Mind’s Vault – Chapter 1


Byron Walker was my grandfather, and I never met him.

In fact, I didn’t even know he was dead until I got the call from a woman who introduced herself as Jennifer, who said that she was a relative of mine, and my grandfather had left me his house in a remote community out in the middle of nowhere.  Apparently, some term in the will stated that I wasn’t to be notified until a certain amount of time had passed.

She also said that I had to come and see the place in person, as another term of the inheritance.  At first, I figured it would simply be a run-down old shack, but she also mentioned that a fund had been set up, with enough money that I could live comfortably for the rest of my life.  At first, I worried that it might be a hoax, but since she wasn’t asking for my bank account information, or anything else.  She gave me a number for a law firm in the city that I called, and they confirmed her story.

Thus, one Friday afternoon, my girlfriend Christine and I got in the car and prepared to drive the three hours it would take to get there.  The trip wasn’t too bad, but I was exhausted by the time we got there, mostly because of having to listen to Christine.  She was in one of her moods, and while I knew how to deal with her, after three hours without a break it was starting to wear on me.

“So, you’ve never met the guy?”  She asked, for what felt like the hundredth time.

“Nope.  Never once.”  I debated reminding her that I’d told her that about half an hour ago, but that would start a fight I didn’t want to deal with.  I’d learned how to manage my girlfriend, and what would set her off.

Christine wasn’t bad, as girlfriends go.  She could be a real handful, and a total bitch, but only if you hit one of her triggers.  However, once I learned the language of communicating with her, she was easy enough to live with.  She just liked things a certain way, and I could deal with that.

She was also really easy on the eyes, which was what attracted me to her in the first place, and why I stuck with her long enough to learn her little quirks.  I know it makes me a bit shallow, but I didn’t care.  She wasn’t tall, standing at about five-six, but she was solidly built, in a slightly muscular way, thanks to her regular trips to the gym.  Her breasts were on the big side of C, generous enough to be prominent on her frame, not so large as to be all she had going for her.  Her hair was a light brown, and while I usually went for blondes, it wasn’t a show stopper.

What attracted me to her most, though, was her athletic frame.  She had a strong-willed personality, and a body to match.  She didn’t go so far as to get muscular, mostly sticking to cardio, yoga, and other forms of keeping fit yet soft.  This led to her arms and legs being toned and shapely, and her tight stomach was something I fantasized about.  Something about a girl with a tight body just got me going.

Of course, I only really got to see most of her when I snuck glances of her in the bathroom.  Otherwise, she kept herself pretty covered up.  I’d commented once about how good she looked when she was leaving for the gym, and was wearing her workout outfit, and she freaked out.  Since then, she made a point of staying covered in my presence, even when we were having sex.  After some coaxing, she’d told me that she was worried I was only attracted to her for her body, and that she didn’t want me to just think of her as some sex object.  I really did enjoy talking to her intellectually, but I couldn’t see why that meant I shouldn’t also enjoy looking at her.

If Christine hadn’t been up for regular sex, the relationship probably wouldn’t have worked, but thankfully she wasn’t a bitch about that.  As long as I hadn’t done anything to set her off recently, she was willing to roll around in bed about once a week.  She wasn’t interested in doing anything super kinky or nasty, but it was still great.  Some of my friends bragged about having sex with their girlfriends more often, but I knew they were likely exaggerating.

A greater portion of my friends had mentioned that their girlfriends withheld sex just to get their ways.  When they finally put out, they’d do it nasty, but it could be months in between.  I honestly think regular is better, even if we didn’t do anything too wild.

Thankfully, Christine seemed to be in a good mood, especially after she found out that there was money involved in my inheritance.  At first, she’d been a little too focused on the monetary aspects, but I think she picked up how it made her look and had backed off.

“Well, I hope this place isn’t too run down.”  She said, as we turned off the interstate onto the highway, about fifteen minutes from our destination.

“Agreed.”  I nodded.  “The place is remote, but it’s near a small town.  Nothing fancy, but they have a mall, a few department stores, and a couple restaurants.  Nearest major city is about an hour drive.  Not a bad place to live, if you like it quiet.”

“Still the middle of nowhere.” She snorted.  “I don’t think I’d ever be able to live this far from civilization.  Ah well, we’ll just head out there, look at the place, and see what’s there.  We can always sell it, or rent it out, if it’s nice enough.  Lot of these old places are run down dumps.”

