Part 5 – Fundament

I pulled the car cautiously into the driveway, before breathing a sigh of relief when I finally killed the engine.  While I hadn’t had so much to drink that I’d be a danger on the road, it had been enough that a cop could have given me a hard time over it.  Thankfully, I was safe at home, and the police were no longer something I’d need to worry about.

The work happy hour had been more enjoyable than I had expected.  I had never spent much time getting to know my coworkers, beyond a couple guys that I considered almost friends.  It was nice to finally get to know people.

Getting a chance to spend an evening sneaking glances at some of the cute office girls hadn’t hurt either.  I’d spent much of the evening looking between them, trying to figure which would be the one I’d actually put some effort into getting a sample from.  Finally, I’d decided on Valerie.  She was a good combination of pretty and hot, with a cute face, topped off with nice breasts that were big enough to be a generous handful.

She’d make an excellent first real conquest.  Casey and Stacey had been good warm-ups, and I wasn’t planning on throwing them away or anything, but I wanted somebody who I could take out in public.  Somebody that I could show off to friends and family to prove that I wasn’t the loser people seem to think.

The house was oddly dark, which was strange because I figured Casey would have been home by now.  I pulled out my phone to check the time, and saw that it was almost ten.  Not late enough that she should be completely asleep, but late enough that she should be home.  Maybe she’d decided to spend the night with Stacey?  I knew she wanted to practice her magic over there, and maybe she’d lost track of time.

No big deal.  I didn’t need her around every night or anything, I just wanted to get her advice for coming up with a plan.

I ducked my head into my parent’s bedroom and bid them good night.  They both worked long hours, which was why we could afford to live in such a nice house, so they tended to keep to themselves.  I was glad that they didn’t try to smother me and Casey.  It was a pretty common occurrence that I overheard my coworkers talking about how their parents tried to stay a major daily part of their lives, and I didn’t know how they managed.  My parents were nice, and we talked regularly, but they didn’t think that just because we lived together, I needed to do something with them every day.

My room, and Casey’s too, were across the house from theirs, so that afforded us some privacy as well.  If they found out what I was doing with their daughter, I doubt I’d be welcome, even if they had raised me like their own.  Casey had told me that I needed to use my power on them, but that had seemed a little excessive.  Still, since there were now often three people in the house with powers I didn’t want to explain, using my powers on them would probably soon become a necessity.

Opening the door to my room, I stepped in, and noticed that something was a little off.  It wasn’t anything major, but my bed looked different than it normally did.  There was a person-sized lump in the middle.

Casey.  She must have decided to wait for me, as a surprise.  She might have even seen me pulling up and snuck into my room.

I took a few steps towards her, sure that she’d heard the door.  I still hoped I could startle her by pouncing on her before she realized what my plan was.  I leapt into bed, wrapping my arms around her and darting one hand around her waist, knowing that was her most vulnerable tickle spot.  At the same time, I wrapped my legs around her, pulling her close, while my other hand searched for her breast.

Not only did she not respond to the tickling, it didn’t even seem like she was responding to my presence at all.  I’d at least expected to hear some noise from her, but all I received in reply was silence.  Thrown off balance by the reaction, my assault slowed, and I began to worry as to what was happening.

I turned and flicked on the reading lamp on the table beside my bed.  That was when I noticed that things were even stranger than I’d first thought.  It wasn’t Casey in my bed, nor was it her friend Stacey, my other playmate.  I didn’t recognize this girl at all.

Actually, as I wracked my brain, she did seem familiar, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on where I’d seen her before.

Some other part of my mind realized that she should have woken up by now.  I was still a little out of it, since I wasn’t entirely sober, but an unconscious, unresponsive girl in my bed wasn’t something I wanted without an explanation.  Especially when I’d just been pawing at her, which could raise a few more questions I didn’t want to explain.

First, I worried that she might be dead, but I quickly realized that wasn’t the case.  She was breathing, lightly, and was still very warm to the touch.  Near as I could tell, she was just sleeping deeply, and even when I shook her, she didn’t respond.

