Alice whimpered as her mind suddenly imagined what I told her.  Her squirming kicked into high gear, and her legs rubbed together, furiously.  If she hadn’t been under a command to not leave, she probably would have run out of the room.

I decided it was time to end the game and get on to the action.  I reached down and pressed the volume up button, bringing her up to the maximum eight.

“In fact, Alice, the way you look right now, I’m pretty sure that if you don’t get a dick in you in the next minute or so, you’ll probably burst from the frustration.  Girls as horny as you are right now really shouldn’t keep everything bottled up, they can’t take the pressure.”

Her breathing was ragged, and she was almost gasping for air.  “Really?”

I nodded.  “Yeah, really.”  I stood up, and pulled down my pants.  I was already harder than I had ever imagined possible, and sprang out easily.

Alice’s eyes immediately locked on to the tip of my dick, and she leaned forward slightly, as if drawn to it.

“Alice, I can’t fuck you if you don’t take your pants off, they’ll get in the way.”

She gave me a confused look, but then looked down, and started to fumble with her pants.  I took the opportunity to step forward and get within arm’s reach of her.  When she finished slipping her pants down her legs, she looked up at me.

Some last vestige of reason tried to bubble to the surface.  “You’re my brother, we can’t do this.”

I looked down at her.  “You probably don’t have long before you burst and snap.  Are you sure you can afford to be picky?”

Alice whimpered, but finally shook her head.

“So what do you want?”  I wanted her to say it.

She looked up at me, her expression slightly horrified.  Realizing that I wasn’t going to give in, she hung her head, and mumbled a response.

“I want you to relieve my pressure.”

I snorted.  “Oh, come on Alice.  Put some effort into it.  Tell me you want me to plow you until you can’t see straight.  That you want me to try and tear you apart from the inside with my dick.”

Alice fought as hard as she could against that one, but only lasted a few seconds.  I couldn’t help but smile as she started to speak.

“Jacob, p… plow me until I can’t see straight.”  She paused, then moaned, and her hips bucked slightly.  She panted again, then managed to gasp out.  “Tear me apart from the inside with your dick.  Please.  Please Jacob, I can’t take it anymore.  Please put your dick inside me, now!”

I squatted down, and placed my tip between her legs, using one hand to guide myself into her.  She was sopping wet, and very much ready for my entry.  She gasped and groaned as I slid inside, feeling just how hot and tight she was.  I felt like I was sliding into a slick oven, and she gave little squeals and coos of pleasure as I finally came to rest fully inside.

After only a moment, I slid back, and she continued to give off little gasps. I thrust back and forth a few times, getting into a rhythm as Alice got the hang of things as well.  Hesitance gone, she was enjoying herself, and more than willing to show it.  Alice was turning out to be the type of girl who made a lot of sounds during sex, but wasn’t particularly load.  She’d moan softly, coo, whimper, and pant.

Once she got comfortable, I told her to start thrusting as well, and she started to buck her hips up when I came down, and pulled back slightly when I pulled away.  This had the desired effect of making the motions more pronounced, and each thrust felt so much better to me.  Based on how she was now keeping her eyes half-lidded, Alice agreed.

Without warning, my sister’s hands grabbed the side of the couch and gripped tightly, as her whole body tightened up and froze.  I thrust a couple more times, feeling her start to twitch from the force of how tightly she was squeezing.  Something within her snapped, and she started to shake, and I felt her muscles twitch around me.  Almost in an entire rush, I saw all tension in her body release and she started to once again thrust up at me, this time with renewed energy.

“How was that?”

Alice looked up at me, and her eyes were still a little empty with arousal.  After a moment, she smiled.

“Awesome.  I want another.  Please.”  Apparently, the command to tell me the truth about sex still stood.  Alice wouldn’t have ever admitted that to anybody.  Even aroused beyond reason, Alice was still polite.

Since I was feeling generous, and she had asked nicely, I decided to hold back my own release until she got her wish.  I was sure if she hadn’t even masturbated much before, she wouldn’t be able to hold out long, and I’d had plenty of practice drawing out my orgasms.  Unlike Alice, I felt regular masturbation was quite healthy.  Recent events, however, meant I was probably going to be doing it a lot less in the future.

Alice’s second orgasm was much less intense, although she did seize up a little.  Once she started to shake and tremble, I let myself go, and joined her in a wave of release.  We both rode the pleasure until we were spent, and I collapsed onto the couch next to her, rolling into a sitting position.

She rallied a few minutes later.  “What happened?”

At first I wondered if she’d forgotten, and the remote had done something to her memory, but Claire hadn’t experienced anything like that.  I looked over at Alice and raised an eyebrow.

“We had sex.”

She rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, I mean why did we have sex?  What happened, I’ve never been that worked up in my life.  I hope that never happens again.”  She looked down, and reached to grab her pants, realizing that she was abbreviated in front of me.

I smirked, even though she couldn’t see it.  “It probably will happen again.”

Her eyes went wide as she looked up at me in shock.  “What?”

