Mind’s Vault – Chapter 4


I turned the weathered journal over in my hands, looking to see if I could decipher anything additional from the pages.  It was written in some sort of code, and so far, I couldn’t decipher what any of it meant.  The frustrating thing was that I had no clue where to start.  I’m normally pretty smart, but puzzles like this were never really my strength.

Thankfully, Chrissy was more than willing to drive, which gave me the time I needed to examine the book.  I’d found it before we left my grandfather’s house, my house now, after I’d finished having one last round of fun with Jenny and Chrissy last week.  Unlike a guy, when a girl pushes herself beyond the limit, sexually at least, she can keep going, and I watched them eat each other out until they were too exhausted to continue.  Neither seemed upset at the request.

“I’m sure you’ll figure out more about it soon enough, Greg.”  Chrissy said, taking her eyes off the road to look at me for a moment, seeing that I was still bothered by the journal.  The concern in her eyes was genuine.  Sometimes, I forget that she actually wasn’t a terrible person before I started tweaking her, she just had triggers.  I’d tried to keep my adjustments to just softening those, except for a few notable exceptions.

I’d asked Jenny if she knew anything about the journal, but she just shook her head.  She’d known Byron Walker, but he hadn’t told her anything about the secret life that he apparently led.  He’d always been her kindly grandpa who did something with electronics, not the secret mind dominating recluse he was shaping up to be.  I suppose everybody has secrets, and my grandfather had some big ones.

The journal had been tucked into a corner of one of the desk drawers in the chair room.  I hadn’t noticed it the first time I’d searched the desk, since the compliance spray had caught my attention far more readily than some innocuous stack of paper.  Now, however, I was curious to know more about my grandfather, but apparently he had seen fit to keep this information a secret.  I was curious if any of the other rooms might hold more information.

The short weekend had ended up over before I’d even opened the other two rooms in the vault.  I hadn’t even realized that until after we left, but so far my exploration had been contained to just the chair room.

I decided to take my mind off the journal and have a little fun.  I’d have a long time to look through it, and maybe something up at the house would shed some light on it.  Chrissy and I were on our way up there now, having spent the week putting our affairs in order.  Thanks to the chair’s influence, Chrissy was very much looking forward to moving up to the tranquil lakeside estate.

“He’s just a total mystery to me, babe.”  I said, casually.

Chrissy swerved slightly, and I heard her give a soft growl.

“Greg, if you don’t want me to crash, you’re going to have to cut that out.”

“Oh?  Cut what out ba…”

“No!”  Chrissy shouted, giving me a look that was one part anger, one part lust, and two parts panic at the prospect of more lust.

I could tell from that look on her face that her objections were only about the context of what I was doing, not the act itself.  She’d been reprogrammed to love the endearment, and I’d used it a lot over the past week to quickly put her in the mood.  If she hadn’t been driving a four-wheeled death trap, she probably would have been overjoyed to hear the word.

Jenny wouldn’t have been able to snap at me like that.  She was submissive in ways that Chrissy wasn’t.  I’d tweaked my girlfriend to be much more accommodating to my wishes, and also to just be much less of a pain to be around, but she still had all of her independence.  She just didn’t want to express it as much as she had previously.  Jenny, on the other hand, had been programmed to be obedient.  She was completely obedient to direct commands, but even indirect commands were difficult for her to resist.

The two girls were very different, but I appreciated that.  I didn’t want both of my girlfriends to just be carbon copies of each other.  Variety is the spice of life, after all.

I slipped the journal beside me, tucking it between my leg and the door, before letting my left hand sneak its way to Chrissy’s thigh, nudging her skirt out of the way before letting my finger idly flick back and forth along her skin.

“Greg…”  Chrissy purred, clearly affected by the attention.  “I’m going to crash if you keep that up.”

“It’s an isolated road, and there’s nobody else in sight.  You’ll be fine.”

Chrissy whimpered, but didn’t make any motion to push my hand away.  I smiled over at her, and she gave me a look that let me know that she didn’t want me to stop, she just had enough presence of mind to know that I should.

