Part 1: Initiate

I turned the book over another time, still not sure if I believed what it was telling me.  There was no way the contents could be real.

As near as I could tell, the book had been a gift, but I didn’t know who from.  I’d been enjoying a late afternoon drink at Zeke’s, a café and bakery that I frequented on my way home from work.  I’d gotten up to go use the restroom, and when I returned, it was sitting on my table, without any indication of where it came from.

The only clue I had was the simply yellow sticky note attached to the front cover.

I think you look like you need this.

The handwriting was neat, and I tried to get more information from the simple square, but of course nothing came to me.  I couldn’t tell if it had been written by a guy or a girl, or if the author was somebody old or young.  Whomever had left the book for me to find hadn’t wanted me to know who sent it.

The note, however, wasn’t the strangest thing.  What was far, far stranger, was what the book was about.

It claimed to be a tome of magic.

Like almost every boy growing up, I’d of course imagined what it would be like to be able to cast spells.  I’d imagined on more than one occasion how cool it would be to be able to throw balls of fire out of my hands, or to be able to fly, or turn invisible.

Naturally, I’d stopped believing in that stuff a long time ago.

I hadn’t opened it.  Some part of me thought that if I did, I would be acknowledging that I thought it might work.  I kept expecting somebody to pop out around a corner with a camera crew, ready to show the entire nation that I was so gullible to believe that magic was real.

That had been an hour ago.  I was pretty sure they wouldn’t have followed me home, and if they had cameras in my house, then things were going a little too far.

I finally mustered up the courage and opened the book on my desk, leafing through a few pages.  There was something thick stuck between two of the pages, and it caused the book to turn to a complicated looking diagram.

A thin, hard strip of laminated paper had been pressed between the pages. It looked like a bookmark.  I picked it up, and saw that somebody had scrawled something in what looked like black permanent marker.

Get yourself a girlfriend.

I sighed, thinking more and more that this was a practical joke.  Somebody had wanted to tell me that I looked so pathetic, the only way I’d be able to get a date was magic.

Sighing, I sat back in my chair and thought about my life.  I knew things could be better, but they could be a lot worse.  I was twenty two, had graduated from college with very respectable grades, and even had a pretty good job, which was more than a lot of people could say.

The problem, of course, was that I still lived with my parents.  Or rather, I’d moved back in with them.  Even though I had a job, getting a place of my own would be really expensive.  My parents said they had the space, and they didn’t think it made any sense for me to be spending my money on rent when they had a perfectly good room at home.

I wasn’t planning on being here forever, of course.  Once I saved up enough money, and got good enough credit, I was going to be buying my own place.  I’d been telling myself for the last couple months that was enough.  It was ok to not be there yet, because I had a plan, and it was a real plan, not some pipe dream plan founded only on hope.  I’d run the numbers, and I was only going to need to stay here a year or so.

Still, sometimes my doubts would creep up in the back of my mind, and I’d tell myself I was a pathetic loser for still living with my parents.  Most of those times were when I was thinking about asking a girl on a date.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know how to behave around them.  There were plenty of girls at work, and I got along with them just fine.  I wasn’t the guy they manipulated into doing things for them.  I held the door for them occasionally, and would nod graciously when they returned the favor.  I didn’t feel the need to laugh creepily whenever I got one of the cute baristas at Zeke’s either.

I just couldn’t actually summon up the courage to talk to any of them in a capacity beyond that semi-formal polite social way.  Every time I considered it, I reminded myself that they probably deserved somebody who’d been better at life.  I could worry about those things later, once I was further along with the plan.

Looking down at the book, I read the bookmark one last time, and then read the heading on the pages it had been keeping.  The right hand page consisted of a complicated diagram, with intricate symbols and circles.  The left hand page, however, was packed with cramped text, that looked to be largely handwritten.

The book looked like it had been written a long time ago, and various people had made additions, corrections, and notes.  I could recognize at least a half dozen different shapes of characters for people making adjustments or annotations in the margins.

The heading read, quite simply, ‘To bind another.’

I skimmed the text, piecing together what had originally been written in a confusing jumble of strange syntax, using the notes in the margin to help decode what this spell was supposed to do.  Apparently, if I were to use this spell against another person, it would bind them to me.  A note scrawled in a flowy hand clarified that it was more accurately to bind the will of another, but wouldn’t establish any sort of physical attachment.

