Recruitment Drive – Part 5

Part 5: Private Practice

Oswald Goodman sighed as he pulled into the parking lot of his office.  His visit had been productive, but it also meant he knew now more than ever just how much work was ahead of him as far as setting up an office.

He could maybe squeak by with only two more members on staff, if he was willing to put in some hours himself, but the software he’d need to manage appointments was going to be hellishly expensive.

He could get by without, but that meant he’d need to call every appointment manually, and also come up with some system for managing records.  He could lean on Karen and Ashley, of course, but he didn’t want to abuse them.

Thinking about his two girls brought to mind just how much he’d missed them over the past week.  Having two girls ready and willing to have a little fun was something that he’d gotten accustomed to oddly quickly.

Oswald took a deep breath to steady himself before he opened the door.  He knew Karen would be in, he’d talked to her before he left.  He hoped she’d be in the mood for a little commiseration about his troubles.

When he turned the door handle and stepped in, he stopped in his tracks.  The reception area was completely assembled, and fairly new looking chairs were lined up in two neat rows.  A half dozen end tables were scattered around the room, containing flower pots and magazines.  Even the lights had been replaced with bulbs that illuminated the office as if it was brand new.

“Doctor Goodman!  Welcome back, Sir.”

The voice that called out to him was warm, friendly, and completely unfamiliar.  Oswald turned to look at the young woman behind the receptionist counter, who had stood and was smiling at him.  It was clear that she recognized him, but he couldn’t find anything familiar about her.  What he also couldn’t even begin to comprehend was the fact that he was wearing a uniform exactly like the one he’d given Karen and Ashley before he left.

It was clear that she was finding the silence awkward.

“How was your trip, Sir?  We went ahead and got things cleaned up a bit, as you can see.”  She smiled, and gestured to the front area, before turning and also pointing over her shoulder at the area behind the counter, which had also been similarly furnished and decorated.

He had no clue how anybody could have afforded this.  And what’s more, who was this strange girl?

The door from the back area opened, and another unfamiliar girl stepped out.  Just like the first, she was also wearing the uniform he’d selected for his employees.  Her curly red hair was pulled back loosely, and she smiled at him, again as familiar as the first girl.

“Doctor Goodman.”  Her voice had a slight accent.

Oswald pondered for a moment if he was going mad.  It was the only explanation that would make any sense.  He’d always told himself the fact that he was a psychiatrist would fortify him against such things, or at least help him to identify them, but apparently he had been wrong.

He blinked his eyes a few times, and then raised his hands to his head to check for a concussion.

The redhead laughed, and walked over to stand next to him.  She leaned in close and whispered in his ear, quietly.

“Her name is Lily, and I recommend you say hello and thank her for her hard work.  Then, you can come back to your office with me, and Karen can explain everything.”

He looked over at the girl, his mind reeling at what she had just said.  The only response she gave was a wink, before turning and walking to open the door.

Oswald shook his head, deciding that if he had gone mad, he should at least play along until he knew more.  He cleared his throat and looked up at the girl who was still smiling at him.

“Uh, hello, uh, Lily.  My trip was good, and I just want to make sure you know how much I appreciate all the hard work you’ve done.”

Lily smiled, and actually blushed slightly.  Oswald also noticed that her nipples had hardened in her shirt.

“Thank you, Doctor Goodman, Sir.  It’s nice to have you back.”

“Uh, Yes.  Well, I need to get settled in.  Keep up the work up here.”

Lily smiled.  “Can do, Sir.”

Confused, Oswald turned and followed the mysterious redhead through the door.  The other girl, Lily, seemed more than happy sitting back down at the desk and doing something on the computer.  He wasn’t quite ready to try and find out what.

His guide came to a stop at his office door, and opened it, gesturing for him to enter before her.  He did so, and the girl closed the door, leaving herself outside.

“Doctor Goodman.  It’s good to have you back, Sir.”

Karen was sitting on his desk, a smile on her face.  She looked a little pale, as if she hadn’t been sleeping much.

