Hypno Hospitality – Chapter 5

Kimberly stretched as she woke the next morning, disturbed by a presence in the bed as she rolled over.  She’d spent the last few years sleeping alone, and found the presence of somebody else in her bed a warm comfort, but she still wasn’t used to it.

She hadn’t planned on sleeping, instead she had meant to only stay with her master until her fell asleep, but she’d been so comfortable that she had nodded off right beside him.  She knew it would interfere with her sleep schedule, but she’d manage, somehow.

Kim turned her back to her master, shifting sideways as she nested next to him, enjoying the feeling of him against her back.  He didn’t seem the very affectionate type, but she didn’t think he’d mind the stolen closeness.

He stirred, and she felt something hard probing between the cheeks of her ass.  Apparently, her master was experiencing some morning wood.  She looked over at the clock and realized the time.  He’d told her to set it for seven, and it would be ringing in about ten minutes.

Feeling him against her, Kimberly had an idea for a nice way to wake him up.  She reached down and slid her simple white panties down her legs, leaving herself exposed.  She’d been wearing a pair of sweat pants, but had kicked them off during the night.  After their shower, she’d gone to get dressed in something nice, per her master’s instructions, but he’d told her to wear something comfortable instead.  She’d been worried about wearing something so un-sexy, but he had reassured her that after their earlier activity, there was no way he could see her as anything other than his sexy slave.

He also had told her that if she wore hose and heels every minute of the day, he’d never be able to miss them, and it wasn’t something he wanted to get tired of.  After all, her legs did look good in the opaque white fabric, but it was possible to have too much of a good thing.

Kim smiled as she remembered the night before.  She doubted they’d be able to do anything that intense any time soon, but hoped it wouldn’t be the last time she got to have that much fun.

“After all, it’s nice to be Master’s slutty little cum dumpster, every once in a while.”  She whispered to herself, softly, and giggled as the shudders ran through her.

Kim was getting more comfortable with using her programming to arouse herself, and reached down to begin stroking her clit, wanting to make sure she was good and lubricated.  She knew that her master didn’t just see her as a receptacle for his fluids, but given how good it felt when he did so, she wasn’t going to complain about it any time he felt like using her for that purpose.

She reached over and turned off the alarm once she’d spread her juices around herself enough that she would be able to easily continue her plan.  Shifting slowly, Kimberly slid over closer to her master, working his underwear down his legs carefully.  She didn’t want him to wake up until as late as possible.

Kimberly crawled on top of her master, lining his morning wood up with her hole, before sliding down, letting him fill her completely.  She cooed as she felt him slide into her, enjoying the feeling of his stiff shaft scraping against her insides.

He stirred to consciousness as she began to slowly pump up and down, in no rush to finish and waiting for him to notice her sexy surprise.

“Good morning, Master.  I figured you’d like this better than that noisy alarm.  Or your silly little slave yelling at you.”

She smiled and winked at him as she said that last part, confident that he’d forgiven the mistake, but still mentioning it as part of her play.

“I can think of worse ways to wake up than to a loving slave on my dick, yes.”

Kim couldn’t help but giggle at his comment.  Even though it wasn’t very romantic, she knew that he enjoyed her company, and found it amazingly liberating that she could have sex with him without needing to worry about anything else.  Every time she’d been with a guy before, there had always been worry, and wondering what he thought of her, and wondering if she was doing the right thing.

Her master made everything clear, and she could live in the moment.  And this current moment involved slowly fucking her master.

Kim leaned down and whispered into his ear, wanting to make sure he hadn’t forgotten the command he still hadn’t reversed the night before.

“I still need your permission to cum, Master.  But I’m fine if this morning is just for you, of course.”

Erwin smirked as he looked up at her.

“Kim, stop.”

She stopped moving instantly, her only motion her lips as they gave a quick “Yes Master.”

“Settle down with me all the way inside of you.  You can move otherwise.”