Once the initial panic passed, I took stock of her.  She was pretty, with delicate features, and reddish brown hair.  In the muted light of my lamp, I couldn’t be sure of the exact shade, but it looked to be on the lighter side.  She had a slim figure, not a lot of curves, but enough that my eyes lingered here and there.  She looked like she kept herself in pretty good shape.

I lifted her shirt and ran it along her stomach, finding her tummy to be flat and tucked.  She looked to be my age, which meant she’d manage to weather her early college years without putting on a few pounds.  Overall, she was definitely what I’d been looking for.

Images of sneaking glances at Valerie all night came back to me, and I remembered how much I’d been hoping for an intimate relationship for so long.  Casey and Stacey had taken the edge off, but it wasn’t the same.  This girl would be perfect, provided she had a decent personality.

In fact, a decent personality was only a small hurdle.  I doubted my powers could make somebody more intelligent, but I could sure make somebody more fun to be around, and also enjoy being around me, which was the most important part.

I decided to head back out into the hallway, to see if Casey was around.  Opening the door of her room, I called out, but got no response.  A quick search of the bathroom found she wasn’t there either.  The living room and other parts of the house had been likewise dark.  I kicked myself for not remembering to check with my parents, but my brain still wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

When I trudged back to my room, I found the note taped to my door.  I grabbed it before heading back inside my room.  The text on the note was written in small, neat handwriting.

Erik, you mentioned wanting to get a girlfriend.  Stacey and I found somebody for you.  –C

That explained why Casey wasn’t around, she wanted me to have some privacy to get acquainted with my new ‘girlfriend.’  Of course, Casey expected me to bind her first.  That was the only thing that made sense, but I’d need the book to do that.  I searched around the room, in case Casey had left it somewhere, and sure enough it was sitting on my desk.  She’d even opened it to the section I needed and traced out the glyph of binding.

There was still more I needed, of course.  I could get a hair from her head, since she was lying unresponsive, but I didn’t know who she was.

I pulled out my phone and typed a message to Casey.  Knowing who she’d found was only one of my many questions.

Erik:  Case, what the hell?  Who is this?  I need to know her name, and what’s up.

I waited a few minutes, before my phone buzzed.

Casey:  Like I said.  We found you a girlfriend.  Her name is Laura.

The message seemed oddly brief.  Laura.  The name sounded familiar.  My phone buzzed again a moment later.

Stacey:  Erik, look, Casey doesn’t want to admit that she got seen practicing her powers.  That’s my sister, Laura. She saw Casey, and we can’t afford her telling people what she saw.

Stacey:  Please, be kind to her, ok?

Now everything made sense.  Stacey could of course knock somebody out, she had the ability to control bodies, so that would be an easy task.  And if Casey had gotten seen, they’d need me to clean up the mess.

I tried to remember what I’d heard from Casey regarding her friend’s sister, but it had never been much.  She was my age, so my initial assumption had been correct.  Beyond that I didn’t know anything about her.  Stacey seemed to care about her, so she couldn’t be that bad a person.  My sister seemed to think she was girlfriend material as well.

Taking another look at her unconscious form, I felt myself stirring.  Girlfriend material or no, she was attractive enough that at least part of me was on board with the girls’ plan.  And that was good enough for the rest of me.  I’d already thought about using my powers on her before I knew it was to cover up Casey’s mess, so why would I change my mind now?

I sat down and began to translate her name into the shape I would need to complete the binding.  I needed her complete name, but since I knew she was Stacey’s sister, I had that information.  Since Casey had already traced out the base glyph, it only took me a few minutes to finish out the rest.  She’d even laid out a candle, so I just needed to grab some of Laura’s hair and burn it while reciting the binding.

A moment later, everything was complete, and I’d added another pretty girl to my collection.

That was when I realized that there was a small problem with this plan.  Laura was still asleep.  I needed to be able to talk to her, in order for her to respond to my commands.  I’d tried commanding Casey while she was asleep once, but it hadn’t done anything.  My talking had woken her up, but until she was at least somewhat responsive, nothing had taken.

Erik:  Stacey, how do I wake her up?  It’s done, but I can’t talk to her.

Stacey:  Shoot, sorry, I forgot about that.  I made it so she’d wake up when you poke her belly button…

I stared at my phone for a moment, not believing what I’d just read.

