Recruitment Drive

Doctor Oswald Goodman, Board Certified Psychotherapist. That was what the card Karen read said, in small, unassuming text. He’d just moved to the area, and was looking to set up a new practice. A chance encounter brought the two of them together, and ended up changing Karen’s life forever.

Karen’s been having money problems, a lot of money problems. She’d give anything to not be constantly worrying about how to manage to make ends meet. While Doctor Goodman might not be able to help her with her money problems, he offers to at least help her get her mind off of it, for a while. He needs some help around the office, and she’s just the kind of diligent, hard worker he’s looking for.

And once he has one accommodating employee, why not have her help him find a few more?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5