Hypno Hospitality – Chapter 4

Kimberly stepped out of her heels, leaving them neatly beside the bed, before she slid her underwear down her legs, placing it on the end table.  She was glad her master had commanded her to wear clothing that would make her accessible, because that was all she needed to do to prepare for whatever he wanted from her.

Prepared, she rolled onto her bed, moving to the middle of the well-made expanse.  She looked back at her master, smiling before she lifted her skirt invitingly, not exposing herself but encouraging his imagination.

“Who am I pretending to be, Master?”

“Her name is Bethany.”

“Well then, Master, why don’t you come over here and have your way with her?”

Erwin climbed onto the bed with her, positioning himself on top of her, his hands beside her shoulders, one leg on either side of hers, looking down into her face.

“Get me ready, slave slut.”

Kimberly whimpered as she replied, “Yes Master.”

She reached down and opened his belt, pulling it apart before starting on his fly.  The whole time, she continued to look him in the eyes, feeling aroused at how submissive the posture made her feel.  He was in control, and she obeyed his commands without hesitation.  After a few moments, she had finished with his pants, and pulled them down over his hips, along with his underwear.

He moved back into a sitting position, letting his hardening cock hang free in front of him.

“Lick it ready, slut.”

“Yes Master.”  Kimberly leaned forward, then remembered the role-play they were supposed to be having.

“I’m sorry about standing up to you, Master.  My company would do much better in your hands, instead of listening to this sorry stupid cunt.  Let me show you that the only useful part of me are my cunt and mouth, Master.”

With that, she leaned forward, and began to lick her master’s dick, taking him briefly into her mouth to makes sure that he was completely wet.  She took her time, since this was just warming up, although her body was desperate for more.  Still, his needs came first, even if that thought made things even worse.

Erwin reached down and grabbed her head, pulling her up as she ran her tongue along the underside of his member.  Tilting her head to place himself squarely under her mouth, she got the hint and opened wide, before he pushed down on her head, sticking his entire length into her mouth, before he started moving his hands to push her up and down.

While he did this, he imagined that it was the stupid cunt from this afternoon, and not his cute blonde slave.  He really was angry at Bethany, mostly because her company really would do better as a subsidiary to his, but she insisted on bringing up the fact that she had made this company, and would never let it go.

“Yeah, take that you fucking stupid little bitch.  This is what your pride gets you, you whore.  A mouth full of my dick, and nothing else.”

Kimberly shuddered at the abuse, responding to the commands her master had placed into her earlier.  She was glad to help him vent his anger, and was also thankful that he had programmed her to enjoy the experience as well.  She did her best to run her tongue around his length, enhancing the pleasure for him as he raped her mouth with his dick.

She was thrown momentarily off balance as he pulled up sharply, and was careful not to nick him with her teeth.  Before she could get her bearings, he threw her roughly backward, and she collapsed onto her bed, her arms splayed out beside her.

He placed his hands onto her shoulders roughly, and she winced at the momentary pain, but quickly got used to it.  Her master pushed her skirt out of the way with his dick, and she reached down to help him, eager to feel him inside of her.  As soon as the fabric was out of the way, he plunged forward, burying himself roughly inside her.

She gasped as he slid into her hungry pussy, which had been aching for attention all day.  She bucked her hips as he began to fuck her, her hungry lips aching for more stimulation, and for the release that she so desperately needed.

“Tell me what you are, you little slut.”

“Oh god, Master.  I’m you’re slut, your whore, you’re little cum dumpster.  I’m a silly little cunt who doesn’t know the joy of serving a master, and doesn’t know the lifetime of pleasure that it brings.  I can only hope that you give me the chance to show you what a good little slave slut I can be.”

Kim closed her eyes, the arousal at the string of self insults too much for her to bear.  She could feel tears forming at the sides of her eyes, and blinked them away.  At first she worried that there was some pain she wasn’t noticing, but everything seemed to be going as well as she could ever hope for.  She felt another tear forming, and decided not to pay it any mind.

Erwin grunted as he looked down at the girl beneath him, still seeing her as Bethany.

“I think I’ll have you get a tit job, so you can fuck me with those tits.  Then we can call you Busty Betty or something.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

She whimpered and gasped, nodding.  “Yes Master.  Turn me into your little sex slut.  Make me a plaything.”

“And when I cum up inside you, what will that make you?”

