Part 3 – Tuning Melody

Brian grimaced as he watched Marie fall short of yet another save, missing her fourth of the evening.  The team wasn’t doing too well, and he could tell that tensions were already starting to get a little heated.  The girls on the team were normally pretty tightly knit, but he could see them shouting at each other, and more than a few upset gestures had been made.

Even before he’d given Marie the suggestion that had turned her into his girl-bot, Brian had made a point of coming to her games.  Now he made a point to never miss one.  Marie had been playing well the last few he’d watched, but something seemed to be really wrong tonight.

Most of the people from their school had left, so Brian was part of a very small crowd that remained in the gymnasium to cheer on the players.  Women’s volleyball never drew as much of a crowd as some of the more popular sports, but tonight wasn’t going well, and people were losing hope.

His heart twisted as the coach called for a time-out, and called Marie over, along with Melody, the team captain.  Brian suspected what was going to happen, but it still hurt to watch as another girl walked onto the court with Melody, Marie left to sit on the bench.  She’d been replaced.  It made sense, the opposing team had already won two games, and so if they won another, everything would be over.

Brian imagined himself, sitting next to Marie, trying to make her feel better.  He’d make sure she knew it wasn’t her fault, that she was just having an off evening.  He’d remind her that normally she was the best player out there, and there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that was the case.  Everybody has bad days.

He wished he could actually say those things, and to comfort her and make her feel better.  She was putting on a strong face, not wanting to discourage her teammates, but he could see from her expression that she was torn on the inside.  The girl he liked was beating herself up, and he couldn’t do a thing to help her.

The game continued for a short while, but the outcome was pretty much already decided.  Brian watched as the players went through the closing motions after the game, but he saw a lot of disappointed faces that he’d rather see smiling, Marie’s included.

He got up and walked off the bleachers, debating what he should do.  He wanted, desperately, to do something to make it better, but he wasn’t sure how it would be received.  Marie didn’t know about the time they spent together, having no memory of her time as his robotic companion.  He could of course turn her back to her robotic state, but that wouldn’t accomplish anything other than removing her emotions, and that wasn’t really a way of solving the problem.

Finally, he decided that he’d head in the direction of the locker room, and hope to run into her.  He could claim he’d decided to stop by with nothing else to do, and that he’d recognized her from their occasional meetings in the study room.  They weren’t strangers, so that shouldn’t be too awkward.

He’d just have to make a point to not act too familiar, or she might get suspicious.

As he walked toward the locker room, he heard an angry female voice, shouting.  “Look, Marie, I don’t care what’s going on, you really fucked up tonight, and it’s pissing me off that you let down the team!” The voice was screaming, and from her tone alone, Brian could almost see her spitting the words.

Marie’s response was tired, and far more timid that Brian ever imagined her being.

“Look, Mel, I’m really sorry.  I’ve just had a lot going on.”  Her voice had a haggard, tired quality to it.

Brian turned the corner, and saw Melody standing next to Marie.  Marie had her back to a wall, and Melody appeared to be cornering her.  Even though Melody was shorter than Marie, Marie was hunched over submissively, accepting the verbal lashing.

“There’s a lot of people who were depending on you.  If you weren’t going to be playing at your best, you should have told us before you ever stepped foot on the court.”  Melody continued to let Marie know her opinion.  “This is your problem, you always only think about yourself, and how much play time you get.”

Shocked at what the blond captain had just said, Brian ducked around the corner.  That wasn’t Marie at all, he knew that she was a nice girl who always worked to help out her team.  He hadn’t actually known much about Melody in the past, but today she was showing herself to be a total bitch.  He remembered bumping into her a few days ago, and she’d been equally snotty then.

Clearly, Melody was shaping up to be the kind of person who deserved to be knocked down a peg or two.  Brian knew Marie couldn’t do it, she was too nice, but he would gladly volunteer for the job.  His hand came up to finger the rapture device in his jacket pocket, and his conviction to use it on Melody only grew.  He didn’t even hear the rest of their conversation, he was too focused on what was going to happen.

Peeking around the corner, he saw Marie walking into the locker room, with Melody glaring after her, Melody’s rage apparently spent.  The blond watched her teammate until the door closed, and then turned and stormed in Brian’s direction, clearly too angry to even change before leaving.  That worked nicely for Brian, since he didn’t have to worry about finding some way to single her out.