Finally, he should be able to get some answers.

“Karen, what’s going on here?  Who’s that girl out front?”

The girl in front of him nodded.  “That would be Lily, Sir.  She’s one of your new employees.”

“New employees?”

“Yes, Sir.  While you were gone, I thought I might try and help out a little bit with your staffing problem.  Ashley knew a couple girls who might have some spare time, and with a little convincing they decided to sign up.”

Oswald was confused.  “Convincing?”

Karen gave him a flirty smile, and rocked from side to side.  “You know, convincing.” She said it with a playful smile on her face, like there was some shared joke between them.

After a moment, she realized that the confusion on his face was genuine.  She grabbed a book off the desk beside her and held it up.  “You know, convincing.”

Oswald read the title of the book, and things started to click into place.

Hypnosis Basics and Techniques.

Everything started to make more and more sense.  The girl out front had acted like she knew him.  She’d acted like it was the most common thing in the world to be talking to a man she’d never met.

“Karen, did you hypnotize more girls and tell them they worked for me?”

She nodded, but said nothing.

“How many?”

“Four.  Plus Ashley, Sophia, and myself.  So seven all told.  Enough to start your practice, right?”

He looked over at her, actually focusing on her for the first time since he’d gotten back.  Her hair was damp, and she had a ragged look to her.   He could also see that her nipples were stiff through her shirt.  He remembered the commands he’d given her to encourage her to bring Ashley to his office.

Karen still had the commands active in her mind that made her horny thinking about bringing girls for him to convert to be his employees.  Without him around, she’d just gone the extra step and hypnotized them herself.

“I hoped you’d reward me, if I did a good job.  I just wanted to do a good job, Sir.  I haven’t touched myself at all, Sir.  I’ve been a good little worker, just for you.”

Oswald wasn’t even sure where to start.  With how aroused she must have been, not touching herself must have been maddening.  He couldn’t even begin to comprehend what the last few days must have been like for her.  But above everything, he knew that she felt this way because of him.

He’d intended the suggestions to just let him have a little fun with his office staff, but things had gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Actually, now that he thought about it, they’d gone horribly right.

He’d need to turn down the suggestions Karen was following of course, just to prevent any other mishaps.  But the fact that she’d gone through all the effort, just to do a good job, touched something within him.

The knowledge was intoxicating.  He’d managed to take a girl who he’d only just met, and in a few days, he’d twisted her to where she was willing to go to any length to prove what a hard little worker she was.  All she was asking for was for him to reward her, and he felt himself get ready to do just that.

It was like his body had a mind of its own as he walked over and leaned down to kiss her.  It seemed wrong not to start there.  He wanted more, of course, but unlike every time before, he wanted to start things off right.  The fact that she was willing to go through so much effort, just for him, needed more than just a greedy one sided effort.

Karen pressed her lips back into his, giving off a sound somewhere between a moan and a whimper.  She stood and pressed herself up against him, her ability to resist fading.  Doctor Goodman’s lips on hers had been the last straw.  She hadn’t been sure if he was going to be paying her or not, but now she knew

She rubbed herself up against him, pressing her breasts against his chest, using him to rub herself in ways she’d only been able to fantasize about for a week.  He got the hint, and brought his hand up to cup her breast, before stroking her through the fabric of her shirt.

He realized that he’d worked so hard to get her to wear that shirt, and now he wanted it off of her.  He didn’t want anything between their bodies.  Oswald reached over and grabbed the base, lifting the fabric up over her head, and was amazed to find she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Karen smiled up at him, panting.  “I did know you were coming back today.  As you may have heard, my boss can get a little handsy.  I thought he might appreciate the gesture.”

Oswald didn’t feel the need to say anything, and instead leaned forward and sucked one of her nubs into his mouth, flicking the end with his tongue.  Karen gasped in response, and he flicked a few more times for good measure.

Karen was enjoying the attention, but she wanted more.  She reached down and slipped her finger under the waistband of her skirt, slipping it down and catching her underwear along the way.  A moment later, and she stood before Doctor Goodman.  It had been a long time since she’d been naked in front of anybody, but she didn’t feel any shame.