I shrugged.  “We’ll see.”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to just get rid of the place, but I knew better than to argue.  We lived together in an apartment downtown, and Christine really seemed to enjoy the big city.  Sometimes, I felt it was a little much, but I could manage.  A nice place far from the big city could be nice for weekends or other getaways.

Either way, she was right that it could possibly be a dump, and therefore I wasn’t going to suggest not selling it until after we’d seen it.  Like many things that involved Christine, it wasn’t worth the argument until I knew I’d gain something.

“How long have we been on this road?”  She asked, a few minutes later.

“Um, about ten minutes, I think?”  I replied.  I knew why she was asking, we hadn’t seen any major cross-streets, and only a few houses and farms broke up the lines of trees on either side of the road.

“We should be there in about five minutes, so it can’t be too much further.”

As promised, a couple minutes later, the trees gave way to what looked like a pretty normal neighborhood, although it was a little small.  Still, there were a couple crossroads that came off the main highway, and I could see maybe a hundred houses had been built, many with their backs to the trees.

“Well that’s not so bad.  Just a quaint little neighborhood.  I imagine this place is great for people that like their privacy.”

“Yeah.”  Christine admitted, reluctantly.  I was pretty sure she wanted to dislike the place, but she wasn’t so bull-headed as to outright lie when I was correct and not contradicting her.

I turned onto the street that matched the address that Jennifer had provided.

“I think that’s it, up there.”  I pointed to a large house.  It sat a little ways back from the end of the street, with a driveway that was a couple hundred yards long.

It looked old, but not in a bad way.  Houses back then used to be made out of stone and wood, and the place looked very solid.  I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw that it wasn’t the sort of building that you expected to see a condemned sign hanging off the front of.  In fact, it looked like it was the sort of place that would still be standing long after the more fragile places around the area had worn down.

It even had a gate, with a low stone wall around the edge.  The wall would probably come up to eye level, making it just hard enough to see inside, and was topped with an iron lattice for additional privacy.   Apparently, while my grandfather wanted to live close to people, he wanted to be left alone when he wasn’t in the mood.

Thankfully, the gate was open, so I drove through, and made my way up to the house.  Given that the place had a fence and gate, I expected it to be larger, but it wasn’t a sprawling mansion or anything.  It was larger than a single family home, but not by a lot.  I estimated that it probably had four or five bedrooms, and by no means looked like the occupants would be cramped.

All in all, very nice.

I spotted another car and pulled in next to it, before shutting off the engine and opening my door.  As I turned to give the place another sweep, I heard somebody call out to me from the direction of the house.

“Hey there.  You must be Greg.”

The voice was friendly, and had the high pitch of a young woman who wasn’t a teenager, but wasn’t yet a full adult either.  Turning, I caught sight of her, and my initial estimation was spot on.  Assuming that this woman was Jennifer, she was probably in her early twenties.

“Hey, Jennifer, right?”

“Yup.  Most of my friends call me Jenny though, so feel free.”  She gave me a bright, friendly smile.  She had a cute round face, and I could tell that the smile came to her easily.  I imagined she had a lot of friends.

“Ok.  Jenny, this is my girlfriend, Christine.”

Christine gave a little wave, and Jenny returned the gesture.

Jenny was a cute girl, a little shorter than Christine, with an even more compact frame.  She was wearing a red tee shirt that clung to her chest, showing off her perky breasts and giving her a very all American look.  The denim jacket she was wearing matched her jeans, and I understood why she was wearing one, since the temperature up here was in that annoying space between chilly and warm, where anything heavier would be too much, but you needed more than just a shirt.

But her best features were her cute face, with flirty pink lips that shone slightly with what could only be lip gloss, and her light blond hair, that was currently pulled back in a utilitarian ponytail.  I couldn’t help myself, and before I knew it, I was imagining her lips wrapped around my dick, her ponytail bobbing in time with her head.

I shook my head to clear the phantom images from my mind.  I had a bad habit of thinking of sex first when it came to girls, and especially of imagining them giving me oral.  Probably a side effect of having a girlfriend who presently refused to even consider such things.  Last week, around when I thought it would be safe to ask Christine to have a little fun, she’d been in a bad mood, so it had been a couple weeks since I’d gotten off in a satisfying way.

Jenny looked at me, before gesturing with her thumb over her shoulder.

“Come on in, I’ll give you guys a tour.  I only have about fifteen minutes before I have to go, but that should be long enough.”

