Recruitment Drive – Part 4

Part 4: Job Fair

“Come on Ashley, you have to get up.”

Karen’s roommate made a point of bundling up tighter in her covers.  She sighed, and then ran a hand through her hair, wondering why Ashley was insisting on being so difficult this morning.

“Ashley, you have class in an hour, we both know it takes you at least thirty minutes to get ready, and you still need to go through morning conditioning.  Now up, or I’ll be telling Doctor Goodman about this!”

Ashley rolled over and gave her roommate the evil eye.  “Snitch.”

Karen rolled her eyes, but didn’t press further, since Ashley was actually making the motions to be getting out of bed.

Doctor Goodman had left his two employees on their own for the week, since he needed to take a trip to visit one of his colleagues for some last-minute information.  The girls had been left with strict instructions that they were to observe the practice of Doctor Tenorman, and learn what they needed to know about running a doctor’s office.

He’d left some additional instructions as well.  Before departing, the doctor had explained to them that there would be a new policy of morning conditioning.  Karen knew that Ashley would only take a couple minutes to help with hers, but Ashley was still resistant sometimes, and needed additional time.

Ashley yawned as she sat up, stretching and shaking her head as she tried to force herself awake despite her body’s protestations.  Her blond hair shimmered slightly in the light filtering in their window.

“Hey Karen, how can you be such a morning person?”  Ashley yawned again, still trying to pull herself together.

“Mostly, it comes from working a lot of jobs in high school.  Never really got much of a weekend.  Now come on, are you ready?”

Ashley nodded and waved a hand at Karen dismissively.  “Yeah yeah, I’m up.”

“Ok, good.  Ashley, I need you to take a deep breath and relax.”

Karen watched as her roommate slumped over.  Doctor Goodman had told her that she needed to be careful that Ashley wouldn’t actually fall asleep.

“Ashley, I need you to sit up straight, like you’re in a chair.  It’s very important for the conditioning to be effective.  Go on and sit up straight.”

Ashley seemed to hesitate.  Karen looked at the clock and was glad she’d built in extra time for Ashley’s reluctance.

“Ashley, your job is very important to you, isn’t it?  Your job is very important and you’ll do anything to keep it.  Isn’t that right?”

Ashley nodded, reluctantly.

“Then Ashley, morning conditioning is part of your job duties, so you’re going to sit up and follow instructions.”  She reached over and grabbed her roommate’s shoulders, straightening her as she sat.  As she removed her hands, Ashley didn’t slump again, which was good.

“Ok, now Ashley, you remember conditioning, right?”

Ashley nodded.

“Ok, Ashley, first, I need you to answer out loud.  From now on, you will answer out loud.”  Karen tried to put as much force into her voice as possible.  “Say it, you will answer out loud.”  She used her most forceful voice.

After a moment, Ashely repeated.  “I will answer out loud.”

“Ok, good.  There we go.”  Karen took a deep breath herself.  “Now, you will repeat each statement after me, and you will continue to repeat it until it is absolutely true.  Do you understand?”

Ashley’s head rose and fell.  “Yes.  I understand.”

Karen sighed to herself.  Thankfully, once she put her under, her roommate usually got pretty agreeable, but until she did so she could be a bit of a bear.

“Ok, let’s begin.  First, you are happy to work for Doctor Goodman.”

“I am happy to work for Doctor Goodman.”  Ashley didn’t hesitate on that one.

“You will be a diligent, loyal, hard worker.”

That one needed a couple repetitions, but eventually Ashley fell silent.

Karen decided that she’d had enough of dealing with her roommate’s reluctance, and threw in one of her own.

“You will not resist morning conditioning.”

Ashley’s lips caught, since she hadn’t been expecting that line.  Still, her mind had been programmed enough to know that whatever lines her conditioning partner gave her had to be repeated until they were absolutely true.

“I, I will n… not resist morning conditioning.”  She stumbled through the line a few more times, before she finally said it in a single go without a pause.  “I will not resist morning conditioning.”

“Good.  You’ll get up the first time your roommate asks.”

“I’ll get up the first time my roommate asks.”  She sounded dejected, but only said it once.

Karen took that to mean she’d stopped fighting and just decided to accept the suggestion.  She returned to the script that Doctor Goodman had provided, confident that he wouldn’t mind the small change she’d made.

“You will follow all of the rules, at all times, without hesitation or thoughts of disobedience.”

“I will follow all of the rules, at all times, without hesitation or thoughts of disobedience.”