As she rounded the corner, he raised the device and flashed it into her eyes.  Her hands came up to protect herself, thinking that it was somebody trying to attack her, but she wasn’t prepared for this sort of attack.  A moment later, her hands fell to her sides, and she looked forward, her expression blank and tranquil.  All traces of the earlier anger were gone, and she simply stood, breathing slowly and evenly, waiting for instructions.

Brian thought about all sorts of commands that he could give her that she’d deserve.  He could order her mind to regress to that of a child, and she’d spend the rest of her days thinking she was five.  Or he could have her become the campus slut, willing to whore herself out to anybody for a nickel.  All of these ideas and more would only take a word, and they’d be forever written onto Melody’s mind.

He took a deep breath and calmed his rage, knowing that wouldn’t work.  She still needed to be able to play on the team, even if he thought that Marie was a better choice for captain.  Also, if he did something too drastic, it would break the rules that he, Wayne, and Percy had set, namely that they wouldn’t draw any attention to themselves.  Whatever he did to her, it had to be personal.  She could know she was being punished, but only her.

Plus, if he ever managed to get things to a good place with Marie, he knew that she wouldn’t like knowing he’d been unnecessarily cruel.  Melody needed to learn a lesson, but he couldn’t go too far.

Finally, he decided that he actually needed time to come up with something appropriate, or he’d end up giving her a command he’d regret.

He looked at the blond and tried to keep the anger out of his voice as he gave her a first set of commands.

“Melody, tomorrow, you’re going to cancel any plans you have in the evening and come to my room.  I’m in four sixteen in the Maxwell building.  You’ll wear something sexy, like you’re going out on a date, but you won’t have any idea why.  You won’t tell anybody where you are going and will make sure none of your friends know that you are there.”

“When you arrive, I’ll invite you in, and you will do so, without raising alarm or drawing any attention to yourself.”

He raised the device and flashed her eyes again, releasing her mind.

“Excuse me.”  He mumbled, as he rounded the corner, making it look like she’d simply bumped into somebody in the hallway.  Her mind would take a moment to recover, and the disorientation would allow the ruse to be successful.

As he approached the locker room, thinking that maybe he could wait a bit in case Marie came out early, Brian heard voices coming from another hallway.  He stopped short as five girls from the volleyball team walked out together, talking to each other and making motions about some highlights of the game.  One of them turned and looked at him, but didn’t give any major response, before turning and walking with her group inside.

If he’d managed to happen to run into Marie outside the locker room, it would have been one thing, but now there were too many girls in there, and one of them had spotted him.  He knew now that hanging out around here would look very suspicious.  He’d just have to find some other way to try and cheer Marie up.  Maybe she’d come to the study room, or he could order her robot self to bump into him.

He’d have to think of something.  Brian turned and walked back down the hallway from which he came.  He just saw Melody walking away, and he remembered that he’d be able to take out some of his anger at her soon.

Brian was laying on his bed, contemplating what he’d be having Melody do when she arrived.  His anger had largely faded from the night before, and he was glad that he’d decided to wait.  Marie hadn’t seemed that upset in class earlier, and when she came to Professor Thornton’s office after, he’d flipped her into robot mode and asked her how she was doing.

Marie had told him, in a flat, emotionless voice, that she’d been stressed out recently, but that she had made plans to hang out with a friend that evening to help talk things out.  Realizing that her friend would probably be better able to help her, he’d decided to not interfere.  Not in the mood for their usual fun activity, he’d sent her on her way after telling her to turn her personality back on.

Now, however, he was starting to regret that decision.  Thoughts of how pretty Marie had looked earlier had crept into his mind all afternoon, and he was beginning to feel the effects.  He’d been telling her for the last few weeks what he did and did not like seeing her in, and she now dressed in outfits that showcased her athletic frame, from her tight stomach to her slightly muscled legs.  Now that he was no longer worried about her being upset and distraught, his mind wandered to memories of enjoyed glances, and he felt himself stir in response.

Brian was shocked out of his reverie by a knock on the door, and stood to go and answer it, knowing that it would be Melody.  He’d sent his roommate away for the night, not wanting to risk any chance of interruption.

He opened the door, and saw the blond girl standing in the hallway, looking slightly confused.  Melody was wearing a sleeveless tee shirt that clung tightly to her chest, showcasing her breasts and arms.  Below that, she had a short denim skirt that only came halfway down her thigh.  A pair of black tights continued on from under her skirt, protecting her legs from the chilly evenings that had been the norm on campus lately.  Brian also saw that she’d draped a jacket over her arm, probably removing it to show off for her ‘date.’

