Recruitment Drive – Part 3

Part 3: Referral Bonus

“Now Karen, are you safe and comfortable in your bubble, where nothing can hurt you, where you have no worries, cares, or thoughts?”


“Good, very good.”

Oswald Goodman had called Karen back into his office on Friday for another shift.  Since she’d cleared her schedule to get a three day weekend, she was available to help him with furthering his plans.  While he appreciated her hard work, he knew she couldn’t do the job alone.

He smiled over at her, glad to see just how pretty she was when she enhanced her eyes with a little mascara, and her lips moistened from a layer of thin gloss.  She was still wearing full pantyhose, since she didn’t have anything else available, but he planned to encourage her roommate to help with that soon.

First, however, he wanted to confirm some other things.

“Ok, Karen, similar to how we went over the uniform policy, I want to double check your understanding of the payment policy.  Is that ok?”

She nodded.  “That’s fine.”

“Good.  For starters, I want you to set your dial to three.  Now Karen, according to our agreement, how do I pay you?”

“By giving me sex.”  She took a deep breath as she started to feel tingles run through her.

“Right, good.  I allow you sex as payment for your services, isn’t that right?”


“Good.  Ok, so, naturally, if we have intercourse, that’s of course sex, and therefore payment, right?”

“Yes.  Sex is how you pay me.”

“Well, are there types of sex that aren’t intercourse?  Set your dial to a four.”

She only thought for a moment.  “Yes.”

“Yes, that’s right, isn’t it Karen?  For example, if I were to lick you until you have an orgasm, that would be oral sex, and that’s a form of sex, isn’t it?”

She nodded.  “Yes, oral sex is sex.”

“Good, so if I were to lick you until you orgasm, then you’d consider that payment as well?”

After a moment, she agreed.  “Yes.  I’d accept oral sex as payment.”

He smiled.  She was responding well, and he hoped her resistance stayed low.

“There are other ways I can give you orgasms as well, right?  For example, I could use my hands, or a vibrator, to bring you to orgasm.  That counts as sex too.”

“That counts as sex too.”

“Good, Karen.  So would it pretty much be safe to say that anything that results in an orgasm is sex?”

She thought for a moment, and then nodded.  “Yes.  Anything that results in an orgasm is sex.”

“Set your dial to a five.  As long as it’s sex, it counts as payment, right?”


“Good.  Now, there’s other types of oral sex, aren’t there?  There is oral sex where the girl takes care of the man, right?”


“And that’s still sex, isn’t it?”

She scrunched her face momentarily, before relaxing.  He no longer needed to help her work through difficult suggestions, she’d formed the habit herself.  Since she had sex on her mind from his other suggestions, she was naturally primed into thinking the way he wanted her to.

“Yes.  Oral sex is sex.”

“So if I had you give me a blow job, it would be sex?”


He smiled.  He’d been eagerly waiting getting to say the next part.

“So if I had you give me a blow job, it would count as payment for your work?”

She took a few sharp breaths.  “Yes.  It would count as payment.”

The next one would be the real test

“Karen, go ahead and set your dial to seven.”

She shuddered as she felt herself heat up even further.

Oswald smiled, and reached forward, cupping her breast in his hand, before he began to rub, looking for the nipple.  Once he found the nub, he focused on it, which caused Karen to start to breath heavier in her trance.

“Now Karen, this feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes.  Feels good.”

“Good, it feels really good, and it makes you feel sexy and horny, right?”

She nodded.  “Yes.”  Her voice was softer, her body distracted with need.

He continued to rub, relentless.  “Now, if giving me a blow job counts as sex, then that means you don’t need to orgasm for it to count as sex.  Now there are some women that can orgasm, just from having their breasts rubbed.  That must mean that for some people, just having their breasts rubbed could count as sex, couldn’t it?”

She gasped.  “I guess.”

“Karen, for some women, having their breasts rubbed counts as sex.  I want you to say it.”

“For some women, having their breasts rubbed counts as sex.”

“Good.  Now, I want you to say it again, and mean it.”  He increased the rate of his rubbing.

She whimpered.  “For some women, having their breasts rubbed counts as sex.”

“Good.  And since having your breasts rubbed counts as sex, it counts as payment.”

“It.”  She began, but then paused.  “It counts as payment.”

“Good.  You would consider yourself adequately paid if I just rubbed your breasts every couple of weeks, wouldn’t you?”

She took a deep breath.  “Yes.”