She turned and walked into the house, and I let my eyes fall to look at her butt.  The pair of jeans she was wearing were tight enough to show off the goods on her rear end, and they were also nothing to slouch at.

I felt Christine thump me on the arm, and I turned to see her giving me one of her death glares.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, checking her out like that?”

I did my best to feign surprise.  I had been checking Jenny out, sure, but I wasn’t planning on actually doing anything with her.  I’d just met her, after all.

“Huh?  What?  I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Christine rolled her eyes.  “You were staring right at her.”  It was pretty apparent she wasn’t buying it, but she hadn’t gone so far as to escalate to full-on fight.

“I’m staring at everything.  I’ve been driving for three hours.  Come on, let’s go inside.”  I started walking toward the house before Christine could escalate things further.

The inside of the house matched the exterior.  Everything looked solid, and well maintained.  The foyer was tile, and gave way to a stair case that led up to the second level.  Another archway led to the dining room, which had hardwood floors that shone slightly in the early afternoon light, and a table that looked like it could comfortably seat eight to ten.  Another hallway led off deeper into the house, probably to the kitchen or living room.

I’d expected the place to be dusty, and run down, but it was clean and in good repair.  Everything looked like it had been kept in good shape.  I could easily see living here, and the place looked like it was ready to have somebody move in today.

Jenny was standing in the hallway, and let us take the house in for a couple minutes before she spoke.

“Pretty nice place, huh?”

“Yeah.”  I replied, honestly a little floored by it all.  “You pay to get the place cleaned up?”

“Nope.”  Jenny shook her head.  “All me.  It’s not that much work, honestly, once you know what you’re doing.”

Christine tapped me on the shoulder.  “Mind if I go take a look around on my own?”

I looked to Jenny, just in case there was some reason Christine shouldn’t be allowed to, but Jenny gave a gesture with her hand that indicated there was no reason she couldn’t.

“Sure.  I have a few questions for Jennifer anyway, about the inheritance.”  I made a point of using her full name, because I didn’t want Christine to think I was getting too familiar.

“So, are you, like, the realtor?  Pardon me if I’m out of line, but you seem a little young to be my grandfather’s attorney.  Plus you mentioned that we were related.”

Jenny laughed, and smiled at me.  “Neither.  When he died, Grandpa named me caretaker of his estate.”

I did a double take.  “Grandpa?”  It was strange to hear her refer to him so casually.  I didn’t even know he was alive until after he died.

“Yup.  I’m your grandfather’s wife’s brother’s daughter’s husband’s daughter, from his first marriage.”

“Wait, so that makes us?”

“Second cousins, in the legal sense, although biologically, absolutely nothing.  Grandpa just knew I needed a place to stay, and he knew the house would need somebody to keep it maintained, so he amended his will last minute to help me out.  Mom and dad died, and I was almost seventeen, so rather than worrying about having me get into the state system, he set up a fund and had his attorney appointed my guardian.  As long as I maintained the house, I could live here, until I was on my own two feet.”

“Ah.  Ok.”  That made sense.  I tried to remember what she’d just said to describe the relationship.  “Grandfather’s wife’s brother’s…”  I trailed off, failing to remember any further.

“Grandfather’s wife’s brothers’ daughter’s husband’s daughter, from his first marriage.”

I shook my head.  “That’s a huge mouthful, I don’t know how you keep it all together.”

Jenny smiled.  “I totally haven’t been practicing all morning, if that’s what you’re implying.”  The fake innocent look on her face let me know that she had.  She looked cute when she was pretending to be innocent.  She even sealed the impishness of her expression with a quick wink.

“Has anybody ever told you that you are a terrible liar?”

“Only every week!”  She threw her hands up in mock exasperation.  “Back in high school, it was terrible.  Everybody was all like ‘don’t tell Jenny your secrets, she can’t keep them to save her life.’”  She sighed.  “I didn’t want to, I just, yeah.  Anyway, let’s talk about something else.”

I nodded.

“So, grandpa died about five years ago…”  She started, then stopped when I held up my hand to interrupt her.

“Five years?  And I’m only finding out about this now?”

“Yeah.  One of the terms of the will was that you wouldn’t be told about your inheritance until five years had passed.  If you came looking and asking about it, you were to lose everything.”

“Really?”  I blinked in surprise.  “I’m surprised nobody else even told me about it!”

