Mind’s Vault – Chapter 2


I reached up and grabbed the Collar of Christine’s shirt and pulled her forward toward me.  She ‘oomphed’ slightly, but smiled at the gesture, before adjusting herself on top of me into a more comfortable position.  I loved the wide collar of the new shirt that she was wearing, since it showed off her chest near her throat, and hinted at more things under her clothing.

Plus, it gave me something solid to hold on to when I wanted to pull Christine towards me.  After all, I needed to make sure she clearly knew that I was in the mood.

Then I remembered that I needed to think of her a little differently, ever since I’d finished making my adjustments.  After all, I didn’t want to forget just how much better she was now that I’d changed her a little bit.

“Have I told you lately that I really do love you, Chrissy?”

I knew that, inside of her, she experienced a little happy jolt at being called by the nickname she’d previously despised.  I’d reprogrammed her mind so that not only did she not object to the nickname, she actually felt happy when people used it around her.  It made her feel safe, and warm, and like she was really able to get along with that person.  Rather than feeling like the person was insulting her, she now knew they were just being friendly, and responded in kind.

Chrissy had hated nicknames.  Now I’d given her two or three that had special meaning to her.  I grinned as I prepared to use another.

“Plus, you look really hot up there, babe.  Totally sexy girlfriend material.”

Her eyes half closed as the effects of that nickname hit her.  That one was only for my use, but it sent tingles down her spine and straight into her pussy.  She’d hated being called that before, and now it made her wet almost instantly.  If I called her babe a couple more times, she’d be almost insatiably mindless with desire.  I held off, but could tell that the word was still having the desired effect on her.

“So,” she said, panting from the effects of her programming, “are you wanting to eat first, or have a little fun?”  The way she wiggled her eyebrows made it apparent what her chosen course of action was, and she drove the point home by leaning forward and rubbing herself up against me.  Since she wasn’t wearing a bra under her shirt, the gesture would send tingles into her nipples, and she slowly rocked herself back and forth, stimulating herself against me.

I could only imagine how wet her pussy was, but I wouldn’t have to imagine for long.  After all, who was I to disappoint a woman who so clearly wanted let me know what she wanted?

“How about we fuck, eat, and then fuck again?  That way, we both can be happy.”  I suggested, looking up at her with my best suave smirk.

She laughed in response to my ‘compromise’ and rubbed herself up against me another time, moaning lightly as she did so.  She squeezed my legs with hers, pressing herself up against my thigh, eagerness apparent on her face.

“Sound like a plan.”

Chrissy sat up only long enough to pull her panties off from under her skirt, and I quickly opened the fly of my jeans as well.  We’d gotten pretty efficient at getting ready for sex over the last couple days, since we’d done it a lot.  I knew I’d probably regret it tomorrow, since even I had limits, but both of us agreed that we wanted to get our fun in before we had to head back into town to deal with work tomorrow.

The funny thing was, I hadn’t actually reprogrammed Chrissy to have a more active sex drive.  I’d just made it so she no longer saw having sex as an admission of giving up power.  Before, she’d enjoyed it, but worried that having too much sex would make her a slut, or would make me less likely to deal with her on equal terms.  Now, she saw it as the fun activity it truly was.  Once she no longer felt she needed to withhold it to maintain power in the relationship, she was almost as eager as I was to get going.

As she placed herself on top of me, all doubts about how willing she was to get started vanished.  There was enough moisture on her pussy lips that I slid in without hardly any resistance.  That was another fringe benefit of her new relaxed attitude about sex.  Since I could get her in the mood so much easier, and she wasn’t so tense about the act, we could get started in almost no time.

Her lips were swollen and hot, from a combination of her programmed response to my endearment as well as just the way our bodies were positioned.  I could feel just how warm she was, and knew she was ready to go.

“I’m pretty sure you would have hated eating first, Babe.”  I said up at her, wiggling my hips a little to tease her to get started.

“Guilty.”  She laughed, but the sound turned to a gasp as she shifted her hips and slid down on top of me.  Chrissy shifted a little once she was fully inside, moving herself around slightly to help remind herself that I was truly and snugly there.  I’m sure part of it was also for my benefit as well, and I hardened in response to the gesture, which brought another little coo from her lips.  She looked down at me, her pupils dilated.