Good.  Thankfully, they were over the hump.  Ashley didn’t resist the rest of conditioning normally, since it was the parts of the job she actually enjoyed.

“You will always be in uniform while at work.”

Ashley smiled as she repeated that line back.  Apparently, imagining how she looked was something she enjoyed.  At first, she’d chafed at the policy, until Doctor Goodman told her it consisted of wearing tight clothing, sexy leggings, and makeup.  She’d changed her tune after that.

“You agree to allow the doctor to pay you with sex.”

“I totally agree to allow the doctor to pay me with sex.”  Ashley’s smile grew even greater.

For a moment, Karen thought about telling her to stick to the lines exactly as she was told them, but she understood where Ashley was coming from.  Karen hadn’t realized just how much she enjoyed sex until she’d made the deal with Doctor Goodman about payment.  Now, she found herself constantly looking forward to the next time he’d reward her for her hard work.

“You only get sex as a reward for your hard work.”

Ashley frowned at that one, but repeated it.  “I only get sex as a reward for hard work.”

Karen knew that was at odds with Ashley’s naturally lazy attitude, but the logic in her mind about needing to do hard work to get paid held.  Karen knew that she’d made the agreement with the doctor willingly, but Ashley had been coerced.  Still, it had been a good idea, and remembering how Doctor Goodman had convinced Ashley to take the deal still caused Karen to heat up.

She shook her head and got back to business.

“All forms of sexual activity are sex.”

“All forms of sexual activity are sex.”

Karen looked over at Ashley.  Even though it wasn’t part of conditioning, she’d caught her sneaking some stimulation last night, and knew she needed to address the problem.  After all, it was her job to keep her coworkers in line.

“Rubbing your breasts counts as sex.”

Ashley hesitated, but finally repeated the line, slowly at first, but much more confidently the second time.

“Getting sex for any reason other than payment is stealing.”

“Getting sex for other reasons is stealing.”  Ashley sounded slightly guilty.  Clearly, she could tell that Karen knew she’d been rubbing her breasts the night before.

“You won’t have any sexual activity without permission.”

“I won’t have any sexual activity without permission.”

Karen nodded, glad that she’d made it through all the necessary steps of conditioning.  Ashley had actually been much worse the first couple days.  Now, at least, she didn’t need more than two or three repetitions.  She hoped that Ashley would be fully used to the ritual soon, so that they could just take a quick five minutes to complete the activity.

“Now Ashley, Doctor Goodman left me with some instructions about how I was allowed to reward you if you were good.  You weren’t good enough today though, but tomorrow, if you can make it through conditioning without needing to repeat any of the rules more than once, I’m allowed to lick you until you orgasm.  Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Yeah…” The other girl got a dreamy look on her face, and her nipples became pronounced through her loose shirt.  Karen knew she had to be feeling the burn pretty bad by now, since she hadn’t been allowed any meaningful release.  Karen was feeling it herself.

“So you’ll be a really good girl tomorrow and won’t resist your conditioning at all, right?”

“Yes, Karen.”  Ashley’s voice sounded plaintive, but Karen was fairly confident she would follow instructions.

“Ok, on the count of three, you’ll wake up, fully awake and alert, ready to take your turn at helping me with my conditioning.  One, two, and three.”

Ashley’s eyes snapped awake, and she shook out her head a bit as she rose to full attention.  A moment later, she looked over at Karen.  The last thing Karen remembered was seeing Ashley reach for the notecard containing the copy of the rules she still needed.

“Ug, I am so glad to be out of there.”

Karen turned to her roommate, ready to give her a lecture, but Ashley held up her hand.

“Nuh-uh missy.  I paid attention the whole time!  No lectures, sheesh.  I get the message, the doctor needs me to work hard while I’m at work.  That doesn’t mean I have to work hard the rest of the day too, does it.”

Karen opened her mouth to say something, but the look on Ashley’s face let her know not to push it.  Her roommate was right, the bargain only required her to work hard while actually at work.  Karen nodded.

“Good.  And yes, I am learning stuff.  We’re going to need an appointment manager, and we can probably manage with just a filing cabinet.  I’m sure we can come up with some sort of numbering system, and track records in a database or something.  Thankfully, I don’t think we have to worry about a payroll system, do we?”

Karen looked at her roommate like her head was on fire.

Ashley smirked.  “Oh, little miss prissy pants doesn’t think that lazy Ashley can actually work hard?  I’m just not a morning person, sheesh.  I assume we’ll have more than one shift, eventually, and I’ll just take the afternoon shift.”  She winked, and walked over to her car, unlocking the doors.

