Part 4 – Marie’s Troubles

“Master…”  Marie purred, as Brian continued thrusting into her.  “That feels wonderful.  Please don’t stop, Master.”

Marie was currently sitting on the chair in Dr. Thornton’s office, with Brian on top of her.  Her Master had commanded her to sit, before pushing her skirt and underwear out of the way, and sliding himself easily inside of her.  As was now normal, she’d gotten wet in preparation for the activity, excited for a chance to be used for her Master’s pleasure.

He’d commanded her repeatedly to be more animated during their lovemaking.  While she couldn’t hold a conversation, she moaned and made comments of encouragement.  Her personality program would tell her little things that it knew Brian would like to hear, and she’d pass them along to him.

“Master, slow down please.  I’ve had a long day.”  He shifted gears, no longer allowing gravity to freely drop him down into her, instead slowly lowering himself into her warm hole.  “Mmm… yeah, that’s good Master.  Thank you.”

Marie let her head fall back, and focused on enjoying the sensation.  Even though she knew that she wasn’t a real person, she passed the sensations along to her personality program, which instructed her on how to act in order to be as realistic as possible for her master.  She could even imagine the small physical reactions to the pleasure that her master was bringing her.

It was her job as his sex robot to always attempt to adapt to be as pleasing to him as possible, and he wanted to have an interactive partner, at least unless he told her otherwise.  Sometimes he’d tell her to act fully robotic, and she of course did so, but he’d provided no such instructions at the start of today’s session.

Brian smiled as he looked down at his companion.  He still didn’t know exactly how he should refer to her in his own mind.  In some ways, she was a love slave, or more specifically a sex slave, but Marie was so much more to him that he didn’t want to think of her using those terms.  Brian couldn’t call her his girlfriend either, because they’d never been on a date, or done any sort of couple activities.  Companion was about the only thing he could really think was appropriate.

Marie was programmed to see to his sexual needs, and that was the primary way he interacted with her.  Sometimes, he thought about trying to encourage their relationship to be something more, but he hadn’t taken that step yet.  He liked what they had, but was worried that if he tried to make their relationship anything other than it was, Marie’s actual personality would end up not having any feelings for him, and he didn’t think he could deal with that.

Thus far, the sex had been enough, but recently Brian had noticed that it was feeling a little hollow.  Part of the problem was that he now had another partner with whom to compare the experience.  Unlike Marie, his other slave, Melody, knew what she was.  It made it easier to deal with her, because he could just think of her as a sex slave and be done with it.  Her personality also knew that was her primary purpose, so he didn’t need to put her into a robotic state to make love to her.

Sometimes, his sessions with Melody got very passionate, and Brian was beginning to want that with Marie.  The entire point of using Wayne’s rapture device on the subject of his affection had been to have a relationship with her.

He looked down at Marie, who gazed back up at him, and he detected the slightest hint of a smile on her pretty lips.  He loved gazing into her eyes, and had told her as much, so whenever she noticed him looking at her, she’d make sure her eyes were available if that was his pleasure.

Marie let out a soft whimper as her muscles started to pull against him, and he knew that she was having an orgasm.  He’d made a point of telling her that she was able to, because he wanted her to enjoy the experience.  Her release usually triggered his own, and today was no exception.  A few moments later he felt himself spurt into her, and he buried himself deeply inside of her while waiting to come down from his high.

Panting, he dropped onto her, taking a moment to catch his breath.  One of the good things about having such athletic sex partners was that he didn’t have to worry about being too gently, at least when it came to where he flopped after he was spent.  Marie wrapped her arms around him, helping him stay in place as he caught his breath.  Brian couldn’t be sure, but he thought he could also feel her squeezing him gently.

“Thanks for that Marie.  My class this morning was really annoying.  Was it good for you?”

“Yes Master.”  She said into his ear, quietly.  “I enjoyed myself very much.”

Brian nodded, glad to hear that.  He wanted to make sure that his meetings with Marie were enjoyable for her, even if she didn’t remember them.  He had no qualms about just using Melody for release, and she didn’t mind either, but Marie was special to him and deserved to be treated special.

Looking up at the clock, he groaned to himself.  They needed to get moving or they’d both be late to their next class.

“Ok Marie, time for you to get yourself cleaned up.”  He said as he stood, letting himself slide out of her.  He turned and grabbed some tissues, which he handed to her before grabbing some for himself.

“Thank you, Master.”  She said as she took them, before starting to dab herself clean.

