Hypno Hospitality – Chapter 3

Kim groaned and stretched as she finally came back awake, her body refusing to let her sleep any more.  She looked over at the clock, seeing that it was only one in the afternoon, and begged herself to go back into blissful unconsciousness, but it wasn’t happening.

She was oddly exhausted, having not been able to get to sleep very well after coming home.  She’d ended up taking a shower to try and feel refreshed, and that had finally been what allowed her to pass out.  If only she could get a couple more hours.

Not wanting to waste the day, she sat up and moved over to the edge of the bed.  She winced slightly as she moved her legs, her snatch feeling oddly sore for how long it had been since she’d given it any attention.  Thinking about playing with herself got her aroused again, and her nipples hardened as her body screamed out for release.  Normally, Kimberly didn’t get so intensely horny, but something must be up to cause her to be really in the mood.

Kim debated using her fingers to get herself off, but decided against it.  She had other things she wanted to get done.

As she walked into her living room, she looked over at the kitchen and saw just how organized everything was, and smiled to herself.  She’d used some of her restless energy that had kept her from sleeping to tidy up, and it felt good to finally have the place in some semblance of order.  She looked around and saw how much of a mess everything else was, and decided to finally do something about it.

True to what she’d always told herself, she managed to finish in only about an hour, since she maintained focus on her task with a newfound strength.  The more she cleaned, the better she felt, and she was actually surprised to find that she’d gotten everything.  All her laundry was in the machine, the garbage picked up and in several bags by the door, and everything was organized and in its place.

For the first time she could remember, her apartment was actually clean, and it felt so good and fresh.

“That’s it, I’m treating myself to a nice dinner tonight.”

Kimberly didn’t often put much effort into her meals, but she decided that her newfound cleanliness could use some positive reinforcement.  She walked back into her bedroom, and stripped off the tank top she’d been wearing to clean, placing it into the hamper and smiling at herself for continuing her good behavior.

Digging through her closet, she looked for something to wear.  She wanted to look nice, since today was a day for rewarding herself.  She picked through her options, and pulled out a knee length gray skirt.  It was flirty, flared out a little, and she’d gotten it back when she’d been making more of an effort to date.  She threw it on the bed, then went looking for a top to match.

Kim decided against anything gray or black, wanting to dress to match her current positive attitude.  She grabbed a light lavender top that she hadn’t worn in a while, and then a darker purple sweater to layer over the first.  A pair of panties and a bra, and she was good to go.

She took a look at herself in the mirror when she was dressed, examining how she looked.  The top peeked out from her sweater, hinting at a fun evening, if a guy could talk her out of it.  Both were snug enough that her chest showed prominently, but was well enough covered that she could maintain her modesty.

Her top tapered off to her narrow waist, kept trim by the abdominal workout she made a point of not letting slip.  She enjoyed a moment of self-flattery, letting her hands wander down her hips, enjoying the nice curves of her body as she reached her skirt.

The skirt accentuated her legs, showing off her toned calves, which were strong but still feminine.  She’d just shaved her legs, wanting them to be nice and smooth for her day of self-congratulation.  Kim ran her hands over them, enjoying the feeling of accomplishment at her grooming, and was filled with a sense of happy accomplishment, similar to when she’d cleaned up earlier.

Her hand absently drifted to her crotch, remembering that she’d trimmed that too, which sent another wave of happiness through her.  Kim’s body throbbed, reminding her that she hadn’t paid much attention to her sexual needs lately, but she pushed the feeling down.  This wasn’t the time for getting herself off.  She had errands that she needed to run.

Kim’s heels clicked on the tile in the entryway to her apartment as she arrived home several hours later.  She’d gone a little overboard, made more stops than intended, and spent more than she probably should have, but she’d enjoyed her little expedition.

She placed the groceries down in the kitchen, putting them all away, before heading to her bedroom to do the same.  Gone were the days of just letting things pile up in their wrong place, and she wanted another look at what she’d bought.

First, she put her tennis shoes into her closet, before looking down at the three inch pumps she’d purchased earlier.  The shoes made up for her slightly short stature, without making her tower, which she liked.  Every time she’d worn heels before, she’d seen it as a chore, but now she was embracing how sexy they made her feel.  In the mall, she’d practiced swaying her hips as she walked a little, and gotten a couple of hungry stares, to which she gave a little wink before moving on.