“Uh, yeah.  I guess so.”  Karen thought for a moment.  “Hey, Ashley, sorry about giving you a hard time.”

The blond girl nodded.  “It’s ok.  I know I’ve probably had an easier time and not developed as much of a work ethic as you.  Just… have some patience, ok?”

Karen nodded.  “Hey, have I mentioned how great it is that we can both work in the same office?”

Ashley looked back at her and smiled.  “Yeah, it’s great.  Thanks so much for suggesting we go apply together.  I’d been feeling really lost, and it’s good to have some meaning.  Gotta grow up sometime, right?”

Karen nodded.

“Still, it’s a pretty daunting task, the fact that we’re going to have to run the whole office by ourselves.”

“Well, the doctor will eventually be hiring some more girls, of course.”  Karen looked down at her hands as she said this, nervous.  She’d been debating something with herself for a couple days.

Ashley put the car into reverse and pulled out of the parking space.  “Yeah, but it’s gonna suck until he does.”

“Hey, uh, Ash.  Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, of course.”  The blond girl looked over, concerned, before returning her eyes to the road.

“I was thinking that maybe we could take care of that for him.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, maybe we could find a couple girls who could be convinced to work with us.”

Ashley considered that for a moment.  “Well, I’m not really sure.  I mean, we both made deals with him about how he’ll be paying us, but I don’t know about others.”

Karen wrung her hands a bit.  “They could be convinced…”

Her roommate looked over.  “What do you mean?”

She sighed.  “Last time we were in the office, I took one of Doctor Goodman’s hypnosis books.  I think with the practice I’ve gotten during conditioning, I could probably put somebody under.  Then I could convince them to accept jobs.”

Silence hung between the two girls as Ashley continued to drive.

“I’m not so sure, Karen.  I mean, that sounds a little weird.”

“I know, I know.  But I know I’m really enjoying working for the doctor.  And you enjoy working for him too, right?”

Ashley didn’t hesitate before nodding.  “Yeah, of course.  I mean, come on, we get all the sex we could want.”

“So wouldn’t there be other girls out there who’d want similar arrangements?  I mean, think about it.  Our whole lives, we’re told that we’re not supposed to have sex, and then all of a sudden Doctor Goodman comes by and says something completely different, and suddenly we find that it feels totally great.”

Ashley nodded, but said nothing.

“So maybe we should go out and help some other girls get over the brainwashing they’ve been receiving their whole lives that sex is bad.  Wouldn’t that be a good thing?”

Karen couldn’t admit to her roommate that the idea of hypnotizing another girl and convincing her to be another of Doctor Goodman’s employees was making her extremely horny.  It was all she could do to try and come up with a logical explanation to appease her roommate, but right now Karen was mostly thinking about Doctor Goodman, imagining him sliding into her as he told her how good she’d been.

That gave her an idea.

She turned to her roommate and purred.  “Hey, Ashley, you know Doctor Goodman rewards good girls who go above and beyond, right?”  She tried to say it as enticingly as possible.

Ashley got the hint, and whimpered.  Karen knew her roommate was feeling the effects of the doctor being away even more than she had.  Ashley wasn’t as used to not giving in to her impulses.

“I mean, just think of how much he’d reward us if he came back to find a whole office of good little workers, ready and waiting for him.  All eager to be diligent, hard little workers, just like you and me?”

Ashley whimpered again, and Karen could see her arousal through her shirt and bra.  The two hadn’t been wearing their uniforms, but Ashley normally wore fairly tight clothing.

“In fact, Doctor Goodman did tell me I was allowed to reward you for being a good girl, if I felt it was something you’d earned.  I think this is something that counts.  You know, if you know anybody that might be good candidates, that is.”

Ashley half closed her eyes, even though she needed to keep her eyes on the road, and her lip trembled as her body shook, slightly.

A moment later, she finally gave in.  “I can think of a couple people.”

Karen looked around the waiting room of Doctor Goodman’s office, taking in both of the girls that Ashley had managed to bring.  They’d talked about each of the potential new hires, and had decided that Natalie would be the key to their plan.

Natalie was a slight girl, with pale skin, long black hair, and blue eyes that Karen was sure more than a few guys had gotten lost in.  As Ashley described her, if Natalie had a fault, it was that she tended to trust people more often than she should.  Karen would be using that trust against her, but afterward she’d make a point of telling her to be more confident in herself so others wouldn’t take advantage of her.