Reaching up, I grabbed hold of her collar again, and pulled her head toward mine, aiming for her lips to lock tightly with mine so that I could give her another forcible kiss.  I ran my fingers under the folded fabric, playing with her neck and rubbing her, almost like how one would stroke a pet.  Chrissy was my pet now, a good girl who did what I wanted her to.  Of course, she had a lot of motivation when it came to doing what I wanted, at least when that happened to be sex.

I was almost tempted to tell her to return to being upright, so that I could gaze up at her, but I wanted to feel her up against me.  My girlfriend’s warmth was comforting, and arousing, and I wanted to almost drink her in as we did it.  I started rocking my hips, indicating to her that it was time to get down to business, and she started moving in response to the signal, shifting her weight to her elbows and wrapping her hands around my shoulders to help maintain leverage as she moved.

Her stomach felt warm pressed up against mine, and I giggled a little at the sensation.  My shirt had ridden up, but hers, on the other hand, was actually perfectly in place.  With how tight it was, it was hard for it to slide around, and with how short it was, it exposed her midriff naturally.  The shirt was also sleeveless, ending tightly around her shoulders in a pair of neat little cuffs, and the collar was wide, the opening ending between her breasts.

It didn’t have any buttons, because it wasn’t supposed to be closed.  Her shirt was designed to show off her body, from all angles and directions.  The irony was that almost nobody would consider it slutty at all.  It showed off her breasts, but covered them securely.   It showed off her stomach, but with how toned she was, that just made her look proud of her appearance.  It showed off her figure, but everybody would just think should put in a lot of work at the gym.

Christine would have considered it something a slut would wear, but Chrissy considered it to be an amazing piece of an outfit, that would show off her sexy body that she worked hard to maintain.  And right now, she really wanted to show off that sexy body to her boyfriend, and to use it to get him off.

My mind came back to the present as she began thrusting more forcefully with her hips, grunting slightly from the effort.  She turned her head and slammed her lips into mine, her mouth hungry and pressing forcefully.  I didn’t mind, and returned the gesture, while wrapping my arms around her shoulders to increase our contact, allowing the two of us to be even closer than before.

It didn’t take long for her to start to shudder from an orgasm.  That was another thing I hadn’t touched, but now that she was relaxing so much, she orgasmed much easier than before.  Sometimes, she’d even get through two or three before I came.  Unwinding my girlfriend’s sex drive had let her explore her own enjoyment.

“That feels so good.”  She purred, as she came down from the high, still thrusting her hips, since I hadn’t gotten off.  Her eyes were half lidded, and I knew that another orgasm was probably very much still in the cards for her.

“See, aren’t you glad we decided to stay up here for the weekend?”  I asked as I shifted so that we could keep going.

“Uh huh.”  She nodded.  “We don’t have to sell this place.  It can be our little fuck getaway.”  She started thrusting faster again, eager to push herself to the brink once more.

I hadn’t given her any choice about changing her mind, but I’d made it so she generally enjoyed the idea.  Plus, she was right.  We lived in a crowded city, and it never really felt like we had any privacy.  Here, we could probably screw on the back porch, and unless Chrissy wasn’t watching her noise, nobody would hear.

That sounded like an excellent idea to try in the future.  I’m sure she’d agree.  And if she didn’t, she’d agree soon enough.

Christine’s breathing grew heavier as she shifted her position, pulling herself up onto her hands and knees to get more leverage.  The speed of her thrusting intensified, and I could tell from her eyes that she needed the extra stimulation to get herself off again.

I didn’t mind, and closed my eyes, focusing on how good it felt.  I reached up with one of my hands and grabbed one of her tits, easily finding her hard nipple, and started flicking it idly.  This got the expected moan out of my girlfriend.

I started to cum before she did, but she wasn’t far behind.  Reaching up, I pulled her close to me again, this time with only one hand on her collar, the other on the small of her back.  I pulled her into me, and she willingly folded onto my chest, her hips only making little thrusting motions to help draw out both of our orgasms.

She spent a couple moments laying on top of me, hot and sweaty, catching her breath.  Once her heart had calmed, she turned and looked at me, and smiled.

“That.  Was.  Awesome.”

“I know babe.”  The statement got a coo from her, but she was too satisfied to get horny in response to the comment, so instead it just sent a tingle through her.

“So, you mentioned something about food?”