My girlfriend got her reprieve when I felt my phone buzz.  I fished the small device out of my pocket, and saw that I’d gotten a text message from Jenny.

Jenny:  Hey Master.  I miss you so much. I’ll get to see you soon, right?  I hope so, I have a surprise planed for you.

I raised an eyebrow at the device, curious what Jenny could have in store for me.  Chrissy caught the gesture.

“Something up Greg?”

“Jenny says she has a surprise planned for me.”

“Huh.”  Chrissy replied.  “I wonder what that little slave has cooked up.”  Her eyes half narrowed, and I knew she was letting her mind wander a bit at thoughts of what Jenny might do to her.  Jenny was completely straight, but I’d ordered her to play with Chrissy, and she’d complied, aroused at the thought of obeying my commands.  Chrissy, on the other hand, had been programmed to enjoy the attention of other girls, and to find them just as attractive as I did.

Again, I was comparing my two girls, finding them different, and enjoying that difference.

I reached over and grabbed the wheel, keeping us from drifting out of our lane.  Even though we were alone on the road, I didn’t want to take too many risks of getting into an accident.  Chrissy took a deep breath to steady herself, then gave me a quick nod before returning both hands to the wheel.

Deciding that I’d probably never figure out my grandfather’s mysteries if we got wrapped around a tree, I let Chrissy continue to drive without distraction.  I spent a little while sending text messages back and forth with Jenny, who again reminded me that she missed me, and that she thought it sucked that she only just got a boyfriend before he had to leave.  Thankfully, she’d taken my suggestion about being a combination slave and girlfriend as I’d intended.  While it was hot to think of her as being utterly dependent on me, at the end of the day I wanted her to still be her own person.

When we pulled into the driveway twenty minutes later, I easily spotted Jenny’s little silver car, so I knew she’d be there to greet us.  She must have been watching for us, because she came out to say hello even before I managed to open the door.  As usual, she was wearing a simple tee shirt and her trademark denim jacket, but she still managed to make me want to devour her.

Jenny was a cute little thing, and I honestly liked her girl next door charm.   While I was still haunted by thoughts of her in that tight pencil skirt she’d worm when I first took her, I thought cute really did suit her better than sexy.  I could always order her to dress up if I wanted her to, but for now I was content to leave that part of her untouched.  After all, isn’t that what being in total control is all about?  If you want the boring, you get the boring, because that’s what you want.

“Welcome back Greg,” Jenny said as I opened the door, “and hey Chrissy.”

Jenny wave to my girlfriend, who waved back.  Unlike Chrissy, Jenny knew everything about the reprogramming chair, and how I’d used it.  After finding out that my girlfriend was no longer the super-bitch she’d been when they first met, Jenny was making an effort to be friends.  Chrissy was actually still getting used to being open friends with other people.  I hoped this weekend could change that.

Chrissy turned and made a point of showing off her legs as she stretched, wanting me to clearly get the most out of the gesture.  Her movements also pulled her shirt tight across her body, highlighting her figure.  It wasn’t an overt gesture, but it was one of the little things she’d done since her adjustment that I really enjoyed.  Grandpa Byron didn’t build that machine to not result in quality work, that much was certain.

“So what’s this surprise you have planned, Jenny?”

She smiled up at me.  “It’s a secret, Greg.”

I raised an eyebrow again.  “I didn’t know you could keep secrets.”

“Of course.”  Jenny replied, half laughing as she did.  “You’ll have to order me to spoil it, Master.”  The last word was said with her head half bowed, her eyes turned to look up at me.

Something tickled at the back of my mind.  Jenny hadn’t made that gesture previously, and while I hadn’t known her very long, I knew one thing without a doubt.  Jenny couldn’t seduce a guy for shit, she’d made that fully evident last week.

“Have you been practicing that look in the mirror?”  I asked, suspecting I already knew the answer.  Her blush gave it away, before she nodded.

“I like it.”  I said, and she smiled the warmest smile I’ve ever seen in return.   Her blush grew a bit deeper for a moment, and I knew she appreciated the compliment.

