Mind’s Vault – Chapter 5

Friends and Enemies

I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan as Jenny dug her fingers deep into the bottom of my foot.  You’d think somebody as small as her wouldn’t be able to put that much pressure into her fingers, but you’d be surprised.

We were enjoying a lazy afternoon together, since she didn’t have class.  Chrissy was off at her new job, getting oriented or something, and Monica was down in the vault, her nose buried in my grandfather’s journal, trying to figure out more about Byron Walker’s legacy.  I’d tried to be productive, and offered to help Monica a few days ago, but she seemed to think of me more as a distraction than anything else, so I was banished from the basement shortly after.

Since Jenny didn’t have anything better to do, we retreated upstairs to have a little fun.  That was how we wound up with me lying sprawled on the bed, my foot in her lap, as she went to town with her fingers.  She was actually really good at giving massages, so I was glad that she’d just picked up my foot and started without any prompting.  I’d never had a girlfriend who’d just spontaneously do something like this, and I hadn’t even known what I was missing.

“That’s better than sex.”  I said, the words coming lazily as I felt any remaining tension in my body just flow right out.

“Oh really Greg?”  Jenny replied, but she was smiling at me playfully as she did so.  “Fine then, no more sex, I’ll just rub your feet instead.”  She flexed her hand and dragged her nails along my shin, which sent little shivers up my leg.

“Bah, that’s an empty threat and we both know it.  You enjoy sex too much to give it up.”

“True,” Jenny said, shrugging, “I’m enjoying it a lot more with you than I ever did before though.”

I nodded.  Thanks to the chair in the basement, I was enjoying sex a lot more than I ever had previously.  Now that I was up to three girls that I could consider my girlfriends, I was running into a problem that I never imagined I’d have.  I was having a hard time keeping up and keeping them satisfied.  Thankfully, they were perfectly content to play with each other, or I’d be in major trouble.

One of the problems most people never expect to encounter when offered the prospect of ‘as much sex as you could ever want with three energetic, eager girls’ is that you actually have to pace yourself.  If things weren’t too rough, I was able to manage twice a day, three times if the girls were really careful, but sometimes they had to make due with me just eating them out or using my fingers.

I’d heard of first world problems, but I had no clue what the term was for not knowing how to manage in this circumstance.

“You know, for all the sex my grandfather must have been having, you’d think he’d have invented something that would let him get it up more.”

Jenny laughed at that.

“Who knows?  Maybe he did.  Monica’s found a lot of stuff down there.  For all we know, he’s the reason we have old people boner pills.”

One of the first things Monica had done after I gave her the journal was conduct a full inventory of the basement vault.  Most of what she found was unlabeled, or at least didn’t have a readily apparent use.  There were liquids, formulae, and other strange machines that I couldn’t identify.  Since Monica was actually pretty smart, I decided to leave her in charge of everything, and she’d been hiding down there for the week.

“Yeah.  And I can understand why Monica insists we wait until she knows what stuff does before we try it out.”

This got another round of giggles out of Jenny.

“Well yeah.”  She said.  “I mean, come on, you might kill yourself if you just randomly inject some five year old drugs into your arm.  You took enough of a risk when you tried the chair and spray out on Chrissy.”

“What can I say, I like to live on the edge.  I’m a bad boy, I do what I want.”  I pushed my other foot toward her, tapping her gently on the arm, and she picked it up, her hands warm against my skin.

“Uh huh.  Yeah.  You’re such a bad boy when Monica told you not to play with anything until she checked it out, you didn’t argue, despite the fact that she’s five-three, weighs one ten, and was wearing a sleeveless sweater at the time.  So macho.”  She ran her nails over my shin again.  Damn that felt good.

“Hey, doing what I want doesn’t mean I have to be stupid.”  I kicked her playfully with my now free foot.  “Besides, aren’t you the last person who should be giving me lip?”

“Yes Sir.  Sorry Sir.”  She dropped her head, looking up at me with her eyes in that super submissive gesture that had grown on me a lot over the last couple weeks.  I wasn’t entirely certain if she’d gotten that I was just joking, until she added on something else that removed all doubt.

“Maybe I should invest in some bouncy skirts so that I can call the shots, Sir.”