“One sammich, coming up.”  She shifted as though she was going to get off of me, but then collapsed theatrically back into a pile.  “In five minutes.”  She squeezed her thighs together, putting pressure on me since I was still inside of her.  It wasn’t enough to get me hard again or anything, but it still felt nice.

I laughed as I held her, in no rush.  After all, I still very much considered her my girlfriend, so if she wanted to cuddle a little, I was all willing to do that.  Cuddling with Chrissy didn’t even seem like a chore.  I lazily traced a path along her side, which caused her to twitch every few inches, since she was still extremely sensitive.

She was my girlfriend, I’d just done a few things to make her better.  But I wanted her to be happy, and I was pretty sure she was.  At the very least, the new dress code burned into her brain made her feel nice and sexy, and her body was responding to those feelings.  I was curious about how she’d dress during the week.  I was pretty sure her inherent resistance to showing herself off would resist the programming somewhat, since I hadn’t made her an exhibitionist or anything.  I’d just made her proud of her appearance, and responsive to my comments as such.

A few minutes later I heard her stomach growl, with unexpected volume.  I could even feel it rumble inside of her, both through my stomach and through slightly lower regions.  She looked over at me after her insides finished and rolled her eyes.

“Fine, if you insist.”  She thumped me lightly on the shoulder.  “But you can be so demanding sometimes, you know that?”  She rolled off of me, and I came out of her with a silent pop, before she got to her feet and turned toward the kitchen.

“Hey!”  I called after her.  “It was your stomach.”

She turned and flashed me a smile, while shaking her hips so that her skirt would fall back into place.  I got a good look at her in full, and was again amazed by just how cute and hot my girlfriend looked.  All those trips to the gym had been amazingly good for her, now we’d both get to reap the benefits, rather than before when she’d constantly kept herself hidden.

Laughing, she put her hands on her hips, pretending to be upset at catching me checking her out.  I made a point of staring straight at her tits, and opened my eyes like I was trying to burn a hole through them.

She shook her head and turned to walk into the kitchen, still laughing.  It felt good to get to flirt with my girlfriend.  It felt so natural, and I liked seeing Christine like this.

Since I knew our late lunch would take a little while, I decided to get off my lazy ass and do something useful.  And by that, I meant poke around in my grandfather’s vault to see what else he might have down there.  After all, he was to blame for Chrissy’s newfound easygoing personality, and I wondered what else the strange rooms might hold.  I hadn’t gotten as much time to look at them as I might have wanted, since I was having to keep Chrissy entertained all weekend.

Ok, I didn’t exactly ‘have’ to keep her entertained, it was a pretty mutual desire, but I really was curious about what was down there, and from the way Chrissy had been walking earlier, I knew she probably wouldn’t be up for another round of fun so I could put in some time exploring.

The rooms were still mostly as they were when I’d first found them.  After I finished reprogramming Christine, we’d had sex, several times, which used up Friday evening.  Saturday morning had consisted of getting her a new wardrobe, since she felt like ‘re-inventing’ herself according to my new specifications.

Now, almost every piece of clothing she had was tight, sexy, and showed off way more of her than before.  There were still a few things that would be considered more business wear, since I wanted her to keep working a job, but even those were tight and flattering, rather than the shapeless blobs she’d worn before.  She’d turn more than a few heads at the office in the outfits we’d bought for her.

And the number of different types of skirts that were out there was truly staggering.  Flared, flirty, short, long, mini, micro.  Some were slutty, some sexy, and some were just plain old cute.  She’d gladly modeled them for me, and we’d even fooled around a little in the dressing room, before coming home for more fun, interrupted only to eat and take short breaks to catch our breath.

This morning we’d gone a little more slowly, waking up late and making out on the couch before only a single passionate session.

As I stepped into the vault, I couldn’t help but smile at just how much it had changed my life in just the couple days I’d known about it.  I was curious what else I might find down here.  If the first of my grandfather’s treasures had been a miraculous chair that could turn bitchy Christine into fun sexy Chrissy, what else was in store for my life, and what kind of life did my grandfather lead?

I spent a little while searching in the main room of the basement, but I was too afraid to touch anything to make much progress out in the large room.  A lot of the stuff in that room looked like half -finished projects, works-in-progress, or items that were only built to try something out.  The problem was that I didn’t have a clue if any of them were dangerous or not, but I had no desire to pick something up and have it brainwash me into some random person’s love slave, or worse.

