Part 2 – Me and Marie

Marie’s ponytail bobbed with the motion of her head, her mouth moving up and down Brian’s shaft, her tongue slowly playing along his length as she worked to get him off.  He loved the way her hair looked pulled up into a sporty ponytail, and had told her as much a few days prior.  Her programmed mind responded by changing her personality program to always keep it pulled back.

Brian was currently sitting in the office of Dr. Archibald Thornton, with Marie nestled between his legs.  Thanks to a little influence on the part of Brian’s rapture device, Dr. Thornton had decided that he needed to leave his office any time either student came by, and never thought anything much of it.  The Doctor’s office was conveniently located around the corner of the English class Brian shared with Marie, and he’d instructed her to follow him there after class.

He’d told Marie to take her time on the blowjob, because her next class wasn’t for forty-five minutes, and she would have plenty of time to get there.  Over the last week, he’d given her a great deal of feedback on her blowjob technique, and her programming took every suggestion to heart, constantly refining her technique so that it would serve him best.

She moved, slowly and patiently, running her tongue up his length, before swishing it back and forth as her mouth once again descended.  Marie’s warm mouth was wrapped tightly around him, keeping a nice constant pressure.  Brian shifted his hips slightly, pushing himself up further into her mouth, and she relaxed her throat and accepted him even deeper.

He flicked her ponytail as she started to move her entire upper body up and down, letting his tip brush against the back of her throat.  Finally, the attention got to be too much, and he squirted up into her throat.  He watched as Marie half closed her eyes and trembled slightly herself, the programming to orgasm when he did kicking in.  Brian was glad she was getting something out of the session as well.

She pulled back slightly as he continued to spurt, the latter half of his cum ending in her mouth, where she held it for a moment so that she wouldn’t be swallowing too much at once.  Marie then gulped it down, before proceeding to gently lick around him, getting off any that hadn’t made it down her throat.  Her body would occasionally shake with a small burst of pleasure, remnants of her earlier orgasm.

Marie finished her task by gently allowing him to fall from her mouth before reaching over and grabbing her backpack.  She rifled through the contents before pulling out a small stack of napkins, which she used to gently clean him off.  Once she was done, she threw them in the nearby trash can, before she stopped and looked directly forward, kneeling and waiting for Brian’s next command.

Brian slipped himself back inside his underwear and closed his pants before reaching forward and grabbing the waiting girl by her shoulders, pulling one toward him while pushing the other away.  Marie got the hint and turned to face away from him, shifting her legs so she was in a sitting position.  Brian then pulled her back and close to him, resulting in her sitting between his legs.

He then reached up and gently grabbed the tie that held her hair in place, pulling it back along the length of her dark brown hair.  Brian pulled her hair free, letting it cascade out into his lap, and gently pulled her head back until she was laying her head between his legs.

Brian enjoyed the look of Marie’s hair in a cute ponytail, but he also enjoyed running his hands through her hair, and it was much easier to do so while it was loose.  He took both hands and wrapped them in her hair, getting two handfuls of the shiny strands.  He pulled, gently but firmly, enjoying how thick and healthy her hair was.  Marie had already been taking very good care of her hair, and after finding out how much he enjoyed it, her programmed mind had started to pay even more attention to her long locks.  Now, she spent extra time brushing it every day, and made sure to keep several spare ties and scrunchies on hand.

He pet the robotized girl’s hair for a few minutes, enjoying the post orgasm high of her blow job, as well as just enjoying being able to take a break from his day.  Classes weren’t overly hard, but the routine got to him, and he really looked forward to these quiet moments with Marie.  He enjoyed the intimacy, and the fact that she never complained or rushed him.

Brian knew she didn’t have a choice, but that wasn’t really the point.  Marie was his to enjoy, and that was what was important.  He reached one of his hands down and stroked her cheek, gazing into her wide, unblinking eyes, and once again appreciated just how completely controlled she was.  She was so graceful, and so powerful on the court, and so obedient when they were alone.

“How’s your day been so far, Marie?”  He gently squeezed her with his legs as he started talking to her.

“It has been uneventful, Master.  She was easily able to pay attention, as you commanded.”

Brian nodded, absently.  When she was in a robotic state, Marie would refer to her personality as if it was another person entirely, which was probably the simplest way to think about it.

“I’m glad.  I’m not monopolizing your time too much, am I?”

“No Master, she’s had plenty of time to study and practice.”

“Good.  If I’m being too demanding, you’ll let me know, right?”

“Yes Master.”  He still loved watching her head bob as she responded, feeling her moving gently in his lap.