I re-read that portion.  It would bind the will of another to me.  It would let me control somebody else.

Somebody apparently thought that I’d need to resort to something like this to get a date.  I didn’t know if I should be insulted or not.  I looked around again, still worried that one of my few friends was playing a joke on me.  After a few minutes of no doors opening, I began to suspect that either the person playing this joke didn’t care to see my reaction, or they thought it was real.

I spent a moment thinking about what it would mean to be able to get a girlfriend.  I figured I was supposed to use this spell on a girl, and make her love me.  Wouldn’t that be wrong?  Was I really so desperate that I’d resort to something like this?

It had been a long time since I’d had a girlfriend.  I’d had a couple back in high school, but it hadn’t worked out.  My parents had told me that was natural, that I’d find somebody eventually, but it hadn’t made things much easier.  In college, I hadn’t talked to many people because I found that it was easier.

Honestly, I’d gotten so used to being alone that it felt normal.  I could manage to get through my days, sure, but I was never really enjoying myself.

Was a so desperate?  Perhaps I was.

I read the page again.  Whoever had left the book for me thought I was that desperate, that much was obvious.  I still wasn’t quite sure myself.

Working my way through the text, it seemed easy enough.  I had to transcribe the figure on the opposite page, scribe the name of the person I wanted to bind, and sacrifice a part of them.

Those words had special notes attached to them, which explained what they meant.  Scribing was apparently the process of translating the person’s name into a symbolic form, and there was even a page number for a section that would describe the process.  I was a little worried about the sacrifice part, until I saw it just meant that I had to destroy some part of their body, but that hair would work just fine.

For a second, I’d gotten an image of having to kill or hurt somebody.  I was desperate, but not that desperate.  Burning a couple pieces of somebody’s hair… that I could do.

Still, was I really thinking that this would work?  It seemed so crazy.  It seemed impossible.

But what if it worked?

I thought about that for a second.  What if it worked?  What if I could use this on a girl?  I wouldn’t go overboard.  I’d just ask her to be patient with me while I got comfortable.  Hell, maybe I’d just tell her to ignore how awkward I was being.

Still, there wasn’t any way I could get the hair, or any other part, of any of the girls at work, or at Zeke’s, or anywhere else.

I suddenly had a thought.  I could always try it out on Casey.

Casey was my sister, or more specifically, she was my parent’s daughter.  My parents had been trying to have a child for years, but it just hadn’t worked out.  Finally, they decided to adopt me, thinking it was their only option.  I was four at the time, so I vaguely remembered it happening.  Not a lot of details, but I was old enough that they couldn’t try and pretend otherwise.

My mom had gotten pregnant a month after everything had been finalized.  Later in life, we’d joked about the irony of it all.

They spoiled her, of course, but I still don’t think it was because she was their actual child.  I knew they spoiled her because she was a girl, and they couldn’t help themselves.

Casey was easy enough to get along with.  The last few years, she’d mostly kept to herself.  While I was in high school, she was still too young to really want to do more than hang out with her own friends.  Once she was in high school, I was off at college.  We’d honestly managed to avoid each other for about the last six years, only really having to deal with each other over summer breaks, and even then I mostly stuck to my video games, and she hung out with her friends.

She was a bit of a brat, but only really when she was trying to get mom and dad to cave to a request.  She could turn on her charm when she needed, but rarely had to.  Her grades were good enough that they didn’t see much reason to not let her have her freedom.

I looked down at the book again.  She would make a perfect test subject.  If it didn’t work, she’d be none the wiser, and if it did work, I’d be able to know almost immediately.  Plus, she was the only girl I could easily get a few hairs from without arousing suspicion.  Her hair brush was in the bathroom, just sitting on the counter.

What could it hurt?

The directions said I needed to copy the complicated symbol down exactly.  I opened the bottom drawer of my desk, rummaging around until I found a piece of tracing paper that I’d had back when I was doing art projects in high school.  I was never all that good at drawing shapes, but I was pretty sure I could use this to cheat.

I still made a point of taking my time, not wanting to screw anything up.  Each and every line and shape was copied in painful detail.  All told, it took me about half an hour, but I was extremely confident that I had a perfect copy.

Flipping to the page that had been referenced for scribing, I found that there were a series of numeric grids I was supposed to use, and I had to translate Casey’s name into a numeric form.  There was a chart scribbled in the margin that outlined what characters would translate to what numbers, and I found the grid that was associated with the mind.

