Remote Control – Chapter 1


“Shawna, you’re going to get us both in trouble.”

My sister, Shawna, refused to listen to my pleas to see reason, but in all honesty I should have expected that from her.  She’d always been a risk taker, and more than a little prone to getting herself into trouble.  I just wished her latest plan wasn’t also going to get me into trouble.

Trouble would be in the form of our brother, Matt.  Well, step-brother, but none of us really cared about that.  Our parents had gotten married a few years ago, and we’d considered each other family ever since.  Still, recent events had changed around the relationships between the three of us in ways we never really expected.

“Relax Leah, I just want to have a little fun.  Besides, didn’t Matt say he wanted to test this thing out?”

I sighed.  While Matt had said that, he’d meant in the lab, under the watchful eyes of both himself and his assistant, Beth.  I knew enough about the waves emitted by my brother’s latest invention to know that it might not be entirely reliable in the field.  Shawna, however, wasn’t as academically minded as the rest of us.  That was why she usually helped out by playing test subject.

“Come on, Shawna, I don’t want Matt to be mad at me.  He’ll take it out on both of us.”

Our brother could have a pretty bad temper, but he’d been working on it.  Beth and I both had taken it upon ourselves to remind him when he was being unreasonable, but talking him down from taking his latest invention was beyond either of us.  He wouldn’t hurt any of his girls, that was a line he would never cross, but he could make life very complicated.

Case in point was what he could do to us with the device Shawna was currently waving about.  Matt simply referred to it as ‘The Remote.’  The name was apt, of course, because that’s what it was, but it was also so much more.  On the outside, it looked like any slightly out of date universal television remote, with the usual number of buttons.  On the inside, however, it contained a modified wave emitter that Matt had discovered using research from his experiments with cellular phones.

Thinking about cell phones brought back memories of how this all began.  A couple months ago, Matt had made an amazing discovery.  By carefully modifying the signal received by a cellular phone, he could cause it to emit radiation that would shut down the higher brain functions of the listener.  He’d used it on me, our next door neighbor Beth, and then my sister Shawna, to get what every guy wants, sex.

At first he’d made me believe some ridiculous study that it would help me focus more at school, and things got wackier from there.  Eventually, Shawna and I figured everything out, and he removed much of the influence from our heads, but we’d still occasionally use the phone as part of our games, since we could all come up with some fun suggestions.

I smiled as I remembered what would happen when I put on my French maid uniform, or Shawna her bikini.  We had some good memories in those outfits.  But now wasn’t the time for such things.

“Shawna, really, did Mandy piss you off that much?”

“Yes, she did.”

My sister had that fire in her eyes, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to talk her out of her current plan.  The best I could hope is that things would be done soon, and I could get the remote from her, hide it until we got home, and hope Matt was feeling forgiving.

Shawna had stolen the remote because Mandy, one of our school’s queen bee types, had made fun of the fact that she didn’t have a boyfriend.  Mandy had said it must be because Shawna, and everybody else on the soccer team, must be a lesbian.  It had been what Mandy said next that really pushed her over the edge.

“Or are you screwing around with your geek of a brother?”

I’d been there when she said it, and the words had angered me as well.  There wasn’t any way that Mandy could have known, and I knew that she was just saying it to get a rise out of Shawna.  Still, my sister apparently shared Matt’s temper, at least in part, and she’d vowed to make Mandy pay.

That led to her stealing the remote, and planning to use it on Mandy, to get her revenge.  Everybody knew that Mandy liked to sneak out of her sixth period government class, feeling such things were beneath her.  It didn’t hurt that the teacher was a notorious drunk, and all any student had to do was threaten to mention smelling alcohol on her breath to be allowed to pretty much get away with anything.

Shawna and I were hiding behind a row of lockers, waiting for Mandy to take up her usual position with her friends.  The commands that Shawna was going to imprint on the girl would embarrass and shame her for life.

My sister waved to me, and pointed around the corner.  I peeked, and saw Mandy and Karen, one of her best friends, hovering at the other end of the hall.  Ducking back into hiding, I looked at Shawna, who winked at me, before leaning around the corner, remote raised and pointed at the two girls.  I saw her finger hover over the pause button, ready to strike.

Neither of us had seen Mrs. Miller sneaking up behind us, nor did we see as she reached over and plucked the remote from Shawna’s hand.  We were both momentarily stunned by the intrusion, before we turned to look at the science teacher.