Brian returned his free hand to her cheek, his other hand still firmly tangled up in her hair.  He stroked her face gently with his thumb, and just sat in silence for a minute.  Some part of him wanted to use the device on her again, or to tell her robotic mind to change Marie’s personality to be his girlfriend.  Another part of him couldn’t bring himself to do it, because he cared about her, and didn’t want to force her to be with him.  In his mind, the current state of affairs was an acceptable compromise, he got to be with Marie, without actually being with her.

And for now, that was enough.

He glanced up at the clock on the wall, realizing that time had gotten away from him.  Still, he had a couple minutes to wrap up.

“Marie, what’s your schedule look like this afternoon?”

“She has class soon, Master.  After that, she has made plans with her roommate to go shopping and probably get dinner.  After that, she has no plans for the evening.”

Brian nodded.  He thought that she was free tonight, but wanted to make sure.  He moved his hands to her shoulders and squeezed.  He loved feeling the warmth of her body through her shirt, and he could even feel heat in his legs, too.  Marie’s body was still responding to her earlier orgasm.

“Go ahead and plan on coming over to my room then.  Shut her off before you leave her room so she thinks she just spent the evening killing time.”

“Yes Master.”

“And what do you do if you ever run into somebody she knows while in public and she’s offline?”

“I will activate her to not raise suspicions, and then turn her off as soon as she is no longer necessary, Master.”

“Good girl.”

He’d given her instructions about how to hide their arrangement, but he wanted to check occasionally.  Thus far, his new robotic companion had proven to be very capable and adaptive to her new circumstances.

“Ok, I think we have to wrap things up.”

“Yes Master.”

Brian pushed her away, gently, while also pushing up to let her know to get to her feet.  He handed her the hair tie that he’d removed from her earlier, before standing up himself.  Familiar with the schedule, Marie began to gather her own hair, pulling it back into her default hairstyle.  A moment later, she pulled everything into place, and was back to normal.  Other than the blank, robotic look, nobody would be able to tell that she was his sexual servant.

He reached forward and put his arms around her, pulling her in close for one last hug, and a last trickle of her warmth.  He leaned around her and pressed his lips to hers, and she responded by leaning in and returning the gesture.  Finally, he pulled away, and pushed her to the door.

“Have a good day, ok?”

“Yes Master.”

Marie nodded in response to his command, and then reached forward and opened the door, stepping through before turning and walking toward her next class.

As she took her first few steps, she blinked, and her face became more animated.  Now, her eyes looked around at her surroundings, and her steps became less even as her shoulders relaxed.  A moment later, Marie was focusing on her next class, running through the last session’s topics in her mind, while also thinking about where she and her roommate would be going for dinner later this afternoon.

Brian watched the transformation, checking in case Marie acted suspiciously as she started thinking again.  When she gave no indication that anything was wrong, he turned and walked in the other direction.

His next class wasn’t for another hour, so he had some time to kill, and decided to clear his head by taking a bit of a walk.

Brian, Wayne, and Percy had been friends since middle school.  They’d always been slight outcasts among their classmates, but Wayne had been the only one of the three that really qualified as a nerd.  Their friendship had provided them protection from the worst of the bullies growing up, since it was much harder to pick on three than one.  Once they managed to get into high school, He and Percy had grown, and so it became their running joke that Wayne was their ‘pocket nerd.’

In some ways, that was what had ended up happening.  Brian knew that Wayne had always been way too smart for his age, and had even gotten support from a company to help with his research.  Wayne had never told them who his mysterious benefactors were, and Brian got the impression that he shouldn’t ask.  Still, Wayne never turned into the lonely hermit type, always making time for his friends, so Brian wasn’t going to complain.

His hand came up inside his jacket to unconsciously twirl the rapture device, and he nodded to himself.  No, Wayne took very good care of his friends, and Brian knew just how much he owed to the scrawny geek.  If not for him, he wouldn’t have even been able to partially have Marie.

Brian had asked Percy if he’d used the device yet, but his friend had said he hadn’t found the right girl yet.  Percy had told him that he envied Brian already having a girl chosen when Wayne gave them the devices, because he just couldn’t decide who he wanted to make his.  None of the boys thought it would be a good idea to accumulate too many girls in too short a time, or they might arouse suspicion.  Wayne’s benefactors could have enemies, and while they were probably relatively safe here at school, there were still the police, and roommates, and any number of other people that could make life difficult.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!”

The voice interrupted Brian’s thoughts, and he realized that he’d just walked right into a girl who’d been standing on the sidewalk in front of him.  He quickly looked to see if he recognized her, and realized he’d bumped into Melody, the captain of the school’s women’s volleyball team.