I figured that was the most appropriate, if I was supposed to be binding her will to mine.  I plotted out the numbers on another piece of tracing paper, and used a ruler to connect the lines.  The resultant shape didn’t mean anything to me, but I layered the papers and copied it on top of the symbol, and it fit neatly inside the circle that bound everything together.

The final ingredient the instructions called for was a piece of her hair.  I turned and walked out of my room, heading to the bathroom.  Some part of me expected her to jump out of her door and ask me what I was doing, but of course she didn’t.  She was, unusually, home on a Friday night, but I was sure she was watching television or something.

I hesitated only a moment as I picked up her brush in the bathroom.  I’d spent the last hour drawing out symbols.  Picking her hair off a brush was the easy part.

When I got back to my room, I looked in the book again to see if it had any notes about the best way to destroy hair.  It wasn’t like I could crush it or anything.

There were a few notes in the start of the book that seemed to indicate that one of the best ways to perform a sacrifice was to use fire, and candles would work.  Another note scrawled beside that one advised the use of fresh candles, and recommended dribbling some of the wax onto whatever you were attempting to empower.

I shrugged, figuring that I could do that too.  My parents kept some tea lights in the bathroom, and Casey would occasionally use them when she wanted to take a bath.  They were small enough that they wouldn’t notice one missing.  A quick trip back to the bathroom, and I was ready to go.  I even remembered to grab the lighter that sat on the side of the bathtub, since I didn’t have one of my own.

Skimming the instructions, I looked to see if I’d missed anything, but as far as I could tell, I had everything I needed.  Now, all I had to do was light the candle, place her hair into it, and speak the phrase written below the picture.

Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I sparked the lighter, pressing it against the small candle.  It took the flame easily.  I rolled the three long hairs I’d removed from the brush around my pinky finger, weaving them into a small loop that would easily fit inside the candle.  I even tucked the ends in carefully so that they wouldn’t unravel while in the flame.

Anything worth doing was worth doing well, after all.

It took a moment for me to build up my courage, since I felt like this was a point of no return.  If this worked, there would be no turning back.

I dropped the ring of hair into the candle, and it started to sputter and crackle in the flame.  Looking at the book, I spoke the words aloud.

“Constringo vos, et sic in tenebris.”

Silence filled the room when I finished, but nothing seemed to happen.  I wasn’t actually sure what I’d expected to happen.  Part of me had expected the candle to wink out, or some gust of wind to blow through the room.  I’d have even accepted a shadowy figure, or one of the light bulbs exploding.  I hadn’t really been prepared for nothing.

Some small voice in the back of my mind told me that I should have known this would be a waste of time.  Still, I’d come this far, I should at least try it out.

There was a word written on the bottom of the paragraph, and that was the word to activate what I’d just done.  I needed to speak it to her, and the spell would take effect.  All I needed to do was just walk down to her room, knock on the door, and say it to her.

I spent a moment thinking about what I’d say to her if it didn’t work.  I’d have to come up with something, but my mind was actually drawing a complete blank.

Shrugging, I figured I’d just end up looking like a fool.  I could just tell her I forgot what I was going to ask, if I had to.  It wouldn’t have been the first time.

My sister’s door felt further away than it ever had.  Even though it was only a few feet, it felt like miles.  Finally, I arrived.

I pushed down the strange taste at the back of my throat, and raised my hand to knock.  I tapped her door three times, before letting my hand fall down beside me.

A moment later, she came to the door.

“Erik, what do you want?”

“Alligo.”  The word just poured out of my mouth.  I’d planned on figuring out some way to weave it into the conversation, but I was so nervous, it was the only thing I could think to say.

The effect on her was immediate, and unmistakable.  Her face had been a mixture of confusion and mild annoyance, but that all melted away.  Her eyes unfocused, glazing slightly, and her cheeks relaxed.  Her lips even parted slightly, since there wasn’t enough tension in her face to hold them together.

I stood, stunned, amazed at the effect.  There was no way Casey would just be standing there if things hadn’t worked.  My stomach was doing backflips, but I could feel the nervous knots working themselves out.  It had worked.

It had worked!

I considered all the possibilities, my mind racing between all the things I could do.  Although, I actually didn’t know what I could do.  I needed to test this out more.

“Casey, let me into your room.”

