Part 1 – A Girlbot Made

Brian slowly turned the device in his hand, carefully examining the shape and structure.  It had an overall tube-shape, and probably would have been mistaken for a flashlight at a distance.  However, it had been hand crafted by his friend, Wayne, and would be much harder to replace than any cheap store illumination.

The metal tube had an LED array on one side, which could be removed and repaired if needed, and drew power from three button cell batteries.  Brian had seen the illumination the diodes could produce on their own, and the beam would be blinding, if not for the liquid crystal contained inside the cylinder.

The liquid crystal was what gave the device its true power.  The lights would charge the suspension, and a stream of highly charged light would emit.  Wayne had shown Brian the effects, so he knew that they were real, but he still had a hard time believing that such a thing could actually exist.

A shout from the gymnasium floor below snapped Brian’s attention back to the matter at hand.  The crowd on his side of the gym was cheering, which meant one of the girls must have made an impressive move.

He scanned the players, looking from face to face before he spotted Marie, who was giving a high five to one of her teammates.  Of course Marie would have been the one to save the day, she was clearly the best player on the team, at least to Brian. She wasn’t captain, but that was only because the captain, Melody, had been on the team longer.

Brian came to the women’s volleyball games mostly to see Marie play.  He loved watching the way she moved, looking at her body as she gracefully yet powerfully burst around the court, her strong arms punching the ball where it needed to be.

Thankfully, she’d never let her physically active lifestyle hurt her femininity.  Brian loved seeing her long hair pulled back into a ponytail, or a braid, depending on the night.  Her uniform clung to her torso nicely, and he loved watching her breasts bounce up as she jumped into the air.  He often liked to imagine what her sports bra must look like, pieced together from occasional glimpses when her uniform flew up around her during a particularly impressive jump or dive.

Brian was thoroughly impressed by the fact that she could maintain such beauty and such strength.  All the members of the team pulled it off, but Marie was foremost among the angels in his eye.

His hand unconsciously turned the device over in his hand.  Wayne had known about Brian’s obsession with Marie.  That had been part of why the brain of their group had invented it.  Of course, Wayne hadn’t made just one, and Brian was sure he had his own plans, as did Percy.

But tonight, his only concern was Marie.

Brian watched Marie as she said goodbye to her friends, waving them off in the lobby of the dorm building.  The rest of her teammates were celebrating their victory this evening, but he knew that Marie had drawn the short stick of college scheduling, a Friday morning class.  Her friends, including her roommate, wouldn’t be back until very late tonight.

That meant Brian had hours to work through his plan.  He didn’t want to be rushed, so he was glad things had aligned so well.   Brian made a point of paying attention to his book as she walked past, not wanting to arouse any suspicion.  He waited an extra few minutes in the lobby, in case her friends realized they’d forgotten something and came back to the dorm.

Wayne had warned both Percy and Brian that they had to be extremely careful not to arouse suspicion with their devices, since they could get into serious trouble if they were overused, and they would burn through their batteries quickly if used too much.  The temptation to use the crystal lights haphazardly would be strong, but it wasn’t something that any of the boys could afford to give in to.  Thus, Brian was making sure to get Marie when she was alone, to only need to use the device once or twice, having plenty in reserve for emergencies.

At last the waiting got to be too much, and he closed his book, heading toward the elevator.  Marie’s room was on the fourth floor of the dorm, while his was on the fifth.  Even though his floor had its own study space, he would often come down a level to study in their lounge, to be able to steal the occasional glance.  He’d introduced himself a few months ago, but he and Marie hadn’t made more than light small talk before.

He hesitated a moment in front of Marie’s room, making sure that he wanted to go through with this plan.  Brian had wanted Marie for a long time, and knew he was never going to have the courage to ask her out normally.  Hearing her tell him no would be unbearable.

With the device, that wouldn’t be a concern.  He took a deep breath and raised his hand to knock on her door.

Marie called out from inside the room, asking him to wait a minute, before she opened the door.

“Uh… hey.  Marie, I, uh…”  Brian hadn’t really thought of something to say before knocking.

“Um, Brian, right?”  Marie twisted her face.  “Is it important?  If it’s not important, can it wait?  I’m really tired right now.”

She wasn’t lying.  After a hard game, she really just wanted to collapse into bed.  An early morning class on the next day wasn’t helping.  Marie wanted to go out and celebrate with her teammates, and hated the fact that she couldn’t.

“Oh, yeah.  Uh, here, can you just take a look at this.”  He held the device up and pressed the button, shining the bright light into the crystal, which modified and polarized it, before emitting a soft red glow directly into her eyes.

