Mind’s Vault

Greg’s had a pretty decent life. His girlfriend, Christine, is ok, although she can be a bit of a handful if something sets her off. He’s managed to learn to life with her, and things are looking like he should have a pretty normal life.

He’s just gotten a call informing him that he’s inherited his grandfather’s estate, complete with isolated house and sizable fortune. His girlfriend thinks they should just sell it and stay in the city, but he’s quickly growing to like the place. Once he discovers what’s in the strange vault in the basement, he’s liking it even more.

Author’s Note:  This story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.  I have always intended to continue the story, but have never had the time.  But there is more in my head, at least

Chapter 1 – Opening

Chapter 2- Changes

Chapter 3 – Outlook

Chapter 4 – Conforming

Chapter 5 – Friends and Enemies