Oswald smiled.  He had no such plans to be so reserved, but he loved the fact that he could.

“Now Karen, are you enjoying the fact that I’m rubbing your breast?”

She nodded, smiling.  “Yes.”

“Even though you don’t need to be paid yet.  It’s ok for an employer to give his employees bonuses, as rewards for their hard work, right?”

“Yes, it’s ok to give bonuses.”

“Good.  In a moment, I’m going to count to three, and when I do, you will wake up, and not care at all that I’m rubbing your breast, because you think it is just a tip, just a reward for a job well done.  Anything I do to you that would be payment is just a bonus, and you’ll gladly accept it.  It would be rude to refuse, wouldn’t it?”

Karen nodded.  “Rude.”

“Good, ok, one, waking up, two, almost awake, and three, wide awake.”

He continued stroking her breast, and moved his other hand to join in on the stimulation.  He stood there, his hands on her breasts, as her eyes opened and she started to breathe harder.

He smiled at her.  “How does that feel?”

“Good, Sir.”  She purred, leaning into his fingers.

He continued rubbing for a few more moments, then slowed before removing his hands from her breasts.  She whimpered, and looked up at him, her eyes pleading.

“Karen, take a deep breath, and relax.”

She did so, slumping back down in her chair.

“Good, very good Karen.  Now I want you to straighten up, open your eyes, and look straight ahead.  Can you be a good girl and do that for me?”

She straightened in her chair, opening her eyes before staring blankly ahead.  Her eyes gave no sign of the lust they’d held a moment before, but her breathing was still a little unsteady, and her nipples were clearly visible through her shirt.

“Now Karen, do you still feel aroused?”


“Just to confirm, how do I pay you?”

“By giving me sex.”

“Almost, Karen.  I pay you by allowing you to have sex.  I want you to say it.”

She paused.  “You pay me by allowing me to have sex.”

“Good.  Now if I pay you by allowing you to have sex, then you being allowed to have sex must be a reward for all your hard work.  Getting sex is a reward for all your hard work.”

“Getting sex is a reward for all my hard work.”

“Good.  What that also means is that you only get sex as a reward for your hard work.”

She thought about that for a moment.  Her muddled mind wanted to agree with Doctor Goodman, but she was also feeling so horny that she really just wanted to take care of the heat right now, and didn’t really care about the specifics.

“I guess.”  Was all she could finally manage.

“I think you should be a bit more definitive.  Come on now, you only get sex as a reward for your hard work.”  He reached over and started rubbing her breast.

The feeling of his hands eased some of her tension, and she fell into the easy habit of repeating what he said.

“I only get sex as a reward for my hard work.”

“There we go.  Once more, with feeling.”  He rubbed faster.

“I only get sex as a reward for my hard work.”

“And getting sex for any other reason would be like stealing from your employer, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes.  It would be stealing.”

“Good.  So Karen, you’re not going to have sex for any reason other than when I allow you to have it as payment, right?”

Her mind tried to process the statement, but it was hard.  She was feeling so horny, she just wanted to feel some release.

“Karen, you won’t have sex for any reason other than when I allow you to have it as payment.”

She still wasn’t sure.  She knew that she got sex as payment for her work, and she was a diligent, hard worker.  What Doctor Goodman was saying made sense.

Finally, she decided to just give in, hoping that he’d reward her.  After all, she really did want to be a hard worker.

“I won’t have sex for any reason other than when you allow me to as payment.”

“Good.  Very good.  So you won’t have intercourse without permission?”

“I won’t have intercourse without permission.”

“You won’t let anybody lick you to orgasm without permission?”

“I won’t let anybody lick me without permission.”

“You won’t give anybody a blow job without permission?”  He smiled at that one.  He was a little possessive, after all.

“I won’t give anybody a blow job without permission.”

“Karen, you won’t masturbate without permission.”  He hadn’t brought that up before, but wanted to see how she’d respond.

She thought, just for a moment.  It made sense, since she’d be able to orgasm, and that would be stealing from her employer.

“I won’t masturbate without permission.”

“Good.  Very good.”  Now, she’d always come to him to take care of her needs.  Whenever she was feeling in the mood, she’d want to come to work, and work hard, in the hope that he’d reward her.

“Karen, when I count to three, you’re going to wake up.  You’ll wake up, and you won’t remember being hypnotized.  You won’t remember anything that happened since you sat down, and you’ll be fully awake, but still feeling very horny.”  His hand continued rubbing her breast.  “One, ready to wake up, not remembering being hypnotized, never remembering being hypnotized, two, almost awake, and three, fully and wide awake.”