“Yes Master.”  She moved her hips so she was resting comfortable against him, her master’s cock buried deep within her warm, wet lips.

“I want you to rub your clit with me buried inside of you.  Like you said, you can’t orgasm until I give you permission.”

“Ooh, yes Master.”  Her fingers moved down to her button, and started to gently flick over her nub, which started shooting sparks into her.

“Now, I want you to repeat after me.  I am my master’s obedient slave.”

“I am my master’s obedient slave.”

“I love to obey my master, I live to obey my master.”

Her fingers sped up.  “I love to obey my master, I live to obey my master.”

“I have no thoughts or will of my own, only obedience.”

“I have no thoughts or will of my own, only obedience.”

He nodded.  “Good, I want you to keep repeating it.”

Kimberly moaned.  “Yes Master.”  She took a deep breath to steady herself, as her fingers increased their speed again.

“I am my master’s obedient slave.  I love to obey my master, I live to obey my master.”  She stopped and closed her eyes.  “I have no thoughts or will of my own, only obedience.”

She could feel the orgasm building inside of her, but didn’t even need to expend any effort to keep it from boiling over.  Her brain was programmed to only orgasm when he gave her permission, and she could no more disobey that then she could voluntarily stop breathing.  Because he’d given her the command while she was under the effect of his device, it was solidly lodged in her mind, unable to be overcome without the device being used again.

“I am my master’s obedient slave.  I love to obey my master, I live to obey my master.  I have no thoughts or will of my own, only obedience.”

She began to squirm from side to side, not sliding up him in the slightest, but doing everything she could to show him how she felt, hoping that he’d give her the permission to experience release.  She couldn’t ask for permission to orgasm, because he’d ordered her to repeat her mantra, nothing else.

“I am my master’s obedient slave.  I love to obey my master, I live to obey my master.  I have no thoughts or will of my own, only obedience.”

Kimberly opened her eyes and looked down into his face, trying to plead with her eyes that he’d allow her to experience an orgasm.  She’d meant it earlier that she didn’t mind just taking care of him, but that was before he’d made her stimulate herself to the point of no return.

“I am my master’s obedient slave.  I love to obey my master, I live to obey my master.  I have no thoughts or will of my own, only obedience.”

“Let me keep hearing those sweet words, and stay quiet while you do so, but cum for me, my obedient little slave.”

Kimberly began to pant as her body started to spasm, and she curled her toes to the point where she felt like her feet were going to snap in half.  Her fingers continued their frantic motion as she brought herself to her first orgasm of the day.

“I am my master’s obedient slave.”  She took a few short breaths.  “I love to obey my master, I live to obey my master.  I have no thoughts or will of my own, only obedience.”

The most recent repetition brought her to a new high, and the orgasm that had been tapering built again, before finally calming, her release having run its course.  Unlike the night before, she didn’t collapse exhausted, but she did enjoy the feeling of her master’s cock inside of her, rubbing against her walls from any small movement.

She saw a flash of pale red light, and her thoughts vanished.

“I want you to keep repeating that mantra, and let it sink fully into your mind.  While you do so, I want you to start fucking me, nice and slow, like the good little slave you are.  You will have a small orgasm every time you complete your mantra.”

“Yes Master.”  Kimberly replied, blankly, and without thought.

Her hips started to move slowly as she moved up his length, the walls of her tight pussy grabbing at him, and she spasmed occasionally with leftover pleasure.

“I am my master’s obedient slave.”  Kimberly raised herself up his length, coming to rest with his tip just at her entrance.

“I love to obey my master.”  She slid down, coming to rest with him deep inside of her.

“I live to obey my master.”  She worked back up.

“I have no thoughts or will of my own, only obedience.”  Kimberly lowered herself completely onto her master, and when he was fully inside of her, her pussy spasmed in a small orgasm, which caused him to throb in response.

Heedless of her own pleasure, Kimberly began the cycle again.  “I am my master’s obedience slave…”

Erwin managed to hold out for ten minutes to Kimberly’s slow, constant assault, before he came inside of her, squirting up into her patient, well controlled hole.