She took a few steps back, not saying anything.  I stepped into the room with her, and closed the door behind us.  I heard her television, although the volume wasn’t on very loud.  She must have been listening in the background.

I walked past her, letting myself further into her room.  I hadn’t gotten a look at the place beyond her door in a long time, but it looked mostly like I remembered.  She had a couple posters up, and some pictures of herself and her friends taped to the walls.  Mostly, it was exactly what you’d expect.

Sitting down on her bed, I looked over at her.  She was still standing where I left her, completely unresponsive.  She was even facing away from me.

“Casey, come over here and stand next to me.”

She turned, and took the few steps to stand beside me.  She continued to have that distant expression on her face.

I took a few minutes to look at my sister, having the first chance to examine her in detail in a long time.  I’d forgotten just how cute she was.  Even though she was eighteen, she still had a baby face, and her brown hair had blonde highlights streaked throughout.  She had a lingering tan from the summer that caused her skin to still have a healthy glow.

Reaching up, I held my hand near her face.  I wanted to touch her, but I stopped myself.  Staring at my hand, I realized just how long it had been since I’d touched somebody.  I’d shaken the hand of my interviewer at work, but that didn’t count.  It had been, honestly, years since I’d actually touched somebody.  I almost wasn’t sure what it would be like.

I let my hand drift higher, and rubbed my thumb against her cheek.  She felt so soft.  I pulled my hand back and rubbed it against my own, trying to compare the textures, but of course that didn’t work out quite right.  When I touched my own cheek, I felt it more in my face than my fingers.

Casey was wearing a tight tee shirt, so I decided to try running my fingers along her arm next.  Again, her skin felt smooth.  I traced a few of the light hairs on her arm, only really noticing them for the first time.  At first, I thought it was kind of weird, since she was always talking about how it was a pain to shave her legs, but then I realized just how light it was and realized you couldn’t tell without really looking.

Not really sure why, I stood up, and wrapped my arms around her.  Something about her warmth just felt really good, and I realized just how much I needed intimate contact with another person.  She was so soft, and delicate, and my arms around her just felt so right.  I took a deep breath, inhaling her scent, which made everything suddenly seem more real.

I still had my arms wrapped around her when she started to stir.

“Huh.  Erik?  What the…”  She squirmed in my arms, and my grip slackened, before she pushed me away.  “What the hell Erik.  What are you doing in my room?  Holy shit!”

Her face was starting to grow panicked and angry, and my mind raced.  I sat back down on her bed and tried to figure out what had happened, what had gone wrong.  Had it worn off?  Had it not worked at all?  No, it had worked, or she wouldn’t have even let me do as much as she did.  Maybe it had a time limit?

“Ok, Erik, I don’t know what the hell just happened but you need to get the hell out of here, now.”  She was giving me a hard stare and was pointing at the door.

My mind scrambled as I tried to remember the word.


She gave me a puzzled look.  That wasn’t right.


That was the one.  Her face slackened once more, and I knew it had worked.  I needed to be quick, because she wouldn’t stay like this forever.

The book had said that her will was bound to mine, but it had made it sound like it was a permanent condition.  If it only lasted for a couple minutes and then wore off, it didn’t sound very useful.  Maybe I just only had a couple minutes to give her instructions?

“Casey, I want you to listen to me.  You have no qualms about me touching you.  You think it’s perfectly ok for your brother to be hugging you, and in fact you kind of enjoy it.  You think it’s nice that you and I can be so affectionate.  Unless you have something important to be doing, you have no issue with me just holding you if I want.”

I wanted to start with something simple, just in case it didn’t work out.  I figured if she woke up and wondered why I was holding her, I could act like she was the one being weird.  She wouldn’t believe me, but she would have a hard time proving anything.  It wasn’t like she could go to our parents and tell them I was sneaking into her room and giving her hugs.

Standing again, I wrapped my arms around her again.  I thought for a moment that it was weird that I was using my newfound power for this, but I just couldn’t help myself.  Casey was so warm, and I could feel her body heat through her shirt, and I wanted to feel that again.  I didn’t want anything else in the world more than I wanted to feel that.  I’d worry later about getting something more.

She stirred back to life a moment later, but rather than panicking like she had before, she instead wrapped her arms around me in return.  She squeezed, gently, pressing us together, and put her head onto my shoulder.  I’d had to lean down a bit to hug her earlier, since my sister was on the short side, but now she didn’t seem to mind wrapping one arm around my neck to support some of her weight, so that I could stand up.