She turned to look at him, her eyes honestly still as glazed as they’d been while she was in the trance.

“Karen, how do you feel?”

“Horny, Sir.”  She replied without hesitation.

“Well, since you were such a good worker on Wednesday, I think a little bonus wouldn’t be too much.  How about this, you may masturbate yourself to orgasm.”  He said it as though it were completely normal.

Her face brightened and she looked up at him, smiling broadly.  “Thank you, Sir.”

Sighing contentedly, she slipped her hand under the waistband of her skirt, her finger starting to dance over her hungry pussy through her underwear.  Deciding she needed more, she shifted her fingers to creep under cotton and nylon, pressing against her hot, wet lips, before plunging her hand into her pussy, fucking herself forcefully with a finger, while her thumb rubbed hard against her clit.

Oswald moved around her, standing behind her chair, one hand on each of her breasts, rubbing to continue her stimulation.  She moaned softly in response to his ministrations, leaning into first one hand, then the other.  She didn’t care at all that he was in the room with her, it made complete sense if that was how she was to be paid.

After a few minutes of assaulting herself, she was finally ready.  She let herself groan as the orgasm shot through her, radiating out and up from her moist center.  She smiled as she felt the reward, proud of herself for a job well done, and glad to deserve such rewards.

She hoped she’d be able to prove herself to Doctor Goodman enough that he’d let her have sex again soon.

“So Karen, do you have any ideas about who would be a good candidate to help out a bit around here?”

Karen thought about that for a moment.  She didn’t know that many people around campus, since she frequently kept to herself.  It wasn’t so much from being shy as simply not having the funds to go out and party.  That had actually been a big cause of her frustrations at life, and she was grateful to Doctor Goodman for helping her work through them.

“Well, Sir, my roommate probably knows more than a few people, she’s more the party girl type than I am.”

Oswald nodded.  “What about your roommate herself?”

She cocked her head and thought.  “Well, she doesn’t have a job, Sir.  She doesn’t really strike me as that hardworking though, so I’m not sure.  She’d probably get distracted.”

“Well, I could always encourage her to stay on task.”

Karen looked at him, not quite getting what he meant.

“I could hypnotize her, and encourage her to be a good little worker, just like you.”

“Huh.  I guess I hadn’t thought about that, Sir.”  Karen seemed hesitant in her response.  Even though Oswald had suggested she’d be eager to help him with finding more staff, apparently she still had some blocks.

“Karen, I want you to take a deep breath and relax.”

The young coed did so, closing her eyes and allowing her shoulders to slump.

Oswald wasn’t sure if he was overusing her arousal triggers, but she seemed to respond well.  Once her mind had sex to focus on, she was a lot more pliable.  He wondered if she’d been a little overly repressed growing up, such that she only needed a little reminder of how she’d been allowed to cut loose to be willing to try other new things.

“Now Karen, you know it’s important for me to hire more staff, right?”

“Yes.  Very important.”

“Good.  Now Karen, I want you to imagine me, hypnotizing your roommate, giving her suggestions she can’t resist that turn her into a diligent, obedient, hard little worker, just like you.  Imagine her, running around the office, dressed in a uniform just like yours, doing everything in her power to do a good job.  Can you see your roommate in your mind?”

Karen nodded.  “Yes.”

“Good, now Karen, you feel sexy in your work uniform, right?  It’s very flattering, and you associate it with all the good things you feel here.  So it also makes you feel good to see your roommate wearing a similar uniform.”

“Feels good.  Yes.”  She smiled.  “Ashley looks really cute.”

“Karen, set your dial to a seven.  I want you to keep looking at your roommate, and realize just how much you like seeing her as another of my employees.”

Karen’s breath caught as her arousal shot up to match the level set by the doctor.  She could feel herself getting wet as she imagined Ashley, her roommate, walking through the office, her skirt swaying flirtily as she escorted a patient back to a consultation room.

“Karen, you really want me to hypnotize your roommate to be your coworker, don’t you?”

She nodded.  “Yes.”  She thought about how great it would be to work with her roomie. They’d be able to talk about work together, be really close.  She’d have a friend she could trust, and who’d understand her troubles.  Her smile grew even bigger.