I threw a small pillow at her, and she laughed as it bounced off her arm, before she got back to work.  I closed my eyes, enjoying the attention.  Life with my little harem, as Monica called it, was good, and I never wanted it to end.

After Jenny finished with my second foot, we spent a little while cuddling on the bed, exploring each other’s bodies for yet another time.  Jenny really was a cute girl, and she was ticklish in so many places it was almost too easy.  Thankfully, she didn’t seem to mind, and every time I found another spot, she squealed with laughter, and then playfully batted my hand away.

“Ok, enough of that Greg.  If we stay up here any longer, I’m going to be sore from being in bed too much, and not in that fun between my legs kind of way.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Is sex all you think about?”

“Nope.  It’s just a big part.  You know, equal rights and all that stuff.  If guys can think about sex every seven seconds, then why can’t girls?”

“You know they threw that whole thing out, right?  It’s like, every twenty.”

“Oh no.  Maybe I’m just a slut or something?”  Jenny winked at me as she rolled out of the bed, bending over and searching for her jeans wherever they’d fallen after she’d peeled them off earlier.

Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I reached over and swatted her playfully on her butt.  She jumped slightly, before rubbing her pink panty clad rear, giving it a little wiggle before returning to her search.

I turned and grabbed my own pants, before deciding that I should grab a shower first.  That was another of the many perks of my grandfather’s house, the shower in the master bedroom was amazing.

“Hey, you head down without me, I’m gonna grab a quick rinse before I head down.”

“Any reason I can’t join you?”  Jenny asked, letting her jeans fall back around her ankles.

I shrugged.  “Not that I can think of.”

We spent about thirty minutes in the shower, although we weren’t fooling around.  Jenny spent her time running her hands over my back as she spread the soap, before moving down to my legs.  The whole time, she had this sort of happy, contented look on her face.  I was pretty sure it was a side effect of the fact that she thought of herself as equal parts slave and girlfriend.

Jenny could easily have asked me to tweak her programming, and I would have done it.  She’d confided in me once that she and Monica had compared notes, and outlined all of the ways that she’d been changed.  So far, she hadn’t told me she wanted me to tweak her further.

Once we were both clean, we dressed, although I took the opportunity to cup her butt again once she pulled on her underwear.  Something about the way a girl’s panties held tightly to her butt just invited my hand to rest against the warm flesh of her rear end.

We made our way downstairs, and got something to eat, before settling down on the couch to watch some television.  I started eating, but heard a buzzing noise coming from Jenny’s direction.  She fished into her pocket, pulling out her cell phone, before her eyes popped open in surprise.

“Ten messages?  Sheesh Teresa, lay off.  They’re all from her.”  She spent a moment flipping through them.

“What’s she want?”

“Oh, apparently there’s some band she likes playing at a club near the university tonight.  She’s begging me to come with her.”  Jenny looked up at me, catching my surprised expression.  “What?  Your earlier teasing about me not being a party girl might not have been far off, but I do occasionally go out.  Mostly to help Teresa not make any stupid mistakes.”

I laughed.  “I have a hard time imagining you at a club scene, that’s all.”

“Hey, that’s mean.  I can look the part when I want to.”

“Uh huh, yeah, sure, I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Well, not tonight, I thought we were just spending the night in and enjoying ourselves.”  Jenny said.  Her voice sounded a little hurt from my teasing.  “Plus it’d take like an hour to get there.”

I decided to lay off of her, but I really did have a hard time imagining Jenny in any sort of club outfit.

Chrissy came home a little later, looking an amazing blend of sexy and professional in her work clothes.  She was wearing a blouse that was just tight enough to show off her body without crossing any lines, and a flared skirt that bounced around as she walked, accentuated by the high heels she was wearing.

It was almost the sort of outfit that Christine would have worn to work, but it had been altered in subtle ways that made it sexy without making her look slutty.  Still, she wanted to change into something more comfortable, so she darted upstairs, before returning wearing one of her now common midriff exposing shirts, and a loose skirt.

“Oh, hey Monica.”  Chrissy said as she walked back into the living room, and I saw the third member of my harem behind her.

“Hey.  Just grabbing something to drink, then I’m heading back downstairs.”  Monica held up my grandfather’s journal and waved it slightly, before she darted past Chrissy, heading toward the kitchen.

“She doesn’t look so good.”  Chrissy commented as she sat down on one of the chairs across the room from Jenny and myself.