She didn’t even have time to speak in surprise before the light began to seep into her mind, working its way through her thoughts, pushing them to the side, leaving nothing but empty blankness behind.  In less than a second, her mind was completely blank, and her face relaxed as she stood, staring into the light.

Had she been cognizant, Marie might even have appreciated the mental break.  In a way, Brian had done to her exactly what she’d been hoping to do, turn her brain off and relax.

Brian thumbed the switch to turn it off.  Wayne had told him that just a few seconds was all that was necessary, and anything more would waste the already limited battery.  He resisted the temptation to look her over standing in her doorway, because somebody could happen by at any moment, and it was obvious she wasn’t entirely present at the moment.

“Marie, step back and allow me into your room.”

She moved to do so, taking a single step backward.  Brian squeezed through the door and slipped inside, closing the door behind him.  He then moved around Marie so that he was standing in the middle of her cramped dorm.  She didn’t respond at all, still facing the door through which he had entered.

“Marie, turn around and face me.”

Her legs moved smoothly, turning in a pair of quick steps.  Now that he had the benefit of privacy, he could take time to examine her carefully.

Brian leaned in close, wanting to get a good look at her eyes.  He’d managed to get a few glimpses at a distance, but he’d never been able to get up close to really get a clear view.  Now, his head only a few inches from hers, he could make out the detailed mix of colors that had vexed him for so long.  Her eyes were gorgeous, a complex mix of brown and green, feathered back and forth in a way that made it difficult to tell where one ended and the other began.

He was really going to enjoy getting to look into those eyes in the future.

Brian moved away from her a bit, so that he could take her entire form in.  He felt himself harden at the way she stood there, her eyes, expression, and mind completely blank.  She was moldable putty in his hands.

She’d changed out of her uniform, switching to a simple tank top and shorts.  Brian didn’t like the fact that she’d shed her outfit so quickly, since he’d wanted to examine her wearing the blue outfit he so loved watching her wear when she played.

“Marie, change back into your uniform.”

Marie turned, and walked to her bed, where the discarded items lay in a heap.  Without hesitation, she grabbed the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up over her head.   Brian noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and leaned around to get a quick glimpse of her cute but shapely breasts.  A moment later, they were covered by her uniform, but he knew he’d be getting a chance to play with them soon.

She peeled off the shorts she was wearing, and slid on the black shorts that matched her top.  Instructions followed, she stood, still staring away from him, awaiting further orders.

Brian spent a moment looking at her from behind, looking at how the uniform fell on her body.  Like most girls’ sports uniforms, it wasn’t tight, but it had that snugness that made it sexy as hell.  He raised a hand to her shoulder, walking around to stand beside her.  He traced his finger down her front, starting at her shoulder and working his way toward her center.

He made out the line of her collar, following the v neck of the uniform before he arrived at the top of her breast, where the fabric of her top was just too tight to prevent them from being formless.  He traced around the orb, arriving at the bottom, where the uniform again hung loosely, before it came to narrow at her stomach, before finally flaring out slightly with her waist.

She looked almost like she just stepped off the court.  Almost.

“Marie, put your hair in a ponytail like when you play.  Make sure it’s good and tight.”

Brian had lost hours watching her cute ponytail bounce around the court, and there was no way he was going to enjoy her tonight without that signature look.  He stared, transfixed, as she worked to gather her hair with both hands, before she grabbed the thick black scrunchy off the table by her bed.  A moment later, her hair was wrapped up and firmly held in place, and she pulled gently to fluff it out, before her hands fell to her side and she again waited for instructions.

He felt a thrum inside his center as he realized that her hair was now as tightly held, locked, and controlled as the rest of her.  Marie was an extremely athletic girl, but she’d never crossed the border to being muscular.  Still, the way she jumped and hit the ball told him that her deceptively slight frame held more than a little bit of power.  Power that was now controlled and obedient.

Brian had held a crush for this strong, confident creature for a long time, and she was finally his.  Every motion she would make would now be in response to his orders.

He couldn’t help himself any longer, and he stepped forward, wrapping an arm around her to pull her close, before he leaned in and kissed her forcefully on the lips.  He closed his eyes, losing himself in the moment, pressing himself up against her as much as possible as he finally was able to do what he’d only been able to dream of for so long.

After a moment, he pulled back.  He enjoyed kissing her, but Marie wasn’t responding in the slightest, and it felt a little empty.

“Marie, wrap your arms around me and kiss me, passionately.”

She turned and looked at him, and he looked back into her blank, glassy eyes.  She took a half step forward, before wrapping one arm around his waist, and the other over his shoulder to grasp his head.  She then leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, using her hand to push them together tightly.  This time, her lips moved as part of the gesture, and they squirmed a little as she kissed him.