A few minutes later, both were cleaned up and re-dressed.  Brian couldn’t help but sneak a look at Marie as she got dressed, impressed with her outfit.  She’d chosen a snug black sleeveless top, which showed off her arms and figure without making her look slutty.  Brian had commanded both his girls to prefer clothing that showed off their arms, since he thought that the muscles they had made them look graceful.  Neither was pumped to the point of having bulging arms, but the fact that they played active sports was easily apparent.

She’d paired the top with a white skirt, with a black floral pattern.  It was more girly than what Marie usually wore, but it contrasted nicely with her tomboyish demeanor to make her just feminine enough that he found her irresistible.  The fact that it wasn’t a colorful outfit spoke to her personality, which was much more serious that many of the other girls he knew.

It took almost everything Brian had to not throw himself at her instead of going to class.

He did, however, spend the entire class sneaking glances at her.  Since her personality was active, he couldn’t just spend the entire time staring at her, but any time he knew she wasn’t looking, his eyes were on her.  He was a little worried that he was going to miss something that the teacher said, but he could always ask her to make a copy of her notes for him later.

When the bell rang, Marie stood to walk out of the room, and Brian rose to follow her.  He knew that she was heading back to the dorms, since she had volleyball practice tonight, and she’d need to get ready.  She’d been a little off her game lately, so he didn’t want to tell her to cancel just so he could spend more time with her.  Plus he had some things he needed to take care of, but he still needed to head back to his room first.

He thought then about how great it would be to be able to walk back with her, rather than just walking back at the same time.  They could take their time, and talk, and laugh as they discussed their day.  While he’d never admit it to another guy, he even wished he could hold her hand, feeling her squeeze his reassuringly to show her feelings for him.

It would be like having her as his actual girlfriend, and he felt a small pang at the fact that he didn’t have that.  It could just command her to behave that way, but he wanted to earn it.

Finally, he came to a decision.  He wanted her to like him for real, not because of some command.  However, Marie was never going to be anything other than a sex toy unless he put himself out there and actually made an effort to get the ball rolling.

He knew that she was heading back to the dorms, so he turned in a different direction, wanting to take an alternate route so that she wouldn’t think he was following her.  Brian wanted her to be as relaxed as possible, and needed to make sure that running into her looked like a complete chance occurrence.  He quickened his pace, since his route was a little longer, but as he approached the dorm, he caught sight of her out of the corner of his eye.  Carefully, he moved toward her, falling in just behind her as she made it to the doors.

With that, it was a simple matter to slip into the elevator behind her, making it look like there was no reason at all that he was here at this moment.  She gave him a small smile and a nod of acknowledgment as he stood beside her, and he nodded in reply.  He waited until the elevator reached Marie’s floor, not wanting to try and say anything while it was moving.  As she moved to step off, he stepped off behind her, and said his line, trying to make it sound natural, although he did stumble with it a little, since he had started to feel nervous during the elevator ride up.

“Uh, hey, Marie.  I just wanted to say you look really nice today.”  It was a simple comment, and he figured it was a great icebreaker that would still let her know his intentions.  He’d debated some more involved, but he knew Marie well enough to know that keeping it simple was probably the best plan of attack.

When Marie turned to him, the look on her face wasn’t what he’d been expecting.  It was a cross between exhaustion and anger.

“Look, Brian, I’m really not in the mood for something like this right now.”  She sighed.  “I know you’ve been watching me, and I know you think you’re smooth with the whole following me to the elevator thing, but I really can’t deal with this.”

He opened his mouth to apologize, but she held up a hand to stop him from talking.

“Look, you’re nice, ok.  Right now, though, I really can’t deal with much of anything.  I’ve got a lot going on with practice and everything.  Speaking of which, can you please not follow me to my games?  It comes off as a little stalker-ish.  Maybe if we were friends or something, but it’s super creepy.”

What she said next stung him more than anything ever had.  “Please, just leave me alone.”  She took another breath.

Out of the corner of his eye, Brian was able to see her arms shake.  At first, he thought it was just more of her anger, but it seemed like there was something more there.  She seemed angry, but it was almost forced, like she was having a hard time maintaining the energy of what she was trying to say.

Still, the words hurt, especially coming from Marie.  He’d put a lot into having the courage to try and make their relationship into something, and her shutting him down was more than he wanted to handle.

“Oh.  Uh.  Ok.  Look, I’m sorry.”  Brian looked down, not sure what else to say.  “I should go.”