“Um, sorry.”

She glared at him.

“Just watch where you’re going, ok?”

She didn’t even give him a chance to respond before she huffed and walked off, stopping to look over her shoulder angrily once.

Brian had never actually spoken to Melody, but had seen her on the court plenty of times.  She was older than Marie, which was why she was the captain, even though he knew that Marie was a better player.  Still, she seemed to get along with her teammates, so he was surprised that she’d had such a nasty personality up close.

He shrugged.  Brian wasn’t any stranger to people being much different up close than they were at a distance.  He was glad that Marie wasn’t that way.  Even though he‘d never really talked to her, she’d asked him once in the study room why she hadn’t seen him on the floor.  He fed her a line that he preferred having company to study and that his floor’s was empty, and she nodded and didn’t say anything more.  Plenty of girls would have tried to make him feel uncomfortable in response to his statement.

Brian watched Melody leave, before turning to start walking to his next class.  She’d snapped him out of his reflections enough that he could actually pay attention to where he was going, and he decided that maybe he could use the time to get a head start on the section the class would be discussing.

Brian flipped through the channels, looking to see if there was anything on that could hold his interest.  He was feeling nervous, since it was already eight and Marie still hadn’t come by.  He knew he could send her a text message, her robotic mind had been instructed to respond to any messages and to prevent Marie from noticing that he’d sent one, but he didn’t want to appear clingy.

He thought about how strange that was.  Brian could recognize that he was acting like Marie was his girlfriend, even though that wasn’t the nature of their relationship.  Also, there wasn’t any need to worry about how she perceived of him, because she was his obedient sex bot, and couldn’t disobey him or judge him in the same way that people couldn’t fly.

Still, he also didn’t want her roommate to get suspicious, and instructing her to hurry up really would look out of place.

He was about to turn and look at the clock once more, when he heard a knock coming from the door.  Elated, he stood and hurried over, pulling the handle on the heavy wooden portal.

Marie was standing on the other side, staring forward and awaiting his command.  He stopped and spent a moment looking at her, just enjoying the sight of his programmed companion.

As always, her hair was pulled back tightly, but she’d switched from a thin hair tie to a dark blue scrunchy, which actually served to make her ponytail look thicker than the thin elastic band.  She was also wearing more make-up than earlier, her eyes outlined with a thin band of eye-liner, and her cheeks had a bit of a glow to them that he could tell meant she’d done something to them.  The look was topped off with some dark red lipstick, which caused her lips to pop out against the fair skin of her face.

She’d been wearing lip gloss during the day, which was probably about as much makeup as Marie ever wore before meeting him, but it was nice to see how she looked when she pulled out all the stops.  Her outfit was simple but flattering, a consisted of a tight black tee shirt, with a denim jacket covering her arms, and a pair of tight skinny jeans that hugged her legs down to where they were tucked into a pair of boots that came halfway up her thigh.

All in all, he could tell that her programming to look nice for him had kicked in, and he knew that part of the delay could actually have been her spending time to get ready.  All his anxiety from earlier faded away, and he was glad she’d spent the extra time.

“Get your cute ass in here.”

“Yes Master.”

Marie stepped into his room, and he closed the door behind her.  Brian turned her around to face him, and couldn’t help but lean forward, placing one hand on the small of her back, before pulling her in for a kiss.  She closed her eyes and turned her head as he did so, wrapping her arms around his neck while pressing herself up against him as her lips touched his.  He’d commanded her that their kisses while alone were to be passionate, and her whole body was involved in doing as instructed.

He placed his other hand around her waist and pulled her even tighter against himself, grinding his hardening self up against her, enjoying the feeling of her even through their clothing.  Her lips moved once more to finish their kiss, before she pulled away, looking at him and awaiting his command.

Brian was already feeling extremely aroused, but he didn’t want to just jump straight into bed.  Marie was a nice girl, and deserved a little foreplay before getting straight to the action.

“Help me get even more in the mood.”

“Yes Master.”

Marie leaned forward again, her hands still wrapped around his neck, and placed her head onto his shoulder.  She then nibbled gently on the bottom of his ear, before flicking her tongue out from between her red lips and tracing a narrow path up behind his ear.  Marie rubbed her chest up against his, knowing that he enjoyed feeling her breasts rubbing up against him.  The gesture also let him know that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, since he could feel her hard nipples through her shirt.