I turned and looked at Monica as she came back, and saw that Chrissy was right.  She didn’t look sick or anything, but she had this certain exhausted look to her, like she hadn’t slept in days.  It was then I realized that I hadn’t seen her take any breaks recently.  If she wasn’t coming home from or going to school, she was down in the basement, trying to figure out more about the contents of the vault.

“Monica, come here.”  I said, putting the edge of authority into my voice that let her know it wasn’t a request.  She wasn’t programmed to behave like a slave, like Jenny was, but she still responded to direct commands.

“Yes Sir?”  She said, walking over toward me.  I took another glance at her, and saw that her hair was matted, and probably hadn’t been brushed in a few days, and her clothing had that certain well-worn look that let me know she probably hadn’t changed in a couple days.

Monica was ‘forced’ to act the way she was dressed, so she was probably wearing the same outfit to help push herself to keep going.

“When was the last time you took a break from that stuff?”

“Uh, not too long ago.  I’m fine, really.  I’m really close to figuring something important out and…”

I raised a hand and cut her off.

“No.  You’re taking a break.” I turned and looked at Jenny.  “In fact, we all are.  Why don’t you tell your roommate that you’re coming, and you’d like to bring some friends?”

“Uh, ok, sure.”  The blond replied.

Since I hadn’t used my command tone, Jenny didn’t take it as one.  I wanted to leave her the chance to refuse, if she really didn’t want to, but she seemed fine going out once I expressed a desire.  She grabbed her phone and started typing onto the screen.  Once Jenny was sending a message to her roommate, I turned back to Monica, who continued to protest against my choice for the evening.

“Look, I’m fine.  Please.  If you want to go out, then that’s great, it’ll leave me some peace and quiet to really get some work done.  I think I’ve almost figured out a section of the journal, and it’s really exciting.  Just another couple days, that’s all I ask.”

I wasn’t sure why Monica was being so insistent that she be allowed to keep working.  Personally, I didn’t care if she spent a little while decoding the journal, I was in no rush, after all.  However, now that I’d gotten a good look at her, I felt terrible that she was pushing herself so hard.  She needed to take a break, whether she wanted to or not.

“It’s done.  Teresa says to be there at ten.  We’ll need some time to change though.”

“I’ve got something that should work, but only enough for me, I’m afraid.”  Chrissy commented.

Jenny nodded.  “We’ll be ok, our place is on the way, I can just grab something of Teresa’s, and we can stuff Monica in something too.”  She looked up at her roommate, who was slowly backing away, trying to dart out the hall before anybody saw her leave.

“Once she changes, she’ll be a lot less of a pain to deal with.”  Jenny continued, before leaning over and fishing through her backpack for something.

“Look, Jenny, come on.  Just let me stay in tonight.  You can have fun with Teresa if you want.”  Monica held up her hands as she spoke, as if she sensed that Jenny wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Chrissy, get her.”  Jenny said, as she found what she was looking for.  She held up what I guessed was a dog collar, but it looked like it would fit a person if it had to.  “Monica commented once that only really submissive girls who are into major master slave stuff would wear things like this.”

Monica saw the collar, and her eyes popped, before she turned to try and run back to the safety of her basement lair.  Chrissy jumped to her feet almost instantly, and as the most athletic of my girlfriends, was easily able to chase down Monica before she made it very far.  Chrissy grabbed her, pushing her up against the wall, as Jenny hopped to her feet and moved over to stand next to her roommate.

“Jennifer, come on, please.  You don’t need to do this.”  Monica struggled against Chrissy’s grip, but she wasn’t able to squirm free.  As Jenny had said earlier, Monica was a small girl, and the odds of her breaking free were pretty slim.  She still tried to shift her neck out of the way as Jenny began sliding the collar into place.

“Please.  Just let me enjoy a quiet evening to myself.  I don’t need any of this…”  Her voice trailed off as Jenny secured the collar with an authoritative click, Monica’s eyes un-focusing slightly.

“There we go.  You should be able to let her go Chrissy.  You’ll be a good girl and behave, won’t you Monica?”

“Yes ma’am.”  Monica replied, giving a small nod of acknowledgement.  Chrissy let Monica go, and she stood where she had previously, her head bowed slightly in an obvious pose of submission.