Casey actually purred.  “This feels nice.  Why haven’t we done this more?”

“I don’t really know, actually.”  Of course I knew, but I wasn’t going to tell her.

She shifted slightly, adjusting her weight and moving around.

Suddenly, she tensed.

“Uh, Erik.  Are you.  Oh god, you are.”

She peeled herself off me, and squirmed out of my arms.  She took a step back, and was looking down at my pants.  I looked down myself, and suddenly realized that I’d popped a massive woody.

Casey gasped, and turned beet red.  “Oh, wow.  Erik.  Wow.  Ok, hugging is one thing, but wow.”

I must not have realized the effect being so close to her would have had on me.  I’d told her she would be ok with hugging, but apparently thinking that her touch aroused me was too much for her.

I panicked for a  second, worried that she was going to kick me out of her room, but then I realized that I could just make her comfortable with this, too.  She was a cute girl, and I was a guy.  Of course I’d get aroused at the sight of her, and even more so when I was actually touching her.  A few quick words from me, and she’d be totally cool, heck even a little proud, of the fact that she gotten me worked up.

A few more, and she’d even take care of me.

That thought stopped me in my mental tracks.  I could not only tell her that she was proud of the fact that I found her attractive, I could have her do something about it.

But, she’s my sister.  My kid sister.  I’d looked out for her growing up.

We’d also been distant for years.  I was as close to her now as I was to almost anybody else in this world, which meant I wasn’t very close at all.  And it had been a long, long time since I’d been close to anybody.

She finally seemed to find her words, getting over the initial shock of what had happened.

“Hey, uh, Erik.  Maybe you should go and, you know, take care of things.  Maybe you can come back after you’re done?”  She was clearly trying to phrase things nicely, understanding that it was an accident, but not wanting to get close to me while I was in the mood.

That didn’t make any sense.  It was natural that a guy would get aroused by looking at her.  Hell, now that I was thinking about her that way, I wanted to be able to look at her more.  She was really pretty, and she’d make some awesome eye candy.  Heck, I could actually tell her that she would have sex with me and wouldn’t know why.

I shook my head at that one.  I didn’t want to be cruel to her.  She was my sister, after all.  I shouldn’t even be contemplating this.  But just like when I touched her, I’d gotten a taste of what I hadn’t been able to have in so long, and I wanted more.

In for a penny, in for a pound.  Maybe she’d even be able to help me get over my nervousness.


Her face fell again, and I sat down on her bed yet again to help me think.

“Casey, are you a virgin?”  If she still was, then the whole thing was off.  Well, maybe I’d tell her to get me off with her hands, but I wasn’t taking her virginity.

She shook her head.  “No.”

Well, that settled that.

“Ok.  Casey, you don’t mind the fact that I got aroused looking at you.  In fact, you actually like the fact that I find you attractive.  You think it’s very flattering that your brother finds you sexy.  If I ask you to, you’d gladly offer to be eye candy, since you know I haven’t been able to be close to anybody in a long time.  You think it’s a compliment, and you’ll go out of your way to make yourself attractive and good looking for me.”

If the commands about her not minding us touching each other were any indication, the next time she came to her senses, she’d behave completely differently.  If I asked her to, she’d gladly change out of those sweat pants into something nicer.

But I didn’t just want eye candy.  I swallowed, but pressed onward.

“Casey, also, you don’t have any qualms about having sex with me.  In fact, the idea of having sex with me turns you on, and you can’t think of a single reason why we shouldn’t.  You know I find you attractive, and that makes you feel sexy, and aroused, and that means you want to have sex with me.  If I ask you to have sex with me, you’ll gladly do it, and you won’t feel anything bad.  In fact, you’ll enjoy it so much, that in the future, you might even be the one to ask me.”

There, it was done.  The words were out, and she’d act on them.  I was curious what would happen.

Something nagged me, in the back of my mind.  I needed to make sure that she wouldn’t end up having second thoughts, which would eat at her, until she realized what had happened.  This was my home, and I needed to make sure I would be able to feel safe here.  Just like I didn’t want to be cruel to her, I needed to make sure that I could always count on her.