Jenny nodded.  “Yeah, everybody in the will would lose their share if they told you.  I don’t know why.  Grandpa could be weird like that.  Anyway, five years was last week, hence why I called you.  Like I said before, I was appointed caretaker.  I lived here for a couple years, since I needed a place, but then I got my own apartment I share with a friend.”

“I take classes up at the local college.  It’s small, but tuition’s cheap.  Grandpa arranged for me to get a steady flow of cash to cover my expenses and tuition, so I’m ok.  Not enough to carry me for life by any stretch, but I have a safety net.  In a lot of ways, he really took care of me when I needed somebody, so I was glad to help him out by looking after the place.  I come up here once a week now and clean everything.”

I looked at her, surprised, and a little impressed, by her diligence.  The place was spotless, and well maintained.  My personality wasn’t so disciplined, and imagining Christine cleaning anything made me almost laugh.

“Well, the place looks great.”

“Thank you.”  Jenny beamed, and I could tell she was proud of herself for keeping the place in such good shape.

“Hey, Greg, come in here and take a look at this.”  Christine’s voice called from another room, and I turned to walk toward the sound.

The room she was in was spacious, and was decorated with a couch and a pair of comfortable looking chairs, and had several items on the wall.  However, the most prominent feature was that one wall was practically entirely a window, and looked out onto a large lake, surrounded by woods and trees.

“Oh yeah, the lake.”  Jenny said, walking in behind us.  “You guys probably couldn’t see it from the road when you were coming up, but it’s honestly the best thing up here.”  She walked over to stand next to my girlfriend.

“Pretty impressive, isn’t it Chrissy?”  She said, bumping her elbow against my girlfriend’s arm.

I froze as I heard Jenny say that name.  Christine HATED to be called anything other than her full name, and that shortening made her see red almost instantly.  I turned to look at her, and could tell from her expression that this afternoon was not going to be pleasant.

Christine was at least predictable.  She had that going for her.

“It’s Christine.”  She spat through gritted teeth.  “And didn’t you say you had somewhere to be? This place is Gregory’s now, isn’t it?  Doesn’t that make you a trespassing little whore?  Get the hell out of here.”

“Ok…”  Jenny looked back at Christine, shocked at her reaction, and backed away like she was worried Christine was going to pounce on her.  It was fully possible that she was, too.

I shot a look at my girlfriend, trying to get her to calm down, but I could tell she was over the edge.  Until Jenny was gone, there would be no reasoning with her.  I motioned for Jenny to follow me into the foyer.

“Hey, sorry, she really hates that nickname.”

Jenny sighed.  “Yeah, kinda guessed that much.  Tell her I’m sorry. I had a friend a couple years back who always went by that name, guess it just slipped my brain.  She’s right though, I gotta go, you guys going to be ok up here?”

I nodded.  “Yeah, I think we’ll be fine.  Nothing we need to worry about, right?”

“Well…”  Jennifer started, and I gave her a puzzled look.

“It’s the basement.  Here, take the keys.”  She said, handing them to me.  “I have another set, I’ll give them to you if you need them.”

I shook my head.  “Keep them.  We can’t stay up here too long, and might need to ask you to come up here and check on things.”

Jenny nodded.  “Makes sense.  Anyway, there’s something special about the basement.”

She held up what looked like a modified smart card, but it didn’t look like any I’d seen recently.  They were becoming more and more common, so I knew what one was, but the chip on this one looked larger than most I’d seen.

“This is the key to the basement.  You’ll understand when you see the door.  Grandpa was very particular, and outright forbade me from ever entering.  I’ve never been down there.  You’re allowed, of course.  I’d love to know what’s down there, but unfortunately, I have class, and I can’t get out of it.”

I gave her a look.

“Yeah, I know, class on Friday afternoon.  It really sucks.  Anyway, whatever’s down there, who knows.  It could be where he sealed the zombies, for all I know.”


Jenny laughed.  “I’m a horror movie buff, so I like to pretend that’s where the zombie apocalypse will start, grandpa’s basement. For all I know, it’s where he kept his prized baseball cards.”  She shrugged.  “Anyway, I’ll leave you and Christine alone.  Sorry if I made things hard for you this afternoon.”

“I’m used to it.”  I sighed.  “She’ll probably calm down once you leave, so I can use you as my fall guy.  Or girl.  Anyway, thanks for looking after the place, and it was nice meeting you.”  I extended my hand, and she shook it, before heading out the door.