Erik:  Really?  That’s hilarious!

Stacey:  I was in a rush… I’m sorry we had to spring this on you last minute.  Are you mad?

I thought about that for a moment.  Why would I be mad?  They’d brought a cute girl to me, almost as an offering.  We’d all need to be careful with our powers, but I could clean up the messes when it happened, at least for now.  I didn’t have to have sex with them after I bound them.

Granted, with Laura, I totally was.  I’d spent the whole evening in the mood, so why would I not go through with it?

Erik:  Not mad.

I’d debated asking her more about her sister, but something inside me said that Stacey was currently very upset.  I shouldn’t send her another message until everything was over.

Laura still wasn’t responsive as I sat on the bed next to her, looking over her once more.  An idea formed in my head, and before I could really mull it over, I leaned over and kissed her, reaching a hand down to touch her belly button.  After all, how many girls can say they awoke from a sleeping curse by a kiss from a guy?

She stirred beneath me, and her hands came up to push me away as her eyes fluttered open.

“What the… hey, who are you?”

I didn’t give her much time to get her bearings.


She responded as expected, the expression draining from her face while her pretty blue eyes glazed over.  A moment later, she was again unresponsive on my bed, but this time she was fully awake.

Before I went much further, I wanted to find out a little bit more about her.

“Laura, you won’t be able to talk any louder than a whisper, and you won’t be able to leave the bed until I give you permission.  Also, you have to tell me the complete truth.”

I’d noticed that as long as I was actively giving instructions, whoever I was controlling would stay in a blank state until I was done.  Once I was finished, however, the person would recover fairly quickly.  I waited the few seconds that were needed for her to come back to attention, and sure enough, Laura started to stir.

I sat down on the side of the bed, waiting to see how she’d respond.  Once she’d gotten her bearings again, she sat up, looking around my room.

“Who are you?”  She asked, in a loud whisper.  She looked confused as she did so, since it was evident she’d expected the question to be much louder.

“I’m Erik.  I’m Casey’s brother.”

She scrunched up her face in thought, and it made her look very cute.

“Casey?  Stacey’s friend?”  Her eyes widened, and she started speaking frantically, all the while no louder than a whisper, but because of the tone, it ended up sounding more and more like hissing.

“Casey’s brother.  Oh hell, do you know what she can do?  I saw her, in the backyard, and she was holding a big ball of fire in her hand.  She even put her hand directly into it and…”

She took a breath to keep going, and I raised a hand to try and quiet her.  She looked at me like I was crazy.

“Don’t you shush me, I’m serious.  What happened was really weird!”

At this point, she shifted to get off the bed, wanting to stand up to emphasize her point.  As soon as she reached the edge of my bed, her hands stopped, as though she’d hit a wall.  She shifted, trying to put a leg down, but that didn’t work either.

“What the hell!” She turned to look at me.

I simply smiled in return.  I was enjoying having a little fun with her.

“Wait… is this your doing?  Hell, why am I even here?  How did I get here?  What did you do to me?”


Fun as it was to play around with her, I wasn’t really in the mood for that kind of game.  Her frantic twisting to get off the bed had caused her shirt to ride up, exposing her stomach, and it also wrapped around her breasts, putting them on display.  I decided that I’d explain everything to her after I’d finished what I was really in the mood for.

Now was the time to go ahead and do what both Casey and Stacey seemed to think I should.

“Laura, when you wake up, you will think of yourself as my girlfriend.  There will be no doubt in your mind that you are my girlfriend.  You will find me handsome and attractive, and you will enjoy any time we spend together.  You will be my loyal, loving companion, and you will trust me completely and totally.”

There was no way Stacey could have expected me to keep I that innocent, and my conversations with her supported that believe.  Stacey had a pretty open attitude toward sex, and wouldn’t think that I needed to take her sister out to dinner a few times before I slept with her.  Casey shared that attitude, at least when it came to me.  Neither one would think less of me for getting directly to the point.

After spending all night lusting after the girls in the office, there wasn’t much choice in the matter anyway.  When I’d jumped into the bed earlier hoping Casey had been home, it had been because I was really in the mood.  Switching to Laura wouldn’t be a big deal at all.