Melody blinked and looked at him.  “Hello?”  She asked, before turning to look down the hallway.  “I’m, uh, here, I guess.”

Brian chuckled with amusement at her confusion, before taking a half step back from the door, to allow her to enter.

“Come on in.”  He said, theatrically, and she took a few steps forward before she could even think about what she was doing.

Once inside his room, she turned to look at him, as he closed the door.

“What’s going on?”  She asked, but her voice was still quiet and low.  Brian could detect a hint of a panicked waver to her tone, but that was the only sign that something was wrong.  Thus far, she was acting confused, but still obeyed his commands to draw no attention to herself.

Brian debated toying with her a while, but that would serve no purpose.  Instead, he turned and grabbed the device off the table behind him, and pressed the trigger, flashing it into her face.  A moment later, the expression once more drained from her, and her arms dropped, hanging limply, her jacket barely held on by the weight of her arm.

He reached over and took it from her, discarding the garment on the bed.  She wouldn’t be needing it any time soon.

Brian spent a moment looking over her, since he hadn’t taken the opportunity the night before.  Even if she had a sour attitude, Melody was pretty, although he still preferred the way Marie looked to the blond.  Still, she had a cute, round face, and her breasts were nicely sized and shapely.  The top she’d selected highlighted them, as though she thought of them as her best assets.

He reached up and cupped the two orbs, and Melody giving no response to the gesture.  He’d actually been a little surprised at her outfit.  Brian had told her to wear something sexy, and he’d expected a black dress, or something a little more revealing, but he hadn’t been very specific in his command.  Even if she was a bitch, apparently Melody wasn’t a slut, and preparing for a date still meant she had some self-respect.

Brian twisted his lips as he decided how he would start to punish the girl in front of him.  Her blank stare reminded him of how Marie looked when she was being robotic, her eyes glassy and unresponsive.  He felt himself stir again in response, and figured he should start with something that would allow him to work out his frustrations.

“Melody, you will continue to not do anything that draws attention to yourself.  Until I tell you otherwise, you will be unable to talk above a whisper.  Additionally, you will answer my questions with complete and total honesty, you will not be able to lie to me.  Finally, you must obey any direct order I give you.  As long as it’s a direct order, you will be helpless to resist.”

Commands finished, he brought the device up, and unlocked her mind.  He moved to sit on his bed as Melody came back to her senses.  Once she was again able to think, she looked around the room, confused.

“Where am I?”  She hissed, in what could only be described as a loud whisper.  She’d wanted to shout the words at the guy in front of her, but was unable to do so.  “What’s going on?  Who are you?  What am I doing here?”  She continued to ask questions in rapid succession, before realizing that her voice wasn’t working properly.  Melody stopped talking as she brought her hand up to her throat.

“Hey Melody, how do you feel about giving guys head?”  Brian asked, not answering any of her earlier questions.

“I don’t like doing it, I think it’s degrading and disgusting.  If I guy asked me to do it, I’d break up with him on the spot.”  She replied, without pause or hesitation.  Realizing what just happened, her eyes opened wide, and she brought her hand up to cover her mouth, uncomfortable with the fact that she’d spoken involuntarily.

Brian’s lips twisted into a smirk, and he narrowed his eyes, feeling he had the first punishment he could give her that would be just right, without hurting her.

“Melody.”  He began, and waited for her to be looking at him.  She turned her head, confused, but responding to his tone.  “Melody, I want you to give me the best blowjob you can imagine ever giving a guy.”

“Who the fuck do you think you are?”  She spat in her whisper shout, before stopping short as she realized that she’d already dropped to her knees.  Melody reached up and started working at his belt, and her eyes widened in a combination of fear and shock.

“What did you do to me?”  She asked, as she looked up at him.  Even though she was looking at his face, her hands continued, pulling his underwear down and helping him spring free.

Melody wanted to grab the fleshy pole in front of her and twist, showing this guy exactly what she thought of him, but something in the back of her mind told her otherwise.  After all, the best blowjob ever would start with hands that tenderly and gently cradled the guy.  She felt her hands shift to using a soft touch, despite her brain’s desire to lash out.

She looked at her own hands as though they belonged to somebody else as they slowly began to pump him, bringing him from semi-hardness to full rigidity.  Melody then placed one hand in a ring at the base of his shaft, before leaning forward.  Brian’s organ filled her vision, and her eyes widened as she realized that this was really happening.