Ashley had mentioned that Natalie was a smoker, but wanted to kick the habit.  Apparently, it was eating into her finances more than she’d like, and that had been how the blond girl had managed to broach the subject of hypnosis.  Natalie had been pretty big into the Goth scene a couple years ago, and the group she was with had smoked, so she’d done it to fit in.  She still hung out with the crowd, but a new group she’d found hadn’t been so big on everybody going through the motions.  Still, she had the habit, and hadn’t been able to stop.

Natalie’s roommate, Lily, was her opposite, in many ways.  A taller, athletic brunette, Lilly had enough confidence to stand on her own.  She’d come along at Natalie’s insistence, since the quieter girl had wanted some backup.

At first, Lilly had complained about the sparsely decorated room, which annoyed Karen, since she’d been trying her best to find furniture for the office, but the doctor’s funds were extremely tight.  She settled her anger by reminding herself that soon the snotty brunette would be more than eager to help around the office.

Karen had to work to push down the wave of arousal that rose at that thought.

She looked back and forth between Natalie and Lily.  “Ok, thanks for coming, you two.  I really appreciate you being willing to give this a shot.”

Lily didn’t look impressed, but Natalie’s expression was eager.  Apparently, Ashley had been playing up how practiced Karen was at hypnosis.

“Ok, I want you both to get nice and comfortable.”

Lily looked up.  “Wait, I thought it was just Nat you were going to be doing stuff with.”

Karen was about to speak up, when Ashley came to the rescue.

“Aww, come on Lil.  Don’t be a spoiled sport.  Besides, I think Natalie would appreciate somebody going through the process with her, wouldn’t you Natalie?”

Karen made a point of giving Natalie an encouraging look, and eventually the raven-haired girl nodded.

“Yeah, I actually would prefer if you did it with me Lily.  Please?”  She gave her roommate a pleading look.

Lily looked between the three other girls, as each looked back at her with an encouraging expression.  Finally, she gave in to the peer pressure, not wanting to cause waves.

“Fine, fine, ok.  I’ll do it.”

Ashley winked at Karen from behind their two recruits.

Karen took in a deep breath, and squared her shoulders, wanting to increase her presence as much as possible.

“Ok, for starters, I want the two of you to sit as comfortable as possible, and raise your hands in front of you, like this.”  She raised her hands, locking her fingers together.  “I want you to go ahead, and hold out your index fingers, pressing them together tightly at the tip.  Just press your hands together as tightly as possible, press them so tightly that no matter how hard you try, there’s no way you can pull them apart, because they’re so tight.  Press your fingers together so tightly, that no matter how hard you try, there’s no way you could ever pull them apart.”

“In fact, the harder you try to pull them apart, the tighter together your fingers will press.  No matter how hard you try and pull them apart, you just won’t be able to.  In fact, you’re going to go ahead and try to pull them apart, and you’re going to find it doesn’t work.  The harder you try, the harder they press together, and it’s like nothing you do could ever let them come apart.”

Karen scanned the faces of her two subjects.  Natalie was looking at her fingers intently, but nothing much was happening.  Lily, on the other hand, was looking at her fingers, which were almost vibrating slightly.  She had to stop herself from smirking at the fact that the girl who was resistant was actually the better subject.

“Ok, now on the count of three, you’re going to find that your hands just release, and you can separate them.  On the count of three, but not before.  Firmly glued until the count of three, one, still stuck together, unable to come apart, two still stuck, and three, able to pull apart, free once more.”

Lily’s hands pushed apart a few inches, while Natalie’s fingers separated more slowly, but still came apart.  Karen was confident that the first testing exercise had been successful.

“Next, I want the two of you to take a couple deep breaths, and then let your eyes drift closed, and relax.  That’s the most important part of all this, you need to relax.  If you don’t relax, then I can’t help you, and you really want me to help you, right?”

Natalie nodded, but Lily remained still.  Karen hoped that her apparent suggestible nature would make up for her lack of interest.

“Now, I want you to imagine you’re sitting in a room.  It’s a comfortable room, and it’s very safe and pleasant.  You know that you’re safe in this room, and that nothing can hurt you.  I want you to focus on the details of this room, to be able to see it as clearly as possible.  Decide what color the room is painted, and imagine the color as clearly as possible in your mind’s eye.  See in your mind the color of the room, in perfect detail.”