“Yeah.  Girls like you, who keep everything bottled up and repressed end up turning into sluts later on in life.  A lot of times it doesn’t happen until college, but I guess it happened to you a bit early.”

I honestly wasn’t sure just how much of that was a lie.  I’d heard stories about a lot of uptight girls going a little crazy in college.  Still, Alice would believe it, and that was what was important.

Alice reached up and scratched her head.  She hadn’t fully recovered her ability to think after our enthusiastic session, so she was taking a while to work through my statements.

The mouse eventually found the cheese.  “So wait, I’m a slut?”

I nodded.  “Yep, afraid so.  You’ll probably get horny often now, and need to get fucked at least every couple days or things will get bad again.”

She got a far off look as the statement hit her.  “I’m a slut.”  She said to nobody in particular.  Finally, she looked over at me.  “I guess that means I need to guy buy some new clothes to wear, and start looking for guys to, um, plough me?”

Alice looked adorable grasping for the words that would be appropriate to the type of person she thought she was.  Then it hit me, if she went through with that plan, she’d be out having sex with other guys.  Even though I’d used my power over her to program her to be a slut, she still wasn’t thinking about sex with me.  I had to fix that, and stumbled to try and find something.

“Uh, no, not exactly.  Um, there’s a bit more to it than you think.”

Alice looked at me, her head slightly cocked again.  I realized that must be one of her signs of confusion, because she did it pretty regularly.

“Look, I just don’t think you should go out and get a new wardrobe and start trolling for guys yet.  There’s two kinds of sluts.  What you’re talking about is a social slut, the kind of girl who tries to be eye candy for everybody and doesn’t care who she sleeps with.”

My sister nodded.  “Social slut…. Ok.”

I continued.  “I don’t think you’re a social slut, you’re not acting like one.  You’re a personal slut.”

“Personal slut?”

Anybody other than my sister would have called me on my bullshit excuse, remote or no.  Still, she didn’t know enough about sex to challenge me, and her mind was still accepting everything I told her about sex.

“Yeah.  A personal slut is a girl who really likes sex, and gets horny, just like other sluts, but she doesn’t sleep around.  She has a partner, and that’s who she has a lot of sex with.  Personal sluts want a lot of sex, of course, so they go out of their way to dress and act the way their partner wants, to help him get in the mood.”

She mulled that over for a bit.  “I guess being a personal slut is better.  I don’t think I’d like having to sleep with a bunch of guys.  Ok, so I need to find a partner, and then figure out what he likes, and then get clothes and stuff?”

I sighed.  Alice was still hell bent on finding somebody else to have sex with.

“No, Alice, I don’t think that will work either.  That was your first time having sex, right?”

She nodded.

“Yeah, I could tell.  You weren’t very good at it.  No guy would want to be your partner right now, at least no guy you want to be with.  Until you know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be having sex with anybody.”

Alice scrunched up her face.  “But that means in a couple days, things will get bad again, right?”

I nodded.

She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to think of what to do.  Finally, I decided to throw her a bone, and bring my quickly developed plan together.

“I have an idea.  Since I know what’s going on, I could be your partner temporarily.  That way, I can still teach you about sex, and you don’t have to worry about getting with some guy who you don’t know who’s bad for you.”

Alice looked down at herself, and considered it for a moment.

“I don’t know.  You’re my brother.  This should just be a one-time thing.  It shouldn’t have happened at all.”

“Oh, come on Alice.  We both know you were adopted, so you’re not really my sister.  That makes it ok.”

Her eyes unfocused, and she drew in on herself, before repeating, softly.  “That makes it ok…”

I looked over at her.  “So you’ll go ahead with the plan to be my personal slut, for now?”

She twisted her lips as she thought about it.

“Ok.  Yeah, it’s a good idea.  You’ll teach me about sex and stuff?”

I nodded.  “Yep, I’ll make sure you know everything you need to know.”

She sat for a moment, letting everything sink in.  I didn’t press her, since I was pretty sure everything I’d been throwing at her needed a moment to settle.   The remote was powerful, but I didn’t want to overload her brain.

Alice surprised me a moment later when she looked up.

“So, I guess that means I need to wear clothing that you find enticing?”

Even though I knew why she said it, I was still amazed at how casually she’d made the statement.  Now that she believed she was a slut, her normal personality was bleeding through.

I reached over and tapped her on the nose.  “Maybe you ARE as smart as you keep bragging to me.”

Alice smiled at the praise, before balling her hands into fists.  “If I’m a slut, then I’m going to be the best slut ever, of course.  So, what do I need to go buy?  I have a good amount of allowance saved up, but hopefully nothing too expensive.”  She was already starting to stand, which looked hilarious since she still wasn’t wearing anything from the waist down.

Holding up a hand, I motioned for her to sit.

“Alice, you’re good for now.  Even though I’ve been going to a private school for years now, I’ve recently gained a certain, well, appreciation, for the style of clothing you’re already naturally drawn to.”  I held up a hand and waved it at her top.

My sister looked down and ran her hands over her sweater, before reaching up and fingering the collar of her shirt.  “You like this?”