I hadn’t actually turned Jenny’s submissiveness up that much with the chair, instead just giving her an irresistible impulse to obey.  Either she had a natural submissive streak in her, or the chair had implanted it outside of my commands.  She didn’t seem to be struggling with the compulsion regardless.

“Here, take this.”  Chrissy said, as she handed Jenny a bag from the back seat of the car.  She knew that my cousin had decided to be my slave, but hadn’t known how she was supposed to treat her.  I’d told Chrissy that it was ok to take charge in most circumstances, and to be a little bossy, but not to do it in a mean way.  I’m sure that was another thing we’d need to work on over time.

Jenny didn’t seem to mind the tone, and just gave a single quick nod, her ponytail bouncing as she did so, before extending her hand in order to take something else.  Jenny had always struck me as a pretty accommodating personality.  Between the three of us, we managed to get everything inside in only a single trip.

It was a good thing, because if we’d left anything out in the car, Jenny’s surprise might have meant it spent the night out there.  Standing in the middle of the living room was a pretty, perky brunette, who was wearing a tight cheerleader uniform, and appeared to be completely dead to the world.

I knew she was still conscious, because she was looking forward, her eyes only blinking occasionally, but she was completely unresponsive otherwise.  I set down what I was carrying, and walked over to her, and a moment later I heard a snicker come from behind me.

Turning, I saw Jenny, stifling a laugh.

“Surprise, Master!”  She said, looking between me and the girl.

“Umm… definitely surprising.”

“I used the chair on her, obviously.”  Jenny explained, before jumping slightly as Chrissy bumped into her from behind, arms full.

“Who’s that?”  Chrissy said, looking at the new girl with a certain amount of hunger in her eyes.  The girl looked pretty enough, and the outfit she was wearing was very flattering as well.

“My roommate, Monica.”  Jenny replied, matter-of-factly.  “I used the chair on her a couple days ago, since she’d been bugging me non-stop about my new boyfriend.  I figured I’d just introduce her directly, since you guys were coming out here, but then I got this really great idea that I should use the chair to make her a little more fun for you.”

I nodded, running Jenny’s words through my mind.  There had been a spare key in the vault, so I figured it was only prudent to give it to Jenny, in case anything happened and I needed to stay away longer than expected.  I didn’t know if the effects of the chair would wear off, but if I saw them weakening in Chrissy, I could have ordered Jenny to go to the basement and give herself a booster, if needed.

So far, neither Chrissy nor Jenny showed any signs of bucking their programming.  If anything, they were growing more comfortable with it with each passing day.

“So, Monica’s always been a bit of a bookworm type, you know, always got her nose in something she’s reading.  She’s always been annoyed by cheerleaders, claiming them to be brainless morons who aren’t worth her time, so I thought it could be kinda fun to turn her into an actual brainless cheerleader.  And thus, robo-mindless-roommate Monica.”  Jenny said the last line with a flourish to point at her roommate.

“Wait, you made her actually mindless?  Like, there’s nothing left?”  I asked, suddenly worried about what Jenny had done.  If she’d completely erased Monica’s mind, wouldn’t that be no different than killing her?

Jenny apparently picked up on my concern, and raised one of her hands, as if to assure me that I was taking her statement too far.

“No Master, she’s still in there.  She’s just sorta, I guess, trapped, in a way?  If she took off her clothes, she’d go back to being herself, although with some added commands to never tell your secrets and always be my friend.”

“Took off her clothes?”  Jenny was going about a mile a minute, and I was having a hard time keeping up.

“Yes Master.  She has to act however she’s dressed, that’s the way I set things up.  So if she was dressed like a slutty hooker, she’d go out looking for a good lay. If she was dressed up like a good little schoolgirl, she’d be the most studious little girl ever.  And if she’s dressed up like a brainless cheerleader…”  Jenny let the statement hang, but I got what she was saying.

“She’d have to be completely brainless, like she is now.”

Jenny nodded.  “Exactly.  I was inspired by the whole slutty secretary number you pulled on me last week.  Speaking of which, we might need to adjust things if she ever gets a job as an office worker, unless you want her sleeping with all her coworkers.  Which might not be a bad thing, Monica needs to get laid.”