“Girls, what are you doing out of class?  And what is this?  You know this sort of thing isn’t allowed on school grounds.”  She turned the remote over in her hands.  “Normally, students are bringing cell phones into school.  I must say this is a first in recent memory.”

I opened my mouth to stammer something, but wasn’t sure what I was going to say.  There was no way I could tell her the truth, of course.  Thankfully, Shawna was a bit more able to think on her feet.

“Sorry Mrs. Miller, I was going to be staying after for practice.  I accidentally left that in my bag last night, so was getting it back to my sister before she left for the day.”

The excuse sounded reasonable, but Mrs. Miller caught the flaw in the story about as easily as I did.

“And that required you to be outside of class why?”

Shawna’s shoulders slumped.  She didn’t have a good answer for that question.

Mrs. Miller sighed.  “Shawna, Leah, you’re both good students and I haven’t heard thing one about either of you being in trouble.  I’m going to write this off as a momentary lack of judgment, which happens from time to time during your teenage years.  Both of you, get back to class, and you can come pick this up on Friday.”

She held up the remote.  I was actually most concerned about her hitting one of the buttons and accidentally zapping Shawna or me.  I was about to reach up and grab it from her hand when she turned, and started walking down the hall.

“Back to class, both of you.”

I turned and looked at Shawna, who shrugged.

“Maybe Matt can help us get it back.  Or we can wait until Friday.”

I shook my head, confident that this wouldn’t be so simple.

“Well Mr. Morse, I’m sure you’ll spend your entire time here thinking about why it’s a bad idea to be so disruptive in class.  If the lesson hasn’t sunk in, we can of course arrange a remedial.”

As I stepped into the room, I had to force myself to not roll my eyes at Mrs. Shields.  She took her position as the detention monitor way too seriously, but she wasn’t even all that good at it.  For one, everybody knew that she couldn’t make good on her threats.  No matter how many times she made threats about going back to the old ways, we all knew that the first time she actually took a ruler to a child, she’d be fired instantly.

Still, what she could do was make it so that I wouldn’t get any afternoons, or possibly weekends, and that would completely suck.  My parents would probably overlook a single detention, especially after I told them some bogus story about how it wasn’t my fault, but if it kept happening, they’d also make my life hell.

I looked around as I entered, trying to see who else was in here.  I’d never actually been to detention, but given that it was just my English classroom, it was a lot less mysterious than I thought it would be.  Most of the desks were empty, and the only other person I saw beside myself and Mrs. Shields was Claire.

Claire Wall had a reputation around school, and she was a troublemaker.  She never did anything that was bad enough to get her thrown out, but she liked to break the rules just enough to get into trouble, and to make sure that everybody knew her name.  On more than one occasion, my teachers had held her up as a shining example of the failure of today’s youth.

She was, however, a looker.  She had dirty blonde hair that was naturally curly, which actually led to a lot of people mistaking her for somebody more girly than she actually was.  I was honestly surprised that she kept it so long, but whatever.  Her uniform was almost always untucked and sloppy, which was of course against the school’s rather strict rules.  She was also usually sporting rule violating dark nail polish.

Oh, and she had an attitude to boot, which didn’t earn her much love with the teachers.

Claire didn’t make any motion to acknowledge my entry, but I didn’t really expect her to.  Mrs. Shields pointed to one of the desks on the opposite side of the room, and I trudged over to sit down, slamming my bag down on the desk behind me.  Sliding into the seat, I looked up at the teacher, wondering what sort of meaningless threats she’d resort to next.

She opened her mouth, as if to start into a tirade, but apparently decided neither of us was worth the effort and instead just simply moved on.

“Miss Wall, you of course know the rules.  Mr. Morse, no talking, no leaving, and try to use the time productively.  Oh, and give me your cell phone.”

Shit, I hadn’t expected her to take that.  Some part of me had hoped I could just play games while she was gone, but no luck.  She held out her hand, and motioned for me to hand it over.  Sighing, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone, before handing it over.

She turned and walked across the room to Claire, extending her hand for her phone as well.  Claire gave her a dismissive look and finally spoke for the first time since I entered the room.

“I don’t have mine today.  Decided it wasn’t worth bringing.”