“A stupid little cum-dumpster, Master.  I’ll finally be filled with your sticky sperm, which is the only thing I’m worth.  Fuck me, use me however you want, Master.

He plowed into her, thrusting as hard as possible, but he was holding back.  He wanted to reward his little slave for being such a good hostess, and was hoping to give her an orgasm before he was finished.  As much as she squirmed and twisted, clearly enjoying herself, she didn’t seem to be experiencing release.

Finally, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to hold on much longer.

“What’s it take to get you to orgasm?”

Kim grunted, panting from the arousal, and needing a moment to find her voice.

“Master commanded me to not orgasm without permission.  I didn’t want to ask permission for fear of upsetting you, Master.”

Erwin thrust forward, kicking himself for forgetting the command.

“You stupid slut, no punishment lasts that long if I’m not still angry.  Of course you can orgasm.”

The dam in her mind that she’d built up to resist her orgasm broke, and her body immediately began to spasm.  Since she no longer had to hold it back, all the pleasure that she’d been fighting since she’d met her master came out at once, and she let loose a feral scream as the orgasm ripped through her body.

Erwin gasped as he felt her spasm on his dick, feeling her hungry pussy tighten around him.    Kim started to moan in pleasure beneath him, suddenly vocal in response to the orgasms that shot through her one after the other.  She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in roughly, fucking herself with him.

“So, are you ready to be my cum dumpster for real?”

Kimberly curled her toes as another orgasm tore through her in response to the abusive comment.

“God, yes Master.  Fill me up.”

He finally let himself relax, no longer fighting the release that he’d been holding in.  He felt himself spurt up into her, and she pulled him deep inside of her, wanting to feel his juices coat her insides.

“Master, yes, make me your little cum dumpster slut.”

Exhausted, he collapsed on top of her, panting to catch his breath, unable to keep going.  Kim needed a moment to gather herself as well, her hair slick with sweat, and she realized just how sticky her sweater had gotten from perspiration as well.  Everything before had been so intense that she hadn’t realized that it was way too hot for two layers of clothing.

She nudged him slightly, and he slid off of her, letting himself fall on the bed next to her.  She twisted, pulling both of her tops off, before letting the garment slide off the bed.  While some part of her didn’t like dirtying her room, some small sacrifices were allowed.  Plus, she’d get to clean it up later, which she could look forward to.  She unhooked her bra and shrugged it off, letting it fall on top of her clothing.

Her nipples hardened as they were exposed to the cool air of her apartment, and she found the feeling bracing.  The cool air raced over her skin, and she relaxed back, feeling the heat pour off of her.  She could feel moisture on her legs, but didn’t have the energy to reach down to kick off her leggings.

Erwin looked over at his slave, appreciating her sweat soaked topless form.  He placed one hand beside her face, running his thumb over her temple, stroking her hair gently.  His other hand explored her body, gliding over her stomach, which quivered in response to his gentle touch.

Kim turned and moved herself closer to him.

“So, have I made up for waking you up early, Master?”

He smiled in response.  “Yeah, I’m pretty sure you have.”

“Is there anything else I can do to please you, Master?”  She was eager to show him that he’d made the right choice turning her into his slave.

He thought about that for a moment.  “I’d like to say I’d like to fuck your little pussy another time, but while the spirit is willing… the flesh needs a break.  Once we both catch our breath, I think cleaning up a bit is in order.  Maybe a nice shower.”

Kimberly nodded.  If he ordered her to, she’d of course be willing to let him use her again, but she was glad he wasn’t.  She felt so raw, she finally knew what people meant when they said they’d walk funny.  Kim hadn’t believed it was possible, but she’d never actually tried.

“I’d love to have the opportunity to wash you, Master.  Would you like for me to go and warm up the water?”

He nodded.  “Yes, that would be very good.”

Kim slipped out of bed, wincing only slightly as she took to her unsure feet.  Things didn’t hurt as much as she’d expected, so maybe she’d just been focusing on them too much.  As she walked to the bathroom, the feeling between her legs faded to a pleasant background noise.

She stripped off her skirt, throwing it into the hamper in the bathroom, before slowly peeling off her thigh highs, which she carefully placed on the counter to wash later.  Completely nude, she moved over to the shower, turning on the flow and checking the temperature a couple times a minute.

Once the water was perfect, she called out for her master, waiting for him to arrive so that she could serve him more.