If anything, the looks he gave her in response to the motion put her even more into the mood.

She looked behind her, and pushed the doctor’s keyboard out of the way on his desk, before kicking off her shoes and hopping up.  Karen grabbed her knees and spread herself, wanting Doctor Goodman to know full well that she was offering herself to him.

Karen knew he’d accept.  After all, why would he have made a deal with her to pay her in sex if he didn’t want it himself?  She’d been ready for this for days, and imagining it over and over all morning.  Now all he had to do was seal the deal.

She closed her eyes as he worked his pants, wanting to let the exact moment be a surprise.  She knew how ready she was, and felt the heat within her grow in anticipation of the moment when she’d finally get what she’d been hoping for all week.

Karen felt him place one hand on her shoulder, and she leaned to rub her cheek up against him, eager for his touch.  He placed his other hand on her thigh, and she leaned back slightly, rocking gently in anticipation.

As she felt him press his tip against her, she gasped.  An entire week of frustration bubbled up, and her whole body cried out, desperate and ready.  She wanted him to push forward, to sink inside her.  She craved that feeling, and the waiting felt like an eternity.

Just as she was about to open her eyes to find out what happened, he thrust forward, sinking deep within her.  Karen moaned loudly, curling her toes as she felt her body begin to tighten.  He pulled back before pushing in yet again, sending another muscle tightening pulse through her.

She brought the events of the last week to the front of her mind.  He pushed forward, and she remembered Ashley, remembered convincing her to come to his office, and remembered how he took her and warped her mind to the way he wanted it.

He pulled back, and Karen remembered Natalie, innocent, now another of the doctor’s happy workers.  Natalie had actually thanked Karen on Friday, telling her about how the doctor had helped her stop smoking.  Karen knew the truth, and she’d tell the doctor, but it would be their little secret.

Doctor Goodman pushed forward, and she felt herself begin to shake.  She brought Lily into her mind.  Competitive Lily, who never would have been able to live if her friends were getting more action than she was.  Once she knew her friends had made such a deal with Doctor Goodman, she jumped at the opportunity to show she wasn’t a prude.

Karen began to suspect that there weren’t going to be very many prudish girls around Doctor Goodman.  At least, they wouldn’t be prudish for very long.

She looked up into his eyes, and saw an intensity within them.  He wasn’t just looking at her, it was like he was trying to stare inside her mind.  Even though she knew he’d never hypnotized her, she was fairly confident he’d be able to easily open her thoughts, if that was what he wanted.

He thrust forward again.  “Where’s your mind wandering off to, Karen?”

She smiled up at him.  “Just thinking of a week’s work, Master.”

Doctor Goodman smiled at her.  He was pretty sure she’d remember that command, and he still found it sexy as hell.

“Well Karen, what I can tell you is that I’m extremely satisfied with the new staff.”

“Thank you, Master.”  She smiled up at him, before closing her eyes to enjoy the motions.

Oswald could tell she didn’t want to talk, and didn’t press the issue.  After all, they’d have plenty of time for talking later.

After Natalie and Lily, Karen had felt the need to keep going.  Natalie had mentioned that one of her friends had just broken up with her boyfriend, and after only a little convincing, she’d decided that Doctor Goodman would be a much more mature companion.  Then, one of Lily’s teammates had gotten injured during practice.  She’d be out for a month, but she didn’t mind, because she had a new purpose in life.

A couple adjustments during conditioning, and every single one of them thought it was her own idea.  Karen couldn’t help but smile.  She was glad Doctor Goodman had convinced her to bring Ashley that first day, and she knew why he was so eager to find more staff.  It was intoxicating.

She focused on that feeling as Doctor Goodman continued to thrust forward, and she finally felt the tightness within her approach a critical point.  Despite the cool air of the office, she felt droplets of sweat start to form on her back, and she pushed the impending orgasm down as long as possible, desperate to make it last when it finally came.