Mrs. Shields gave a sharp exhale of breath, exasperated.  “We both know you have it, and I can pat you down to get it.  Unless you’d rather I find out whatever else you have in your bag, hand it over, now.”

Claire rolled her eyes, apparently more willing to provoke the teacher than I, before turning and reaching into her bag, pulling out a device that looked similar to mine.

“Well, I think that about covers the important parts.  I want the two of you to think about what you’ve done, and perhaps you could spend the time productively, doing work or studying.  Otherwise, you’ll be enjoying a very boring hour.  I will be checking in periodically to make sure you aren’t doing anything you aren’t supposed to be.  You’ll get these back when you leave.”

The teacher looked back and forth between us, before finally turning and leaving the room, our phones in her hand.

As soon as the door closed, Claire stood and walked over to the row of drawers against the back wall.  Curious, I stood to get a better look, and hissed over at her.

“What are you doing?  You’ll get in trouble.”

Claire snorted and squatted down to open the bottom drawer.  For a moment I thought about how much better it would have been if she’d bent over, giving me a look up her skirt.  Still, no such luck.

“She’s not going to be back until the hour is up, she never checks up on us.  She thinks teenagers today can’t think of anything to do without their phones.”

She started rooting around in the drawer, before pulling out something small and black, and returning to her seat.

“What’s that?”

Claire turned and looked at me, apparently trying to judge if I was worth conversation.  I wasn’t usually among the problem students, but I also wasn’t exactly one of the models to be held up for others either.  Normally, I made a point of just flying under the radar.

She held up the flat device, showing me the screen as the phone turned on.

“They keep the confiscated phones in here.  Most of them have enough of a charge to play games for an hour.  It helps kill the boredom, and sometimes you can get some funny info out of the text message history.  Did you know the captain of our football team had a case of crabs a few months ago?  That was a lot of fun to tease the airheads over.”

I raised my eyes, more startled by the news than by what Claire had done with the phone.  The teachers discouraged sex among students, of course.  We weren’t a religious school, so they weren’t able to be quite as draconic about it, but any evidence that shattered the pretend innocence of the students made them jumpy.  I’m sure they didn’t like when that news got out.

Deciding that I didn’t want to spend the entire time just staring at the wall, I got up and walked over to the drawer, hoping I could find a phone of my own.

Most of them looked pretty old, and I figured that was why most students didn’t really care about losing them.  Either that, or people like Claire had stolen all the good ones.  Would she actually keep it?  I wasn’t sure, since while she liked to break the rules, I didn’t think she was so bad as to actually steal.

As I was digging for something with at least a touch screen, I saw something strange sitting in with the phones.  It was a bulky looking universal remote.  It wasn’t super old or anything, but it wasn’t all that new either.  I wondered what could have brought that to this drawer.  While there were a few other confiscated items in here, this was definitely the strangest.

I figured I could at least fool around with it and get some amusement, so I kept it as I grabbed the only remaining touch screen phone, before closing the drawer and heading back to my seat.  Claire didn’t even look up as I walked by, her attention fully on the phone in front of her.

Holding down the power button on the phone, I turned the remote over in my hand.  Curious to see if it might just be the remote for the television in the classroom, I pointed it over at the television and hit the power button.  No response, but I hadn’t really expected much.  An LED display on the remote did light up with the number one, but that was all.

Even though she was pretty much in the line of fire, Claire of course didn’t respond.  I set the remote down and turned to see if the phone was starting up.

The remote must have made more noise than I expected, because Claire called across the room to me a moment later.

“What’s that?”

I looked over, seeing her looking in my direction, pointing with one hand at the remote.

“Oh, just an old remote control I found in the drawer.  Was curious why anybody would bother with such a thing.”

Claire shrugged.  “Some kids are just stupid.  Does it work?”

I shook my head.  “Nah, pointed it at the television, nothing happened.”  To emphasize my point, I pointed the device at the television and pushed a couple more buttons.  Getting no reaction out of the television, I turned and looked at the screen of the cell phone in my other hand, which had finally sprung to life.  It looked like it was running on fumes though, and was already starting to turn off again.

The sound of a hand smacking against a desk snapped me to attention.  I looked over, and Claire was wide eyed, and gesturing to me while slapping her desk again.  She looked kind of funny, with her mouth moving frantically, but there was no sound coming out.

She gave me an intense expression and slapped the desk again, before pointing at her mouth.  I was trying to figure out what was going on, and she began to claw at her throat, looking panicked beyond comprehension.