A few minutes later, he was stepping out of the shower, having refreshed himself after their morning fun.  He’d loved watching Kim’s blank expression as she proclaimed her obedience to him, her motion unhurried and obedient.

As he walked into the main room of her apartment, he spotted his obedient slave standing at the stove, again preparing breakfast, although this time it was enough for both of them.  As he walked over, he could hear her, still speaking.

“I have no thoughts or will of my own, only obedience…”

She must have said it over two hundred times by now, but she was still going strong, following his command to repeat it until he said otherwise.  He stood next to her for a moment as she finished preparing their meal, enjoying the look of her empty, glassy eyes.  Erwin still couldn’t get over just how sexy she looked without any expression on her face.

Once they were both seated at the table, he finally told her that she could stop, and the room seemed oddly silent after he did so.  Pulling out his device, he flashed it into her face, bringing her back to the land of the living.

A moment later, she blinked, and smiled at him.

“That was… That was something, Master.”

“I told you I liked my girls blank and mindless, didn’t I?”

“Yes Master, you did.  I just didn’t realize you also liked them orgasming.”

He nodded as he began to eat.

“I’m not cruel, and I reward those who are good to me.  And you, Kim, have been very good to me.”

“Thank you, Master.”  She pushed a lock of hair behind her ear, before beginning to eat herself.

“So, do you have any plans today?”

She shook her head.  “Not really, Master.  I have work tonight, but otherwise I wasn’t planning on anything in specific.  Unless Master has something he wants me to do.”

“Oh no, not at all.  Enjoy your day off, you deserve a little rest.”

“Thank you, Master. I should still be able to prepare you dinner before I leave, and perhaps something a little more, if you’re in the mood.”

He looked at her.  “That’s sweet of you to offer, on both accounts.”

She blushed.  “My primary goal in life is to make you happy, after all.”

Not knowing what to say, Erwin reached over and placed a hand on her shoulder, giving her a squeeze.  He wanted to make sure that she understood just how much he’d enjoyed his time with her on this trip.

She didn’t say anything in return, but got his message.

As he set down his fork, meal complete, he broke the bad news to her.

“You know, I leave in the morning.”

Kimberly looked up, surprise clearly written on her face.  She wasn’t sure what to say, and so said nothing.

“We’ll figure something out, before I go.”

Kim nodded, but again didn’t say anything.  She couldn’t imagine how things would turn out after he left.  The thought of pleasing him, and making him happy, brought her a content, fulfilled feeling, and she had no clue how she was supposed to do that when he wasn’t around.

She stood, gathering their dishes and walking into the kitchen, cleaning up their meal as he finished getting ready to leave.  When he finally came out, she was standing there to wish him goodbye, but it almost felt to her like she was saying tomorrow’s goodbye a day early.

“Now Kim, I’m not leaving for good just yet.  Cheer up, I want a smiling, happy face when I come home.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”  She nodded, and was feeling better in response to his command.  She was amazed at just how much control he had over her, in that her emotions would shift in response to his words.

Kimberly stood patiently as he walked out the door, allowing it to close behind him.

She went through her day in a bit of a funk, unsure what the future would hold.  She knew that her feelings for her master weren’t her own original feelings, but at this point it didn’t make much of a difference.  Seeing him happy really was the main goal in her life, and she’d failed to do that this morning, leaving him somber and depressed as he left for another difficult day.

She had to put aside her own feelings, because they were no longer her primary concern.  Tonight, she’d show no signs of being depressed or upset at his departure.  She’d enjoy a final evening with her master, and in the morning, he’d see that she was taken care of.  That was all there was to that.

With her renewed vigor, she planned out what she’d be making for tonight.  She’d only purchased ingredients for one meal the night before, so she made a quick trip to the grocery store.  Since she’d be working tonight, and wouldn’t have a lot of time to change between dinner and leaving for her job, she dressed nicely, but a bit more toned down.