“I’m willing to do it if Greg isn’t.”  Chrissy offered, walking back into the living room from the kitchen, where she’d been putting things away.

“Whoah, hold your horses ladies.  Who said anything about Greg not being willing to have sex with Jenny’s roommate?”

Jenny smiled at the comment, and Chrissy gave me a mock pouting look of disappointment, but I knew she didn’t mean it.  Turning, I looked back at Monica, who’d given no reaction at all while we talked about our plans for her this afternoon.  The entire time, she’d just stood mechanically, staring forward, without a thought in the world.

“There is one thing though…” I said, as I looked at Monica.  “If she’s completely out of it, won’t it be a little difficult to, you know, get her going?  And will she get anything out of it?”

Jenny smiled, impishly.

“Very much so, actually.  I figured you might have this problem, so I tweaked her programming a little.  After all, cheerleaders are brainless little sex bimbos, after all.  She’ll be constantly horny when she’s dressed like that.  Frankly, it would be mean not to screw her.  If she gets anywhere near as frustrated as I do when I’m on my period, she should be about ready to ride anything that moves.”

I gave Jenny a look at mentioning her period, but then turned back to Monica.  Curious about what Jenny had just said, I slipped a hand down the waistband of her skirt, and then under the soft panties I found underneath.  Sure enough, as advertised, I found she was slick with moisture, and she felt like a little furnace.  I ran a finger up along her slit, and she still gave no reaction.  Even if her brain wasn’t around, her body could feel the pleasure.

“She’ll remember everything that happens, when it’s over.  Right now it’s just like her head’s on pause, that sort of thing.”

“Well, I will say this, you do know how to plan a good surprise, Jenny.”  That got another beam from her.  “I think a little fun with this new girl is just the thing after that long car ride, wouldn’t you say, Chrissy?”

My girlfriend nodded, but then turned and looked at Jenny.

“Well, if Greg’s going to be busy with her, then perhaps I can make use of his slave for a short while?”

Jenny turned and looked at me, head cocked.  When I didn’t object, she turned back to Chrissy.

“Yes ma’am.”  It was clear Jenny had been raised to be polite.  She probably didn’t consider Chrissy to be her mistress, since that would imply something more, but she did seem to think that my first girlfriend had some sort of authority by association.

“I’d like you to come upstairs and help me work out some of my road kinks, if you know what I mean.  Give your master and roommate some privacy.”

Jenny gave a quick nod.  “Of course ma’am.  I’d be happy to help with that.”  Jenny knew that I enjoyed the thought of my girls playing with each other, and her desire to please me meant she’d do so unless she had an order to the contrary.

Once the two girls had left, I turned back to Monica, curious to start exploring this third girl.  Thus far in my life, I’d only gotten to know a few bodies well, and over the last week, I’d gotten to really explore two already.  I was giddy to find out what I could about this one.

I reached down her skirt again, and ran my finger over her moist opening once more, finding that, if anything, the amount of moisture had increased in response to my attention.  Jenny had mentioned that her roommate needed to get laid, so I wondered how long it had been since Monica had been with somebody.

Curious if she could answer questions in her current state, I decided to go directly to the source for information.

“Monica, can you hear me?”

“Yeah…”  The word came slowly, and it looked like it took great effort.  Jenny hadn’t been exaggerating about the brainless part.

“When was the last time you had sex?”

“Umm… like… a long time.”  Was her only reply.

Jenny had said her roommate was a bookish type.  I wondered if she’d be embarrassed by giving such an answer to a simple, if personal, question.

“Do you want to have sex with me?”  I was now just asking out of curiosity, there was no doubt we were going to.

“Yeah…”  Came her reply after a minute.  “Tingly… Horny…”

“Monica, take off your underwear and then lie down on the couch.”  I ordered, and she moved to comply.

I could see the damp spot on her underwear, and briefly worried that with how moist she was, she’d probably get some of her goo onto her skirt.  Then I remembered that it really didn’t matter, and Jenny had probably found the outfit in some costume shop somewhere.  The name of the team on the front of the uniform supported this pretty obviously.