“Now, I want you to imagine the features of the room.  Are there windows?  Are there bookcases?  Is there a fireplace?  Think about each of these things, and imagine them in the room.  What are you sitting on?  Imagine what you’re sitting on, imagine how it feels under you.  Imagine yourself just relaxing, melting into the cushions, completely comfortable and at peace.”

Karen made a point of taking a deep breath at this point, and the two girls did so as well.  Natalie seemed to be getting up to speed, as she melted into her chair as well.

“Now, I want you to go back to imagining the color of the room.  I want you to focus on the color of the room.  Focus completely on the color of the room, let it occupy your attention, let it consume all of your attention.”

Karen clapped her hands together.

“Now, the color shifts, and the whole room is a new color.  The whole room is a different color, and you can see the walls, see them in the new color.  Focus on the color of the walls, and take a moment to look around the room.”

“Everything looks slightly different, of course.  The change in color of the walls means all the features of the room look different.  Everything is a slightly new color, looking almost like it did, but just a little different.  Focus on those little differences.  See the tiny changes in your mind’s eye.  Focus on the room, taking in every detail on the room.”

Karen watched as the two girls’ heads moved slightly, as though they were looking around the room.

“Now, go ahead and focus on the color again, and when I clap my hands, you’ll notice that the colors of the room shift back to the original color.”

Without waiting, she clapped.

“Look around your room, noticing all the details that have shifted back.  The whole room is back to its original color.  Every surface is back to how it looked originally.  The whole room is just bathed in color.”

She clapped again.

“And now the color has switched again, to the other color you’ve imagined.  You can just see the room in your mind, see all the details of the room, and see all the colors of the room.”

She clapped again.

“And back to the original colors.  The whole room is just full of color.”

She clapped.

“It switches again.  You’ve gotten so used to switching that you don’t even need to hesitate to switch the colors.”

She clapped.

“And now again, it’s getting easier and easier, so easy to focus on the colors of the room.”

Another clap.

“Switching once more, just back, and forth, back and forth.”  She began to clap with each phrase, directing the girls to switch the colors of the rooms they could imagine.  “Back, and forth.  Back, and forth.  First, and second.  One, and two.  Back, and forth.”

She continued clapping for a few more moments, taking in the sight of the girls.  Natalie and Lily were both visibly relaxed, slumped in their chairs.  Ashley even looked a little out of it, her eyes glazed as she was following Karen’s instructions, even though her eyes were still open.

“Ok, good, very good, just keep seeing your room.”  Karen clapped as she kept talking, maintaining a steady rhythm.  “Just keep seeing your room, changing colors.  And suddenly, the room just stops changing.”

Karen stopped clapping, and the silence in the room was actually noticeable.  Natalie and Lily both twitched, and Ashley actually slumped over, apparently the shifting visualizations finally catching up to her.

“Go ahead and focus on your room one last time, taking in all the details, and then I want you to go ahead and open your eyes.  Go ahead and open your eyes, and come back to the world as it is outside your imagination.”

The two new subjects opened their eyes, still looking relaxed, but somewhat alert.  Ashley, on the other hand, opened her eyes, but they were still glazed over.  Apparently, her morning conditioning sessions had left her primed to stay in a trance with her eyes open.

Karen thought about how hot it would be to have all three girls in the room looking at her like that.  She really wished Doctor Goodman had given her permission to take care of herself during his absence.  Still, no sense focusing on what couldn’t be, she’d just have to hope he was impressed with her performance.

“Ok, go ahead and take a nice, deep breath, and close your eyes again.  I want you to imagine yourself now in an elevator.  You’re sitting on the hundredth floor, and you can feel it start to descend.”

Karen remembered the image from when she’d walked in on Ashley, and figured she should rely on it, since it seemed to do so well for her roommate.  She walked the three girls through counting themselves down into a deeper trance, and then turned them loose to go through the deepening exercise, with instructions to tell her when they were finished.

She hadn’t expected just how horny the activity would make her, but she realized it felt kind of good.  No wonder Doctor Goodman had been so willing to hypnotize Ashley into being his new employee.  Actually, come to think of it, it would be hot to modify Ashley’s memories again, to fold in the new girls.  Karen thought about just how aroused she’d been watching Doctor Goodman do it, and made a decision.

“I’m there.”  Lily was the first to say she’d reached the bottom, followed by Ashley and finally Natalie.

Karen looked over at the three girls and smiled.  “Natalie, Lily, I want you to just stay here and relax.  Just relax, and let yourself go deeper, and deeper.  Nothing can bother or disturb you, and in fact if anything does disturb you, you will instead find that it makes you even more relaxed.”