“Oh the number of times in the past where something like this would have made life easier.”  Jenny commented, turning to look at me.  “As you can tell, she can be a bit stubborn sometimes.  Schoolgirl Monica is probably the closest to real Monica, and you can drive me crazy sometimes, did you know that?”  Jenny turned back to her roommate, directing the last question at her.

“Yes ma’am.  I’m sorry ma’am.”  Monica bent her legs slightly in a submissive bob before returning to her attentive pose.

“Ok, Greg, do we have to get going right away?”  Chrissy commented, looking at Monica with a hungry glint in her eye.  “I had a long day at work, and little Monica here is looking super-hot.”

I laughed at my girls’ antics, but shook my head.

“No, no more delays.  You can play later.”

“Aww.”  Chrissy moaned, but didn’t argue, before heading back upstairs to change yet again.  As she left, Jenny started poking at Monica, clearly finding even more evidence of the fact that she hadn’t been taking very good care of herself.  When she turned and looked at me, it was pretty apparently that Jenny agreed with my choice to make the other girl take a break.

“So let’s say we skip the club, and get straight to the after party?”  Monica asked, pressing herself up against me before leaning up and nibbling on my ear.

The way she was pressing herself against me seemed to make sure that she had both of her nipples, and her snatch, fully up against me.  She even slid down a few inches, rubbing herself against me, before standing up again, this time running her tongue up my neck and purring slightly.

Jenny sighed.  “Monica, do we need to use the collar again?”

Monica turned to her roommate, her eyes wide and pupils dilated.  It was clear Monica had one thing on her mind.

“If you want to play that way, Jenny, I don’t mind.  We can both be Greg’s horny little slaves.  He can make us play with each other for his enjoyment.  That sounds fun.”  Monica purred the last few words as she slid herself back down my arm, running her breasts over me, which hardened inside the leather top she was wearing.

“Maybe we can have a contest to see who can get the other off first?”

Monica, Jenny, and Chrissy were now all dressed and ready to go.  Monica and Jenny were wearing matching outfits, different colored copies of the same tight top and skirt that Teresa apparently had several of, while Chrissy was wearing a sexy leather crop top and skirt combo that really highlighted her tight abs.

Seeing Jenny and Monica in matching outfits looked a lot sexier than I would have imagined.  The fact that Chrissy’s outfit established her as the most dominant of the three made things even more delicious, since in many ways she had the strongest personality.  Of course, they all deferred to me, when necessary.

It was tempting to take Monica up on her offer, but I wanted to get out and have a little fun with my girls.  I’d thought on the way over about how jealous any other guys would be that there were three girls who were wholly mine at the club.  I was wearing a black dress shirt and a pair of black pants, hoping I came off as cool as I felt.  How exactly was one supposed to dress to say one had a stable of girls all ready and willing to do whatever I wanted at a moment’s notice?

Regardless, I wanted to get out the door.  Nothing was going to happen here in the girls’ townhouse.

“Later, Monica.  Now let’s get going.”

“Aww…”  Monica’s disappointment was obvious, but at least this time she didn’t argue.  “Maybe I can find a couple guys who’ll help me take the edge off, at least.”

Jenny rolled her eyes and sighed again.

“Sorry, Master.  I knew Monica would think of this sort of outfit as slut wear, but I didn’t think she’d go so over the top.”  She looked down at what she was wearing.  “You don’t think of this as slutty, do you master?”

I took another look at Jenny, and shook my head.

“Nah.  You make it look cute.  I mean, it is pink.  It matches your lipstick.”

Chrissy laughed at the look that Jenny gave me.  It had become a running joke to refer to my cousin as ‘the cute one.’

“Come on Monica.  I’ll finger you on the ride over.”  Chrissy said, making a gesture toward the door.  The currently slutty brunette licked her lips before scampering over and standing next to Chrissy, who pushed her out the door, looking back at me and raising her eyebrows.

It was great that Chrissy could be such a supportive girlfriend, helping keep everybody on track.  Everybody needs a girl like Chrissy in their lives.

“So, am I finally going to get a turn at some point?”  Chrissy looked at me over her shoulder as she pulled into the driveway leading back to the house.  I was currently sitting in the back seat, between Jenny and Monica, who were both currently passed out against their respective windows.