She wrapped her legs around one of his, and rubbed herself against the top of his leg, dragging her crotch over his thigh, stimulating herself in the process.  She was programmed to feel normal arousal, and as such the gesture helped her to also get into the mood.  As a sexual companion, she knew that she was designed to respond as a real girl would, and she knew Brian’s taste enough to know that she was to enjoy the experience as much as he.

Marie also knew that Brian enjoyed when she took initiative during their lovemaking.  Once he’d made it clear that the goal was sex, she was allowed to keep things moving without needing explicit instructions to do so.  Something inside her wanted to keep going, and to move on to actual screwing, as opposed to just warming up.

She pulled him gently toward the bed, and he followed without resistance.  Marie sat down on the edge of his mattress, reaching down and unzipping her boots, before she took hold of his arms, tugging him down on top of her.  Brian moved to place his knees on either side of her, and she leaned back, feeling the weight of him on top of her.  Marie kicked off her boots, before waiting to let him take the next step.

Brain spent a moment looking into her blank, expressionless face, and felt himself get uncomfortably hard in his jeans.  He couldn’t contain himself when he saw Marie so blank and obedient, her face was like a drug, and he reached down to open his pants and let himself out.  While he did so, she reached down and opened her own jeans, sliding them and her panties down her legs.

Free from his clothing, Brian placed himself at her entrance, rubbing himself gently against her lips, gathering her light lubrication while also teasing them both.  He ran himself up and down her lips a few times, and watched as her thin folds started to glisten even more, her body lubricating herself in preparation for what was about to happen.

The whole time, her face remained blank and impassive, looking up at the ceiling.  Even though he knew she was feeling arousal, her face wasn’t allowed to show it, and he felt himself throb at the power he’d used to make her this way.

When he was being intimate with Marie, he wondered what it would be like to be in an actual relationship, but seeing her so blank and impassive aroused him so much that when they were having sex, he didn’t care.

Brian turned his hips and placed himself at her entrance, before sliding forward into her.  She easily accepted his entire length, and a moment later he was buried fully inside her.  He pushed back and forth slightly to get settled, before coming to rest.

“Play with your breasts Marie.  I want to feel you orgasm on me.”

“Yes Master.”

Marie brought her hands up and started to play with her breasts through her shirt, tracing circles around her nipples.  After they were fully hardened she reached up under her shirt to pinch the erect buds, which shot a jolt of pleasure through her body.

“Show your arousal, Marie.”

“Yes Master.”

Her response was half pant as she immediately began to obey his command.  Her eyes half closed, glazed over now from a mixture of arousal and obedience, and she moaned softly.  Marie pinched one of her nipples, hard enough to be just below her pain tolerance, and she gasped and twisted her body in response to the stimulation.

Brian moved his hips, starting to slowly slide in and out of her.  He took his time, wanting to savor the evening, and enjoyed watching Marie twist and squirm beneath him.  Brian hadn’t told Marie that he wanted her to be overly loud or a screamer, so her signs of pleasure were restrained to mostly soft moaning, gasping, and twisting her body in response to his attentions.  His command to never raise suspicion was always foremost in her mind.

She gave a soft cry, and looked down at him.

“Faster please, Master.”

He was startled that she’d asked, but then remembered the commands that she could take initiative during their lovemaking.  He’d commanded her that he wanted to feel her orgasm, so she was telling him what would be needed to make that happen.

Brian sped up, slightly, and Marie gripped his bed with one hand, the other still playing with her breasts as instructed.

“What are you, Marie?”

“I am your obedient robot, Master.  Ooh.  I exist only to obey your commands.  My primary purpose is to fulfill your sexual needs.”  She stopped and gasped for a moment.  “My programming is designed to adapt to always allow me to please you more, Master.”

She brought her legs up around him, and started to pull him into her in time with his thrusts.

“Ooh, right there Master.  Yes Master.  I obey your commands without hesitation, Master.”

Brian smiled, glad that his instructions for her to be more animated while they had sex were finally bearing fruit.  She really was programmed to always work to please him as much as possible, and it had taken a couple days of telling her what he wanted to hear, but the result now was well worth it.

“Master, please keep going.  I love the way you make me feel, Master.  Please let this obedient little girl -bot make you feel as good as she does, Master.”

Marie gasped and started to tremble, the muscles inside her pulling and constricting to wrap tightly around Brian’s length.  He gasped as well in response to the tightness, as Marie’s hole shrank slightly, increasing the pressure he felt, and making him feel even better.

“My only purpose in life is to bring your pleasure, Master.  Please use me however you want.  I am yours, forever, Master.”