Monica settled on the couch, leaning against the armrest, her body sprawled along the length.  I briefly thought about the fact that this would be the third girl I’d screwed on this couch in under a week.  Most guys would consider that an accomplishment.

I stopped for a moment to realize just what it meant that this was an accomplishment that I could, if I wanted, make every week, with different girls.  I could easily enslave hundreds of women with the chair, and have each of them be my perfect, loyal little slaves.

Thinking about what that could mean, I decided then that I’d probably need to make it a point to temper my aspirations.  There wasn’t much point to having more girls than one could comfortably spend time with at least once a week.  I wasn’t sure I was going to stop at three, but hundreds was probably out of the question.

Looking down at Monica, who was now looking up vaguely at the ceiling, I decided I needed to focus.  An unexpected side effect of having a largely unresponsive partner was that there was nothing to stop my thoughts from wandering.  If my head tried to get away from me while I was making out with Chrissy, she’d quickly grab me and force me to remember what I was doing with her mouth before too many seconds had passed.

I pulled down my own pants, and positioned myself over Monica, straddling her legs and pushing her skirt up and out of the way.  Weight on my hands, I shifted so that I was right at her entrance, and felt her juices cling to me as I slid myself down the length of her opening, coating myself in her dew as I ran slowly along her slit.

Curious, I slid back and forth a few times, rubbing the top of my dick up against her clit.  Each time, the moisture coming from her caused me to glide easily, and it actually felt kind of good.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to get off this way, but sliding up and down a girl’s slit was a nice warm-up, and I’m sure Jenny or Chrissy would like the feeling, if they were properly told not to shift so that I’d end up inside of them.

Deciding that I’d had enough warming up, I pulled myself up, and shifted my hips so that I was once again at her entrance.  The warmth coming off of her was strongest here, and I paused for only a brief second before pushing forward, sliding easily inside of her with all the lubrication I’d accumulated.  Monica was pretty tight on the inside, even more so than Jenny, but the fact that her brain was currently checked out meant that she was also quite relaxed, and I felt no resistance as I slid inside of her fully.

I pumped myself in and out of her a few time, taking my time and just enjoying myself, before closing my eyes so I could just focus on the sensation of being inside this girl, and screwing her warm, receptive hole.  It might sound like a bit of a dick move, but being able to focus only on my own pleasure was something that I hadn’t actually gotten to experience up until now.  Whenever I was with Chrissy or Jenny, their needs were always involved in the equation, and while I loved bringing a girl to screaming orgasm, sometimes it’s nice to just get to focus on me.

Lost in my own thoughts, I continued to slide in and out of her, going at a slow, lazy pace.  Since I didn’t need to be done as quickly as possible, I could just relax and enjoy.  While I was slowly pumping inside her, I felt things begin to shift.  Monica had thus far been completely unresponsive to anything I had done, but now I could feel her muscles tightening around me, and I knew that she’d just had an orgasm in response to my attention.

I smiled as I realized just how capable Jenny was with Grandpa Byron’s device.  She’d reprogrammed her roommate to be a mindless sex toy, but in the best possible way.  Maybe it ran in the family?

Shifting, I decided to see how many more orgasms I could get out of Monica before I blew my own load.  After all, it wasn’t like she was complaining for me to hurry up and finish, and at least her body seemed to be enjoying the experience.


“So Monica, what do you think of my boyfriend slash master?”

Monica rolled her eyes at her roommate, before sweeping her skirt forward with both hands, ensuring that it didn’t bunch up under her as she sat down on the couch where I’d taken her just a short while before.

“Definitely a keeper Jen.  I haven’t been fucked like that since, well, ever.”

“I know, huh!  He’s really good at making a girl feel like she won’t be wanting to walk for a week, isn’t he?”

Monica rolled her eyes again.

“The amount of damage that would be required to not be able to walk would injure him long before it injured his partner.  But I understand what you mean.”

I raised an eyebrow and looked at Jennifer.  Screwing Monica had left me pretty sated, so I didn’t feel a need to interrupt, but what Monica said was hilarious, if somewhat true.