Finally, something seemed to dawn on her, and she pointed frantically to the remote.  I picked it up and looked at it, before looking over at her.  She pantomimed pressing buttons, and lost me somewhere along the way.  I didn’t know what game she was playing at but it must have made sense to her.

She slapped the table again and I looked up, and she pointed to her mouth again.  The expression on her eyes was looking more and more panicked.  She motioned like she was pointing a remote at herself and pressing a button.

Curious I looked down at the remote once more, and tried to remember what buttons I’d pressed.  A couple of the numbered channel selectors, and something in the middle.  Possibly the mute button?

Then it hit me.  The mute button.  Refusing to believe this was anything but a joke, I pointed the remote at her and hit the mute button again.

She gasped, and looked over at me.

“What the fuck did you do?”  She took several deep breaths, but her panic seemed to be receding.

I raised the remote again and pointed it, pressing the mute button once more as the panic in her eyes seemed to rise.  She started moving her lips again, but once more no sound came out.  She looked up, her face twisting with rage, and started to stand from her chair.  I was pretty sure she was going to kick my ass for that stunt.

Pressing the button again, I heard her scream in anger.

“Woah, hold on Claire, what the hell?”

“You tell me you ass.  Why couldn’t I talk?”

“Hey, I don’t know.  I just pushed the mute button, that’s all.”

I raised the remote in her direction, and her eyes bugged out.

“Hold it, don’t press anything more.”  She stood as if to run over toward me.

Smirking at her panic, I reached down and pressed the rewind button.  I looked to see her reaction, since she was stupidly thinking this could do something to her.  She had an odd expression on her face, and was looking around the room, a little confused.  Finally, she sat down and turned to start playing with her phone again.

“What, not going to kick my ass?”

She turned and looked at me, raising an eyebrow.  “Huh?”

“Oh, no more pissed off mean girl for me making it so you can’t talk?”

She shook her head, rolling her eyes.  “Um, ok.  Whatever.  Just leave me alone.”

I scratched my head.  Had she gotten tired of the game?  Or had this remote actually done something to her?  I looked down, curious to know more about it.  On a whim, I pointed it at her and pressed the mute button again.

“Hey, Claire?”

She made a motion like she was giving off an exasperated sigh, but it lacked intensity and was oddly quiet.  She then rolled her eyes and turned to me, her mouth moving, but again no sound was coming out.  Her eyes started to go wild, and she was acting oddly confused, before she again started to paw at her throat.

I pressed the mute button again, and once again she gasped.

“Ok, what the hell was that?”

I pressed the rewind button.  She again looked confused for a moment, before turning back to play with her phone.

Was the remote actually controlling her?  If so, what would the other buttons do?  I pointed it at her and pressed the channel up button.  Nothing seemed to change, but the LED display did blink a little, but otherwise stayed the same.

Deciding that wasn’t doing anything, I switched to the volume controls and pressed up a few times.  The LED display rose with each press, so at least that was something.  I kept going until I got it to a seven, before I got bored.  Claire wasn’t making any major motions there either.

I was skimming the other buttons when I heard something coming from Claire.  Thinking maybe something had happened, I craned my head, trying to get a look.  She was still fiddling with the phone, but her free hand was curled, clawing against the desk.  I also noticed that her breathing was more ragged than it had been a moment ago.


She turned and looked at me, and there was something different about her eyes.  They weren’t as alert as they’d been before, and she had a glazed expression.  She also was breathing heavily, and I could see as her chest heaved.

I pointed the remote at her again and hit the volume up control, and she moaned.

“What’s wrong Claire?”

She stood and took a few steps toward me.  At first, I was panicked, and was about to point the remote at her to hit the rewind button, but then she did something that surprised the hell out of me.  She fell to her knees and started pulling her shirt up.  She wasn’t moving naturally, instead her motions were jerky, and frantic, but her breathing was still ragged and labored.

Once she’d managed to get access, she stuck her hand up her shirt, playing with her chest, and her eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned again.

“Claire, what the hell?”

She opened her eyes and looked over at me, as if she only just noticed that I was there.  Then, her face took on an excited expression.

“Hey, Jacob.  Wanna have a little fun?”  She practically purred, before walking over on her knees, a smile spreading on her face.

“Um, what?”