Her cries were too much for him, and he let himself go, spurting up into her, which triggered another orgasm in her programmed mind.  She pulled him into her with her legs, extending the pleasure for both of them as they both went momentarily mindless.

Brian panted as he came down from the high, and felt Marie move her legs down from his back.  A moment later, and he opened his eyes to look down at her.  He was panting to catch her breath, but she’d resumed her blank, robotic state, since she had finished obeying his commands.  Brian could tell that Marie was taking deeper breaths than usual, but that was the only sign that she’d just been in the middle of a passionate lovemaking session.

Well, that and the fact that her pants and underwear were in a pile on the ground.

He spent a few minutes catching his breath before debating what to do with the rest of their evening.  Brian didn’t want to just send her back to her room, since she’d only been here maybe ten minutes.

“Go ahead and clean yourself up.”

“Yes Master.”

Marie reached and grabbed a few tissues from the box on the table next to his bed, and he did so as well.  Brian wiped himself off, cleaning off his and Marie’s combined juices, and watched as she did the same.  When she was done, she pressed the thin sheets into a ball, which she handed to him.  He walked over and placed the whole mess into the trash can before heading to the bathroom to wash his hands.  Marie walked in a moment later and did the same, her pants once again enclosing her legs.

“I think I want you to spend a little while giving me a massage, Marie.  Whole body.  And nice and slow.”

“Yes Master.”

Marie nodded before turning to walk out of the bathroom in front of him.  She knelt down on his bed, and waited for him to lie down next to her.  Once he was on his stomach, she began, starting at his feet.  Her hands moved gently and smoothly, without any hurry or impatience.  He’d asked a girlfriend back in high school to do this, and she impatiently made the process take about fifteen minutes.  With how slowly Marie was going, she could easily draw the process out to an hour.

Brian sighed as she made it to his calves, and she began to slowly and carefully work out all the tension that he kept bundled up in his legs.  She was straddling him, facing his feet, but he could feel the heat from between her legs, and enjoyed the warm feeling.  That, combined with the motion of her hands, felt so good on his body that he just let himself relax completely, drifting off into a calm, quiet sleep.

Marie continued her attention, not feeling any reason to stop obeying Brian’s commands simply because he had fallen asleep.  She was programmed for obedience, and valued his pleasure above all else, and this outcome simply proved to her that she was doing a good job.  Her strong arms didn’t tire at all as she kept working her way up his legs, followed by his butt, back, and shoulders.  Long hours of playing and practicing volleyball meant that she had both the strength and stamina to last through a task like this.

Once she finished with his arms, however, she paused to make a decision regarding how to proceed.  She had been ordered to give her master a full body massage, and that included the chest and stomach.  However, he looked extremely relaxed and peaceful, and disturbing him would be contrary to her primary purpose.

However, without the ability to continue, she would have to just wait until he awoke, and that could be some time.  He’d also made it clear that she needed to recharge herself enough to not interfere with the activities that her cover personality maintained.  She was scheduled to play a game the next evening, and being drained from staying up all night would seriously impact her performance.

At last, she sent the scenario to her cover personality to process, since the purpose of that program was to allow her to respond to scenarios more naturally.  The response that came back was simple and utilitarian, and met all of her needs.

She moved to lay out next to her master, settling in comfortably between him and the wall.  She draped an arm over top of him, and prepared to go to sleep while waiting for him to awaken.  Once he was awake, she could resume her activity, or adjust as needed.

Marie had almost managed to shut down completely when a noise disturbed her and her eyes opened again.  Somebody was opening the door.  She sat up and looked at the entrance, seeing a young man pulling a key out of the lock.

Her eyes widened slightly as her cover personality started up, acting to prevent the intruder from suspecting anything.  Marie looked around the room quickly, trying to get her bearings.  She was nestled next to somebody she couldn’t recognize from behind, and had no clue where she was.

He’s your boyfriend.  Just do something to assure his roommate that nothing is out of the ordinary.

The thoughts came from the back of her mind, but she was completely unable to deny them.  It all made perfect sense, of course she’d be curled up with her boyfriend after enjoying a date night.  His roommate stopped mid-step as he saw her, and she looked at him and gave a shy half smile, before giving a little wave.

He gave a knowing nod, before pointing to his own bed and taking a few steps.  A moment later, he was lying with his laptop on, wearing a pair of headphones to keep the noise down.

Satisfied that he wouldn’t be worrying about anything, Marie settled back down beside her Master, her cover personality shutting off as it was no longer needed.  A moment later, the entire scenario was wiped from her memory, and she shut down next to her master, waiting for his next command when he awoke.