The heels had actually been a second thought after she’d bought some new underwear.  Very shortly after going out, she realized that it was far too cold to be wearing just a skirt with nothing underneath, so she’d stopped to buy herself either some pantyhose or tights.  She’d ripped her last pair of hose a few months ago dressing for a friend’s wedding, and hadn’t bothered to replace them since she didn’t need to dress up for work.

She’d been about to just grab a pair from a department store, but then decided to continue her day of remaking herself, and gone to the mall instead for some full-on lingerie.  She’d told the girl at the  store that she wanted to show off for a new boyfriend, which was a lie, but she’d felt too embarrassed to tell the girl that she just wanted to look nice.

Now, her legs sported a new snug covering, in the form of a pair of solid white stay-ups, which clung to her legs and peeked out from under her skirt.  She was also wearing the matching lacy bra and panties, which rubbed nicely against her, and she closed her eyes and focused on the feeling of the lacy material against her skin.

Once again, she had to force herself to snap out of it.  Her body was really aching for attention, but she couldn’t get to that just yet.  Instead, she opened her eyes and started digging through her bags, putting everything away.  Kim had picked up another set of underwear that matched what she was currently wearing, only in black.  She’d also picked up a few new skirts, and some other nice tops.

A trip to the cosmetics department had helped her round out her new look, her lips now covered in a bright red coating, her lashes were lengthened with a thin coating of mascara, and a ring of eyeliner had been carefully applied by the salesgirl.

Her eyes absently went to the bedroom clock, and she saw that it was about five thirty.  Kimberly hadn’t expected to be out so long, and she had to get dinner started, or she’d be eating far too late.  She’d grabbed a recipe online that said it would only take about thirty to forty five minutes, which meant that’s she’d be ready to eat a little after six.

She’d never really tried cooking anything so involved, so she was a little worried that it might not turn out well, but she wasn’t going to let that deter her.  Kim flipped the oven to the indicated level, and put a pot of water on the stove, before preparing to bread the chicken.  Hand breaded chicken with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes had seemed like something she could manage, but she had her work ahead of her.

Grabbing the apron she’d just bought, Kimberly tied it around herself, not wanting to get any mess on her outfit.  It was important to still be looking nice.

She was just draining the potatoes to prepare to mash them after putting the chicken into the oven when the doorbell rang.  She turned off the heat on the vegetables before going to answer.  Something about the man on the other side seemed familiar, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

Kimberly didn’t want to seem rude, so she greeted him with a polite smile.

“Uh, hello.  Can I help you with something?”

The man smiled as he reached for something in his pocket.

“There, that’s a much better greeting than this morning.”  He said, his voice slightly tired.  He raised the device he was holding and flashed it into Kimberly’s eyes, and her mind shut off a moment later.

Erwin leaned into the apartment, getting his first whiff of what Kim had prepared.  He liked what he was smelling.

“Don’t stop getting dinner ready on my account.  Go ahead and get back to work cooking.”

“Yes Master.”  Kim replied, her voice once again blank and expressionless.  She turned and walked back into the kitchen, her heels clicking with her even steps.

Erwin closed the door as he stepped into the apartment, turning the bolt to make sure no uninvited guests wandered in.  He made his way to the bedroom, wanting to take a moment to freshen up before dinner.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kimberly continue to cook, mashing potatoes mechanically.

He hadn’t been sure she’d be able to pull off a good meal, because of her previously messy lifestyle, but if it tasted anywhere as good as it smelled, he was in for a surprise.

She was pulling the chicken out of the oven as he walked back into the small dining nook.

“Kim, make sure you serve for two, I’d like for you to keep me company tonight.”

“Yes Master.”

He turned to the table and started flipping through a few papers he’d brought home with him, wanting to make sure that his business for the day was completely concluded.  Kimberly disturbed him a few minutes later as she brought over two plates of food, and he put the papers away, wanting to focus on the meal at hand.

Kim set the plate down in front of him, before turning back to the kitchen to retrieve utensils and napkins.  She handed him a set, before sitting down in the chair next to his, staring blankly forward and waiting for further instructions.

Erwin sighed.  “I don’t really want a mindless doll for a dinner date, so let’s go ahead and change things so that you can be a bit more animated.  Kimberly, I want you to listen very closely to these next instructions.  I want you to repeat them back to me, and if you have any questions or need any elaboration, you are to ask.  Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master.”