“Schoolgirl mode, Master.”  Jenny said in an explanatory tone, gesturing to Monica.  Monica had changed out of her cheerleader outfit into what could be described as a pretty typical schoolgirl outfit, although in the more repressed private school niche, rather than in the slutty Catholic schoolgirl stereotype.

“She’s a bit insufferable, but it helps her focus.”  Jennifer continued.  “I blame the sweater vest.  It makes everything… preppy.”

“Only a little.”  Monica gave her roommate a look.  “The outfit does seem to have an effect on me though.  Jennifer let me try it out before my test yesterday.  It’s an interesting experience, information comes to me so readily now, and I find studying to not be boring in the slightest.  I tend to dress this way rather than how I normally did, in order to take advantage of all this persona has to offer.”

I was curious about Monica’s reaction to her programming, but didn’t comment.  Her statement meant that she understood that she now had to conform to the outfit she was wearing, and was actively attempting to manipulate her own personality.  In a way, that was pretty clever.

“Now, Jennifer said you have something you need for me to take a look at?”  Monica asked, flicking her tight ponytail over her shoulder.  Her hair was the same as it had been when she was in cheerleader mode, but something seemed different about schoolgirl Monica’s ponytail versus cheerleader Monica.

I turned and looked at Jenny, not sure what was being asked of me.

“I told her about the journal.  Chrissy told me, while we were upstairs.  I figured if anybody could help, it was Monica, which was why I told her to go change after you finished using her.”

“You don’t have to put it quite like that.” I said, feeling a little guilty.  Jenny gave a playful giggle, happy to have gotten to tease her new boyfriend.  She was right though, while it was clear Monica enjoyed what I’d just done to her, the state she’d been in had made sex very one sided, so the word ‘using’ was pretty appropriate.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed the journal off the table where I’d set it earlier when we came in.  Walking back into the living room, I handed it to Monica, who took it carefully, examining the front cover.

“Apparently, your grandfather decided to encode his notes?  Perhaps this might have the key to unlocking his inventions.  I’d very much like to look through it.  The secrets this book must have.”

Monica looked up at me, awe clearly on her face.  While she’d been affected by my grandfather’s inventions as much as the other girls, she still seemed to have an intellectual curiosity in his work, at least as long as she was wearing a sweater-vest and short skirt.

“If you’re worried about me revealing them, you don’t need to, Gregory.  Jennifer has made sure that I am programmed to be absolutely loyal to you and your growing harem.  You needn’t fear any negative action on my account.”  Monica said, offering an answer to the unasked question in that slightly know-it-all way she’d started since changing.

“Wait, harem?  I‘m not starting a harem.”

“Yes, harem, and you are.  You have three girls around you who you primarily interact with in a sexual manner.  That is a harem.”  She looked at me, an intense hint in her eye, which softened a moment later.  “I never said it was a bad thing.  I like being a part of your harem.”

There was something about the way that she said it that made her seem oddly vulnerable, and a little bit scared.  I wondered if she was worried that her know-it-all attitude, which she was actually helpless to exhibit, might be upsetting me.

“All right, fine.  You girls are my harem.  Now can you translate this thing or not?”  I asked.  I didn’t really care what we called it, I considered all three of them to be my girls, and they were each special to me in their own way.

Strangely, even though I’d only just met Monica, I already considered her mine.  I guess even the best of us can get alpha-territorial once we’d staked our claim, and planted the flag inside of a pretty girl, so to speak.

“I should be able to.  Please give me some time, and I’ll let you know what I find.” She nodded, and then picked up the journal and left, heading into another room of the house in order to get some privacy.

That left Jenny and I alone in the living room, since Chrissy had said she wanted to cruise around the local area a bit, trying to get familiar with things.  I was glad that I’d managed to change her without crushing her independence.  I’d been a little worried last weekend, because she hadn’t wanted to leave even for a moment, but I think now that was just her working out her newly adjusted comfort with sex.

“So… guess we have some time to kill, don’t we?”  Jenny looked at me, unsure of what to do in this situation.  At first, I worried that she wasn’t suggesting something because she was deferring to me as her master, but then I realized that she hadn’t been anybody’s girlfriend in a while either, and was a little lost.

“Wanna go poke around in the vault?”

