Hypno Hospitality – Chapter 6

Kimberly hummed tunelessly to herself as she walked into work.  Even though she knew that her master would be leaving soon, she was making good on her promise to herself that she wouldn’t let it get her down.  She was going to make it through this shift at her job, and then go home and give him an amazing send off.

As she walked in the front door, she was surprised to see both Andrew and Marissa standing behind the counter.  Andrew worked the day shift, and she was supposed to be here to take over for him, but Marissa was her counterpart on the evening shift, and should only be here on days when she wasn’t working.

“Kimberly.  Get back here.  Now.”

The words were angry, and the speaker’s tone conveyed an icy rage that made Kimberly very afraid.  The speaker was Caleb Rhodes, her boss, and he did not sound happy at all.

Kimberly followed him into the back room, curious what the source of his frustration was.  She ran through the events of the last few days, but was sure that she’d managed to close out everything properly at the end of her last shift.

“What the hell is this?”  Caleb demanded as soon as she was in the back room.

Caleb was pointing at one of the security monitors, and Kimberly looked at the small screen, curious what he saw.  She could just make out herself, standing at the counter and working to take care of a customer.  The transaction complete, she turned and walked into the back room.

Then it dawned on her.  The customer was following her into the backroom as well.  This was a recording of the night she’d met her master.

“Kimberly, who is this man?”

Her heart started to race as she searched for an excuse.  There was no way she could tell Caleb what actually happened that night.  She reached up and tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, trying to come up with a plausible sounding excuse.

“Uh, just some guy.  I didn’t even realize that he followed me.  I must have been distracted checking my text messages or something.  I thought he was good to go.”

Caleb put one hand on his hip, and narrowed his eyes.

“He was back there for over fifteen minutes.  Are you saying that entire time you didn’t notice him standing there?”

“I, uh.  Sorry, I got caught up in a game on my phone.  It won’t happen again.”

“Right.  And what was he doing back there, then?  Just watching you play with your phone?”

“I guess.  Maybe you should ask him.”

“Actually, that’s a good point.  I went up to Mr.  Hamilton’s room to do just that thing, but he wasn’t there.  In fact, the room looks completely unused.  And as you can see here on the tape, after he comes back from ‘watching’ you in the back room, he heads back out the front door.”

Caleb sighed, and rubbed his temple in frustration.

“Kimberly, I can’t have employees who invite their boyfriends over to have sex while on the job.”

She was stunned.  That hadn’t been what happened at all.  She and her master had sex, that much was true, but she hadn’t invited him over.  She was a good employee, who always did her job.  She couldn’t believe one little slip was causing this much outrage.

“So, what are you saying, Caleb?”  Kim asked, already knowing the answer.  It made sense now why Marissa was here.

“I’m sorry Kimberly, but we’re going to have to let you go.  I need to be able to trust my employees.  Even if you weren’t’ hooking up back here, you had somebody in the back room for far too long for you not to notice or report.  I’ll mail you your last paycheck.”

Kimberly stood in place, stunned, and unable to process what had just happened.  This job had been the biggest part of her life for years, and now it was being taken away.  That, combined with the fact that her master would be leaving in the morning, was just too much to handle.

She tried to fight back the tears as she pulled off her jacket and pulled the uniform work shirt over her head, handing it to Caleb in a messy wad.  Kim didn’t want him to see her upset, so she turned and walked out the door, not saying a word to anybody.

Kim was too ashamed to hurry straight home, not wanting her master to see her upset.  She still knew that his needs had to come first, and he wanted her to be happy, and she wasn’t right now.  She let the tears flow down her cheeks as she walked, aimlessly.

What was going to happen to her tomorrow?  What would her master do to her with his device before leaving?  It was pretty unlikely that he was going to leave her feeling this way, given that they might never see each other again.

He’d probably erase her memory completely.  It made the most sense, after all.  She knew he’d done this with many other women in other cities, so he had to do something to clean up the mess.  If he didn’t, there’d always be the chance that one of them might make a comment to the police, or to a family member, or it could get back to him some way.

No, it only made sense that he’d erase the events from her mind, leaving her alone to pick up the pieces of her life.

After about half an hour of wandering, she started to shiver in the cold night air, and pulled her jacket back on.  She’d been too distracted earlier, and hadn’t even noticed that she’d been holding it as she walked in a daze.  The simple gesture helped to serve to bring her back to reality, and she looked around, trying to get her bearing for where she ended up.