“Good.”  He took a deep breath.  “First, Kimberly, you are my loyal, obedient slave.  You are totally obedient to me, and completely unable to disobey my commands.”

“I am your obedient slave, Master.  I obey you completely, and am unable to disobey your commands.”  Her voice was even as she spoke, with no hint of emotion as her mind absorbed his every word, altering her mind so that once she could think again, her thoughts would accommodate her new truths.

“You find me handsome, and find my presence reassuring and arousing.  You enjoy being around me, and are happy to be my slave and companion.”

“I find Master very handsome and attractive, and enjoy being around him.  I am happy to be your slave.”

“You are also ready, willing, and eager sexually.  Anything I suggest, you will gladly accept.  You have no qualms about serving me sexually in any way.”

Kim’s horny body reminded her mind that it had desires that needed to be seen to, and encouraged her to accept the previous command even more.

“I am eager to serve Master in every possible way, even sexually.  Master may use me sexually any way he seems fit.”

Erwin smiled.  He liked the way that had come out.

“Now, you’re not just a sex slave, you’re also a loyal companion, and will want to provide excellent dinner company.  You are my slave, and your primary goal in life is to make me happy, whether sexually or otherwise.  You will always think of my needs first, before your own, and it will make you happy to serve.”

Kim took a moment to process that command, before she spoke back her understanding.

“I am Master’s loyal companion, as well as his sexual slave.  I want to make Master happy any way I can, and will always think of him first.  I am happy to serve Master, and happy to be Master’s slave.”

Erwin nodded as she spoke, trying to think if he had forgotten anything.  Confident that he’d covered his bases, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the device, flipping it to release her mind instantly.  He also adjusted a setting that would unlock her memory, allowing her to remember what had happened while she was under the effects of the device in the past.

He flashed it into her eyes, leaving it on her face for several long moments.  Once he flicked it off, he quickly readjusted the settings, in case he needed to disable her again.

Kimberly blinked a few times, before closing her eyes to focus.  She felt oddly dizzy, and thinking was hard for a moment.  Her mind felt like taffy and she was having a hard time sorting out her thoughts.  She turned and looked at her master, seeing the device in his hand that had changed her thoughts, and reached up to hold her head as it throbbed slightly in pain.

Erwin knew that making massive changes to a subject’s personality and thoughts would take a few moments to sort out, so he wasn’t surprised at her reaction.  He just needed to make sure that the commands held.  So far, he’d never run into anybody who the device couldn’t control, but there was always the possibility for Kim to be the first.

“How do you feel?”  He finally asked.

She turned and looked at him, before forcing her lips into a smile.

“I’m sorry, Master, just taking a moment to get my bearings.  Your little device packs a punch.”

“So you understand that this device made you my slave?”

She nodded, seeming more comfortable as her mind finished sorting itself out.

“Yes Master.”

“And how does that make you feel?”

She turned, her expression growing less pained and more confident.

“It makes me very happy, Master.  I’m glad you’ve given me this chance to serve you.”

Kimberly’s big smile reassured Erwin that the device had worked, and her conversion was complete.  He returned the device to his pocket, confident that he wouldn’t be needing it immediately.

His hostess reprogrammed, he turned his attention back to the meal in front of him, wanting to get started before it got too cold.

“I hope you like it, Master.  I don’t have a lot of experience cooking, but it looks like it turned out pretty well.  I would have given myself more time, had I known at the time I was serving you, Master.”

Erwin smiled at her, and Kim’s heart skipped a beat, happy to know that he wasn’t mad at her poor first attempt.  She watched with baited breath as he cut into the chicken, and raised his first bite to his lips.  He nodded as he began to chew, and smiled at her.

“It’s delicious.  You’ve done a very good job.”

A wave of happiness filled her at his praise, and she was overjoyed to have done a good job for her master.  She’d been worried he would have been disappointed, and his lack of approval was the worst punishment she could imagine.

“Now, you eat too.  I want you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Oh, and take off that apron, I want to be able to look at you.”

Kimberly looked down at herself, before she untied the apron and hung it on the chair next to her.  She straightened her sweater and puffed out her chest a little, before picking up her silverware.  She had to work hard not to dig in frantically, since she was very hungry.  She’d grabbed a small lunch while out shopping, but hadn’t had time for anything major, so her stomach was protesting the slow rate at which she was filling it.  However, she didn’t want to embarrass herself with terrible manners in front of her Master, so she restrained herself and ate slowly.