He knew it wasn’t true, but her lips felt warmer this time, and he was much more satisfied with this kiss than before.

Marie continued to kiss him for a few seconds like this, before she startled him by sliding her tongue out between her lips and between his, her tongue forcing his teeth apart before darting into his mouth.  He felt her tongue work its way around inside his mouth, and he found that he really liked it.  He’d never really been big on kissing with tongue before, but Marie had a gentle flavor to her that made the experience better than he’d ever imagined it.

After about twenty seconds of exploring his mouth, Marie broke the kiss, her tongue darting back between her own lips.  She unwrapped her arms from his body, and returned to the neutral standing pose she’d been in prior to the command, arms hanging limply, and her stance calm and relaxed.

Brian shivered at the weight of what had just happened.  He’d imagined getting to kiss Marie ever since he’d first seen her, and he finally had.  It had been every bit as good as he’d hoped it would be.  He ran a hand up her side, stopping briefly to cup one of her breasts, before he moved to run a finger up her neck and under her chin.

He wanted more, and he didn’t want to have to order her through everything.  Wayne had mentioned that the device would turn off brain functions.  The person could respond to simple commands, and could even be given extremely complex commands for after the effects of the light were removed.  However, while still in this blank state, options were very limited, and she would probably take commands literally, which wouldn’t be any fun.

Brian loved the way she looked right now, completely blank and obedient.  He imagined her playing one of her matches like this, and smiled at the thought.  He could easily see her, glassy-eyed, running around the court like some sort of volleyball playing girl-bot, hitting the ball with her powerful arms, her legs pumping as she sprang into the air.

He even imagined her brain calculating angles and trajectories, truly functioning like a machine, rather than a girl.  That was what gave him the inspiration for how he could have the best of both worlds.  He turned and looked at her, working out how he wanted to phrase his commands.

“Marie, you are no longer a human girl.  You are a robot.  You are a well-crafted robot designed to look like a person.  You have no thoughts or willpower of your own, and will always follow the instructions of your owner without hesitation or reservation.”

“In fact, you are a sex-bot.  You were primarily constructed to fulfill the sexual needs of your owner, which is me.  You are programmed with a wide array of sexual knowledge, and will learn as you are exposed to new experiences.  You will learn what is best for your owner, and will always be seeking to improve your technique.”

“In order to be able to be more human-like, you have been given an artificial personality, and her name is Marie.  Marie is a program that you can run, when you need to blend in among people.  She even has memories of her childhood, and can experience the full range of emotions.  However, she is nothing more than a program, that I can direct you to start and stop as needed.”

“Whenever I tell you to shut-down Marie, you will stop running your artificial personality program, and become simply an obedient robot.  You will always save whatever data Marie has accumulated, but I can tell you to roll back and delete memories that I need to.  I can also tell you to re-start Marie, and you’ll activate her and start acting like her.  While she is running, she will not any idea that she is anything other than a completely normal girl.”

“Now, as a sex-bot, it is important that you always make a point of looking your best.  Even if Marie doesn’t feel like it, you’ll make sure that you are always well groomed, have on a nice amount of makeup, and wear outfits that make yourself look good.  Since I am your owner, you will try and fit to my taste as you learn them.  Also, to make things simpler for your owner, you will still respond to the name Marie, even if you aren’t running her personality program.”

Brian thought to see if he had missed anything, but he was pretty sure he’d covered the basics.  Plus, watching her there, blankly absorbing his commands like a sponge, was making him impatient to get down to business.

He looked down and pulled the device out of his jacket, flipping the switch that would change the crystal in such a way that it would reverse the effects on a subject.  He raised it, pointing the open end at Marie’s eyes.

“Your Marie program is currently offline, and not running.”

With that, he pressed the button, letting the light shine into her eyes for a moment, before he released, flipping the toggle switch back to the disabling position.  He watched closely for any signs that things hadn’t turned out as expected.

Marie’s eyes focused, briefly, but remained open and glassy.  She stood up straighter, no longer standing limply, but instead standing at attention.  She still faced directly forward, but something seemed different about her, like she really was energized where before she’d been deactivated.

“Marie, can you hear me?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, she responded to the question.


There wasn’t any tone or emotion to her voice, she simply answered the question.  Brian couldn’t help as his lips drew up, into a large, shit eating grin.

“And what are you?”

“I am a sex-bot, built and designed to take care of the sexual needs of my owner.”

“And who is your owner?”

“You are.”

“And you’ll do anything and everything I tell you?”