I nodded.  “Yeah.  Although if you have any tighter sweaters, I wouldn’t object to them.  Oh, and lose the pants, those make you look like a total man-hater.”

She looked at her bare legs.  “You mean like wear skirts?  I don’t think shorts would go with this.”

“Eh, even jeans would work.  Although a skirt would look pretty nice, if you worked it.  And when it’s warm out, you don’t HAVE to wear that, I was just saying I like it, is all.  A nice clingy tee shirt paired with a pair of short shorts could also be really yummy…”  I trailed off as I imagined her, dressed a little like a beach bunny.  I hadn’t had the image before, but I enjoyed it.

When I came back to my senses, Alice was using her fingers to make mental notes in the air.  Realizing that I was back with her, she looked over.

“So, tight tops, and show off my legs pretty much?”

I nodded.  “It’s a start.  I’ll tell you what is and isn’t good and we’ll go from there.”

“Ok.”  She paused a moment, before giving me a playful smile.  “Wait a second, if this is already what you find enticing…”  She pointed to her top.  “Have you been having dirty thoughts about me all along?”

Laughing, I held my hands up in a gesture of innocence.  “I may have possibly entertained a dirty thought or two, over the years.  It’s a good thing nobody has ever decided to use your brains for evil, you’re pretty sharp, for a sister.”

She gave me a critical look.  “Dirty thoughts of your little sister?” She sighed.  “Well, I guess that’s ok, since we’re not really related.  Still, I wish you’d helped me out a bit before things got so bad I turned into a complete slut.”

I shrugged my shoulders.  “Well, if you’re not going to be grateful, I don’t have to help you.”

She grew panicked.  “Oh, no, sorry.  I thought we were just joking.  I didn’t mean anything by it.  Please don’t make me learn on my own, I’m really grateful you’re offering to teach me.”

Alice had completely embraced her new self, and I knew I could look forward to some fun things with her.

“Well, I’m not doing it for free or anything.”

“Oh.”  Her face fell.  “Well, I guess it’s a good thing I don’t need to buy clothes.”

I groaned.  “Alice, not everything is about money.  You’ll pay me back other ways, sheesh.”

That statement caused her to cock her head, and now I was sure it was her sign of confusion.  “Like what?”

“Well, for starters, you’re going to be nice to me.”

“Well duh.”

I glared at her, and a moment later she blushed, realizing what she’d just said.

“Sorry.  I’ll try and be good.”

“And no giving me a hard time if I need a couple extra minutes after school?”  Alice loved to threaten to leave without me, and then complained the entire trip if I held her up even one minute.

“Not a peep.”  She made a motion like she was zipping her lips.

I smirked as I told her the last price.

“And you’ll wake me up every morning with a blowjob, of course.”

She opened her mouth as if to agree automatically, before closing it again.  A moment later, she repeated the gesture.

I raised an eyebrow at her, probing to see if she was resisting.  Finally, she nodded.

“Ok, I can do that.”

“Excellent.”  I reached over and put a hand on her shoulder.  “I’m sure we’ll have you being a really good slut in no time.”

Alice smiled back at me, and nodded.

Matt was nibbling on my ear, trying to get me in the mood, but I had too much on my mind for that kind of thing.  I didn’t blame him, since he didn’t have any way of knowing that Shawna had lost his remote.

Well, Shawna and I.  I’d been there too.

Things had been really rocky between Matt and me for the last couple months.  I’d had a harder time forgiving him for what he’d done than the other girls, although I had forgiven him.  I knew why he’d done it, I just needed some time to adjust is all.  I was a little distant for a month, but this last month things had gotten largely back to normal.

Even though it was the other direction, losing the remote had brought all that insecurity back to me.

“Something wrong, Leah?”

Matt was looking at me, his face concerned.  I had hoped I’d be able to get the remote back without him ever finding out it was gone, but I really needed to tell somebody.



It was childish of me to make him drag it out of me, but I needed him to do it.  He poked me a couple times, gently, to get me talking, and I finally dumped.

“Shawna stole your remote, and took it to school, and one of the teachers saw it and took it and now I don’t know where it is or if anybody is doing anything with it.”

Matt took a moment to process the verbal outburst.  When he caught up, his eyes widened.

“Um, Leah, that’s not good.  That’s really not good.”

My shoulders bunched up.  I knew that, and didn’t need him to remind me.  Still, he was just reacting with shock, I shouldn’t get upset at him.  It wasn’t his fault we lost the remote.

“Matt, I know.  The teacher said she’ll give it back on Friday, so I just have to make it until then.”

He shook his head.  “If somebody finds it, they could do a lot of damage.  You need to find it before then.”

I hated him for saying that, but I knew it was true.

“Ok, I’ll try and find out where she put it.  I just wish Shawna never stole the damn thing in the first place.”

Matt wrapped his arms around me, and I managed to relax a little.  He gave a squeeze to try and let me know he was there for me.

“I’m sure nobody has found it, and we’re just being paranoid.  I mean, who’s going to figure out that they have a remote that can actually control people?”