“So, tell me a bit about yourself, Kimberly.”  Erwin prompted, wanting to get to know his new slave a bit better.  Eating in silence was awkward, at least when the girl was thinking enough to carry on a conversation.

“Of course Master.  I was born out west, in Southern California.  My parents were well off, but not really rich.  They couldn’t afford to send me to college completely on their own, but they made too much for me to get a needs scholarship, so I had to get by on academic and merit scholarships.”

“I wanted to get away from them, so I decided to come to college here, to get some independence.  However, I didn’t manage my time as well as I should have, and ended up getting poor grades in my first year.  That meant that the scholarships dried up, and I couldn’t afford to go to school any more.  I really didn’t want to move back in with my parents, so I got an apartment here, and started working at the hotel.”

“It’s not the best job, but it pays the bills, and at least I have my own life.”  She stopped, and looked up at him.  “Well, had my own life.  And I suppose I should like my job even more, since it let me meet you, Master.”

He laughed at her reaction.  “Don’t worry.  I don’t blame any of my slaves for their previous lives.  If I did, I’d be a very angry person.”

She nodded.  “Thank you Master.  I look forward to getting to serve you however I can.  I’m sorry that my earlier attempts were so… mindless.”

Erwin smiled at her.  “It wasn’t your fault, of course.  Plus, I like a girl who’s a little blank and mindless at times.  They can be very attractive.”

Kimberly made a point of neutralizing her expression, and looking straight ahead, puffing her chest out slightly for affect.

In as neutral a voice as possible, she said.  “Does Master find this slave attractive when she’s blank and mindless?”

“Oh hell yes.  You’re tempting me to turn you off for the whole night, if you keep that up.”

She continued on, without any emotion.  “If that is what my master wishes, I will of course be happy to obey.”

“Now I’m torn.  You almost make a better mindless slave when you can think.”

Kimberly couldn’t hold her mindless expression, and she had no orders to do so, so she laughed in response to his compliment.

“Either way, let’s get through dinner and give it some time to settle before we get down to fun.”

Kimberly nodded.  “Of course, Master.”  She resumed eating, a little more confident that her manners weren’t off-putting to her master.

A few moments later, Kimberly decided that her master was pleased enough with her that she might be able to ask a personal question.

“What about you, Master?  Would you tell me a bit more about yourself?”  She tried to make her voice sound as submissive as possible while she asked, in case he was offended by the question.

“Oh, me?  Nothing special, really.  I work for a large tech company, and get sent out on business trips to negotiate deals, supplies, and to work with partner and subsidiary companies to ensure that we’ll be successful.  That was actually what led to me getting this little invention, one of our subsidiaries had been working on neural interference technology for the military.  Didn’t pan out too well, they wanted something invisible, but I still get some use out of it.”

He took a deep breath, but continued.

“I use it on these trips because I really don’t like being by myself in a hotel room.  Finding a pretty young thing, such as yourself, to be my hostess is much more to my liking.  Plus, there’s always the chance to get to have a fun night, which helps me get my mind off things.”

Kimberly nodded.  She’d like if her master let her have a fun night.  Her body was practically screaming at her that it wanted release.

“Well, as Master’s sex slave, I am of course available.”

He smiled at her, before setting his utensils down beside his plate.

“I think I’m done.”

Kimberly looked down at her plate as well.  She was full, although she could probably eat more.  Still, a desire to look good for her master made it easy to say no.  Normally, she exercised off little overindulgences, but now maybe she’d be able to more easily stick to her diet.

She grabbed her apron and plate, as well as his, taking both into the kitchen to start cleaning up.  Kim could infer from her master’s commands about her cleanliness that he enjoyed everything being organized, and tied the apron around her waist before pushing up her sleeves to get down to business.  She worked to make sure that everything was cleaned, only leaving the glass dish in which she’d baked the chicken to soak.

Her cleaning done, she returned to sit next to her master, once again removing her apron and letting her sleeves down.

“So how was your meeting today, Master?”  She cocked her head, curious to hear more about this new man who was now very important to her.

He exhaled.  “Don’t get me started.  This was a giant pain in my ass, coming out here.  We’re looking to acquire a local chip manufacturer, but that stupid cunt of a CEO is holding out.  Most of the board is on my side, but she has a few of the more senior members with her, and the rest aren’t willing to go against unless we know that it’s a sure deal, for fear that they’ll be punished if they fail.”