“What the… Stop, please.  Just sto…”  Her protests were cut off as she opened her lips wide and placed them over him, and her mouth was now full.  She made a few muffled sounds, before realizing that would make the effort less enjoyable, and her talking immediately stopped.  Instead, she slowly lowered herself until he was fully inside her mouth, her teeth only scraping him once before she made a point of shifting her jaw so that wouldn’t happen again.

As she started to bob back up, Melody remembered that one of her friends had told her that guys enjoyed when a girl hummed while giving head, so she began to do so as well.  Despite her desire to stop, the moan that Brian gave in response to the activity encouraged her to continue doing it.

Melody’s mind scrambled, trying to find some way to end the nightmare she was currently living.  She was powerless to stop her mouth from bobbing up and down, her tongue swishing back and forth to provide stimulation.  Desperate, she did the one thing she could to show her disgust, looking up at him with her eyes narrowed, sending as much anger and rage at him as she could muster.

Brian looked down at her, and smiled, raising one finger to wag at her reproachfully.

“Now now, Melody.”  He started, smiling.  “I’d enjoy this a lot more if you looked like you were enjoying yourself.”

Her expression immediately softened, and all traces of anger vanished.  Instead, her eyes were now half closed, and glazed slightly with lust.  That gave Brian further ideas.

“Also, Melody, I really enjoy it when I know the girl giving head is feeling horny at what she’s doing.  It would make it really, really good if you were aroused by all this.”

Melody wanted to shake her head and deny what he just said, but she had already figured out that her body was going to respond whether she wanted to or not.  Sure enough, to her horror, she felt the skin of her chest begin to warm and tingle, and her flesh crawled, tightening in response to the heat she was feeling.  The next time she shifted direction, Melody felt her hard nipples rub up against the inside of her bra.

The feeling continued down to between her legs, and she felt heat and warmth as her insides began to flutter.  She shifted her legs, feeling herself slick with arousal, as a gentle pulsing sensation began to run up and down the sides of her stomach, familiar butterflies from when she’d been horny in the past.

What the hell did he do to me?  Melody thought to herself.  At least she was still allowed to do that, even if her body was forced to do whatever it took to follow his commands.  My tits and pussy are on fire.  Wait, did I just think of my breasts as tits?  Oh god.  Carmen told me once that guys like it when a girl refers to herself with dirty words.

Oblivious to the mental struggle going on within his companion, Brian leaned back, enjoying the feeling of Melody’s lips on him.  Even though she wasn’t as good as Marie, mostly because of lack of practice, she was making a great first effort.  He could also tell she was frustrated at what she was doing, and was glad to know that she was getting what she deserved.

Still, he wanted to make things just a little worse for her.  “Melody, tease your pussy while you do this.  Get yourself good and frustrated.  When I’m done, swallow.”

Melody shut her eyes, hoping it would block out what was happening, but it didn’t provide any relief.  One of her hands moved from Brian’s lap, the other helping her mouth provide stimulation.  She reached down, slipping her hand under the waist of her skirt, before she began to play with herself, her fingers flicking frantically over her lips through her tights.  She could feel the moisture of her forced arousal, which only grew as she increased her own stimulation.

Brian put his hands down to support his weight as he allowed himself to relax, fully enjoying the attention of the blond girl in front of him.  He’d been fighting to hold in his orgasm to draw out her punishment, but now that everything was complete, he released the hold he had on himself.  No longer forcing down his reaction to her warm lips, he knew he’d be cumming before long.

Melody continued to slide her mouth along his length, heedless to the ache in her jaw and neck, and distracted by her body’s reactions to what she was doing.  She felt him begin to move in her mouth, and guessed what was coming.  Not sure what to do to follow his command to swallow it all, she tried to raise her mouth up when he released, to catch his load, rather than gagging on it.

She used every ounce of willpower she had to not choke and gag as he erupted into her mouth, knowing without any doubt at this point that she’d have to swallow.  Melody quickly tried to slide the sticky substance to the back of her mouth, swallowing, but more came out, and she wiggled her tongue, trying to get as much down her throat as quickly as possible.

Finally, after what seemed the longest few seconds of her life, he was done.  Melody gulped one last time to get the last of the slime down her throat.  As she raised her lips from him fully, her tongue flicked out, licking the last of his residue.

She leaned back onto her heels, not quite sure what to do.  Some part of her wanted to lash out at this guy, to scream, to hit him, but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to.  She debated trying, but she knew that if she angered him, it would only make things worse.