Marie nodded.  “Please.  Look, I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ll find somebody, but you just walking up to me, out of the blue, it’s not something I can handle.  Good night.”  She turned, and started walking toward her dorm.

Brian stood, dumbfounded, unable to say anything from the shock of her reaction.  A million things were racing through his mind, and he had to work to try and put them into some semblance of order.  By the time he’d gathered his thoughts enough to say something coherent, Marie was already in her room, with the door closed behind her.

He turned to the elevator and jammed the button, and the doors opened immediately, since the car hadn’t been called to another floor.  Trying to figure out what had happened, he ran the conversation through his mind.  He’d given her a compliment, and her reaction had been way more violent than it should have been.  Something was clearly wrong, and he had no clue what.

He’d need to try and ask her what was up the next time she came by.  The irony of the fact that she’d still follow her programming wasn’t lost on him as he made his way to his room.  Even if her personality wasn’t acting like his companion, Marie’s programming still held.  He’d just need to figure out how to get to the bottom of everything.

“Ok guys, that’s it for practice.  Good work everybody.  Remember we have a game on Saturday, so make sure you don’t party too hard Friday.”  Melody shouted out to her teammates, wanting to keep the energy of their evening practice while still making sure everybody remembered they had an important game coming up.

“Marie, can I talk to you for five before you go?”  She called to the other girl, as the rest of the team started to trickle out of the gymnasium.

Once the crowd had dispersed, Marie turned to the team captain.  “What’s up?”

“Well, first I wanted to make sure I apologized about what happened last week.  I shouldn’t have exploded at you, that was very wrong for me to do.  I was just looking for somebody to blame and I took it out on you.”

Marie nodded.  Melody had been a little aggressive, but she knew that she’d been off her game.  She’d been a little upset when the captain had yelled at her, but once she cooled down she’d realized that she’d been at fault as well.

“It’s ok.  I was really blowing it.”

Melody reached up over one shoulder and scratched her back, digging her fingers into a sore muscle.  She wasn’t quite sure how to follow up what she’d just said with what she needed to say.

“Yeah, well.  I wanted to ask.”  She let her hand come to rest on her own shoulder.  “You’ve been a little off your game all week.  Is everything ok?”  She looked over at Marie, making sure that her voice came off as a concerned teammate and not in any way angry or accusatory.

Marie’s shoulders slumped.  She’d been trying to hide things from her teammates, but she should have known she wouldn’t be able to.  She debated telling Melody that it was nothing, but the way the other girl was looking at her, she decided that she had to trust somebody, and she had few friends outside the team.

Before she could say anything, Melody looked over at her.  “Boy trouble?”

Marie blinked in surprise.  “How did you know?”

Her teammate gave her a half smile.  “Well, that’s generally what bothers people.  Either that or grades, honestly, and I know you’re too smart for it to be grades.”  Melody motioned over toward the bleachers, and the two girls walked over before they sat down.

“So, you want to tell me about it?  I can at least be a sympathetic ear for you.”

Marie nodded.  She’d wanted to get this off her chest, so having somebody to talk to would make her feel a lot better.

“It’s just, well, I’ve been wanting to feel…”  Marie trailed off as she tried to figure out the words to express what she meant.  “I’ve been wanting to feel a little more, well, pretty, I guess.”  She sighed.  “I don’t quite know how to say it.  I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy and recently that started bothering me so I wanted to show myself off as a girl a bit more.”

Melody held up a hand.  “I know what you mean, ok?  I went through that a bit in high school.”  She reached over and put a hand reassuringly on Marie’s arm.

Marie looked down at Melody’s hand.  “Well, at first it was great, because I got to feel like a whole new me.  But then suddenly I started to attract all sorts of attention, and a bunch of really creepy guys started to make passes at me.  It made me feel really uncomfortable.”  She looked down at her shoes.  “Sometimes it feels like all they want to do is stare at me like a piece of meat.”

Melody wasn’t surprised to find this out about Marie.  Her master had told her that he’d given Marie similar instructions to those he’d given her about how to dress, and she’d started to get more attention as well.  Melody hadn’t realized that Marie would be having so much trouble adjusting to all the attention.  For her, it was easy, because she knew that she belonged to her master, and could just tell anybody who made a pass at her that she had a boyfriend.  Plus, she’d turned a few heads in her day, when she wanted to.