“Casey, you love your brother very, very much, and you’d do anything for him.  You feel yourself overcome with a deep feeling of love, loyalty, and duty toward your brother.  You feel like you should be the one person in the world he can rely on without worry, without doubt, and without reservation.  Anything and everything he needs to talk about, he can, and you’ll never question or worry about the things he tells you.”

I hoped that would be enough.  I hadn’t timed how long she’d been out previously, but I was pretty sure I was close to the limit.  I spent the last few moments looking up into her blank face, before she blinked and came back to awareness.

My heart stopped as she got her bearings, but after a moment, she smiled down at me.  She had such a warm, friendly expression, I knew I didn’t have to worry about anything.  My heart started again, speeding up actually, and began to flutter a little in my chest.

“Hey, Erik.  Sorry ‘bout wigging out.  I don’t know what came over me.”  She was smiling, and rocked on her heels a little.  Now that she took my erection as a compliment, she seemed in a very different mood.

She sat down next to me, and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling herself closer.  She took her other arm and rubbed it against the inside of my thigh.

“Do I really, you know?  Get you going?”

The way she said it, with her head cocked, and a half-smile on her face, was priceless.  If she hadn’t got me going before she sure as hell was now.  Apparently, Casey knew how to flirt.

I nodded.  “Yeah.  I know it’s wrong, but yeah.  You’re really damn cute.”

She smiled up at me.  “You know, there’s something nice about somebody who doesn’t beat around the bush.  My last boyfriend kept half saying things, and not saying things, and it just sucked.  It’s nice to not have to play the game.”

Casey laid her head on my shoulder.  “You really think I’m cute?”

I laughed.  “So cute you’ve got mom and dad wrapped around your finger.”

She laughed, and looked up at me.  Her eyes were so bright and warm, and I felt myself harden instinctively in response to her eyes looking into mine.

Apparently, she felt it too.

“Hey, Casey.  Since you’re a big fan of getting to the point, would you help me take care of that?”

“I thought you weren’t going to ask.  Of course, I’ll totally help you out, Bro.”

She stood next to the bed, and pulled down her sweatpants and underwear in one smooth motion.  As she turned to face me, I couldn’t help but stare at her mound.  I hadn’t really seen one, other than in pornos, since my earlier girlfriends had never gone all the way.

Casey’s crotch was trimmed, neatly, without any hair outside her bikini line.  What was left looked short and maintained, as though she kept a little bit, but made sure it wasn’t too much.

She laughed.  “Hey, hearing you talk about how cute you were got me worked up a little too.  Girls like compliments, after all.”

I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about, but then I realized that her lips had swollen, and there were beads of moisture as well.  Apparently, my commands about me being attracted to her making her feel sexy were in full force, and she was getting fully turned on by my attention.

“So, you wanna just do it through your pants?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah.” I blushed a little, and Casey laughed in response.  Still, she was being flirty.  I kind of liked it.

I reached down and opened my pants, pulling my underwear down so I could spring free.  I was about as hard as I could ever remember being.

I looked up to see Casey rubbing her nipples to help keep herself in the mood, and realized that I could actually be harder.

She smiled as she knelt down next to me.  “Ok, even though I’m probably moist enough for us to get started, doesn’t hurt to be too careful.  Don’t want you worrying about me, after all.”

Casey leaned over and gave me a quick lick, before I could figure out what she was doing.  She did it again, this time slower, running her tongue up the underside of my dick, and it felt really good.

“But hey, nice guys don’t always have to finish last, do they?”  She winked up at me, before leaning over and wrapping her lips around me, running her mouth up and down in a quick, oddly practiced motion.

I gasped, not prepared for just how amazing that would feel.  Her mouth was so warm, and I briefly flashed back to how much I craved the warmth of just holding her.  That heat paled in comparison to what we were doing now.  I closed my eyes and just felt her lips around me, as she bobbed her head slowly, running her lips up and down in patient, even strokes.

Something about her lips made me think of something.  “Hey Casey, are you wearing lipstick?”

She popped her lips off me, and shook her head.  “Nah, just a little lip gloss.  Why, thinking I might blow you better with sexy red lips?”  She cocked her eyebrows in an awesomely seductive way.

I smiled at her.  “You kidding, a good little girly girl like you has got to go cute pink all the way.”

Casey put her hands on her hips in mock indignation.  “I’ll have you know I can be sexy as well as cute, thank you very much.”  She leaned forward and flicked her tongue over my tip, as if to prove her point.