The chair hadn’t worked on me, and I still didn’t understand why, but I wasn’t going to take any chances on that immunity spreading to anything else my grandfather had built.  Even if nothing down here worked on me, I still doubted I’d be able to deal with an electrical shock of any size, and I knew enough about electricity to know that it usually came with capacitors that you didn’t want to touch.

I stepped into the chair room, deciding the place needed another look in case I’d missed anything my first time in.  There wasn’t much in the small room, just the chair, and the control console, but I remembered spotting some drawers underneath the console, and decided to search those in case they held anything that might be of interest.

The first one I pulled open was completely empty, which was honestly surprising.  Given the fact that my grandfather had left his partially completed works behind, I figured he’d have at least left notes or something in such a drawer.  There wasn’t even a crinkled piece of paper, or anything, and it was strange to see something so clutter free in an area that was disorganized and crowded.

I wasn’t expecting much when I pulled open the bottom drawer.  After how much of a disappointment the first had been, I expected it to be empty, even though it was much taller than the first drawer.  To my surprise, however, it had considerable weight as I pulled it open, and I heard something shifting as the drawer slid out.  Inside, I found what appeared to be a dozen spray bottles, each filled with some clear liquid that could easily have been mistaken for water.

There was no way I was going to assume it was water, given what I’d already found down here in the vault.  Why would he bother with so many of them if it was just water, and why would he even have it stockpiled down here?  These bottles weren’t designed for drinking, each had a manual pump mister on top.  The liquid inside was supposed to be sprayed on something, I just didn’t know what.

I looked around the drawer for any sort of instruction or other indication of what the bottles were for, but I found none.  Turning my attention back to the bottles, I noticed that each of them had a small label attached to the side, stamped out in raised letters.  I hadn’t seen somebody use one of those old push-up label makers in years, but my grandfather must have had one.

‘Compliance Assistance’

I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I had a pretty good idea.  If you thought about it, it made logical sense.  The chair would allow my grandfather to reprogram a person’s brain, but it wouldn’t exactly be easy to get somebody to sit in it, unless he could trick them, or browbeat them like I had with Christine.

This spray probably made it much easier to get people in the chair.  I decided I might as well try it out.  There wasn’t any indication that the chemicals inside the bottle were dangerous, and dead people weren’t very compliant at all.  Plus, what was the point of reprogramming the brain of a corpse, unless my grandfather could bring her back from the dead, a la Frankenstein’s monster.

I shook my head, realizing that my thoughts had taken a turn for the macabre and ridiculous, and closed the drawer, before heading back upstairs to check in on Christine.  She’d make a good test subject, and if it ended up being nothing, I’d only be a little embarrassed.  I gave the bottle a quick shake in case it needed to be mixed together after years of sitting in the drawer.

I found her in the kitchen, and noticed that she’d changed out of the outfit she was wearing earlier into something equally sexy, but a bit more casual.  The shirt she was wearing now was cropped a couple inches below the bottom of her breasts, so it only covered the upper part of her chest, leaving her stomach completely exposed.  She was also wearing a pair of short denim shorts, and I took that to mean she was silently giving me the hint that she wasn’t interested in any more fun this weekend either.

She’d set out two settings in the breakfast nook, and was serving out a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches onto each plate.  Christine was actually pretty handy in the kitchen, and many a night I’d buttered her up in the past to get her to make something, especially her signature baked chicken, which she managed to get right in ways I just couldn’t replicate myself.  She’d probably be more willing to user her considerable cooking skills in the future too.

My stomach rumbled as I smelled the bubbling cheese, butter, and bread.  Christine could have made something fancier, but we both liked grilled cheese, and I wasn’t going to complain in the slightest.  She could save fancy for dinner.

“Hey.”  She said as she saw me walking up to her.  “You’re just in time.”  She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her.

“That smells delicious babe.”  I said to her, before leaning over and giving her a kiss.  She blushed slightly, and I guessed that her sex drive had settled enough that the endearment would cause her to arouse a little to feel flustered.  No reason I couldn’t get her a little in the mood for when we were both feeling up to another round of sliding against each other.

She turned and put the skillet in the sink, before walking over to stand next to the small table.  The house had a proper dining room, but it was obvious that my grandfather ate plenty of meals quickly and without much fanfare here.

“Anything else before we begin?”  She asked, looking at me.