“So Karen, you want very much to convince your roommate to come here, so that I can hypnotize her into being another of my employees.  You want her to be my employee.  You need her to be my employee.  You’ll do anything, allow anything, and help in any way to see her be my employee.”

She nodded at each of his statements.  “Yes.  I’ll do anything.”

“In fact, the more you see me taking control of your roommate, the more you see me encouraging her to be my employee, the hornier you’ll get.  Say it, say you’ll get aroused watching me encourage your roommate to be a diligent, happy little worker, just like you.”

Karen grinned widely at the thought of Ashley working with her.  “I’ll get aroused watching you encourage my roommate to be a diligent, happy little worker.”  She took a deep breath and renewed her smile, before adding dreamily.  “Just like me.”

“Good.  Now Karen, on the count of three, I want you to wake up, wide awake, ready, willing, and eager to go through with the plan to hypnotize your roommate to be my employee.  One, two, and three.”

Oswald turned and looked at the wall, like he’d been lost in thought.  “Well, I suppose I could try putting out another ad, but that costs money, and the last one was only so effective.”

“Wait, Sir!”  Karen practically shouted, and then blushed when she realized how loud she’d been.  He turned to look at her, waiting for her to speak.  It was clear from the way her eyes were still half closed that she was still at a high arousal setting.

Karen looked at the ground.  “Ashley would be a good idea, Sir.  I just wasn’t thinking things through.  I should be able to convince her to come, and then you can convince her to take the job.”

Oswald smiled at her.  “Are you sure?  I wouldn’t want to do anything you aren’t uncomfortable with.”

She shook her head, confident in her answer.  “I’m not uncomfortable, Sir.  I just needed a moment to think things through.  I could tell her you helped me with something, and I’m sure she’ll have something she needs help with, and then you can do what needs to be done.”

He laughed.  “Yes, you can tell her I helped you with your uncontrollable nymphomania.”

She blushed again.  “Sir, I was thinking something more like nail biting, or maybe test anxiety.”

“Yeah.  True.  She’d never believe the nymphomania, I mean, you hate sex.”

He was chuckling again as she looked up at him, an exasperated look on her face.  Clearly, she was getting a little frustrated with his teasing.  He was amazed that was all, she didn’t seem to have any objections to the topics of his teasing, only that he was picking on her.

“Ok, ok.  I’ll stop.  Sorry, I just let things get a little out of hand.  Ok, so, do you think you could get her to come over this afternoon?”

Karen looked at the clock.  It was already two.

“Possibly, Sir.  She likes to go out on Fridays, so I’ll need to talk to her before too long, or she’ll have made plans.”

“Well, I’d like to get the deed done today.  I need to be out next week, so it would throw things very behind, so there’s no problem with you leaving now to get her.”

Karen nodded, a plan forming in her head.  “I think I can make it work, Sir.”  She turned, and took a step toward the door.  “With luck, I’ll be back in a couple hours.”

He smiled after her, noticing that her nipples had actually hardened further as she came up with her plan.  Apparently, she was now properly motivated.

“So Karen, remind me again why we have to swing by your new boss’ place?”

Karen sighed, only partially having to feign exasperation at her roommate’s constant questions.  Ashley had of course been receptive to Karen’s plan to go out to celebrate, although it hadn’t been that hard of a sell, given that Ashley was always receptive to anything that involved heading out looking for boys.

Karen smirked, figuring that Doctor Goodman could probably use that to help convince her.  She remembered how a good part of why she’d accepted the position had been a chance to blow off some of her sexual frustrations, so Ashley’s boy craziness should easily be her downfall.

She thought about her roommate, helpless to resist her employer, being recruited, and felt herself heating up at the thought.  It was very important that Doctor Goodman have more staff, and Ashley would fit in perfectly.  Karen knew that Doctor Goodman would find her roommate attractive.

She just had to hope his hypnotic skills were up to the task of getting her to stay on the job.  She hadn’t seen the doctor plying his trade, but he seemed confident in his skills.

“I just need to grab a couple things I left here.  It’ll just take ten, maybe fifteen minutes.”

Ashley whined.  “But it’s so hot out here.  I showered because I wanted to look nice and my skin will get all sticky.”  Ashley was driving, but her car’s AC had barely enough power to keep up with the heat that had extended into September.

“Well, it’s nice and cool inside.  Why don’t you come in?  Besides, it’ll give you a chance to meet Doctor Goodman, he’s a good guy, and I really think you should say hello.”

“Fine.  Especially if it’s cool.”