“Sure.”  She nodded, and made her way across the house to the stairs leading down to the basement.  The last time I’d gone down there with her, I’d been leading the way, and she’d been trying to keep up in heels which she eventually discarded.  This time, she was leading the way, wearing a pair of much more normal-looking tennis shoes.

The vault door swung open easily in response to her access card.  I still somewhat expected that initial whoosh of air that had happened the first time I’d opened the vault, but it hadn’t happened since.  The place must have been designed to vacuum seal, either on command or after a certain amount of time, but now that people were coming down there regularly, there was no reason to do so.

In a way, this vault was like the heart of this house, and we were breathing life back into it.  Jenny had been the caretaker of this place, but it had been sleeping.  Now, it was waking up, and doing what it was designed to do.  Apparently, that was building a harem, as Monica had called it.

I blinked to bring myself back from my own thoughts.  I seemed to be getting lost in those a lot lately.  Looking around the room, I noticed that Jenny was standing next to one of the benches, looking down at something.  Curious, I walked over to see what had caught her attention.  The item on this bench didn’t look any different than those on the others, so I was curious why she was looking at it so intently.  Turning to ask, I saw that her eyes were watery.

“Jenny, is everything ok?”

“Yeah.”  She nodded, wiping a tear away from her eye.  “It’s just, well.  Grandpa Byron touched these things, didn’t he?”

I moved next to her, and put an arm around her waist, and Jenny leaned into me.  Thus far, she’d seemed like a pretty strong girl, so it was odd to see her acting this way.

“Well, yeah, he probably did.”  I couldn’t think of anything better to say to her.  “He was really special to you, wasn’t he?”

Jenny nodded.  “Yeah, he helped me when I really needed it.”

“Mind telling me a bit about him?  I don’t know a thing.”

She looked up at me, and gave a smile.  I could tell she didn’t really need a lot of comforting, and getting to tell somebody about a man she clearly loved was just what she did need.

“Well, I first met him when I was fifteen.  Dad married his niece, which makes her your first cousin, once removed.”

I held up a hand to stop her.

“Jenny, I call you my cousin because I don’t want to think of anything more complicated than aunt or uncle.”

“Grandfather’s wife’s brother’s daughter’s husband’s daughter, from his first marriage.”  She said, almost automatically, then paused.  “Sorry, that probably has gotten a little old.”

“It’s only gotten a little you, that’s all.”  I squeezed her gently.  “Now, you were saying?”

“Right, so dad got married, and I was fifteen.  Everything was pretty cool, she was a nice enough woman, and she wanted to be my mom without needing to be my mom-mom, if you get what I mean.”

I nodded.  I’d always been an only child with both parents, so I couldn’t really understand what she meant, but I knew enough people with complicated parent relationships to know that sometimes, kids needed space.

“Anyway, things were going great. I was seventeen, in my last year of high school, and just getting ready to get started with my life, when dad and Erin, you know.”

“How’d they die?”  I was worried I was prying, but I was curious.  I made it a point to hug Jenny tighter to make sure she knew I was here for her, and wasn’t just asking to stir up memories.

“Car crash.  It happens.”  There were a couple new tears in her eyes, but she seemed to be holding up.  She probably wouldn’t have cried if she hadn’t already been feeling emotional.

“Anyway, they died, and Grandpa Byron was already sick by that point.  Word got back to him about what happened, and apparently the first thing he asked was ‘What about their daughter?’  Dad never had much money, and I hadn’t worked a day in my life at that point, always focusing on school, so I didn’t know what I would do.”

“They told him that I’d probably get placed into a foster situation, or become a ward of the state, or something like that.  He wouldn’t stand for it.  He had the resources to make it happen, so he transferred money into an account for me, and put his lawyers on getting me declared competent enough to live on my own, without needing to worry about other people anymore.”

“The only thing he asked was that I come take care of his place after he left.  He couldn’t explain to me why it was so important, he just asked.  And of course I said yes, after all, he was already doing so much for me.  Instead of getting shuffled somewhere in the system, and then finding some dead end job to support myself, he instead made sure that my future was sound and secure, and I could do whatever I wanted.  Moving out here to go to college was a tiny price to pay.”