I watched her drive off, using it as an excuse to avoid going back to Christine.  I knew she’d be livid still.  I was right.

“What the hell was that, Gregory?”  She only used my full name when she was angry.  “What the fuck do you think you were doing, flirting with her?”

“I wasn’t flirting with her, Christine.  She’s my cousin, I was just being nice to a member of my family.”

“Oh right, you totally check out the ass on every member of your family.  Pig.”  She snorted, and stormed across the room.  “Let’s just finish looking around so that we know how much we can sell this place for.  I’ve no interest in staying here one minute longer than I have to.”

Christine stormed out of the room, and a moment later I heard her feet stomping up the stairs, followed by the sound of her crossing a room, and then slamming a door.  Thankfully, she’d decided to throw a ‘give me my space’ tantrum, rather than her clingy ‘stand there while I yell at you’ tantrum.  These were less of a pain in my ass.

Deciding that she was right, and we needed to take inventory, I started poking around the kitchen.  However, I didn’t agree with her at all that we should sell this place.  It was amazing, and would be an awesome retreat whenever I felt like getting away from the annoyance of the city.  I just had to stall until she was in a more reasonable mood.

The kitchen was as clean and organized as the rest of the house, and there were dishes in the cupboards, each neatly organized and clearly recently washed.  There was no way that they’d be so clean if they’d been sitting up there for years.  Jenny must have gone through the whole house and cleaned it before we arrived.

I heard a crash from upstairs, and imagined what it would be like if Christine was so hard-working.  Jenny must be an amazing girlfriend for some lucky guy.  Girls like her probably had to beat off guys with a stick.

Continuing my exploration, I decided to check inside the fridge.  Here was the one place that the house didn’t look like it had been lived in all along, it was completely empty.  It was a sharp contrast to how homey everything else felt.

I decided then that I’d make a point of getting some condiments and long keeping items, just so the fridge wouldn’t look so strange.

Most of the rest of the rooms looked about the same.  The place was clean and tidy, and decorations were on the wall.  I tried to get some sense of who my grandfather was from his house, but I couldn’t really congeal much of a picture.  I wished then that somebody had talked to me about him, because I really didn’t know him at all.

Maybe Jenny would know more, since she’d obviously met him.  I’d just need to find a way to talk to her without Christine knowing.

I reached my hand into my pocket, and absentmindedly played with the keys she’d given me, before my fingers brushed up against the card.  Pulling it out, I examined it, but it didn’t give me any additional information as to its nature.

In fact, come to think of it, I also hadn’t seen a stairway down to the basement.  Making a quick circuit around the house, I started opening doors, looking for something that might be hiding a staircase.  After a few minutes, I found what I was looking for.

The staircase was a little longer than I would have expected, and at the end of it, I could see what Jenny had meant about everything making sense when I saw the door.  What was at the bottom of this staircase couldn’t even really be called a door, at least not in the sense that most people thought of them inside of a house.

If anything, I would describe what was in the basement as a vault.  The door was made of solid metal, and I couldn’t guess how thick it was from the outside, but it was probably think.  It sat against a metal frame, which I could tell must extend several inches into the structure of the wall.

Nobody was getting in here without the key, and I had the only one.  The card reader slot was the only blemish on the door.

I hesitated a moment, curious about what could be down here.  After all, like Jenny had said, it could be anything.  I knew she was joking about the possibility of a zombie horde, but anything could be down here.

Still, the only alternative was to go back upstairs and deal with Christine.  It was possible she’d calmed down, but not likely.  I reached forward and inserted the card into the slot.  Almost immediately, a light above the slot flicked on, green, and I heard something shifting in the wall in front of me.

I was surprised when a moment later, a blast of air pushed on me from behind, and the door swung open inward, easily gliding on hinges that didn’t so much as creak.  The rush of air meant that the room down here was air tight, and something had pumped the oxygen out.

Hesitantly, I stepped inside, checking to make sure that the door was open.  I couldn’t see any way for it to shut on its own, and I checked near the frame inside, and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw a button with the word ‘EXIT’ in large letters above it.  While the room might be hard to get into, it was designed to be almost foolproof to leave.

Fumbling near the wall, I looked for a light switch, and flicked it on once I found it.

The room looked like a cross between a mechanic’s garage and a laboratory.  Not the mad scientist unidentifiable machinery type lab, thankfully.  Instead, everything was in a sort of poetic organized disarray, with half assembled projects sitting on workbenches, but each had a set of tools that had been laid out with care.