“Just one thing, if you don’t mind.”  I replied, fingering the bottle in my pocket that she hadn’t noticed yet.

“Of course not.”  She cocked her head, curious about what surprise I could have planned.  “What’s up?”

I looked up at her and grinned, feeling a little evil.

“Breathe deep.”  I said, and sprayed her directly in the face, the misting pump hissing slightly as the clear liquid spattered out the tiny hole.

Her eyes widened in surprise, and she took an involuntary deep breath.  She didn’t cough or anything, so whatever it was hadn’t burned her lungs, but she looked at me with a puzzled expression, before looking down at the bottle in my hand.

She blinked a few more times, but didn’t say anything.  More than anything, she looked sort of lost, and a little bit confused.  After her eyes fluttered another few times, I realized that her expression was draining, and she was becoming less animated.  After another couple blinks, her eyes stopped moving entirely, and she stood, limply, a glazed expression on her face.  Her brown eyes were soft and glazed, and void of any emotion.

I reached over and moved my hand in front of her face, to see if she gave any response.  She did not.  I poked her gently, and felt resistance, so she didn’t fall over in response to the slight pressure, but I got the impression that if I kept pushing, I probably could knock her over.

Trying for any response at all, I ran my finger along the fabric of her shirt, playing with one of her nipples.  She still gave no indication that she could feel anything at all.  Her breathing was still strong, and I could make out her chest rising and falling, and since she was still standing she couldn’t be asleep, or in any serious condition, but it seemed all she could do was just stand there.

“Hey, Chrissy.  Can you hear me?”  I finally spoke, realizing that would probably be the best way to find out more about her state of mind.

She blinked, once, but replied.


Her voice was shallow, and weak, and the word sounded oddly breathy.  She could hear me, but she sounded like she was talking in her sleep, and it was a lot of effort to do so.

The bottled had been labeled ‘Compliance Assistance,’ and she seemed pretty non-resistant to me.  I wondered just what I could get her to do while she was like this.

“Hey, Christine, turn and face me.”

She shuffled to do so.

“Put your hands on your head.”

She followed that command as well.  It made her shirt ride up slightly, exposing even more of her cute stomach to me, and I unthinkingly reached over and tickled her stomach.  I was amazed when she gave no reaction at all, since Christine was extremely ticklish, which was another reason she’d been so defensive about exposing herself.

I had a thought.  I was curious just what I could do with this.  There was something Christine had made very clear that she would never do.

“Chrissy… turn around and bend over so I can fuck you in the ass.”

She blinked, and turned around a half turn, before she stopped.  She didn’t give any other reaction, but she also didn’t move to help follow my command.

“Chrissy… turn around and bend over so I can play around with your cute little butt.”

Now she turned the rest of the way, and bent over, her butt prominently up in the air.  Her shorts pulled taught against her ass, the two orbs looking inviting pointing up at me.

Apparently, she wouldn’t follow any commands that she was really against, since my girlfriend’s ass was completely off limits, and I hadn’t felt the need to change that using the chair.  Something about her other holes being available made it less appealing.  However, she hadn’t realized that the position she was in now was pretty much the same as she’d have been in if she had bent over to let me fuck her.

It could be fun to mess around with this later, but right now, I was hungry, and my stomach reminded me that it had been needing something before I went down to my grandfather’s vault.

“Chrissy, stand back up and face me.”  She did so, and I straightened her shirt.  “Sit down in your chair.”

I took a seat as well, sitting next to her.  I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to handle a complex order such as eating, so I decided to just leave her sitting there while I ate.  She continued to stare into space, her eyes glassy and unblinking, giving no reaction to what was going on around her.  I knew she had to be hungry, but she made no move to feed herself or otherwise.

Thankfully, after about ten minutes total from when I’d sprayed her, she started to blink, slowly at first but then more rapidly, and began to stir.  It would have been a giant pain if the spray hadn’t worn off for hours, but it appeared it was designed to just get the victim to comply for a short period.  Probably long enough to convince somebody to go somewhere else, such as to the back of a car, or down to the vault for reprogramming in the chair.

“Hey.”  She said, turning to look at me, a puzzled expression on her face.  I was of course done with my lunch, while hers was sitting in front of her.

“Um, Greg, what happened?”

“Um, you zoned out for a minute.  You ok?  Maybe we’ve been having a little too much fun, and you need to take a nap or something?”