Karen only managed to delay for about a minute, the doctor’s enthusiasm too much for her to resist.  She felt everything within her just bubble over, and felt her insides clamp down on his hard length.  Wanting things to be as good as possible for both of them, she focused her attention on her insides, trying to encourage her pulsing contractions to squeeze even tighter, the pressure increasing her own pleasure while also filling her with a sense of accomplishment at going above and beyond for him as well.

After all, if she was a diligent hard worker, she should be so in all things, right?

Doctor Goodman found his employee’s attention to be too much to handle, and he felt himself release only a few moments after she did.  They spasmed together as he thrust a few more times, both riding the feelings of getting release that they had each been looking forward to for some time.

Exhausted, he collapsed forward, his arms on either side of her.  Karen reached up and wrapped her arms around him.

“Just the one enough for you?”

She nodded.  “Yeah, one’s good, Master.  Nothing wrong with quality over quantity, right?”

“You can say that again.”

Rather than doing so, she instead squeezed her legs on either side of his.

“So wait, run that by me again.”

Doctor Goodman was sitting next to Karen at a nearby Italian restaurant.  Karen looked refreshed after their earlier activity, the pale hue of her skin gone, replaced with a light glow, and a satisfied look to her eyes.

The redhead from earlier, whom Karen had clarified was Sophia, nodded.

“Very well.  Doctor Goodman, a few days ago, a friend of mine told me about this party I just had to go to.  When I got there, I found only a few girls, and my friend told me it was a private party, girls only.  Your employee here offered to hypnotize us, as part of the evening’s entertainment.  What I didn’t know, at the time, was that I was the only person there she hadn’t already ensnared.”

“Unfortunately for her, the plan backfired.  When she had me under, she attempted to convince me to accept the fact that I would take something other than money as payment for working.  What she didn’t anticipate was the fact that, honestly, money is about the only thing on this world I care about, at least for now.”

“My parents are very well off, and have over the years provided me with more than enough resources to stand on my own.  Karen here was clearly operating under your suggestions, and I realized that whomever had given her those suggestions must be extremely practiced at his craft.  Sensing an opportunity, I decided to make an offer of my own.”

“In exchange for me providing more than enough money for you to start your practice, I will be receiving a portion of your profits.  I consider your practice to be a business investment, and you strike me as the kind of person more than capable of ruthless efficiency.”

Sophia smiled at Doctor Goodman, and he saw something predatory.

He turned to the girl next to him.  “And Karen, you agreed to this bargain without even consulting me first?”

Karen nodded, looking down at the table.

“Doctor Goodman, please, don’t take things out on her too much.  You must understand, I gave her as much choice as you did.  After all, I could easily have gone to the police, couldn’t I?”

Oswald realized what that would mean.  Once the police realized things weren’t entirely normal at his practice, there would be too many questions, and he’d go away for a very long time.

“Come now Doctor, you didn’t seriously think you were the only person on this planet willing to get their hands a little dirty to achieve their own ends, did you?  Of course, now that I’ve decided to make myself a willing participant in your activities, we have the trust that only conspiracy can bring, don’t we?”

He nodded, not entirely sure he had a handle on everything, but fairly certain that he didn’t have much choice in the matter.

“So wait, if you know everything that’s going on, and didn’t agree to be my employee, why were you working there this morning?”

Sophia laughed.  “I will of course be working at your practice, in order to be able to make sure that my money is well spent.  I must commend Karen here on finding a good deal for practically every item thus far.  You have a most efficient office manager, Doctor Goodman.”

He turned and looked at Karen.  “Office Manager?”

She shook her head.  “No, Sophia, I told you already, I’m just a receptionist.”

The redhead laughed again, and Doctor Goodman put a hand on Karen’s shoulder.

“Karen, I don’t think I would describe you as ‘just’ anything.  You managed to, with practically no training, deeply hypnotize four girls and convince them to make radical changes to their lives.  You’re a natural.”