Instead, she waited, hoping that he would get bored of torturing her and just let her go.

Brian had no such plan, of course, and had already decided that would not be the last time Melody’s lips were wrapped around him.  With practice, she could be really good at that.

“So, Melody, what did you think?”  He looked down at her.

She was clearly trying to keep her expression in check as she hissed out a reply.  “It was horrible.  I hated every second of it.”  Her hands came up to her mouth as she realized what she had said.  She needed to keep him happy, so he’d let her go, not upset him with a statement like that.

“Really now?  You weren’t aroused in the slightest?”

Her hands shot away from her mouth so she could answer.  “Of course I was aroused you ass, you made me aroused.  The whole time my pussy and my tits were just begging for attention.”  Question answered, she placed her hands over her mouth once more, before leaning forward to hide her face.  She couldn’t believe that she was still talking that way, and helpless to answer his questions.

Brian looked down at her, wondering what more he could do to her.  He found Melody attractive, and was very interested in seeing her some more.  Unlike Marie, he also felt no qualms about giving her suggestions to force the issue.  He wanted Marie to actually like him, but he had no need for Melody’s emotions to be real.

In fact, maybe she’d be able to help him, somehow.  At the very least, he was going to give her an attitude adjustment so she’d never upset Marie again.

Brian reached over to grab the rapture device once more.  With his other hand, he reached down and grabbed Melody by the chin.  Turning her head up to face him, he flashed the light into her eyes, and the tortured pain within her melted away.

Some part of him was worried that turning her into another girl-bot would make what he and Marie had less special, but he couldn’t deny how much he loved seeing Marie blank and obedient, and he wanted to see Melody that way too.  It was a dark addiction, but he couldn’t deny how aroused a robotic girl made him, Marie or otherwise.

“Melody, you no longer think of yourself as human.  You are a robot, constructed to be identical to a human girl in every way.  However, deep down inside this robot, you still exist, trapped and helpless.  You’ll be deep down inside this robot, watching everything that happens, and unable to do anything about it.”

“Your robotic self is completely and totally obedient to her master, which is me.  You will address me as Master.  You will follow each and every one of my commands without hesitation or resistance.  You are a sex bot, crafted to bring pleasure to her owner.  Your primary purpose is to bring pleasure, and you will willingly, eagerly, and energetically fulfill that purpose.”

“Your programming is designed to constantly update itself to make you a better companion.  Everything I tell you about serving me better will be instantly adopted, with no regard for your own needs or desires.  And through all of this, you’ll still be inside, deep down, helpless, constantly reminded of the fact that this is your punishment for being such a bitch to the girl I love.”

Brian looked at the device in his hand as he considered if he’d forgotten anything in his instructions to Melody.  He’d told her to be completely obedient, and that her primary purpose was to serve him.  He knew he had enough power for another activation of the device, but he wanted to leave himself as much cushion for the unexpected as possible.

Finally, he decided to just throw in a safety net, in case he’d forgotten something.  “Melody, you will never try to harm me, in any way, ever.”

With that, he pressed the switch that would allow her mind to once again be free.  Of course, her free mind was no longer very free at all.  Still, he could tell that she was making the transition as her muscles tensed and she started holding up her own weight, instead of remaining slumped over.

“Melody, stand up.”

“Yes Master.”  She replied, without emotion, as she moved to get to her feet.  A moment later, she stood at attention in front of him, her arms at her sides, not quite as limp as when she was entranced.

He wanted to have a little fun with her while she was like this, in order to show her just how powerless she was to resist.

“Melody, I want you to stand up straight and at attention.”  He barked.

“Yes Master.”  She responded as she became ramrod straight, her muscles tightening from her legs to her shoulders, which squared as her chest puffed out.  The tension in her muscles showed off her athletic frame, and Brian reached over to lift her shirt, which let him get a quick glimpse of her toned abs.


“Yes Master.”  She brought her right hand up to her head.  Brain reached up and grabbed her pinky and ring finger, folding them over.  He’d seen a girl salute that way in the past, and found it cuter.  Since he was having her do the act to show his power over her, he figured he could have her do it however he wanted.

“What are you, Melody?”

“I am your sex bot, Master.”  She replied, her hand still held to her forehead.

“And what is your primary purpose?”

“To serve and please you, sexually or otherwise, Master.”

“Very good, Melody.  And is there any command you will not obey?”