She reached up and scratched her head, her face scrunched.

“I guess…  Yeah, I have been pretty tired.  You’ve really managed to wear me out, and I don’t think I’m going to walk normal for a few days after all we’ve done.”

She looked down at her plate, and then reached and grabbed one of her sandwiches.  She started to eat, and I watched her, curious if there were any side effects of the spray.  After a moment, she turned and looked at me, noticing how much attention I was paying to her.

“What?”  She asked, looking around to see if I noticed something that she didn’t.

“Oh, just looking at my girlfriend.”   I replied, trying to play it cool.  “I mean, you’re so sexy and hot, and I really like looking at you is all.”

“Ok.”  She said, and took another bite.  “You’re being weird.”

I nodded to myself and looked away.  Apparently, she had no memory of me using the spray on her, which was good.  I wouldn’t need to use it on her again, since she’d always be willing to sit in the chair when I suggested it, but it was good to know how the spray worked, in case I ever needed to use it on somebody else.

Standing, I moved over to the sink, washing the frying pan while Chrissy finished her meal.  I didn’t want to force her to do everything, although I could have.  Still, even though she’d been a bit of a bitch, she hadn’t been a horrible girlfriend or anything, so I wasn’t going to treat her as a total slave.  It’s amazing how easy it is to want to help out when it isn’t demanded.

She’d just finished and put her plate in the dishwasher when the doorbell rang.  I turned to her and raised my eyebrow, and she shrugged, before walking out of the kitchen toward the door.  Shortly after, I heard voices, before Christine walked back into the room, followed by my cousin Jenny.

I smiled at Jenny, and she gave a friendly wave in return.  However, Christine didn’t look so happy.  I hadn’t seen the expression currently on her face for the entire weekend, so I was caught a little off guard by how angry she looked.

“Look who decided to drop in unannounced.”  That was one of her many pet peeves, and since I hadn’t programmed her to change the behavior, she still had it.  Most of my commands had been about being more comfortable with the sort of things that I’d wanted from her for a long time.

I sighed.  “Oh, come on Chrissy, don’t be mean.  She’s a guest.  Jenny, don’t worry about her, she’s just in a bad mood.  So what brings you by?”

Jenny gasped slightly and blinked in surprise at my calling Christine that, since she’d picked up enough to know my girlfriend hated it.  She looked almost scared for a moment, but when Christine didn’t explode, Jenny turned to me.

“Yeah, sorry about that.  I just wanted to drop in and see how things were going.  You know, make sure you guys are liking the place.”  She turned and looked at Christine, who was still giving her a dirty look.  Jenny shrank a little, but continued.

“Sorry.  I guess I just was here so long that I’m having a hard time letting go.  This is a really nice place, and I have a lot of fond memories.  I used to spend a lot of my time here, and even though I haven’t been up here much, now that it’s truly yours, everything feels so, well, final.”

I nodded.  “That makes perfect sense.  I want you to know that you’re always welcome here.  I really hope you’ll consider stopping by sometime, and maybe telling me some stories about this place, and my grandfather.”  I smiled at her again, and Jenny ran a hand through her hair.  “I didn’t know anything about him, and I’d like to get to know him a little bit better, if you knew more about him.”

“I knew a little.”  Jenny replied.  “I only knew him for a couple of years before things took a turn for the worst.  He died a lot more suddenly than anybody really expected.”

Christine was glaring daggers at me.  I walked over next to her, and grabbed her arm, before turning back to Jenny and giving her an apologetic look.

“If you’ll excuse us for a moment.”  I ducked around a corner and gave Christine an intense look.  “What is your problem?  You’re acting like a total bitch, and I thought things were going well this weekend!”

“I just don’t know what she needs to be doing here.  After the way you were flirting with her the first day, I figured it wouldn’t be a problem because we weren’t going to be seeing her again, but now here she is, and you’re flirting with her again.  What do you see in her?  You wanna have sex with her too?  Am I not enough for you?”

I shook my head, amazed and a little angry that Christine would make that big of a jump from almost nothing.  She’d been so agreeable all weekend that I’d managed to forget what a total bitch she could be when something set her off.  Remaking her in the shape I wanted was going to be a gradual process

“What do I see in her?  I am not flirting with her.”  I rolled my eyes.  “In fact, you’re the one who’s jumping to sex right when I’m having a simple conversation with somebody.  I really wish you’d just relax.”