It had been easier to stay between them as I tried to get them situated in the car, since I’d had to practically carry Monica out of the club.

“I mean, I’ve been really patient.  I even volunteered not to drink more than a single cocktail so that we could get home.  I mean, it became pretty evident that Monica there wasn’t going to be useful for anything after the fifth guy offered to buy her a shot, and Jenny there wasn’t making things much better, so either let me play with them, or you.  Please.”

Chrissy gave me a firm look, and for a moment it was almost like she was back to her old self, but I knew that wasn’t the case.  The way she was demanding things was different than before, and she was right.  I’d taken advantage of her supportive nature, and that was wrong of me.

“Ok.”  I said, prodding Jenny, who blinked a few times as she tried to wake up.  She hadn’t had anywhere near as much to drink as Monica, but she was still pretty out of it.

“Huh?  Wuh?”  She said, trying to pull herself together.

“Move.  Make some room for Chrissy.  That’s an order.”

“Oh, uh, yes Master.” She replied, still sounding half asleep.  Despite her fatigue, she obeyed, opening her door and sliding out, although she did need to use the car to steady herself.  Chrissy held open the door to let the blond into the driver’s seat, before scooting around and sliding in next to me.

“You know, there’s something hot about the fact that we’re going to have sex out in public.”

I looked around.  The house was far enough away from anything else that nobody would see us.  Still, if it made things a little more exciting for Chrissy, who was I to argue?

Monica wasn’t going anywhere, so I shifted to use her as a pillow, folding myself out lengthwise along the back seat as Chrissy reached up and slipped off her panties, handing them to Jenny before working to open my pants.  Jenny giggled and looked at what she’d been handed, her alcohol and sleep addled brain finding something amusing about the gesture.

Chrissy looked down at me as she moved into position, and I felt her warm center press up against me.  She wrapped her arms around me, and moved to place her head right next to mine.

“Have I mentioned how great things have been lately, Greg?  Getting to play with Jenny and Monica, and you.  It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m so glad you convinced me to keep the house.  Something about this place, it just really lets me cut loose and unwind.”

Chrissy had no clue about how true that statement was, and I just smiled as I shifted my hips, sliding myself along her opening.  She had been holding in a lot of horny, because she was wet and ready to go.  Chrissy started moving her hips in time with mine, lubricating me with her juices as we rubbed up against each other.

Leaning down, she gave me a strong, firm kiss, before she reached down and flicked me forward, lining me up before she slid down and slipped me inside of her.  The gesture was so smooth and even, I was resting comfortably inside my girlfriend before I even realized what happened.

Monica shifted slightly under me, and moved her arm to wrap it around mine.  Chrissy smiled up at the other girl, reaching up and tweaking one of her nipples.  I decided to do the same to Chrissy, who cooed lightly before she began to start pumping her hips, sliding up and down along me.

Chrissy moved slowly, wanting to draw out the experience, and I didn’t blame her.  It was late, and all I had to look forward to after this was a long stint of sleeping in bed, so if she wanted to take her time, I didn’t mind.  She gave off a series of soft moans to herself as she rode me, setting the pace such that each time she slid up or down took several long seconds, and her eyes closed into half slits as she enjoyed herself.

I liked taking charge during sex, but this time Chrissy was basically getting herself off, using me as the tool.  It was interesting, and very hot to watch.  It was difficult to make them out through her thick leather top, but Chrissy’s nipples were hard, and I idly reached up and flicked them, once each time she came to rest at the top or bottom of a stroke.

She purred in response to the gesture, and I moved my other hand to rest against the side of her stomach, enjoying the warm feeling of my content girlfriend under my fingers.  I was sandwiched between two sexy girls, and it was a good place to be.

Chrissy probably spent about ten minutes just slowly riding me before I couldn’t hold myself in, and I came up inside of her.   She looked down at me, a satisfied expression on her face, and I knew that I’d given her what she needed.  It was another one of those things I’d had to learn having three girls in the house who wanted to have sex.  Sometimes, they weren’t after an orgasm, and just wanted to enjoy the feeling of me inside of them.

I was happy to oblige.  They all seemed to have no issues with the fact that I was always after an orgasm.

Content, Chrissy shifted so that I was fully inside of her again, before she moved to rest her head on my shoulder, her eyes closed.