She’d been to this area a few times in recent past, but used to come here a lot more back when she’d first dropped out of college.  Some of the restaurants in the area had been hangout spots for her and her friends, before they fell out of contact.  It was hard to maintain friendships with people she’d met in school when she no longer attended, after all.

It served to remind her just how alone she felt, and was going to feel.  The one person who could make her feel better was the one person she couldn’t go to for help.

“Well, why not?”  She spoke, before she realized she was speaking aloud.  The sound of her own voice helped to ground her.

Why couldn’t she go to her master and explain what happened?  He’d still have to leave in the morning, but they could at least spend a nice night together tonight.  She could curl up in his arms, and fall asleep again, and feel comforted by his presence.

Even if it would just be for one last night, she could at least enjoy it.

Kimberly practically ran the short distance home, her shoes being the only thing keeping her from breaking into a full jog.  A few minutes later, she was standing at the entrance to her own apartment, and pulled out her spare set of keys.  She slid the thin metal strip into the lock, and turned, pushing the door open quietly.

Her master was sitting on the couch, watching the evening news, and didn’t hear her as she quietly snuck into her own apartment.  She had to be careful to not allow her shoes to click on the entryway, which was easier since they didn’t have raised heels, but was still a task.  She shut the door, and took the few steps to stand next to him.

“Master, there’s been a change of plans.  I’m home early.”

He turned, startled, but then relaxed when he saw that it was just her.

“What happened?  You take the night off?”

Kim debated telling him that was the case, but something felt wrong about lying to her master.  She shook her head.

“No, Master.  I was fired.”

His eyes widened in shock.  “Fired?  Why?  You seem like you were a great employee.  You seem very hard working, most people would be very glad to have you around!”

Kim shrugged.  “Apparently, having a guy follow you into the back room doesn’t look too good when your boss finds out.”

Erwin’s eyes moved back and forth as he thought about what that meant.

“You mean, they fired you because of me?”

Kim nodded.

“That’s stupid.  We didn’t even do anything bad back there.”

“I know, Master, and I don’t blame you.  I can get another job, so I’ll be ok.”

A long silence stretched between them, lasting several long minutes.  Finally, he broke the tense stillness.

“You could come work for me.”

Kimberly looked up, unsure of what he just said.

“What do you mean, Master?”

Erwin stood, and walked over to stand next to his slave.

“Look, I’m tired of this game of finding a new girl to stay with every time I go on a trip.  It would be so nice to have somebody who could come with me, to keep me company, and heck, might even enjoy seeing a few of the sights with me.  And even if you didn’t, I’d at least have somebody to look forward to coming home to.  Maybe that would be enough.”

Kimberly nodded, feeling tears forming at the edges of her eyes.

“Are you sure, Master?  I figured you already had lots of slaves back home, with a device like that.”

Erwin laughed as he shook his head.  “Nah, I’ve never kept one long term.  I mean, my secretary is programmed for late night activities, but she can be replaced.  I was hoping that you might be willing to fill the job, Kim.”

“You mean basically every day would be serving you, Master?”

Erwin nodded.

“And at the end of the day, we’d get to go home and I’d get to enjoy the evening with you, Master?”

He nodded again.

She sidled up next to him wrapping an arm around him, and he did the same.  She looked up into his eyes, hers still sparkling with tears, but the source of the wetness was changing fast.

“And we’d get to have hot, passionate sex every night?”

He leaned in close to her, and whispered in her ear, “Only on the nights where we don’t take it slow, of course.”

She put her head on his shoulder.

“It might be nice to be your personal cum dumpster, Master.”

He chuckled at her using the derogatory term, but it had taken on a different meaning between them.

“You’re so much more than that though, Kimberly.  I want to make sure you know that.”  He squeezed her with his arm, and she leaned in closer.

“I know, Master.  Don’t worry about that one bit, I know.”

They stood there, holding each other, for several minutes.  Erwin felt a warm moisture on his chest, and knew that Kimberly was crying, but he could also tell that he didn’t need to say anything, and just held her.

“Ok, Master, I think I have my answer for you.”

He looked into her eyes as she turned her head to face him, and waited to hear her response.

She didn’t say anything, just leaned up and kissed him, pressing her lips into his.