Grandpa must have spent a lot of time down here.  I didn’t know how he’d made his fortune, but apparently it had been something dealing with electronics.  Worried I might shock myself, I made a point not to touch anything until I’d had a good look around.

The basement consisted of a large open room, where the workbenches were, that I quickly began to think of as the workshop.  Against the back wall, there were three solid looking doors, but unlike the main door, they were made of wood.  Still, each had a card reader next to it.  I walked over to the first and inserted the card, and a green light appeared to let me know that the door had been unlocked.

This door had a handle, and had to be pushed open as well.  Flicking on the light, I took a look at what was down here.

The room was square, and the central feature was a large chair, that looked a lot like a dentist’s chair.  In fact, I was pretty sure it was, although it was a little on the old side.  It reclined, so the person sitting in it would be back at about a forty-five degree angle.  It probably wasn’t too uncomfortable, given that it appeared to be padded.  I wondered what it was for.

Looking around, I spotted what looked like a desk off to the side, with a large monitor sitting on it, accompanied by a keyboard.  Curious, I walked over, and saw that there was a large switch to turn everything on.

So far, nothing in here had exploded, flickered, or given any indication that it wasn’t in good repair, so I decided to flick the switch on.  A light turned on above the chair, and the monitor sprang to life.  It was one of those old monochrome spinach green affairs, and I was amazed that it still worked after all this time.  After a moment, the words ‘Neural Re-Programmer’ appeared on top, flickering, but easily read.

“Greg, are you down here?”  Christine called down from the top of the stairs.  Her voice echoed slightly, bouncing around the walls down here.

At least she was back to calling me Greg.  Maybe she’d cooled off.

“Yeah, I’m down here.”

I heard her coming down the stairs, followed by a surprised intake of breath.

“What’s all this?”  She asked.

“Not sure.”  I went to the doorway that led from the chair room back to the workshop.  “Guess it’s how he made his fortune.  But come in here, this looks interesting.”

Christine did as I asked, which meant she probably was back to her normal self.  As long as I tread lightly, everything should be ok.

“What is it?”  She asked, as she caught sight of the chair and desk.”

“The screen here says ‘Neural Re-Programmer.’”

“Neural…?”  She mouthed the words.  “What, like it can change somebody’s brain?”

Christine could be many things, but thankfully an idiot wasn’t one of them.

“Yeah.  Why don’t you sit down in the chair and let’s see if it works?”  I said.  I was mostly joking, but I was honestly curious.

Looking from the chair to the desk, my girlfriend started to laugh.

“Yeah right Greg.  That thing would probably give somebody brain cancer, at best.  It’s probably just something from a movie or something.  There’s no way it works, and there’s no way I’m sitting in it.”

“Aww, come on.  I just really want to know if it works.”  The words were out of my mouth before I really thought about them.  Trying to push Christine so close to one of her blow-ups was usually a bad idea.

My sinking suspicion was verified when, a moment later, she narrowed her eyes.

“Oh really? Well then, how about you sit in the chair, and I type at the keyboard thing?”

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and I suddenly got very worried.

“Uh… no thanks.  Maybe we should just call it a day down here.”

Christine put her hands on her hips, and I knew then that I hadn’t managed to dodge the bullet on the argument.

“Oh really, Gregory.  It’s ok for me to take the risk and let you do god knows what to my brain, but the moment I ask you to take a turn, it’s a bad idea?  This is just like you.  What were you going to do, try and use it to turn me into some sex starved little bimbo?  You’re going to sit in that chair, or I am leaving you.  Now, and forever.”

I knew she was serious.  If she managed to calm down, she might even apologize for a threat like that, but if I pushed too hard she’d go through with it.  Her face, however, showed that she didn’t expect me to go through with it.  Something about the way she was acting made me really angry.

“Fine.”  I held up my hands.  I wasn’t thinking clearly, but I stepped forward and plopped myself down on the chair.  “But afterward, you take a turn on the chair.  Fair’s fair, after all.”

Christine rolled her eyes, but moved to tap something out on the keyboard.   A moment later, she made a big show of hitting one of the keys, and looked over at me expectantly.

Nothing happened.  There was no sound, no feeling, no pressure.  It definitely didn’t’ feel like something was crawling around inside my brain and making changes.

I looked over at Christine, who shrugged.

“I told you it wouldn’t work.  Now don’t you feel like an idiot?”