Sophia nodded.  “I’m glad you see things the same way I did, Doctor.  I knew your practice would be a good investment.  Therefore, I propose that you make Karen here your assistant.  After all, given how much I intend to advertise your practice, you’ll have more work than one person can handle.”

Oswald thought about what Sophia had suggested.  He could see the merits of what she mentioned, and his employee had proven herself more than capable.

Karen looked back and forth between her two companions, worried they were seriously considering what was being discussed.

“Wait, no.  That’s not.  I just was trying to help out, that was all.”

“Karen, it makes sense.  She’s right, it would be good to have somebody else around who knows what they’re doing.  You’ve already proven yourself more than capable of handling the office, so I think it’s only natural that you should get to have a promotion.”

Karen shook her head.  “No, Doctor Goodman, I can’t accept.  I’ve only been working for you a couple weeks.”

Sophia laughed again.  “Love, I’d be surprised if he gives you much choice.  I don’t think this one’s used to taking no for an answer.”

Karen furrowed her brow, confused.  “What do you mean?”

“He’s a hypnotherapist.  Have you really not put two and two together?  You let him have sex with you instead of getting a paycheck.”

“What?  No.  I mean, yes, I let him.  But we agreed on that.  It’s only everybody else he had to encourage.”

Sophia rolled her eyes, and smiled at Doctor Goodman.  He nodded.

“Karen, I want you to take a deep breath, and relax.”

She turned to look at him before her world faded away, and she slumped down relaxed in her chair.

“Karen, I want you to imagine your bubble.  Remember your bubble?  Remember how you are completely safe, and completely protected, here inside your bubble.  I want you to imagine your bubble, surrounding the table.  It surrounds the table, along with you, me, and Sophia.  You’re completely safe here, and nothing can hurt you or disturb you.”

“Now Karen, I want you to remember all the times I’ve hypnotized you.  I want you to remember that first time we met, in the café near campus.  I want you to remember when you were in my office, and when I hypnotized you before you went to get your roommate.  I want you to just let those memories slowly flow into your mind, let them bubble up to the surface.”

“Karen, when I count to three, you’re going to wake up.  You’ll wake up, feeling refreshed, relaxed, and completely able to remember everything that has happened to you over the last two weeks.”

“One, two, and three.”

Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked between Oswald and Sophia.  The expression on her face let both know that she was reeling from the memories that were flooding her mind.  Sophia looked amused, but Doctor Goodman was watching her with rapt attention.

Finally, she spoke.  “You hypnotized me, and made me think I’d agreed to let you have sex with me, instead of giving me a paycheck.”

Oswald nodded.  He wasn’t quite sure how things would play out, and was ready to say her trigger if things ended up going poorly.

“And then you made me feel really, really aroused at the thought of bringing other girls to be your employees.”

He nodded again, and noticed that her nipples were hardening under her shirt.  The fact that she knew about the commands didn’t mean they didn’t still affect her.

Karen nodded a few time to herself, running what had happened through her mind.

“So, Love, you ready to go to the police and expose this madman for the monster he is?”

Karen looked back at the other girl, searching her face for a moment, before she shook her head.


Oswald raised an eyebrow.  He’d been prepared for her to be outraged, angry, possibly confused.  She didn’t seem to be any of these things.  Even though he knew he was just having a little fun, he’d always told himself he’d need to keep the hypnotic bonds on his staff locked airtight.

“Why, Karen?”  Sophia laced her hands together and rested her chin on the arch formed by her arms.

Karen looked down at the table.  She ran a finger along the edge, unsure of exactly how to phrase what she wanted to say.  Finally, she found the words.

“Because it’s nice to get to cut loose.  Something in the back of my head tells me it’s wrong, but why would something wrong feel so good?  Ashley liked having sex, she told me about it all the time, about how she’d go out and hook up with a boy.  She’d tell me about how they had a wild night, and I always asked myself why I didn’t get to have a good time too.”

“Instead, I stayed in, worried about money, worried about grades, worried about everything.  I was so worried I never really got to enjoy myself.”  She looked up at him.  “These past two weeks, Doctor Goodman, I haven’t worried about money.  I’ve enjoyed myself.  I’ve looked forward to things.”