“Come on, you’re a guy.  Wanna fuck?”

I was shocked by the offer.  Holy shit, what had the remote done to her?  I looked down at it again, seeing that the LED display had returned to a one. I pointed it at her once more, and pressed the volume down control.  The display returned to an eight before lowering with each press.

Claire looked around, confused, before she looked up at me.  I checked and saw that the display was reading a two.

“What the?”

“You were saying something about wanting to have sex?”

“What, eww, no.  Hell no.”  She twisted her face, disgusted by the idea.

I pointed the remote at her and raised the volume until it was an eight, and she gasped and started panting again.

“Claire, weren’t you wanting to fuck me?”

She looked up, and her expression was back to glazed and hungry.

“God yes.  Get your dick out, I need something in me, now.”

The purpose of the controls was making sense to me.  Apparently, the mute control would make it so she couldn’t talk, the rewind control would erase her memory, and the volume controls could change her arousal levels.  I had no clue how or why this worked, but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I reached down and opened my belt, and Claire smiled and moaned again, glad to be getting what she wanted.  She reached down and yanked her skirt and panties down her legs, and stood to walk over next to me.  I turned as she approached, shifting to get my pants down around my legs.

Some voice in the back of my head reminded me that Mrs. Shields would be back, but the rest of me didn’t care.  I turned and looked at Claire’s pussy lips, seeing how wet she was, and that was the last of my thinking about anything other than the horny girl in front of me.

She reached down and grabbed hold of me, and I was surprised at how hard I was.  Apparently, looking at her so obviously in heat had gotten me in the mood.

“Aren’t you going to suck it first or anything?”  I’d watched a few pornos, and they usually started with the girl sucking the guy off a bit first.

“Whatever.”  Claire snorted, before aiming me a bit, and then shifting her hips to put me in her, thrusting forward so that I came to rest inside her.

I wasn’t sure quite how, but my entire length easily slid inside her, and she was soon resting up against me.  She was so wet that there wasn’t any resistance at all, and she hissed an exhalation as she came to rest, before curling her nails into my arm, hard enough to cause a little pain.

As I was about to complain, she started to thrust, shifting her arms to get a better grip on the desk.  The momentary pain forgotten, I started to focus on just exactly how everything felt.

Now that I allowed myself to believe this was happening, it was downright heavenly.  Claire’s pussy ate me up hungrily, and she thrust greedily, seemingly trying to drive me even further up inside of herself.  She seemed content to do all the work, desperate for release.  Her motions were fast and frantic, with hardly any control to them.  As soon as she was out far enough to slam back again, she would, before sliding out just far enough to repeat the process

The feeling of us rubbing up against each other was amazing, and after only a few minutes, I felt something begin to move and wiggle within her.  She started to growl, and I was pretty sure she had just gotten herself off on my hard cock.

She growled as she shifted one of her hands to my shoulder, her fingernails digging into my back.  It hurt a little, but it also felt good.

“Oh fuck, this is awesome.”

I looked up as Claire finally spoke, and saw that her eyes had a bit more alertness to them.  I looked down at the remote and saw that the display now read seven, before falling to six, and then returning to one.

Having an idea, I reached over and bumped the volume back up to an eight.  Claire growled again, and then her motions went back to being frantic and hurried.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.  God damnit, Jacob, get yourself inside me, now.”  She seemed to not be paying much attention to the fact that I was already inside of her.

I enjoyed her renewed frantic motions, and reached over and put my hands on her hips, pulling her closer to me with each thrust.  After a moment, we fell back into her earlier energized rhythm, her using her legs and hands to push herself onto me, only now I was helping her, and things felt even better.

She spasmed again a moment later, groaning again.  This time though, her entire body seemed to shake with the release.

“Damn, how the hell are you making this so good?”

I laughed, and decided to join in on the dialogue.  “Guess I’m just a natural.”

She whimpered.  “Damn, if I’d known it would be this good, I’d have fucked you before.”

“Heh.  Maybe you’ll just have to make up for lost time?”

It was her turn to laugh.  “If it’s this good every time, you can fuck me whenever you want.”

I thought about that.  As long as I had the remote, I imagined that was truer than she thought.  I reached over and bumped her back up to an eight, wanting to keep her at the mad passionate setting.  Her eyes glazed over again as reason left her once more, and her motions again sped up.