She stood and walked to crouch next to Ashley, going down on one knee.

“Ashley, I want you to imagine the television screen from before in your mind.  I want you to see it in your mind.  Can you do that?  Can you see the screen?”

“Yes.”  Ashley nodded.

“Ok, now I want you to bring up the image of us talking this afternoon, about convincing Natalie and Lily to become Doctor Goodman’s employees.  Can you see that conversation?  Can you see us talking?”

Ashley nodded.  “Yeah.”

“Ok, I want you to imagine the scene starting to fade.  It’s getting harder and harder to make out the details.  Before long, the whole scene is just gone, and you can’t remember the conversation we had this morning.  The screen in front of you is completely blank, isn’t it?”


“Ok, now I want you to bring up the image of you and me coming into Doctor Goodman’s office, to talk about getting a new job.  Can you see that scene?”

Ashley nodded.  “Yeah, I see it.”

“Now, I want you to see Natalie and Lily in that scene with us.  Natalie and Lily are walking into Doctor Goodman’s office, and they’re applying for jobs with us.  Can you see them with us?”


“Now why do Natalie and Lily work for Doctor Goodman?”

“Because they applied with us.”

“And can you think of any other reason they work for him?”

Ashley shook her head.  “No.”

Karen smiled.  One down, two to go.  She stood up and walked over next to Natalie.

“Natalie, can you hear me?”

Natalie nodded.

“Natalie, it’s very important that you respond out loud.  Otherwise, I won’t be able to make sure you understand me, and I won’t be able to help you quit smoking.  You want to quit smoking, don’t you?”

The small girl nodded.  “Yes.”

Karen thought back to how Doctor Goodman had managed to convince Ashley to join up, and figured she could employ a similar tactic here.  She just needed to get Natalie thinking in the right direction.  Karen was glad that Ashley had gone under, because without her help, she might not be able to pull this part of her plan off.

She knew that she couldn’t engage in any sexual activity, or that would be stealing from her employer, and rubbing Natalie to get her aroused would count.  However, the doctor had left instructions that Ashley could be permitted to have sex, and she had been a good girl.

“Ashley, I want you to open your eyes, but stay completely relaxed.”

The other girl’s eyes fluttered open.

“Ok, Ashley, take a deep breath and relax, allowing yourself to relax completely, but keeping your eyes open, completely relaxed.”

The other girl sighed, but her eyes remained open.

“Ashley, I want you to come over here and sit in front of Natalie.  Come sit here in front of Natalie.”

Ashley slowly got to her feet, and moved across the room to sit where she had been told.

“Natalie, you want me to help you stop smoking, right?”


“Ok, I’m going to have Ashley help me.  You might think things are a little strange at first, but this is all to help you stop smoking.  You understand that, right?  Say you understand this is all to help you stop smoking.”

“This… this is all to help me stop smoking.”  Her trusting attitude would also be key to the plan working.

“Good.  Ashley, I want you to go ahead and start to gently rub Natalie through her jeans.  Don’t be in a hurry, just rub her a little bit.  Natalie, I want you to feel Ashley, but don’t worry about it.  It’s ok.  This is all part of helping you.”

The other girl didn’t say anything as Ashley raised her hand and began to gently rub through her jeans.

“Now Natalie, sometimes, you feel a craving to smoke, right?”


“Sometimes, you feel a craving to smoke, and it’s like you just can’t resist.  You just have to smoke a cigarette, right?”

“Yeah.”  The other girl shrank, clearly not enjoying the memory of not being able to control her impulses.

“And usually, you feel these cravings when you’re scared, or nervous, or upset, right?”

The other girl nodded, but said nothing.  Karen decided not to prod her.

“Ashley, go ahead and open up her jeans so that you can rub her more.  Natalie, don’t worry, everything is ok, and you can just let Ashley do what she’s doing.”

Ashley’s hand’s fumbled for a moment with the fly of Natalie’s jeans, before she managed to open them.  She then reached her fingers down to rub Natalie through her panties.

“Natalie, I want you to focus on Ashley’s fingers.  Focus on the feeling of Ashley rubbing up against you.  It feels good, doesn’t it?  You feel good and aroused, don’t you?”

“Yes.”  Natalie’s voice was growing a bit more distant.

“Now Natalie, this next part is extremely important.  No matter how good Ashley’s fingers make you feel, you cannot orgasm until I tell you to.  This whole process will only work if you do not orgasm until I tell you to.  Tell me that you will not orgasm until I tell you to.”