Karen turned and grabbed her bag out of the back of Ashley’s car, before stepping out into the parking lot.  She’d grabbed a few things she knew they’d need once Ashley had been convinced to join.

“So, what’s so great about this guy, anyway?  You were talking about him earlier like he was some super amazing guy.”

Karen smiled.  “He’s nice, for one.  He also helped me out with a couple things.  I went to interview with him on Monday, and he hypnotized me to help get over some test anxiety I was having around my test on Tuesday.  I’m also finding I have an easier time studying.”

She turned to Ashley.  Her roommate had been complaining about having a difficult time focusing this year, since the material was harder than it had been when they were freshmen.

“Hey, Ashley, you should totally let him help you with your study habits.  It’ll only take a few minutes, and it really helps.”

“I dunno.”  Ashley didn’t seem convinced, but she followed Karen to the unmarked Suite in the office.

Karen knocked before opening the door.

“Doctor Goodman?  It’s Karen, I’m here to take care of that paperwork you called me about.  Sorry for not taking care of it before I left.”

Ashley looked around as Karen leaned over the receptionist desk, getting ready to call back to her employer again.  Seeing him, she stopped, setting her bag down on the desk as he opened the door from the back.

“Ah, Doctor Goodman, this is my roommate, Ashley.  I was telling you about her Wednesday.  Ashley, this is Doctor Goodman.”

Oswald smiled, and gave the girl a shallow, polite bow.  “The pleasure is all mine.  Or should I say, all mind?”

Both girls groaned.

After a momentary silence, Karen piped up.

“Hey, so since I need to take a while filling out those forms, I was thinking, and this is just a suggestion, but maybe you might like giving Ashley here a sample?  You know, just like me, she’s been having a problem focusing when she studies.”

Before Ashley could respond, Oswald turned to her and nodded.

“Sure, of course I could.  Study focusing is one of the really common practice routines we do when we’re learning hypnotherapy.”

He turned and looked at Ashley, deliberately mistaking her expression.

“Well, they’re not going to let students practice on people with deep seated psychological issues, it only makes sense.  Anyway, go ahead and sit down, this won’t take but ten minutes.”

He highly doubted it would be that quick, but by then, it wouldn’t matter.

“Come on Ashley, don’t be rude.  He’s offering for free.”

“All right, fine.  Sure.”  Ashley say down in one of the chairs in the waiting room.  “Fire away.”

She didn’t see Karen’s smile, because she was facing away, but since the doctor was looking in her direction, Karen gave him a big thumbs up, before grabbing her backpack and heading into the back, to give them some privacy and maintain the illusion.

“Ok, so the first thing I want you to do, Ashley, is get comfortable.  You can close your eyes, or leave them open, it’s up to you, but most people close them.  Then, I want you to focus on your breathing…”  The doctor’s voice trailed off until Karen couldn’t hear it through the door and hallway.

She wended her way back to one of the consultation rooms, slipping inside and closing the door behind her.  She placed her backpack onto the floor, unzipping it as she began to strip off her jeans.  It had actually felt uncomfortable being in the office without wearing her proper uniform, and she cringed at the fact that she’d had to disobey the policy.  The fact that she hadn’t been properly dressed had just been eating her up.

She sighed as she slid the black skirt up her legs, feeling the pressure of disobeying a rule lessen.  She savored the experience, going slowly, in part because she loved the way the uniform made her feel so sexy, and also because she knew she needed to give Doctor Goodman time to do his work.  She straightened the skirt, making sure that everything was perfect, before moving on to the next piece.

After slipping the pink shirt on over the white tank top she’d been wearing, she looked down to appraise herself.  She thought the effect was nice, the top of her undershirt just poking out, like it was hinting of things to come.  Because the shirt was already clingy and tight, the tank top underneath caused her breasts to be even more pronounced, and she was glad for the effect.  Doctor Goodman’s office was nice and safe, so there was nothing wrong with relaxing and enjoying looking good.

Speaking of relaxing and enjoying, Karen finally took a moment to imagine what was happening to her roommate.  She wasn’t familiar enough with hypnosis to know exactly how long the doctor would need, but she imagined her roommate out there, getting a personality makeover and being turned into a good little worker.  The thought of her roommate’s conversion brought back the aroused feeling that had been following her all afternoon.  She didn’t know why she’d been so horny lately, maybe the fact that she was now getting regular sex had actually stirred her sex drive into gear.