Standing up from the chair, I tried to think of what could have happened.

“Maybe you didn’t do it right?”  I said as I walked over to stand next to her.   Glancing down at the monitor, I saw what she’d typed, and it made my anger grow.

Greg will always do what his girlfriend says, and will always admit she is right, because he is always wrong.

I couldn’t believe she’d written that.  Actually, I could, but that didn’t make me feel any better.

“I’m not an idiot Greg, I typed something, and pressed start.”  She huffed.  “That’s it, I’m leaving.  Let’s just sell this place and be done with it.”

Something inside me snapped.  She was acting like the place was hers, not mine, and that really annoyed me.

“Wait.  The deal was we’d both take a turn.  You still need to sit in the chair.”

She glared daggers at me.  “Yeah right.  It doesn’t work.”

“We.  Had.  A.  Deal.”

I said each word through clenched teeth, and Christine did something that she’d never done before.  She flinched, and shrank a little.  I realized then that this was the first time I’d ever actually shown my anger toward her, but the way she was acting about this house just made me so angry I couldn’t think straight.

“Fine.  Whatever.  I’ll sit in the damn chair, it won’t do anything, and then we can leave.”  She moved to stand next to the chair, and slipped into a sitting position.  If I’d been thinking straight, I’d have realized that it was the first time I’d seen my girlfriend cowed, but right now I just wanted to get back at her for her earlier insult.

My head cleared slightly as she backed down from the challenge, and I tried to think of what I wanted to type.  I cleared her commands, and typed the first thing that came to my mind.

Christine loves to give her boyfriend blowjobs and will always do it when he asks.

I wasn’t sure where that came from, but it had been the subject of many arguments between us.  Part of why I always imagined a girl going down on me when I first met her was because Christine so adamantly refused to.

My finger hovered over the start button, and I was about to press it, when I realized that I was overlooking something.  If this worked, it would be great, but she’d probably realize, and I wouldn’t be able to get her back in the chair to put anything else into her head.

Christine will always be willing to sit in the chair when Greg suggests it, no matter what.

I added that command, and then looked up at Christine.  She was staring daggers at me.

“See, I told you it wouldn’t work.  Now let’s just get out of here and…”

Her voice trailed off as I lowered my finger and hit the start button.  Most of me expected nothing to happen.  Most of me also expected a huge argument once Christine saw what I had typed.

All of me was surprised when a hum filled the room and Christine stopped talking.  Looking over, I saw that she was lying back in the chair, her eyes open but glassy.  She was looking toward the ceiling, and her eyes weren’t really focused on anything.

I looked around the desk for something that would indicate what was happening, when I saw a bank of glass rectangles on the wall.  One of them had lit up, exposing the text hidden behind.  It said ‘Neural Override.’

Walking over to stand next to Christine, I looked down at her.  She was still breathing, her chest rising and falling slowly, but she was otherwise unresponsive.  Her eyes were blank and glassy, and looked up at the ceiling.  I waved my hand in front of her face, but she gave no response.

I heard a shift in the machinery, and turned to see that the light on the wall had moved down one slot.  It now highlighted a panel that said ‘Encoding Instructions.’

The light only stayed there for a moment before it switched again.  The machine was now on the ‘Imprinting’ step.

My heart stopped beating in my chest.  Was the machine really working?  I tried to think about what life would be like if it worked.  What sort of things would I put into Christine’s head?  My girlfriend was great, but there were plenty of things that I’d want to improve about her.

The machine made another sound, and I turned to see what the next step was.  It read ‘Disconnecting.’  Much like the encoding step, this one didn’t seem to take very long.  Maybe the commands weren’t too complicated, so the machine didn’t need long.  Or maybe the machine just didn’t need long to do what it did regardless.

Either way, I knew that it was done when the light changed to ‘Reprogramming Complete’ before fading away to nothing.

A moment later, Christine began to stir.

“Greg?”  She said, looking up at me, her voice a little unsteady.

“Yeah Christine, I’m here.  How do you feel?”

“Um…”  She spent a moment marshalling her thoughts.  “Weird.  My head hurts.  Did the machine work?”

“I’m not sure.”  I lied.  I was almost certain it worked.  Otherwise, why would she have been staring blankly at the ceiling for so long?  “It made some funny noises, and then you looked like you got woozy.”

She reached up and rubbed her temple.

“Could you bring me a glass of water?”