Marie, however, was new to dealing with attention of boys, and didn’t have the comforting knowledge of knowing her place in the world as one of her master’s bots.  Melody’s master had tried to explain to her why he couldn’t just command Marie to be his girlfriend, like he had her, but she didn’t quite get it.  It must just be a limit of her programming.  Melody didn’t understand a lot of the choices that her master made.

Thinking about her master’s plan to get Marie to like him, Melody got a sinking suspicion that something bad had happened.  Brian had been telling her yesterday that he was debating trying to start winning Marie over.  If she’d been upset when he made his first move, things could have ended poorly.

“Hey, Marie.  This might sound strange, but was one of those guys named Brian?  From your building?”  She asked, trying to make her voice sound casual, but she was suddenly nervous and worried because it involved her master, and she wanted him to be happy.

Marie looked up at her surprised.  “Uh… yeah.  He talked to me this afternoon.”  She looked around nervously.  “How do you know about Brian?”

Melody’s mind raced.  She needed to figure out how to explain, without making things worse for her master.  She decided to run with the first thing that came to her mind, since it sounded pretty reasonable.

“Shit.”  She threw her arms up, while looking at the ground like she’d just made a huge mistake.  “Damn, that one was my fault.  If I’d known you were dealing with this, I would have told him to let me talk to you first.”

Marie looked over at her, her earlier suspicions replaced with curiosity.  “What do you mean?”

Melody cheered to herself.  If Marie was asking, instead of reacting angrily, it meant she might be able to salvage the situation.

“Brian came to me a couple days ago and was asking about you.  He… well, I shouldn’t tell you what he told me, it was private, but I think you need to know.”  She paused, so that Marie’s curiosity could build.  “He told me he’s had a bit of a crush on you for a long time, and asked me what the best way was to ask you out.”

The expression on Marie’s face shifted from one of curiosity to one of mild shock.  “Oh no…”

“What did you do?”

“Oh god, I totally bitched him out.  I thought he was just a stalker who finally decided to make a pass at me.”

Melody imagined how Brian would have reacted to Marie going off on him.  It couldn’t have turned out well.  She’d need to make a point to visit her master once she got done here.  First, though, she had to sort this out.

When she’d asked her master about just telling Marie to be his girlfriend, he’d commanded her not to reveal the girl’s true nature to her.  However, he’d made no prohibition about trying to manipulate Marie as her teammate.

“Ug.”  Melody reached up and rubbed her temples, as if the current situation was giving her a headache.  “I’m pretty sure he was just awkward.  He said he’s had a crush on you a long time, and that he came to your games to show his support, thinking that when he finally asked you out you’d know and think of it as a good thing.  I even told him that was a little stalker-ish and that he needed to start talking to you before it started to look too weird.”

“I totally misread that, didn’t I?”

Melody nodded.  “Yeah, he was just trying to be nice.”

“Damnit.” Marie leaned back on the bleachers, looking up at the ceiling.  “This morning, on my way in to class, a guy made a wolf whistle when I walked by, and it just made me feel all dirty, and threw me off for the whole day.”

Marie paused.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted to share the next part with Melody, even if she was revealing everything.  Finally, she decided that she might as well go for broke.

“Plus, and please don’t tell anybody this, but I’ve been so horny lately there’s a little voice in the back of my head that tells me I should just accept one of their offers to blow off some steam.  I’d feel like a total slut, of course.”

Melody blinked and looked over at her, and Marie blushed in response.

“You what?”  Melody was sure she must have mis-heard what Marie had said.  Marie was too much of a good girl to ever admit something like that.

Marie played with her fingers, nervously.  “I’ve, uh, been really horny lately.  It’s been really hard to turn all those guys down, so I guess I just kinda went into attack mode when Brian said something.”

Melody leaned over, raising one eyebrow.  “Just what did he say, anyway?”

“Umm…”  Marie ran the conversation back in her mind, and blushed.  “You look nice.”

“Wait, that’s all he said to trigger a total bitch out attack?”

Marie hung her head.  “Yeah, well, when you put it that way, I really do sound like a bitch.”  She sighed.  “Just, everything that’s been going on has gotten me so wound up and just… I feel like I’m going to explode some times.”

She took a deep breath and sighed again.  She felt relieved for getting this off her chest, but didn’t quite know what to do now.  Thankfully, she had somebody she could ask.

“So now what?”

Melody leaned back, but had a pretty good idea how she could get things cleaned up.  “Do you feel guilty about bitching him out?”  She asked her companion.