She didn’t regret the arousal she’d been feeling, it felt kind of good to get to cut loose as freely as she did around Doctor Goodman.  She remembered he’d mentioned something about a referral bonus.  Maybe he’d actually go so far as to let her have sex again today, to work off the edge.

That thought forced her to need to sit down, as she thought about how good it would feel.  Her hand worked its way up to her breast, wanting to play with her erect nipple.

She clamped down on the impulse, forcing her hand down.  That sort of behavior wasn’t allowed.  It was stealing, and Karen was too good a girl to resort to petty shoplifting.  She’d earn her relief, and that was that.

Karen wrapped her hands around her stomach, squirming a little.  Reminding herself of her resolve worked, in theory, but she really hoped Doctor Goodman would be generous.

Focusing on the fact that she wasn’t in uniform, Karen got back to work.  She had borrowed a pair of her roommate’s gray stay-ups, remembering how they were preferred to her pantyhose.  She only had two pairs of hose, since she normally only wore them for really dressy occasions, so she knew she needed to get more.  Ashley had a greater variety of underwear, since she could afford such things.

She slid the gray garment up her legs, and exhaled at the feeling.  The feeling of the top of the fabric clinging tightly to her thigh was unusual, but she quickly realized that she’d be constantly reminded of the fact that she was wearing them, and she actually enjoyed that.  She slid the other up, and stood, trying again to look at herself.  She really wished this room had a mirror.

Still, the feeling of the fabric, tight on her calves and feet, and clinging to her thighs, was enough to let her know how good it would look.  The fact that her underwear was unimpeded meant that all the doctor would need to do is slide a little fabric out of the way, and he’d have full access to his hardworking little employee.

Karen once again thought about how much she REALLY hoped the doctor was feeling generous.

She closed her bag before slipping on her heels, and heading back out to the reception area.  Opening the door as quietly as possible, she poked her head in, to see how things were progressing.

“Now Ashley, when the elevator hits the ground floor, when you finally count down to zero, you’ll be as deep as you can possibly imagine, completely relaxed, and completely without thoughts.  Do you understand?”

Karen watched as Ashley nodded, her usually bratty roommate relaxed and docile.

Doctor Goodman smiled at her, before he stood and walked over to whisper into her ear.

“Set your dial to an eight.  She should be deep enough soon.”

Karen drew in a sharp intake of breath, suddenly horny at the sight of her hypnotized roommate, sitting calmly in one of the few chairs in the office.  She couldn’t wait to see Ashley walking around the office, straightening things up, a diligent worker, just like herself.  It would be such a change, she couldn’t even get Ashley to clean up their shared dorm.

“I’m there.”  Ashley broke the silence.

“Good, very good Ashley.”  Oswald smiled at her, and motioned for Karen to stand next to her.  “Now, Ashley, I want you to imagine a television screen sitting in front of you.  This television screen is very special, because it has a direct line to your memories.  We can play any memory in your mind on this screen.  Can you see the screen, Ashley?”

Ashley nodded.  “Yes.”

“Now I want you to remember a scene from this summer.  You were home this summer, weren’t you?”


“Good, now remember a scene from the summer, when you were just sitting in your room, not doing anything in particular.  You’re relaxed and comfortable there, aren’t you?  You can see yourself, in your room, relaxed and comfortable.”

“Yes.”  Ashley seemed to melt even further into her chair.

“Good, now, Ashley, as you’re sitting there, you feel lost, aimless, as if your life doesn’t have any direction.  It’s not a good feeling at all, it feels very bad.  You can see yourself, on the screen, worried and distressed over the fact that you really just don’t seem to be going anywhere.  Can you see yourself, Ashley?  Can you see yourself worried and distressed?”

“Yes.”  She whimpered, and drew her arms in to herself.

“Ok, now I want you to fast forward a little.  It’s now Monday.  Your roommate, Karen, has just come to you, telling you about how she’s found a job opening that she thinks would be good for you to apply for.  You’ve been feeling lost all summer, and suddenly, it clicks.  If you got a job, you wouldn’t feel lost any more.  Say it, Ashley, if you had a job, you wouldn’t feel lost any more.”

“If I had a job, I wouldn’t feel lost any more.”

“You don’t want to feel lost any more, do you?”

Ashley shook her head.

“So, if you had a job, you wouldn’t have to feel lost.  You want to have a job.  Say it.”

“I want to have a job.”

“You need to have a job.  Say it.”

“I need to have a job.”