“Relax?  You think I don’t remember that time you told me how you normally go for blondes?  She’s blonde, bubbly, and cute.  Just the way you like them.”

I sighed.  I had told Christine that I usually went for blondes, but it was only to point out the fact that her other attractive qualities made up for that.  However, now that she mentioned it, Jenny really was the type that I normally went for, and the jeans she’d been wearing had made her legs look really scrumptious.

Her shirt was also just on the snug side, and was a cute pink shade.  Christine was right, she was a little on the bubbly side, and now that I thought about it, she did tend to smile easy, and her face was really cute when she did.

Then it hit me.  Jenny really was my type, and she’d been very curious about the basement.  A twisted idea began to form in my head.  Christine had asked if I wanted to have sex with Jenny.  I hadn’t before, but now I was giving it another thought, and I had the means to make it happen.

“In fact, I think I know exactly how to solve this problem.”  I grabbed her arm, a little roughly, and pulled her back into the other room.

“Hey Jenny.  Remember the other day, when you were telling me about the basement.  You mentioned you’ve wanted to know what’s down there, didn’t you?”

Jenny’s face lit up, and she smiled.  I’d clearly hit the nail on the head

“Are you kidding me?!  It’s taken everything I have not to ask you about it and make it look like that’s why I came over here…”  Her voice trailed off as she saw me holding Christine, who was trying to pull out of my grip, but my hand was too strong for her.

“Come on, let’s go take a look, and I’ll show you.  Chrissy, go sit in the chair.”

She gave one last look at Jenny, but then turned and headed for the doorway down to the basement, no longer trying to get away from me.  I’d programmed her to always be willing to sit in the chair, no matter what, so she was powerless to resist.  Jenny gave me a puzzled look, but followed, and I took up the rear.

I bumped into Jenny when she stopped in the large open room, but I wasn’t really feeling like indulging her curiosity right now.  Chrissy had annoyed me, and I was going to fix that permanently.  I kept walking, and started typing on the console in the chair room while Christine sat as instructed, looking a little uncomfortable but making no motion to get up.  Jenny apparently got curious what I was up to, and followed us in a moment later.

“Ok, this is neat.”  Jenny said as she looked around the room.  “What is all this?  What did grandpa Byron do down here?”

“This machine is a lot of fun.  It lets me do this.”  I pressed the enter key, and the system engaged.  A moment later, Christine’s eyes opened, and then glazed over and she collapsed limply on the chair.  She sat, expressionless, looking up at the ceiling as the machine went to work remolding her mind once more.

“Holy!  What’s going on?”  Jenny asked, looking between Christine’s near lifeless form and me.  Her expression was slightly frightened, but she didn’t look quite scared yet, still unsure of exactly what I’d done.

“Oh, the machine is just rewriting her brain.  Right now it’s reprogramming her so that she’ll find nothing on this world more arousing than the idea of me having sex with another woman.  I was getting tired of her jealousy, and frankly this should make what I plan to do next a lot easier.”

Jenny looked at me like I was crazy.  I didn’t blame her, if I hadn’t seen the machine in action, I wouldn’t believe me either.  I’d learned a lot over the weekend about being more open-minded when it came to the technology down here.

“Ok, look, it’s clear the two of you are having problems.  I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have stopped in.  I’ll just let myself out.”  Jenny backed away.

“Look, Jenny, I’m sorry, I think I might have phrased that wrong.  Look, come over here and I’ll explain exactly what is going on.”

The look Jenny gave me was hesitant, but eventually she decided to give me the benefit of the doubt.  That ended up being her big mistake, because as she walked over next to me, I opened the drawer below the console, and grabbed one of the spray bottles, pressing down on the trigger and spraying the contents directly into her face.

I hadn’t planned on doing anything with my cousin, but now that she was here, I figured I should have a little fun.  After all, Chrissy had mentioned that she was my type.

I resisted spending the entire ten minutes Jenny was unresponsive checking her out, and instead began to work on the commands that I’d be giving her once Christine was done.  It would be fun to watch Jenny’s cute blonde head be reprogrammed, and by that point, Chrissy would be much more encouraging, knowing that it would result in another woman for me to have fun with.

Chrissy was just getting better and better every time we came down here, and now I was going to make her a new friend.

Continued in Chapter 3