She took a deep breath.  “You kept your end of the deal.  I haven’t been thinking about my money problems.”  She gave him a half smile.  “So my end of the deal was having a roll in the hay every now and again.  It’s not like I didn’t get to enjoy it or anything.”

“I like it, I like being free like this, and even though I know it’s only because of your suggestions, the thought of those girls back in the office only being there because of my suggestions is still making me fucking horny.  So maybe I’m just as messed up as you two after all.”

Sophia laughed, and raised her glass for a toast.  Karen didn’t hesitate before raising hers.  Doctor Goodman, on the other hand, needed a moment to think about what she’d just said.  Finally, he shook his head, and raised his glass as well.  The three pressed their glasses together, signifying the official start of their partnership.

“World’s going crazy around me.”

The redhead smiled.  “Well then, Doctor Goodman, I imagine you’ll have a lot of business.”

“So, Sir, which would you like first?”

Karen pointed to the five girls standing in the reception area.  She and Sophia had agreed earlier that they should have an all hands meeting this afternoon, so that each of the girls could actually be introduced to their new employer.  Despite the recent lifting of the bonds on her memories, she didn’t see any reason to change the plan.

“Well, I already had a little fun with Ashley, so how about those two?”

Karen nodded.  “Natalie and her friend Trish.  Good choice, Sir.  Sophia?”

“Well, I’ll take your roommate, that way you can have fun with the others for some variety.  I’m sure you and Ashley will have lots of fun on upcoming cold nights.”

Oswald laughed at the mental image.

“I thought Karen here didn’t manage to convince you to accept my alternate payment plan.”

Sophia smirked.  “Well, for starters, I’m not getting paid, I’m helping you dole out the paychecks.  Besides, do you really think one man can keep up with seven randy girls?  Plus, like little miss morals here said earlier, some of us like cutting loose once in a while.”  She looked over at Ashley.  “Just killing two birds with one stone.”

Karen blushed at the nickname, and blushed even further at the fact that Doctor Goodman was laughing at the joke.

“I suppose that leaves Lily and her friend for you Karen.  Sure you’ll be ok?”

She nodded. “Yeah, you already showed me the basics with Ashley.  I’m sure I’ll figure out the rest.  And Sophia’s right, you can’t exactly pay your staff with sex and then not give it to them.”

Karen turned to the girls assembled.  “Now everybody, I want you to remember that you are to listen not only to the sound of my voice, but also Doctor Goodman’s and Sophia’s.  Whenever any of us tell you to take a deep breath and relax, you will do so.  You will follow any of our instructions without hesitation.  Do you understand?”

All five girls responded “Yes” in unison.

Sophia smiled at her two companions, before walking over to Ashley and whispering something in her ear.  Ashley nodded, before her eyes opened, and she followed Sophia to the back room.

Oswald looked at the girls he’d chosen.  “Natalie, Trish, I want you both to open your eyes, but remain deeply in trance.”

Two sets of eyes opened in response to his commands.

“I want you both to go back to my office, and wait for me there.  Remain completely relaxed.”

They turned and followed his commands, without saying a word.

Doctor Goodman turned to his new assistant and looked her in the eyes.  “You sure you’re ok with this?”

Karen nodded.  “Yeah, I’m sure.  You go have some fun, I’m sure I’ll have my hands full out here.  Just promise you’ll make some time for me too every now and again, ok?”

He nodded.  “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

As he walked across the reception area to the door that separated the two parts of his office, he thought back to everything that had happened in just two short weeks.  He’d gone from having no staff, no money, and almost no hope, to everything falling into place so neatly.  He’d even gained a pair of unscrupulous allies that would help him keep things on track.

He grabbed the doorknob, before turning to take one last glance at Karen.  She was leaning in close to Lily, one hand up the other girl’s shirt, the other probing down her skirt to rub her tight, athletic butt.

Oswald Goodman was pretty sure Karen was going to manage just fine.