Plus, my ego needed this next part, even if I never would have said it to anybody else.

“Laura, also, you find me very sexually attractive.  Looking at me and thinking of sex makes you aroused, and you’re very much looking forward to having sex with me.  When I wake you up, you will be uncontrollably horny, and more aroused than you’ve ever been in your life.  You won’t stop to think about what is happening, you’ll just jump right in to what your body wants.”

“When you’re done, you won’t regret your actions in the slightest.  After all, you’re my girlfriend, and having sex with your boyfriend is something completely normal.  You’ll be happy and satisfied, and completely content.”

“Oh, and when I give you an orgasm, it will be the best you can imagine.  Each and every one will be the best you can remember, and you’ll love the way I can make you feel.”

Maybe my ego needed that last part too.

I thought about what else might be needed, but I could fill in the gaps once she was awake.  My patience about getting to the action was getting a little bit thin.  I waited impatiently for the few seconds that would be needed for her to come back to her senses.

When she opened her eyes again, Laura looked up at me and smiled, her light blue eyes taking on a warm tone, before she licked her lips.  I leaned over, moving to get in next to her, when her arms shot out and pulled me in close, before she started kissing my lips and running her hand over my stomach.

Laura wrapped one of her legs around mine, before pressing herself up against me, running her crotch down my leg.  I could hear her moaning slightly with need from the gesture.

“God, what did you do to me?”

She half closed her eyes before she moved in again for another round of attacking my face, not giving me much chance to respond.  Instead, I reached down with one hand and started working at her jeans.  After a moment, Laura sent one of hers down to help me, and a moment later she wiggled free.

Laura looked up at me, clearly as impatient as I felt.  “Now you.”

She let her arms free so that I could remove my own pants, and while I worked to do so, she looked up at me, her face eager to get moving.  As soon as I’d managed to remove my bottom, she’d again wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in close and rubbing up against me.

I felt us rub together, even though we were both still wearing underwear, and she moaned in response.  Her eyes closed halfway for a few seconds, and her body shook, before she looked up at me, and I could see the need in her eyes.  I was pretty sure she had just had something like a weak orgasm, just from dry humping.

The commands I’d given her told her to be horny, but there was something even more to her look than that.

“Been in a bit of a dry spell?”

Laura pouted and nodded, and I could see misty tears forming in her eyes.   One started to roll down her cheek as she continued.

“This has been a long time coming.  You’re not going to call it off, are you?”

I looked down at her like she was crazy.  Slipping my underwear down my legs, I decided to follow Casey’s advice and make sure that Laura knew exactly what I thought of her.

“Who in their right mind would ever call this sort of thing off with somebody as pretty as you?  You’re downright beautiful, and I can’t wait to seal the deal.”

Laura smiled up at me, before shifting to press up against me again.  I felt the texture of her panties rub up against my hard length, and I enjoyed the feeling of fabric sliding against skin.  She humped me through her underwear a few more times, before she leaned in close, whispering in my ear.

“So, we can go all the way?”

She was gasping, and her breath was ragged, and something seemed a little off about how she was asking.  I nodded, and she practically cooed in delight, before reaching down to slide her panties down her legs.

A moment later, she was lying on her back, looking up at me, an expectant expression on her face.  I shifted to center myself above her, and moved to place myself at her entrance.  She was wet with anticipation, and I slid down into her.  At first, I moved at the rate I’d grown accustomed to with my other partners, but she winced as I slid inside, so I slowed.

Her expression relaxed when she had time to allow me in at her own pace, and her face softened once more.  After a hesitant moment, I was finally fully inside of her.

“You good?”  I panted down at her, searching her face for any signs of distress.

A smiling nod was her reply, and I began to slowly slide back out of her, starting to work.

“Yes.  Very good.  Just need a moment.”  She spoke in short sentences, punctuated by ragged gasps for air.

When I finally started to slide back in again, I was met by almost no resistance, and she shifted her hips up a little to greet me.  She smiled, and shifted to pull away, letting me know that she wanted to continue.  A few moments later, and she was bucking, signaling that it was time to increase the pace.