“All right, fine.  You can show me both, and we can discuss the merits.”

She laughed at that.  “So you’re planning on having this be a regular thing?”

“Well, yeah.  If you’ll have me.”

She nodded, her expression eager.  “Yes please.  Now, I think that’s enough with the tongue.”  She gave one last lick up the underside, for good measure, before she stood and started widening her legs.

I shifted as well, spreading my legs in preparation.  She reached out with her arms and placed them on my legs, moving them into the position she wanted.  Then she scrambled up on top of me, one leg on either side.

Casey lowered herself slightly until my tip was just touching her lips, and I was once again exposed to a third kind of heat that a girl could produce.  I was hoping that I’d become very familiar with all of them very soon.  She wiggled her hips a bit, rubbing her juices over me, before she finally let herself fall down.

She slid in so easily, it was like we were made to fit together.  She purred when she finally came to rest, my length pressed up inside her all the way.

Casey wrapped her arms around me to steady herself, and began to use her legs to move up and down.  After a couple thrusts on her part, I started to press myself up on her down strokes, and pressed down into the bed when she moved up.  We were a little off timing at first, but eventually we worked things out.

She pressed her lips into mine, and her tongue actually forced my lips apart as she slid inside my mouth.  She continued to pump her legs as our tongues touched, briefly.  Apparently, Casey was pretty passionate during sex, and wanted to touch as much as possible.  This was further reinforced as she reached up under my shirt, pressing her arm against my chest as she gripped my shoulder for support.

My sister pumped herself up and down a few more times, settling into a nice rhythm.  I looked up into her eyes, and she smiled down at me.  I could even see her eyes sparkle a little.  It was nice to know she was enjoying herself, I don’t think I’d have been able to live with myself knowing she wasn’t happy.

I closed my eyes and thought back to the book that had made all this possible.  Just a little work, and my sister was able to be molded into whatever I wanted.  A few words, and she was willing to be the most passionate lover I could have ever imagined.

She ran a hand down my back, and the intensity of it all quickly got to be too much for me.  I came.  I wasn’t even planning on it, it just sort of happened.

My eyes shot open, and I looked up at Casey, worried that she was going to be angry.  I didn’t quite know what it would feel like when she was done, but from what I’d heard, it wasn’t very likely she’d gotten off.

I breathed a sigh of relief when she was smiling down at me.

“Did you?”

Casey shook her head.  “Nah, but it was still good.  I’ve actually been in a bit of a dry spell myself, so it was nice even to get scratched this much.  Plus, remember, we made plans to do this again.  I’m a girl, we’re like camels, and we can wait.  You now, a little bit.”  She looked at me, playfully serious.  “Don’t keep me waiting too long, Bro.”

“Yes ma’am.”  She laughed in response, and rolled off of me.

Casey sat on her bed, panting a little next to me, while I caught my breath as well.  Even though we hadn’t been at it very long, it had been very intense.  I was going to have to get used to keeping up with Casey if she was going to be that passionate every time.

“So, any regrets?”  I wanted to check and make sure everything was good.

“None in the slightest.”

“Good.  I’d hate for you to be having second thoughts about all this.”

“Erik, the only thoughts I’m having right now are puzzlement at why we didn’t do that sooner.  I mean, come on, we live together, we both have needs, it’s super convenient.  You don’t even need to leave the house to take me to dinner.”

I laughed at her joke, and she joined in as well.

“So, now what?”

Casey stretched, and looked at her clock.  “Well, it’s eleven thirty, and I have work in the morning.  So I’m thinking bedtime.”

I nodded.  I could understand what she meant, I was feeling pretty tired myself.  Even though I wanted to act macho and stay up late every night, the fact that I had a day job had pretty much set my schedule.

“So, your place or mine?”

I looked at Casey, confused.  “What do you mean?”

She rolled her eyes at me, in that way that only a sister could.  “I’m a girl, girls like to cuddle after sex.  So are we going to do it in your bed or mine?  Or are you going to get all macho ‘I don’t cuddle’ on me?”

I considered what she’d said.  I’d never actually slept in the same bed as a girl.  It could actually be nice.

“You know what, I actually don’t know if I like it or not, so why not.  I’ll try anything once.”

She laughed.  “Good.  I mean, think about how awesome the last thing we tried turned out.”

I smiled as she leaned down to give me a last gentle kiss on the lips.