“So are we just going to sleep out here?”  I asked, half joking.

“Why not?  I’m comfy.”

I wasn’t entirely sure I believed her, but she seemed to be making a solid effort to try and fall asleep crammed in the back seat of the car, using me as a pillow.  Turning, I looked forward at Jenny, who’d passed out again in the front seat.  My girls had numbers against me for the fall asleep in the car plan.

Monica shifted under me, and I looked up at her, expecting to find her completely out of it.  To my surprise, her eyes were open, and she was looking out the window.

“What’s up?”  I asked, keeping my voice low to not disturb Jenny or Chrissy.

Monica squinted.  “There’s something out there.”  She said, and I froze.

“Wait, what?  Are you sure you’re not just seeing things?”

She shook her head, and then shifted to lean over and tap Jenny on the shoulder.  This had the effect of crushing my head against her leather covered boob.  Normally, I wouldn’t have minded, but I was a little worried about what she was talking about.  I squirmed to get out from under her.

“Jenny, wake up.”  Monica shook her roommate, who made a sleepy annoyed noise.  “Seriously, Jenny, wake up.”

“Wha?”  Jenny only managed to get out the single syllable.

“In the glove box.”  Monica started.  “Open the glove box and give me my glasses case.  Then you can go back to sleep.”

Jenny raised an eyebrow, but decided that if she gave Monica what she wanted, she could get back to her very important nap.  She leaned over and fished through the compartment before handing a small hard case back to Monica.

Monica popped open the case, and pulled out a pair of reading glasses, which she slipped onto her face.  I could quickly tell that a change had occurred within her, courtesy of the programming that Jenny had given her earlier.  Then something dawned on me.

“Monica, why do you have a pair of glasses in my glove box?”

She smiled down at me.  “I like to be prepared, that’s all.  I figured I might need to focus on short notice, and everybody’s always told me that no matter what I’m wearing, I look like a bookworm when I wear my glasses.”

“You look like a horny party girl librarian!”  Jenny offered from the front seat, looking at Monica in the rear view mirror.

“Thank you Jennifer, and yes, you’re correct that right now my body would much rather play around with Gregory than deal with the matter at hand.”  She turned and looked back out the window, squinting to get a better view, her head cocked so that the glasses wouldn’t interfere with her vision, since I knew she was wearing contacts.

“You know, I wouldn’t think that would still help you shake off how much you had to drink.”

Monica half turned, but didn’t stop looking out the window.

“I gave most of my drinks to Jennifer.  The fun part was getting guys to buy them for me, not drinking them.”  She said, taking on her usual know-it-all tone that accompanied her schoolgirl persona.  “Now, I really do think there’s somebody out there.  It’s a dark car, but I think they’re watching the house.

I froze as Monica reminded me about what she’d said earlier.  With how much I’d had to drink, it was hard to focus.

“Gregory, take Jennifer and Christine back into the house.  That should distract whoever it is.  I’ll meet you inside in a few minutes.”

Her bossy tone surprised me, and I opened my mouth to argue, before I decided that she was probably right.  I shook Christine, who protested, but eventually I managed to push her out the door.  Once she hit the cool evening air, that seemed to help wake her up.  She hadn’t had much to drink, she was just tired from a long night, but she managed to pull herself together.

Between the two of us, we managed to get Jenny out of the car and make our way up the long driveway to the house.  Normally, we’d have parked a lot closer, so it was a long walk, but about five minutes later, we were inside, with Jenny sprawled on the couch.

Chrissy had picked up that something strange was going on, and was now much more alert than she had been earlier.  I was still having a hard time shaking off the aftereffects of what I’d had to drink, but I hadn’t had that much, and most of my fatigue was just the hour.  Adrenaline pumped through my veins as I tried to think of what Monica could have seen outside.

A million questions formed in my mind as the door opened a few minutes later, and Monica walked in, followed by another girl that I couldn’t recognize.  I was about to ask a question, when I realized that the girl had a glassy, empty expression that I recognized from using the compliance spray on Chrissy and Jenny.

Monica led her inside, and held her finger up to her lips, signaling me to silence as she turned to look outside.  Satisfied that she hadn’t been followed, she closed the door before turning back around and looking at me, holding up a cell phone.

“Check the vault.”  Was all she said, and it was all she needed to say.