There was no hesitation as she responded with a quick, “No Master.”

Brian nodded, satisfied that the girl was now completely under his control.  He relaxed and placed the device on his desk.  He’d need to change the batteries before he used it again.

Looking over at his new girl-bot, he knew he had some items he needed to address.  “Now, Melody, I of course can’t leave you like this all the time, or people might notice that something is up.  I want you to search your memory, can you find a personality program inside of you?”

“Yes Master.”

“Ok.  I want you to make a copy of that program.  Can you do that for me, Melody?”

“Yes Master.”  She stood at attention for a moment, before speaking once more.  “It’s done, Master.”

Brian was curious what she’d actually done, since she wasn’t really a robot.  Still, her mind was convinced that she was, and he needed to operate within those thoughts.

“Good, now, can you tell me, does this personality program enjoy giving head?”

“No, Master.”

Brian smiled.  “I want you to change that.  This personality loves giving blowjobs, and finds the act makes her very horny.  The thought of getting a guy off makes her pussy wet.  Have you made that change?”

After a moment, Melody answered.  “Yes Master.”

“Good.”  Brian nodded, trying to figure out what other changes he wanted to make.  He didn’t know much about Melody otherwise to know what sort of changes he could make to her cover personality that would really help extend her punishment.  Also, now that he’d already shamed her once, he was finding it harder to summon up the anger.  At this point, he just wanted her to be an obedient companion, which he could use for relief while he figured out how to get Marie to like him.

Actually, that gave him a thought.  “Melody, how would this personality feel if the guy she was with was sleeping with more than one girl?”

“She would hate it, Master.  She would feel betrayed and would not stay with such a guy.”

The expected answer.  “Ok, change that.  She has no problems if her boyfriend is sleeping around, because he should be able to do what he wants.  Since you’re my sex bot, of course you’ll keep her from sleeping with anybody else.  Unless I order you otherwise, of course.”

“Yes Master.”

Brian thought about what he’d just said, and his breath caught momentarily.  He’d told her to have no qualms about her boyfriend sleeping around.  Was he really going to order Melody to be his girlfriend?  It would be the most convenient, and he was growing a little tired of the fact that sex with Marie was so emotionless.  He’d ordered Melody to have no qualms about him still sleeping with Marie, so it wasn’t like Melody would be the only girl in his life.

He decided that would probably be best.  After all, he was pretty sure that Melody, deep down, hated him, and forcing her to behave as his girlfriend would be a pretty poetic punishment.

“Melody, alter the personality to consider me her boyfriend.  When we’re alone, she will still refer to me as Master, but in public she will call me by name.  She won’t be overly affectionate in public, and whenever she is around Marie, she will give no indication of any special relationship.  However, when we’re alone, she’ll be a loving, devoted, supportive girlfriend, who thinks the world of her master.”

Melody stood silent for a moment, before giving her affirmative.  “Yes Master.”

“Your personality also very much enjoys sex with her boyfriend.  Since you are still a sex bot, you will allow that to bleed over into your personality.  Your primary purpose is and always is to bring me pleasure, and you will alter your personality however is necessary to fulfil that purpose.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

He took a deep breath, tired of talking, and tried to see if there was anything else.  Satisfied, he looked over at the blond.  “Melody, go ahead and activate your personality.  I want to see how it behaves.”

Melody closed her eyes, and a moment later, opened them once more.  Her eyes now focused, and she looked down at Brian, before she smiled, widely.

“Hello, Master.”  She leaned forward and gave him a hug, which was unexpected.  Before Brian could adjust to her grip, she slipped onto the bed next to him, stretching out to lie beside him, her arms still wrapped around him.

Melody looked him in the eye, her eyes sparkling.  “What can I do to make you feel good, Master?”

Brian felt himself stirring, despite having orgasmed only a short while prior.  Something about the way Melody was submissively offering himself to him was helping him get in the mood, and he wanted to enjoy her while she was willing and eager.

He decided that he didn’t need to be anything other than blunt with his new playmate, since she had no choice about being with him.  “I think I’d like to fuck you.”

Melody smiled wide, and leaned in close to him, rubbing her body up against his.  Happily eager, her voice tinkled as she asked, “Would you like for me to start with a warm up blowjob, Master, or just get straight to business?”

“Start with your mouth.  Since I just came, this will take a while.  I assume that isn’t a problem?”

Melody smiled as she moved between his legs.  “Of course not, Master.  I exist to please you, after all.”