I thrust forward a few more times, enjoying the feeling of her tight lips around me, squeezing tightly, just shy of uncomfortable.

Laura was about to turn one of her moans into a full on cry of ecstasy when I shoved my lips down onto hers.

“You need to keep quiet, don’t want to disturb anybody else.”

She looked up at me, confused, but then nodded.

“Sorry, didn’t realize anybody else was home.  But this feels so good, I never want it to end.”

I smiled down at her, and she grabbed one of my pillows and shoved it over her head, biting down hard.  Even though I couldn’t see her, I still enjoyed the feeling of her around me, and she reached her hands down and placed them on my hips, using them to pull me even deeper into herself.

I felt the surge begin deep inside, and I was unable to hold myself back any longer.  I released into her, thrusting myself forward forcefully as I unloaded.  She got the hint, and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in tightly.  I steadied myself above her with my hand, catching my breath as I felt the last waves fade away.

She pulled the pillow off her face and slid it next to her, and I used it as a landing pad as I rolled away.  I took a couple deep gasps for air as I looked over at her.  Laura was looking back at me, her hair damp with sweat, but the expression on her face let me know that she had enjoyed herself.

She whimpered lightly as she wrapped her arms around me, and pulled herself in close.

“So, is it always that good?”

I pulled away, slightly, a little surprised by her comment.

“You’re a virgin?”

Laura laughed.  “Not any more.  You took care of that pretty handily, I’d say.”

Her expression grew puzzled, and she looked around the room, as if strangely lost.  Worried that the spell had worn off, I turned her head to look at me, ready to use the word again.

“Something wrong?”

She shook her head, slightly.  “No… just… weren’t we just arguing about something?”

I tried to return her expression of confusion, although I was curious about what had happened to break the spell.

“Uh, I’m your boyfriend?”

Laura looked at me, her eyes narrowed.

“Ok, so I know you’re my boyfriend… but how did we meet?  Why are we together?  Why haven’t I seen you before?  I’m pretty sure I’d try to get to know a guy before having sex with him.”

There was something really strange about the way she could ask these questions without being angry.  She was asking them like she just wanted to hear the answers.  I decided to just tell her the truth, and see what happened.  She’d already guessed earlier that something was up.

“I cast a spell on you, and it made you think you were my girlfriend.   Then I made you want to have sex with me…”  I let the statement trail off.  Laura’s behavior was very strange, so I wanted to see what would happen when I told her the truth.

To my surprise, she nodded.

“That would be about the only way I’d have sex with a complete stranger, yeah.  I mean, I don’t even know you, and I let you take my virginity.  And that was how you kept me on the bed earlier, right?  And also why I can’t talk above a whisper?”

I nodded.

Laura looked around the room, as if taking it all in.  “And now I’m not a virgin anymore because some guy used magic on me to make me his girlfriend.”

I raised an eyebrow.  “Do you regret it?”

She shook her head.  “No, that was awesome.  I’ve never been able to cut loose like that.”  She smiled, and I really didn’t expect what she said next.

“Can we do it again?”

I looked down at her.  “You mean like, right now, or in general?”

She laughed, even though the joke wasn’t all that funny.

“In general silly, of course not right now.  You need some time.  Plus, you have some explaining to do.  After all, I’m pretty sure you used the girlfriend spell on me to cover up what Casey was doing at my house.  So now you’ll at least explain it to me, right?”

I opened my mouth to start explaining, and she cut me off.

“Wait a second, is Stacey in on this too?  She’s been acting really secretive lately.  And now that I think about it, something’s been a little off about her lately.  She’s also been eating like a horse and isn’t even sick in the slightest, and my sister isn’t a bottomless pit.”

Laura was pretty sharp.   I’d have to make sure Stacey knew that she probably would have given us away before long, had Casey not blown it so early.  The puzzle pieces were coming together quickly in Laura’s mind, and she took my silence as confirmation.

“So you all have these powers?”

I nodded.

“Care to share how that came about?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Laura shook her head.

“Silly, we’re dating, of course I’ll believe you.  Come on, tell me.”

Figuring that she was now a member of our group, I started filling her in from the beginning.