Natalie’s jaw trembled, but she repeated the command.  “I will not orgasm until you tell me to.”

“Ok, Natalie, now, I want you to imagine you feel nervous.  There’s a big test coming up, and you feel nervous, you feel really nervous, so nervous in fact that normally you’d go and get a cigarette.  But instead of getting a cigarette, I want you to focus on Ashley’s fingers, and how they’re making you feel.  Focus on how Ashley’s fingers make you feel, and feel how horny you are, and realize that, rather than making you want a cigarette, you instead feel horny, and aroused.  When you get nervous, instead of wanting a cigarette, you instead feel horny and aroused.”

Natalie’s breathing grew shallow.

“Say it with me Natalie.  When you feel nervous, you feel aroused.”

The other girl hesitated.

“Natalie, you don’t want to smoke, do you?  Wouldn’t it be better to feel aroused instead of feeling like you have to smoke?  When you feel nervous, you feel aroused.”

The other girl fought for another moment, before giving in. “When I feel nervous, I feel aroused.”

“You feel very aroused, don’t you Natalie?”

“Yes.”  Karen could make out Natalie’s nipples, as well as saw moisture starting to show through on her panties as Ashley continued to rub.

“Now Natalie, you’ve tried to quit in the past, but you’ve always ended up giving into the cravings, haven’t you?”

Natalie nodded.  “Yeah.  It’s so hard to resist.”

“Yes Natalie, that’s right.  It is hard to resist.  But what if I offered you a different solution, one where you didn’t have to resist?  Wouldn’t it be great to not have to resist, to be able to just give in to your cravings?”

“I… I guess.”  The other girl didn’t understand what Karen meant.

“Ok, Natalie, I want you to imagine a mirror in front of you, can you do that?  Can you imagine a mirror in front of yourself?  Can you see yourself in the mirror?”


“Ok.  Now I want you to see yourself in the mirror, worried and nervous, and reaching for a cigarette.  You don’t want to be that girl, do you?  You don’t want to reach for cigarettes when you are nervous.”

Natalie shook her head.  “Don’t want to…”

“Ok, Natalie, I want you to feel yourself heating up.  Feel yourself heating up, growing horny.  You feel so aroused, you really want to have sex, right now.  In fact, just like your craving for cigarettes, you can’t resist this craving.  You really want to have sex right now.”

Karen paused.  “Natalie, which would you rather be?  A person who has a craving for a cigarette, or a person who has a craving for sex?”  She remembered how Doctor Goodman had tricked Ashley this way, making her so horny that the choice was obvious.

After a moment, Natalie responded.  “Would rather crave sex.”

Karen smiled, if only for herself.  It should all be a downhill slide from here.

“Well then, Natalie, I want you to feel yourself craving sex.  All desire for a cigarette just vanishes from your mind, and instead, right now, you just really want sex.  You want sex, don’t you?”

Natalie nodded.  “Yes.”

“And just like your old cravings for cigarettes, you just can’t resist this craving for sex, can you?  Tell me you can’t resist this craving for sex.”

A short pause, and then Natalie spoke.  “I can’t resist my craving for sex.”

“You have an uncontrollable craving for sex.  Every time you get scared, or nervous, or upset, you just get horny, and feel like you really need to have sex, don’t you?”


“Well then Natalie, you and I need to come up with some way for you to get sex.  If you and I come up with some way for you to get sex, then you won’t have to worry about your cravings, and you won’t have to smoke any more.  Say it.  Say if you get regular sex, you will not have cravings for cigarettes any more.”

The other girl paused a moment, running everything through her mind.  Ashley’s fingers were still flicking over her, making it hard for her to focus on anything but sex.

“If I get regular sex, I will not have cravings for cigarettes any more.”

“Ok, so that means that if I have an idea for how you can get regular sex, you would gladly go through with it, right?”


“You won’t resist the idea at all, will you?  You really want to stop smoking, so you will accept my offer, without hesitation, correct?”

“Yes.  No hesitation.”

“Good.  Now, Ashley and I both get regular sex.  You might not know that, but it’s true.  We both get regular sex because we made an agreement with Doctor Goodman, and I’m willing to extend the same offer to you.  Do you want to accept the same offer as we did?”

Natalie nodded, her expression eager.  “Yes.  I’ll accept.  I don’t want to smoke any more.”