“Good.  If you only had a job, you wouldn’t have to feel lost any more, you’d feel so much better.  So Ashley, when your roommate, Karen, told you about the job listing, what did you say when she asked if you wanted to apply together?”

“I told her yes.”  Ashley started to sit up straight.

Karen looked on as Doctor Goodman continued to alter her roommate’s memories, finding the whole scene oddly arousing.  She could feel herself heating up, and really wished she could take care of herself.

“Good, very good.  Now, Ashley, it’s a little further in the future.  We’re in the interview portion, and I’m asking you questions.  You’re finding you can’t lie to me, you are completely unable to lie to me, it is impossible for you to lie to me.  You must tell me the absolute truth at all times.  Ashley, can you lie to me?”


“So, I’m interviewing the two of you, and I mention that I need only diligent, hard workers.  I need only employees who will follow all the rules, without hesitation, who will be model employees, and will be very hard workers.  Will you be a hard worker, Ashley?”

She paused a moment, and then replied, her voice sounding very dejected.  “No.”

“Don’t sound so disappointed Ashley, I haven’t said no yet.  I think I know what your problem is.  If we solve this problem, then you’d be properly motivated.  I think you are just not properly motivated.  If you were properly motivated, you would be a model employee.  Do you want me to help you be properly motivated?”

Ashley nodded.  “Yes.  Please.”

“You really want this job?”


“Ok.  Let us work on your motivation first then.  Ashley, I want you to imagine a dial, like on a stove, or a volume control.  The dial goes from one to ten, but this is a very special dial.  This dial controls how aroused and horny you are.  Can you see the dial?”


“On a scale of one to ten, with one being not at all, and a ten being so uncontrollably aroused you can’t stop yourself from having sex, what are you currently set to?”


Oswald looked at Karen, and made a gesture with his hand, pointing between Ashley’s legs.  Getting the hint, she moved over to kneel next to Ashley, using one hand to open the other girl’s legs, before sliding her hand down her panties.  Karen then started to slowly run her finger back and forth along Ashley’s crotch.

“Now what is the dial set at, Ashley?”


“Good, Ashley, go ahead and set your dial to a five.  You feel even more aroused.”

Karen felt as her roommate’s lips started to juice, slightly.  The knowledge that Doctor Goodman had that level of control over her roommate caused her to heat up more as well.  She started moving her fingers a little faster.

“Now, Ashley, I have a question.  You cannot lie to me, can you?”

“I can’t.”

“Good.  Ashley, do you like sex?”

She didn’t hesitate in the slightest.  “Yes.”

“Good, set your dial to a seven.  Ashley, would you go out of your way to get sex?”


Ashley’s breathing grew increasingly ragged at the combination of both hypnotic suggestion and Karen’s attention.  Karen continued, diligently rubbing her roommate’s pussy, feeling as though the activity was just as much a part of her duties as Doctor Goodman’s employee as any other.  She felt happy and fulfilled at the fact that she was helping him set up his practice.

“Ashley, you really want sex, don’t you?”


“Ashley, I’m going to propose a deal then.  You really want sex, and you really want to have a job, but I need assurance that you’re going to be a good, diligent little worker.  So here is the deal.  I will pay you for your work with sex.  Because you want sex, you will be motivated to do your job.  Because you are motivated, you will be a diligent worker.  Does that sound right?”

“I… Yes.”

“Good.   Now, in order to make sure that you are absolutely motivated properly, no matter how aroused you feel, you cannot orgasm until I say you can.  This is vitally important to helping you be motivated.  Say it, Ashley, say you can’t orgasm until I say you can.”

“I can’t orgasm until you say I can.”

“Now, I want to make sure we are crystal clear on the arrangement, so you will repeat the following after me.  Remember, you cannot lie, so you may not say a statement that isn’t true.  If anything I tell you to repeat isn’t true, you will do everything in your power to make it one hundred percent true, because you want it to be true.  Now, let’s begin.  You want a job.”

“I want a job.”

“You must be a diligent, hard worker to have a job.”

“I must be a diligent, hard worker to have a job.”

“If you are paid with sex, then you will be properly motivated to be a model employee.”

Ashley paused, but only for a few seconds.  “If I am paid with sex, then I will be properly motivated to be a model employee.”

“You agree to be paid in sex.”

Another pause.  “I agree to be paid in sex.”

“You will be a perfect, model employee.”