“And you’ll never hesitate in your obedience?”


Brian wanted to make one last adjustment before moving on to the main event of the evening.

“Marie, from now on, you will address me as master.  You will respond to my questions with ‘Yes Master’ or ‘No Master’ as appropriate.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Also, when you answer yes, I want you to nod a little.  I like watching your ponytail bounce.  Shake your head a little when you answer no.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

The statement was accompanied by the ordered tight head nod, which caused her hair to bounce.

“Are you capable of disobedience?”

“No, Master.”

Her hair bounced again.  Brian reached up and flicked her ponytail, before curling a finger around it, twirling the tight bunch of hair around a finger.  He loved how thick and healthy her hair was.

“Now Marie, a as a sex-bot, you will of course respond to sexual triggers like a real girl would, right?”

“Yes Master.”

Brian reached up and cupped her breast, searching for only a moment before finding the nipple.  He rubbed his thumb against the tip, and a moment later it hardened.  He reached over and found the other, already a little hardened, and rubbed it as well.  The little nub hardened so that she had a matching set.

He kept one hand on her breast, and moved the other down to the waistband of her shorts.  He snuck a finger under the elastic, before sliding his hand in completely.  Brian was surprised to discover that she wasn’t wearing anything under her shorts, but it made sense, given that she’d probably been getting ready for bed before he interrupted her.

Still, after a moment’s probing, he found her slit, and it was wet with moisture.

“Get yourself good and ready to have sex, Marie.  I want you very wet and ready.”

“Yes Master.”

Brian felt a warmth radiate out from within her, and she felt even slicker after a few moments.  He slid his hand out from inside her shorts, and moved around her to lie down on her bed, sliding his pants off in the process.

“Marie, I want you to mount me.”

“Yes Master.”

Marie turned and slid her shorts down her legs, before she crawled onto the bed next to him.  She spread her legs as she positioned herself over top of him, one leg on either side, before she guided his hard length to her opening.  She only paused long enough to be sure that they were aligned before she pushed her hips forward, sliding down onto him, burying him deep inside her warm, wet opening.

Brian was feeling drunk with power.  She hadn’t hesitated for even a moment before sliding onto him.  And now, she was waiting, patiently and calmly, for his next instruction.  He could probably keep her here for an hour and she would just wait, like the good little robot she now was.

He was pretty sure that he wouldn’t make it the hour.

“Marie…”  He tried to think of exactly how to put what he wanted her to do.  “Marie, fuck me.”

He tried to imagine how much Marie would blush at a statement like that.  He knew she’d be extremely embarrassed, and that only made her response all the hotter.

“Yes Master.”

Marie began to pump her legs, pulling her hips back before pushing forward once more.  She moved in smooth, even strokes, sliding him in and out of her.

“Marie, make out with me while you get me off.”

“Yes Master.”

She leaned forward, and pressed her lips to his, while her hips continued to move and thrust.  As he’d hoped, she stuck her tongue out again, and his lips parted easily to allow her in.  She ran her tongue along his for a moment, before pulling it back.  The next time she thrust her hips forward, her tongue moved as well, thrusting deeply into him.  When she pulled away, her tongue pulled back as well.  After the first few paired thrusts, Marie started to also slide her chest across his, her whole body moving back and forth in one fluid, controlled motion.

Brian tried to hold himself back, but the feeling of Marie, pressed up against him, was too great.  Her warm snatch gripped him tightly, and he felt heat washing off of every part of her that slammed into him, driving him crazy.

He had twisted Marie into this tightly controlled creature, where every thought and motion was about pleasing him, and she was really good at it.  Her body coiled like a sexy spring, before releasing all of that sexual energy directly into him, driving it in through his mouth, her chest and breasts pulling it down and through him, before drawing it back out of him with her crotch, to be re-energized and sent back in.

The tightened sensation started deep inside his stomach, and worked its way down toward the base of his shaft, before he felt himself begin to spurt up into her.  She shifted so that she was no longer pressing her lips to his, but continued thrusting, milking him dry, still rubbing her breasts against his as she rode him until he was finished.

It was only when he stopped shaking that she slowed, before stopping.  He looked up at her, and she sat immobile, her weight forward on her arms, her ponytail hanging to one side of her face, awaiting his next command.  She didn’t have one iota of impatience within her.

Brian realized that he hadn’t felt her orgasm.  He wanted to make sure that, even in her robotic state, she was feeling the pleasure that she brought him.  He liked Marie, after all, and wanted to make sure that she enjoyed their time together too.

“Marie, when I orgasm, you orgasm.”

“Yes Master.”