“Well then, let me tell you about the deal we made.  As I tell you each part of the deal, you’ll repeat it back to me, so that I know you understand.  You’ll also tell me that you accept.  But I want you to know something very important Natalie.  If you are lying, if you do not truly accept the bargain, absolutely and completely, then the whole deal is off.  The whole deal is off, and you’ll go back to craving cigarettes and be right back where you started.  So you will accept the deal, completely, totally, and without hesitation, right?”

“Yes.  I will accept.”

“And you will not resist, in the slightest.  There will be no resist in you at all?”

“There will be no resistance.”

Karen leaned over and whispered in Ashley’s ear.  “Ashley, I want you to start fucking Natalie with your finger.  Make sure you pay attention to her clit, and make sure she is good and stimulated.”

Ashley nodded, and shifted her hand again, sliding it up inside Natalie’s underwear.  Natalie responded by gasping, as Karen began her final assault.

“Natalie, Ashley and I have agreed to be Doctor Goodman’s employees.  Do you agree to be Doctor Goodman’s employee?”

“Yes.  I will be Doctor Goodman’s employee.  I accept.”

“Good.  And Ashley and I both remember coming in last Monday to apply for a job.  Do you remember coming in last Monday to apply for a job?”  Karen knew that she was the only person who’d actually applied, but she also knew that the doctor couldn’t afford any of his girls thinking that the bargain hadn’t been their own idea, just in case.

After a moment, Natalie nodded.  “Yes, I came in with you guys to apply.”

“Ok.  You came in with us, and willingly agreed to be Doctor Goodman’s employee.  You have absolutely no memories of any other reason you work for Doctor Goodman, do you?”

“No other memories.  I work for Doctor Goodman because I agreed to take the job.”

“And during the interview, the doctor explained his alternative payment plan, which all of us gladly accepted.  Doctor Goodman offered to pay us by allowing us sex, and you accepted because you crave sex, and he was finally offering you a chance to get what you crave.”

Natalie’s lips moved for a few minutes.  She was clearly running what had been said through her mind.  Karen reached down and grabbed Ashley’s free hand, pressing the blond girl’s thumb up against Natalie’s clitoris.  Ashley got the hint and started to stimulate her with both hands.

The small girls’ resistance finally broke.  “I accepted the doctor’s offer.  When I’m nervous, I crave sex, and Doctor Goodman offered to pay me with sex.  I accept.”

“You don’t crave cigarettes at all, you instead crave sex, and you get it by working for Doctor Goodman.”

Natalie nodded.  “Yes.  I crave sex, and I get it by working for Doctor Goodman.”

Karen closed her eyes, pushing down her own growing arousal.  The fact that she was almost done converting Natalie was almost unbearable.

“Now, Doctor Goodman requires all employees to wear a uniform while at work.  You will follow the uniform policy?”

“I will follow the uniform policy.”

“You will follow all of Doctor Goodman’s policies.”

“Yes.  I will follow all of Doctor Goodman’s policies.”

“You will be a diligent, obedient, hard little worker, who follows all of the rules, and is a good little employee?”


“Say it, say you’ll be a good little employee.”

“I’ll be a good little employee.”

“You will be a good little employee who gets paid by having sex.”

“I will be a good little employee who gets paid by having sex.”

Karen looked down at her, satisfied with everything so far.  Natalie wasn’t even hesitating at this point, she was parroting each of Karen’s statements back immediately.  Before she woke Natalie up, she’d give her the conditioning trigger, and would run her through several rounds of conditioning before letting her go for the day.  In fact, she’d have all three of the girls with her condition each other until they had no thoughts of disobedience at all.

She leaned down, and whispered in Natalie’s ear.  “If everything you just told me is true, then you may orgasm, orgasm, and be Doctor Goodman’s good little worker.”

Natalie started to tremble as Ashley continued to assault her, the commands that she had just agreed cementing in her mind, changing around her thoughts and memories.  The release was so sweet, and she’d been craving it for so long.  She was willing to pay the price, and accepted everything Karen had just said, if it only meant she’d be able to satisfy her cravings for sex that had plagued her for so long.

Karen stood as Natalie continued to ride the pleasure, turning to look at Lily.  She had to think of something that she could use to get a hook into the other girl.  She smiled, Natalie probably knew her roommate better than any other, and it was of course her duty as Doctor Goodman’s employee to help the doctor find new employees.  Once the pale girl finished her orgasm, she’d ask for suggestions.

Karen smiled as she realized just how productive today was going to end up being.  Doctor Goodman would be so pleased.