“That’s right Claire, there we go.”  I focused on how everything felt, wanting a release of my own.  This time, when Claire finally spasmed, I felt myself release as well, pumping up and spraying deep into her.  She kept riding me for a minute, but once things became painful, I reached up and pulled her close to me, preventing her from moving.

“Damnit, still horny.”  She pouted, and then grabbed one of my hands, before shoving it up her shirt to rub against her still rock hard nipple.

I played with the nub for a bit, and she closed her eyes, moving her hips only slightly to get a little stimulation.  I reached over and grabbed the remote, bringing her down to a four as I continued to rub.  Curious about what would happen, I reduced her volume down to a one a moment later.

She took a large gasp of air, before collapsing on top of me.  She panted for a few minutes to catch her breath, and I enjoyed the feeling of her laying there, her body occasionally twitching almost imperceptibly in an aftershock of remembered activity.

“God damn, Jacob, what the hell happened?”

“Not sure, exactly.  I think this thing had something to do with it.”  I held up the remote.

She looked at it, her face scrunched.  “Whatever.  It was good.”  She collapsed her head against my shoulder.

I inhaled sharply, trying to draw in her scent.  Most of the girls I’d been close enough to smell had fruity shampoo smells, or other girly scents to them.  Claire didn’t have anything close.  I inhaled again, just in case I hadn’t picked it up, and she pulled back, giving me a puzzled expression.

“What are you doing?”

“Uh, just trying to see how you smell?”

She sighed, and started to stand up.  “Ok, bit weird.”

I shrugged.  “Most girls smell nicer.”

Claire turned and gave me a hard expression.  “What, are you saying I don’t smell nice?”

I rolled my eyes.  “No, just that you don’t smell as girly as most girls, that’s all.  Sheesh.”

She looked like she was about to launch into some tirade of annoyance at the comment that I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with.  I reached over and pressed the mute button, and waited to see how long it would take for her to realize that she wasn’t making any noise.

It was actually funny to watch her face as she realized what was happening.  Apparently, she had at first thought she was really laying it in to me, so it took a few minutes for her brain to catch up to what was happening.  However, once she figured it out, she started gesturing pointedly.

I looked down at the remote, curious about what the other buttons might do.  Other than the number buttons, there weren’t that many.  I wasn’t quite ready to guess at what fast forward would do, so instead I pointed it at her and pressed record.

Her expression glazed over and her hands fell to her sides.  She stood there, not moving or responding in any other way.

I started to panic worried that I’d done something to hurt her, but then thought otherwise.  So far, the remote hadn’t caused any actual harm.  I just needed to figure out what that particular button had done to her.

“Claire, can you hear me?”

She continued to look forward, a blank expression on her face.  The blank, helpless look was starting to get me a little hard again.

A rattle from the door caused my breath to catch.  I whipped around, looking at the door, panicked that it was Mrs. Shields.  It wasn’t, it must have just been an air current, but that reminded me that I couldn’t just have Claire standing here with her skirt off.

“You need to get dressed and presentable for Mrs. Shields.”  I said to her, even though she was unresponsive.  I looked at the remote, trying to figure out what button would bring her back to life.

I pointed it at her, pressing record again, but there was no response.  Cursing myself for not realizing the obvious, I tried again, this time pressing play.

Immediately, she sprang to life, standing up and letting me fall out of her lips before turning around and grabbing her skirt, sliding it and her underwear up her legs.  Satisfied that she had arrived at the same conclusion as I, I started fixing my pants.

I was finished while Claire was still adjusting her uniform, straightening her top.  I realized that she’d actually tucked her shirt in, and even had gone so far as to pull up her socks tightly over her legs.

“What are you doing?”

She looked over at me.  “Getting dressed and presentable for Mrs. Shields.”  Something about the way she said it seemed a little strange.

I scratched my head.  “But you never tuck in your shirt.  You’re like the poster child of sloppy uniform girls.”

Claire looked down, then back over at me.  “But I have to be presentable for Mrs. Shields.  She only finds girls with proper uniforms presentable.”  She turned, and looked around the room nervously.  “I just wish I’d brought my sweater, she really likes those.  Even though they’re optional.”

I was still puzzled at what had happened.  Something was going on, I just knew it, but I didn’t quite know what yet.  Still, she was clothed, and that was a start.  As I’d been doing more and more over the past hour, I ran recent events through my head.