Ashley didn’t answer.  Karen picked up that she needed more motivation, and slipped one of her fingers into Ashley’s pussy, stroking in and out slowly, making sure to pay plenty of attention to her roommate’s clit.

“I will be a perfect, model employee.”

Karen caught herself mouthing the words along with her roommate.  She knew they were true for herself as well, and she smiled at the knowledge that her roommate was being made more like her.

“You will be diligent and hardworking in your duties, and never shirk your responsibilities.”

Another short pause.  “I will be diligent and hardworking.”

“You will never shirk your responsibilities.”

“I will never shirk my responsibilities.”

“You will follow the uniform policy, the payment policy, and all other rules, absolutely, and without question.”

Karen twisted her hand, driving her thumb fully into Ashley’s clit, applying firm pressure as her finger continued to pump in and out.  She could tell that she was helping to break down Ashley’s barriers, and knew that as the doctor’s words continued, they’d need more assistance until Ashley agreed fully.

After a very long pause, during which Ashley’s face scrunched, and she seemed to be fighting with herself, she finally gave in.

“I will follow the uniform policy, the payment policy, and all other rules, absolutely, and without question.”

“You will be completely obedient to the rules.  One hundred percent obedient.  A complete model employee, who earns her payment.”

Ashley whimpered.  “I will be completely obedient to the rules, and one hundred percent obedient.  I will be a complete model employee, who earns her payment.”

“Good, very good Ashley.  So, Ashley, since you really want sex, and we’ve agreed that I’m going to pay you by letting you have sex, would you say that you are properly motivated to be a good, diligent, model employee?”

“Yes.  Yes.  Please, please give me this job.  Doctor Goodman, I’ll be a perfect little employee who earns everything you give her, just please let me have this job.”

Oswald was surprised at how lucid she had become.  She was truly living the memory before her, seeing herself pleading with him to get the job, promising everything he could ask for.

“Ashley, you can orgasm when you have the job.  When I hire you, you can orgasm.  You really want to orgasm, don’t you?”


“And so you really want me to hire you.”

She nodded.  “Yes.”

“Very well.  Once there is no doubt in your mind that you’ll be a diligent, hardworking employee, who follows all the rules with absolute obedience, without a single question in her mind, and without any hesitation, then, and only then, will you be hired.  So I want you to dig deep in your mind, and find any part of you that wouldn’t follow the rules, any part of you that wouldn’t be a model employee, and destroy it.  Find it, and destroy it.  Remove it completely from your mind, because once all of those parts of your mind are gone, you’ll be hired.  And you want to be hired.  You really want to be hired.  So once you’ll be a diligent, hardworking, model employee, you’ll be hired, and you’ll be allowed to orgasm.”

Karen felt Ashley start to spasm from the orgasm almost immediately, she’d so ruthlessly hunted down any part of herself that would resist.

“So, Karen, what did you think of all that?”

She turned and looked at the door that Ashley had walked through, just moments before, carrying her backpack.  She thought about Ashley, in the bathroom, changing into her uniform for the first time, and it brought all the arousal she’d been having to push down gushing back to the surface.

“Honestly, Sir?  That was really hot.”

Oswald laughed.  It felt kind of good to know that Karen was now at least partially in on his plan.  It took part of the load off.  She might even be able to help him with recruiting some more girls.

“So, looking forward to working with Ashley?”

Karen nodded.  “Yes Sir.  It’ll be a lot of fun.  I can’t wait until we get your practice up and running.”

He nodded.  He shared the sentiment.

“So, Karen, and please, answer me honestly.  If I gave you one wish right now, what would it be?”

She looked up at him, and blushed slightly.  She looked around the office, not wanting to meet his gaze, but knowing she should answer.  It would be so terribly rude not to, and she was feeling so awfully horny.

“Honestly, Sir?  I’d really love it if you just rammed yourself into me about a hundred times.”

He laughed again.  “Wow, Karen, I never realized you had such a mouth on you.”

She looked at him, her eyes and face in a hard set expression.  “I just want to make sure there’s no doubt about what I’d be asking for, Sir.”

He reached for his belt and began to tug it off, and Karen’s face brightened.

“Oh, I never said I didn’t like it.  Just making small talk, after all.  Now, up on the counter, the help you gave bringing me Ashley has definitely earned you that wish.”

Karen smiled, sliding out of the chair and up onto the hard counter, loving the way it felt on her behind.  The last thing she thought as he slid up into her was how she really hoped she could think of more ways to be a good little worker.