Turning, I made my way to the basement as quickly as possible, and found the solid door closed and locked.  I fished my wallet out of my pocket to be sure, and found that the key card was still in place.  Making my way back upstairs, I found Chrissy and Monica sitting in the living room, the strange girl standing between them.

“Her name is McKenna, apparently.”  Monica said, as she fished through Jenny’s backpack.  She pulled out the second keycard that controlled the vault.  “And thankfully, her friend Amber didn’t find this.”  She held up the card for me to examine, before looking back down and playing around with the phone she’d confiscated from McKenna.

I took a moment to look at the girl that Monica had incapacitated.  McKenna was cute, with brown hair that had a copper tint to it, and a perky looking face and figure.  If things were different, I might have tried hitting on her, but right now I had too many questions and all of them needed answers.

I didn’t know how much longer we had, so I reached down and grabbed the spray bottle off the table.

“Breath this in.”  I said, and watched as McKenna did as I instructed.  I sprayed the mist in front of her, which should extend the duration she was under our control.

“So who is she?”  Chrissy asked, once the mist had dissipated so she could move in closer.

“No idea.”  Monica responded, going through the contents of the girl’s wallet.  “Like I said, her name is McKenna.  She goes to school with Jennifer and I though.”  She said this as she fished a student ID card out of McKenna’s wallet.

“Beyond that, all I know is that some girl named Amber was in the house.  When we got home, McKenna tried to warn her off, but wasn’t sure if she got out.  That’s why she hadn’t left.  When you guys came in, I snuck up on her and managed to spray her before she could realize what happened.  Thankfully, she had her window cracked.”

The phone in Monica’s hand buzzed.

“Looks like that’s Amber now.  She wants to know if McKenna managed to get away.  Oh shit!”  Monica dropped the phone and ran into the kitchen.  I chased after her while Chrissy moved to pick the phone up off the ground.

When I got to the Kitchen, Monica was standing next to the table, her eyes a mixture of anger and frustration, but in a way she looked like she was about to start crying.

“I’m sorry.”  That seemed to be all she could say to me as she turned and looked at me.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“She got the journal.”  Monica gestured to the table, as though expecting me to be able to see the absence of the old book.

I blinked.  Somebody had snuck into our house and stolen my grandfather’s journal.  Did they know about the basement?  A million new questions ran through my mind.

“Why would somebody sneak into the house?”  Chrissy asked as she made her way into the kitchen.

“I don’t know.  Like I said, she goes to school with us, but I didn’t recognize her at all.  I can’t believe I left the journal just sitting here.”  Monica turned and looked toward the living room, and stared.  “Rather, I didn’t have much choice.”

Jenny had forced her to leave, so she hadn’t been in a state of mind to make sure the journal was put away.  I moved over to stand next to Monica, and wrapped an arm around her, trying to make sure she knew I wasn’t angry at her.

“Well, somebody here does know, and I think it’s about time for that girl to take a trip downstairs.”  I started pushing Monica back toward the living room, feeling she’d find satisfaction in getting some revenge on this intruder.

“Wait.  No, that’s not what we should do.”  Monica said, pulling herself together and holding up her hand.

“What do you mean?”

“The section of the journal that I translated, it said something.  Let me have your access card, please.”

I was curious, but I knew that I could trust Monica, so I went ahead and fished it back out.  She scampered out of the room, heading in the direction of the vault.  Chrissy and I made our way back to the living room, finding Jenny still dead to the world on the couch, and McKenna standing where we left here, simply staring off into space.

Monica returned a couple minutes later, carrying a small package.  I couldn’t tell what it was.

“Your grandfather’s journal had this symbol in it.”  She held up the package for me to see.  “There was a caption.  It read ‘in case my enemies ever find me.’”

“What does it do?”  Chrissy asked.

“I don’t know.”  Monica replied, shrugging her shoulders.  “But I can only imagine that somebody breaking into our house means they are our enemy. I say we try it out.”

I looked back and forth between McKenna and the package that Monica was holding.

“Grandpa Byron’s technology has never let us down in the past.  I’m with Monica.”

Chrissy shrugged her shoulders, not really caring what we did.  Exhaustion was written on her face, and I knew she wanted to join Jenny in blissful slumber.

I looked over at Monica.

“Let’s do it.”