“Yeah…”  Marie responded.

“And you want to make it up to him?”  Melody turned and looked at Marie.

“I guess.  If he really wasn’t trying to be a creep.  I mean, coming and asking you is a little weird, but it shows he’s not just looking for a hookup.”

“He’s not.”  Melody said, a little too fast.  She made a point of slowing down for the next part.  “I think I have an idea how to make it up to him.”


“Well, he was looking for a way to ask you out, and you blew up at him, so the only way to make it right is for you to ask him out on a date.”

“Wait, what?  No, no there’s no way I can do that.”  Marie looked at Melody, her face shocked at the suggestion.

“Oh, so you don’t want to date boys?  Girls more your thing?  Wait, are you telling me you’ve been horny lately because you’re making a pass at me?”  Melody knew that wasn’t the case, but she needed to get Marie to agree to her plan.

“What?  No, I like boys.”

“Then great, should be no problem going on a date with Brian.  He seems like the nice kind of guy who’d take you somewhere good.  Plus, you can wear a little dress that’s not tomboyish at all, and get to know him better.”

Melody was having a hard time not breaking out into a cat-like smile.  She’d managed to manipulate the girl her master wanted without disobeying any of his commands.  Getting her to agree to go on a date would be a huge step in his plans.  Now all he needed to do was charm Marie, and everything would be perfect.

“I suppose I’m stuck with this plan, aren’t I?”  Marie turned and asked the other girl.

“Yup.  Now, it just so happens, I have his cell phone number, so you can send him a text message with the good news, and then you’ll need to go dress shopping tomorrow.  And remember, the date has to be Friday, because I do not want you all nervous on Saturday at our game, so you need to get your boy troubles settled by then.”

Marie looked at Melody, before shaking her hand and holding out her hand as Melody reached into her bag and fished out her phone.

Melody grunted as Brian slid forward, pushing himself further inside of her.  She was currently lying on his bed, with her legs wrapped around him, using her limbs to help push him deeper inside of herself.  Her master was standing over her, pushing himself roughly into her.  He’d started off a bit more gently, but Melody had informed him that she wasn’t really in the mood for gently today, and he’d shifted to put his arms on her shoulders to help get more leverage.

Brian had been treating her especially well the last few days, telling her to make sure that she told him exactly what she needed to get off.  Melody knew that it was a reward for what she’d done with Marie.  After she’d finished talking to the other girl, she’d gone to see her master, to make sure everything was fine.  It clearly was, because he’d practically dragged her into his bedroom and thrown her on his bed.

He’d mentioned he wanted to stop fooling around with Marie until after their date, since things would be a little awkward otherwise, and that he’d need to rely on Melody to take care of relieving his sexual frustration.  She’d been happy to oblige, since the experience was pretty pleasant for her too.  Plus, it was her primary purpose.

She was very confused as to why he was rewarding her for simply doing what she was supposed to, but she figured it had something to do with his inability to fully divorce himself from his emotional attachments.  Like Marie, he was treating her more like a real girl than a sex tool.  In a way, putting up with that quirk was also making him happy though, wasn’t it?

“Hey, Master?”  She asked looking up at him.

“What’s up?”

“Can I flip over?”  She asked, and gestured with her hand.

Brian laughed at her.  “Do you really need to ask about something like that?”

She looked up at him, batting her eyes innocently.  “But it’s my job to serve my master.  I’d never want to do anything without his permission.”  She gave her most submissive expression.

Her master laughed again in response, before pulling himself back so she could move.  He slapped her playfully on the ass as she flipped over, shifting on his bed so that her butt was up in the air, and he could gain access to her from behind.

She groaned again as he shifted and placed himself at her entrance before sliding inside of her.

“You know Melody, I’m surprised.  I said you could be in any position you want, and you picked this one.  Kinda figured you were always a little on the repressed side.”

It was her turn to laugh.  “Master, I just want to experiment.  Plus, I was curious what it would feel like.  Feeling you on my butt is kinda fun.  Is this good for you?”

“Yes.”  He slapped her on the ass again.  “Plus I get some new toys.”  He reached up and grabbed her hips, using that for additional leverage as he pushed forward into her.  Melody responded by also starting to shift her weight, driving herself backward as he came forward, increasing the intensity of things between the two of them.

Marie was coming over tonight for their date, and he’d asked Melody to show up a little while before it was scheduled to begin.  He wanted to be sure that nothing would distract him during their date, so he was making sure to get everything sexual out of his system with Melody.