Forming a theory, I pointed the remote at Claire and pressed record.  Her eyes glazed again and she stood limply.

“Claire, you need to sit down in your chair, and fold your legs.”

I figured it would be a good test.  Claire wasn’t big on the ladylike sitting, just like she wasn’t so big on uniform perfection.  I pointed the remote at her and pressed play.

Sure enough, she sprang to life and walked back over to her desk.  Sitting facing me, she made a point of crossing her legs.

“So, we going to be having fun like that again?”

“Huh?”  She’d asked the question so naturally despite the way she was sitting I was completely distracted.

She laughed.  “Wow, that much of a space cadet?  We just fucked five minutes ago and you’re thinking of something else?”

Amazingly, I actually HAD forgotten about the fact that we’d just had sex.  This latest discovery had managed to eclipse even that.  Still, our little hookup had been good, and I knew I wanted another.

“Oh, well.  Yeah, sure, of course.  Just gotta find when.”

She rolled her eyes.  “Duh, just get yourself thrown in detention and we can do that any time.”

I shook my head.  “I can’t afford detention again.  Being here was a one-time thing.”

Claire shrugged.  “Whatever.  If having sex again doesn’t matter to you, then fine.”

There was no way I could afford to get detention again, but I really wanted to have another go with Claire as well.  I looked down at the remote.  I was pretty sure I could fix the problem.

I raised it and pointed it at her, pressing record again.  As before, her eyes glazed over and she relaxed slightly in the chair.

“Claire, from now on, you’re going to make a point of not getting detention.  You want to have sex with me, and that means you need to be available for when I can find time to do it again.  You will make an extra effort to not get in trouble.”

I thought for a moment about what she’d said earlier, about needing her sweater.  A rather twisted plan formed in my head.

“In fact, Claire, from now on, you’re going to try extra hard to be a model student, at least outwardly.  Inside you’ll still be the snarky, sarcastic girl you are now, but on the outside, you’ll be a good little girl.  You’ll always make sure to wear your uniform perfectly, and to follow all the rules for the teachers.  You’ll quickly be accused of being a teacher’s pet, even though on the inside you hate those kids.”

“Wearing the shell of a good girl makes you really hot and horny.  Whenever your uniform is perfect, you’ll feel aroused.  Whenever you speak respectfully to the teachers, your nipples will stand on end.  The better you act, the more aroused you’ll feel, and the dirtier the thoughts in your head will be.  And it will be me and only me you want to have sex with.  Playing the good girl will make you so hot, you can’t wait until we get to fuck again.”

There was something powerful about all this.  I wasn’t sure it would work, but if it did, then wow.  Taking bad girl Claire and wrapping her up in a total good girl was just something so deliciously sexy.  Knowing that, on the inside, she’d be her usual self, was also amazing.  The fact that she would be aroused acting like the type of person she normally hated was just icing on the cake.

“Claire, the only time you’ll be able to outwardly act like your old self is around me, and then only when it’s just me.  Whenever others are around, you’ll be little miss perfect.  The only exception is if I tell you we need to sneak off somewhere private.  Then, and only then, you can break the rules and duck out.”

I wasn’t sure exactly how this would play out, but I was pretty sure it would be totally hot.  Done for now, I pressed play.

Claire came to her senses, and looked around the room.  “What were we talking about?”

“Nothing, just wanting to have sex again, and how you’ll make a point to not get detention in case I wanted to screw you behind the school after class.”

She thought about that for a moment.  Apparently satisfied with the plan, she nodded.

“That sounds reasonable.  I’ll try to put on a good girl act so that the teachers will stop hassling me.”

I smiled over at her.  “You do that.  I’d hate to not get a chance to give you another ride.  Plus, I think you’d look cute with the full uni.  Maybe even put your hair up in a matching ponytail.”

She shot me a look like I’d just suggested the dumbest thing ever, but I saw her hands sneaking up to her hair, as if imagining how it would look, and she gave a little gasp.  Her eyes even glazed a little.

Wanting to make sure that Mrs. Shields wouldn’t notice the remote, I made a point of sneaking it into my backpack, before I snuck back to the confiscated items drawer, replacing my phone.  Claire cleared her throat, before tossing me hers too.

Apparently, my new little fuck buddy was serious about not getting caught.  With any luck, she’d be acting so good tomorrow she’d be mindlessly horny by the time I was ready for her.