Erwin reached into his pocket and pulled out his device.  “If she hadn’t been in a room full of too many people to use this on, I’d have turned her into the fucking cum dumpster she really is.  That woman would be much more bearable on her knees.”

Kimberly’s eyes widened, shocked at the language her master had used.  She hoped she hadn’t upset him.

“Well, hopefully you can work out some of that aggression on me tonight, Master?  Maybe pretend that it’s her you’re screwing over while you’re using me?”

Erwin thought about that for a moment, and then had an idea.  He was about to raise the device to flash it at Kimberly’s face, when he decided that he could have even more fun with the girl.

“Here, take this.”  He reached out with the device, holding it out for her to take.

Confused, she reached out and took it, obedient even if not understanding.

“Now, go stand in the middle of the room.”

She did so, still unsure.  Kimberly turned to face him, device in hand.

“I want you to point it at your own face, and press the button on the end.  It’s going to turn your mind off.”

Her eyes grew wide, as she finally understood.  She took a moment to steady herself, putting on a big smile so that he could watch her transformation.  Finally, she raised the device, and pressed the button, feeling as her thoughts melted away and evaporated.  A moment later, she was standing, her face blank and as empty as her mind.

Erwin walked over and plucked the device out of her hand, pushing her arm down to her side so that it hung limply.  He wanted to give her a few commands, inspired by her earlier comment, which would make their evening more entertaining.

“Kimberly, first, from now on, you will respond to all commands with a ‘Yes, Master’ even if you do not understand them.  Your understanding is not require for obedience.”

“Yes Master.”  Her mind absorbed the command, ensuring that she would reply to every command without hesitation.

“Now, I like your suggestion of pretending you’re that bitch, but I want you to enjoy the experience, since you prepared such a wonderful dinner tonight.  Whenever I call you a dirty name, you’ll be aroused and horny in response, rather than being surprised or upset like you were earlier.  You’ll love it when I call you names, or degrade you.  It will make you so horny you’ll have a hard time controlling yourself.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“You’ll also get horny calling yourself these names as well.  Not as much as when I do it, but you’ll still enjoy it.”

“Yes Master.”  The commands sunk deep into the portion of her brain that controlled her arousal, implanting themselves and hiding, waiting to be activated.

He flicked the switch, and raised the device, adjusting the setting so that her memory of this session wouldn’t return.  He wanted to have a little fun with her when she still didn’t know what he’d done.

Kimberly blinked as consciousness returned, and she turned to look at her master.

“It feels very weird when you do that, Master.”

“Do you have any problem with my changing your mind?”

She shook her head.  “No, of course not, Master.  I love the fact that you can make me serve you better.”

He nodded.  He’d expected that response.  Now, however, he had to test his latest command.

“So, I seem to remember you volunteering to be my cum-dumpster for the evening, is that still the case?”

The expression on Kimberly’s face was about as far from shock as it could be.  Her eyes half closed, and she shuddered slightly at the name.

A moment later, she nodded.  “Yes Master.”

He reached up and put one hand on her shoulder, before placing the other on her stomach near her waist.

“Do you like it when I call you that, my horny little slut?”

Kim whimpered, and nodded.  She didn’t know why, but hearing him call her that was sending shivers up and down her spine, and it was combining with the arousal she’d been feeling all day to make her very ready.  She was pretty sure she knew what change he’d made the last time he’d used the device on her.

Erwin reached forward and slid his hand down the waistband of her skirt, brushing up against her silky panties.  He rubbed the flat of his hand against the front of her, only barely teasing her pussy lips with his fingers through the material, before he removed his hand and smelled his fingers, her scent lingering heavily.  He waved his hand under her nose, allowing her to smell herself, and she moaned.

“Master, please use your little slut.”  Her eyes half closed as her words triggered his commands for her to enjoy calling herself names.  “Pretend I’m the cum dumpster you wanted to turn that awful woman into.  Use me however you want, please, Master.”

“Well then, my little slut, lead on to your bedroom.”

Kimberly smiled as she turned to walk away, and gasped as he swatted her behind, looking over her shoulder to smile at her master.  Fighting the urge to run to the bedroom, she instead walked slowly, swaying her hips from side to side to tease him, which backfired on her slightly because it also caused her legs to rub together.