He’d forgotten about the command to nod, and laughed a little as her ponytail bobbed cutely.

“I want to feel you orgasm while speared on me.  Do it now.”

“Yes Master.”

Marie began to tremble slightly, before her whole body shook, and a soft moan escaped her lips.  He felt the muscles in side her quiver and clench slightly as the rest of her spasmed a few times.  The orgasm didn’t last long, and he figured that it had been too long since they stopped having sex for her to get the full effect.  Even in her robotized state, she could still only control her physical nature so much.

Oh well, next time, she’d be in the throes when she orgasmed, and he was sure that it would be good.

Brian lay beneath her, catching his breath, for several long minutes.  He debated telling her that she didn’t need to hold herself up above him, but he was enjoying the view, and he knew her fit body could handle the effort.

Finally, he knew that his evening would have to draw to a close.  Marie had class in the morning, and she’d need to sleep or she’d have a hard time of it.  He’d laid enough groundwork that they could have lots of sexy fun in the future.

“Marie, go clean up in the shower and get ready for bed.”

“Yes Master.”

She moved slowly, lifting her hips so that he would pop out of her, before she shifted her weight to one knee, crawling off the bed.  She walked directly to the bathroom, and a moment later he heard the water start.

Brian stood and walked after her, pausing for a moment at the bathroom door.  Each of the dorms in this building shared a bathroom with the adjoining unit, so there was a chance that one of the girls in the other unit might barge in.

If that happened, he could just act embarrassed, and order Marie to explain things to the other girl.  He wanted to sneak a glance.

Brian opened the door, and stepped into the bathroom.  He saw Marie’s discarded uniform, lying in a neatly folded stack on the vanity.  Earlier, it had been discarded at the foot of her bed.  Brian guessed that robot Marie had a bigger focus on little details and keeping things neat than her human counterpart.  Plus, she could probably intuit that he enjoyed seeing her in the outfit, and thus it was important to her.

He slid open the shower curtain and looked in on her, admiring her wet, naked form.  Her long dark hair looked almost black, and hung down her back in a curtain.  Even taking a shower, she moved with a sense of hidden power to her.  Her arms and legs were toned, with just a hint of a tan, and he lost himself in the dizzying lines of water that flowed over her.

Marie shut the water off after she rinsed the soap from her body, not bothering to wash her hair.  She’d been exhausted after the game, and had planned to just collapse into bed.  Brian had interrupted those plans, and the lovemaking session had left her muscles sore and burning.  Had she been able to think freely, she would have complained, but Marie’s programmed mind instead just registered that her body needed to rest.

Brian took a step back as she stepped out of the shower, drying herself off with a tower before she walked over to the vanity, grabbing her brush.  Her Master’s commands had told her to always make sure that she was well groomed, and she knew if she slept without working out the knots from the shower, her hair would be an unmanageable mess.  He watched as she ran the brush through her hair, yanking hard at tangles, until her hair was a smooth curtain once more.

He watched as she walked, naked, back into her bedroom, and grabbed the tank top and shorts from where they had been discarded on the floor.  He had to resist temptation at just how she looked, still damp, and mostly exposed in the thin sleeping garments.  Still, he was more than satisfied, and would instead just use it as an image to look forward to the next time he played with her.

He did take the time to wrap his arms around her from behind, holding her close for a last moment before he had to put her away.  He wrapped one hand to cradle her breasts, and the other around her stomach, leaning in close to breathe in her scent.

A scent that he’d be smelling very often, from now on.

“Marie, go lie down in your bed.”

“Yes Master.”

He released her, and she covered the distance in only a few steps, pulling back the covers before slipping underneath.  She straightened them on top of her, before staring up at the ceiling, her eyes open and blank.

Brian walked over, and leaned over her still form, rubbing one hand against her cheek.  He moved the hand to her shoulder for support as he leaned over to give her one final kiss of the evening.  She responded by gently pressing her lips into his.

“Marie, when I leave, you’re going to shut down and go to sleep.  When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be running your Marie personality.  She will have no knowledge of what happened tonight, but will feel really good and energized.  She’ll be feeling the sexual satisfaction of a good night of fun, but she will think she hasn’t had sex recently.”

“Also, as she is studying tomorrow, and beyond, you are to use your mind to help her remember information.  She should have an easy time studying and recalling information.  I want her to not need to spend much time with books to maintain your cover.”

“Do you understand all of that?”

“Yes Master.”

Brian nodded, and turned to walk toward the door.  When he finally got there, he opened it, before turning back and asking one final question of the girl who lay peacefully.

“Marie, did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

“Yes Master.”