Jenny looked up at me, the tears in her eyes mostly gone, but I could tell new ones were forming at what she was thinking about saying.

“By the time the lawyers were done, he was already gone.  I was secure in my future, and I couldn’t even really thank him.”

She let the words hang, and returned to looking down at the workbench.  Whatever it was, it was something that her grandfather had held, and it was the only way to be closer to him.  I kept my arm around her waist, holding her while she worked out whatever she needed.

“Well, in a way though, I guess I still have him to thank for introducing me to you.  I’m really glad for that.”  Jenny said after a long pause.

“Oh really?”

“Uh huh.  And not just for the master slave stuff either.”  She turned and looked at me, a playful look in her eye.  “Which, by the way, I now know I haven’t been into for the last few years.”

If her accusatory glare didn’t have her usual impish overtone to it, I’d have been worried that she was bucking off my control.  Now, however, she seemed to just be trying to lighten the mood.

“After I schoolgirled Monica, she asked me some questions about the machine, and also about what you’d done to me with it.   I told her about the whole wanting to be your slave thing, and she reminded me that Theo was never into that kind of stuff.  Hell, he ended up going out with somebody who made Christine look like the friendliest girl ever.”

“Oh, well, yeah.  I may have tweaked things around a little bit.”  I’d been thinking with my lower brain at the time.  I searched my memories, trying to remember exactly what I’d put into Jenny’s head.  I hoped the chair maintained a log or something if I ever needed to sort all this stuff out.

Jenny leaned over and gave me a quick kiss, before catching my eyes.

“I don’t mind.  Just don’t change anything too important, ok?”

“Ok.”  I nodded, before I even really thought about it, but I knew I meant it.  After all, I liked Jenny the way she was now.  “And you know, the whole wanting to be my slave thing was just a suggestion.  You were the one who went all total ‘give myself to Greg forever and ever’ on me.”

Jenny looked at me out of the side of her eye, before smiling and laughing.

“Well fine.  Master.  If that’s what you say, then I will of course believe you.”

I gave her another squeeze, and she smiled up at me.

“Thanks, for helping get my mind back where it belongs.”  Jenny said up at me, and I knew she wasn’t referring to any programming done by the chair.  She took one last look down at the workbench.

“Now, on to happier things.”  She smiled up at me, before lowering her gaze to point her head toward my chest, looking up at me out of the top of her eyes.  “Master, your slave would humbly like to request one sexing, if it’s not above her place to ask.”

I looked down at her.  Her practice had paid off, the look could probably convince anybody to do what she was asking.

“Damn girl, Chrissy wasn’t enough for you?”

Jenny looked to the side and blushed slightly.

“Umm… things were a little one-sided this afternoon.  You might need to turn down her sex drive, Master, it’s a little high.”

I blinked.  “Um… I never turned it up.  She was just repressed.”

“Huh, weird.  Oh well.  Anyways, Master, your slave hasn’t touched herself all week, so she’d very much appreciate if her Master rewarded her for her good behavior.  If he feels she is deserving, of course.”  She turned and looked up at me, and I could see a twinkle of hope in her eye.

“Well, I’m still a little wiped from taking care of Monica earlier.  I don’t think I’m really up to screwing another girl quite yet.”  I said, and Jenny’s shoulders fell.

“I understand Master.  Perhaps later.”

I reached up and grabbed her chin, before turning her face so that her eyes were looking directly into mine.

“I said I’m wiped from taking care of Monica, but if my slave would settle for me merely eating her pussy, I think she’s earned a reward.”

Jenny’s eyes brightened, and she gave an excited nod.

“Shall we head upstairs then?”  I asked.

To my surprise, Jenny shook her head, before turning and looking across the vault to one of the doors along the back wall.

“Wouldn’t it be kinky if you ate me out while I was sitting in the chair, Master?”

I raised an eyebrow at her, and Jenny gave me an excited smile of encouragement.

“Yeah, I think it would be totally hot to get tongue fucked in the same place where I got mind fucked not too long ago.  You know, if that’s ok with you, Master.”

Continued in Chapter 5