She wiggled her ass a little, making it clear that she wasn’t really upset at being asked to perform such a duty.

“Oh god Master.”  She purred, as she managed to lose herself in the feeling of him thrusting into her.  Each push forward drove her into the bed.  “I can’t believe I used to think of this sort of thing as degrading.  It feels so good.”  She felt her chest rub against the bed, and shifted so that the force of Brian thrusting would cause her nipples to slide along his sheets, increasing her stimulation.

Melody’s world exploded into random sensations as she felt herself approach an orgasm, her legs trembling under more than just the weight of keeping herself held aloft.  She’d gotten off once while on her back, but the feeling of her master behind her quickly brought her to the second orgasm of the evening.

Apparently, Brian had meant it when he said he was going to hold out to make it as good as possible for her, as a thank you for what she’d done.  He’d been making use of her so much over the last three days, she was constantly sore, but she loved the feeling since it meant that she was fulfilling her primary purpose.

Something at the back of her mind tickled her with questions.  Why had her master had waited so long to take advantage of what she had to offer?  After all, he was clearly lonely, not having a real girlfriend, if he was chasing after Marie.  Still, it wasn’t her place to judge, and she had more important things to be thinking of right now.  Brian pushed forward, still working to bring them both as much pleasure as possible.

She heard her master let out a moan, which let her know that he was close to being done.  She was pretty sure that she didn’t have another orgasm in her, so she focused her attention on the muscles inside of her, trying to pull them in such a way as to grip her master more tightly.

He let out another gasp, and she smiled, knowing that she’d accomplished her goal.  She put everything into holding her muscles tight, relying on her strong core to do so, and a few seconds later, she felt him begin to spurt inside of her.

Once he was done, he leaned forward, resting on her ass, which she still had thrust into the air.  She didn’t mind, shifting her weight to get more comfortable, in some ways enjoying the pressure of her master on her sensitive parts, pressed up against her.  It allowed her to be supportive in more ways than one, and she giggled to herself at the pun.

She gasped to regain her breath as he did the same, and she let her mind wander to enjoy the aftermath of her orgasm.  She knew that what she felt wasn’t real, and just simulated an actual orgasm, but it wasn’t like she’d ever known anything else, and what she felt when she was with Brian was amazing.

Had she known how good being with a guy would feel, she’d have begged her master to let her stop pretending to be anything other than his sex bot a lot sooner.  The time she’d spent forced to pretend she didn’t know him meant a lot of time missed both serving him and enjoying the act of doing so.

She’d been wondering a lot lately about why Brian had waited so long to activate her.  She was the captain of the volleyball team, after all, so every girl on the team plus administrators and coaches had to have known her for at least the three years she remembered being here.  Even if memories of her childhood were faked, at least that much had to be real.

Then, there was the issue of her mother calling.  Why would her master have gone through so much effort of setting up a person to pretend to be part of her family?  Was it that important to have a cover as to why she was at this school?

Melody shook her head, wanting to drive these random thoughts from her mind.  They often made her head hurt, and she always felt better when she focused on what was important, which was making sure her master never wanted or needed anything.  Glancing at her watch, she saw she needed to encourage him to get moving.

“Master, it’s almost six fifteen.  She’ll be here at seven.  You really need to get ready.”

“Oh shit!”  Brian exclaimed, as he scrambled off of Melody.  He didn’t want to keep Marie waiting, once she arrived.  He looked down at his slave, who was still lying in the twisted posture she’d been in when they finished having sex.

“You uh, mind picking out something for me to wear while I get a shower?”

“Yes Sir, Master.”  Melody smiled up at him, and rolled onto her side, clearly still enjoying the post orgasmic haze.

Brian was glad that he’d told her that she was able to experience all aspects of sex, even orgasms, just like a human.  In the week that he’d had Melody as a slave, she’d been extremely good to him, and he’d lost all traces of the anger he’d once held at her.  He hadn’t actually changed her personality much at all, just commanding her to have sex with him, and act as though she were his girlfriend, which meant that Melody must have been a pretty good friend, once she opened up to you.

He turned and made his way to the shower, thinking about what things were going to be like tonight.  He couldn’t wait, he was finally going to get to have an actual date with Marie.  His blond slave had basically set everything up for him, and handed him the girls of his dreams on a platter.

If things went well with Marie, he’d finally know if the other girl liked him.

He so hoped she actually liked him.