Kim had purchased the denim skirt the day before, and figured it would be good for work without looking too dressy.  Since she normally wore jeans, it was similar enough that it shouldn’t raise too many eyebrows, but it still fit master’s requirement that she be available in case he needed her sexually.  She paired it with a stretchy tee shirt, which clung to her chest and showed off her figure, and she’d be able to pull her work shirt on over top before leaving.

Under it all, she was wearing the black set of silky underwear, and the thigh highs covered her legs, but nobody could tell she wasn’t just wearing a pair of tights, which was pretty common among girls her age.

Nobody except her master, of course, since he’d probably be probing around before she left.

She had dinner ready when he arrived, and she greeted him at the door, making sure that she was wearing a big smile.

“Good evening, Master.  Welcome home.”

Kimberly turned and led him into the dining room, where she’d set his plate just moments before.  She was glad that she’d timed everything so perfectly, and had been watching for her car from her window.

“Thank you, Kimberly.  Where’s yours?”

She gave him an impish smile.  “I already ate, Master.  I wanted to make sure that I’d have time to do a little something special for you, before I had to leave for work.”

He raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything, not wanting to order his slave to ruin the surprise.

Kimberly giggled, and sank to her knees, moving under the small table before opening his pants.  She ran her tongue quickly up the length of his cock as she pulled him out.  A moment later, she’d taken him into her mouth, running her lips along his length.

Erwin enjoyed the fact that she was initiating their sexual encounters.  Always having to order a girl to have sex with him began to feel very one sided, and her willing eagerness was refreshing.  She’d taken to his commands in a way that few of the girls he’d been with over the last few years had.

Unlike their previous times, she bobbed her head up and down on him quickly, not drawing out the experience.  He knew that she couldn’t afford to take too long, and so didn’t hold back, focusing on how good her attention felt, and replaying in his mind all the sexy moments over the past two days when Kim had been blank and obedient, which always helped him get off.

A few minutes later, his slave’s efforts were rewarded, and she quickly swallowed, before licking him clean and returning his clothing to its previous state.  Her job complete, she rose from under the table, moving to sit in the chair next to his.

“Master, you haven’t even touched your dinner.  You were supposed to eat while I did that.”

He laughed.  “No, something like that deserves a little attention.  I’m sure the meal could manage to wait a few minutes.”

She smiled in response to his praise, glad that he’d enjoyed the attention.  She was still burying her worries about the future, but stood firm by her earlier decision to not allow it to affect her ability to serve him.

“Now, I believe you have a job to be getting off to?”

Kim turned and looked at the clock, before looking back at her master and nodding.  “Yes Master.”

“What time will you be back?”

“I should be back by around six to six thirty, Master.”

“Good, that should give us a little time before I have to leave for my flight.”

She smiled.  “I’ll look forward to it then, Master.”

Kim stood and walked into her bedroom, grabbing her work shirt and a light hoodie.  She slid the shirt on, before shrugging into the jacket, zipping it to cover her while she was walking.  It was cool enough out that she’d appreciate having her arms covered against the evening breeze.

As she walked toward the door, Erwin stood and walked over to her, reaching up and grabbing hold of the jacket’s zipper.  He pulled the clasp down a third of the way, placing it just under her breasts, which exposed her covered cleavage to the world.

“There, you should show yourself off a little.  You have a body you should be proud of.”

“Thank you, Master.”

An awkward silence stretched between them, and neither really knew what to say.  Like earlier, it was goodbye, and each knew that there was only one more of these after tonight.

Finally, Kim decided that she had to again put her own feelings aside, and smiled brightly for her Master, working to put the gesture into her entire face.  She wanted him to see her eyes sparkle before she left.

“Well Master, I must be off.  I’ll see you after I finish work.  Please, make yourself as comfortable as possible while I’m gone.”

“Thank you, Kimberly.  You’ve been a great hostess.”

She gave him one last smile, before turning to head out the door.