“Sure.”  I replied.  Something tickled the back of my mind that she hadn’t said please, even when asking me to help her.  I couldn’t help but smirk as I said the words that would test out if the machine really had worked, or if it had just made her pass out for a moment.

“But first, I was wondering if you’d give me a blow job.  I’m feeling really pent up.”

“Huh?”  She replied, looking over at me.  Then her eyes widened a bit.  “Oh, yeah.  Sure.”

Then she did something that stopped my heart cold.  She looked over at me and smiled.

“Grab a seat in that chair, and get your pants off.”  She said, gesturing to the chair by the computer terminal, as she slipped out of the reprogramming chair into a standing position.

I couldn’t believe it.  I’d asked her to give me oral sex before, and the response was always the same, outright anger.  She’d never agreed.  She’d never smiled and actually looked like she was eager and happy to do so.

She pushed me toward the chair, and I realized that I’d zoned out for a moment thinking about what this all meant.  The playful look in her eyes told me that she was eager to get on with things.

If she was so ready to get started, who was I to hold things up?  I moved over to the chair, undid my belt, and slid my jeans and underwear down around my ankles.  Once I was seated, she moved over and opened her mouth, taking me into her warm lips.

It was heavenly.  As soon as she was in place, she started to swirl her tongue around my shaft, licking the bottom before quickly moving up and flicking her tongue against the base of my tip.  Her mouth moved up and down my shaft in expert motions, her lips providing stimulation around the length of my dick while her tongue probed points that made sparks shoot into my vision.

She had to have done this before.  Christine refused to ever give me head, but she’d done it for somebody.  And she was good at it.

Christine tightened her lips into a hard ring, and laid her tongue flat against the shaft, before she started to bob her head up and down.  She must have decided that I was warmed up enough to move on to getting off, and she was right.  Her head bobbed in an even rhythm as she slid up and down, and I felt myself getting close to orgasm.

She’d only been at it for about a minute when I exploded into her mouth.  Her eyes bugged out, and she pulled her head back, gagging and spitting as she tried to get my cum out of her mouth.  I was still spurting, and some of it landed on her top, and then the floor when she moved to cough into the trash can.

“You fucking asshole.  You’re supposed to warn me when you’re about to cum so I’m ready.  I don’t want to swallow any of that stuff, it’s nasty.”

My post-orgasmic high was destroyed by her angry screeching, and I turned to see her alternating between coughing and spitting into the trash can, and glaring daggers up at me.  Apparently, Christine was practiced at giving blow jobs, but she was too much of a bitch to swallow, or even be prepared for the guy she was blowing to cum without warning.

I smiled as I realized that this could be both the first and last time she’d blow me without swallowing.

“I’m sorry, Chrissy.  I just figured that since you were doing such a good job, you were actually ready.  Next time, maybe you should just swallow it all up.”

She froze.  I’d called her Chrissy once, over a year ago, and never since.  She knew that I was aware she hated being called that.  I’d also never done something purposefully to piss her off.  It seemed she didn’t know how to respond to that.

Christine opened up her mouth to lay into me, but I held up a hand.

“Go sit in the chair.”

She looked nervous as she found herself moving to do as I’d instructed.

“Gregory.  Greg.  What’s going on?  What are you doing?”  She settled into a reclined position, but was looking over at me.

I debated pulling my pants back up, but instead just left them in the pile where I’d been sitting.  It was cool in the basement, but not cold, and Christine would be helping me warm up before too long anyway.

“Oh, just realizing what a monumental bitch you’ve been the entire time we’ve been dating.  And now that I can do something about it, what a great girlfriend you’re about to be from now on.”  I looked over at her, and there was panic in her eyes.

“You really do have a hot body.  If you’d shown it off a bit more, then maybe I wouldn’t be doing this.  But I’ve seen the way you look, when you’re getting out of the shower.  Your tight little stomach is to die for.”

The panic in her eyes intensified.

“Greg, I’m sorry.  I’ll dress more like a slut if that’s what you want.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Of course you will.  You’ll be pretty much doing whatever I want you to, from now on.”

I looked down at the keyboard and began to type.  I could hear Christine whimpering from the chair, but I didn’t care.  She’d been too much of a bitch for too long, she needed her attitude to be adjusted.  I wasn’t going to be cruel to her or anything, I wanted her to enjoy it.

I just wanted her to be my perfect girlfriend.  And now I had the means to make that happen.

Continued in Chapter 2