Hypno Hospitality – Chapter 2

Kimberly let her head fall against the door of her apartment, much more exhausted than usual.  She couldn’t believe she’d forgotten her keys and had to walk to work, mostly because of how she didn’t want to have to walk home.  She would have just gone back for them, but the super hated being disturbed off hours, and would make her life hell if she bothered him.  Instead, she’d knocked on her neighbor’s door this morning, since they were both early risers, and asked for the spare she’d left with them.

As she turned the key in the lock, she felt her nipples brush up against the inside of her shirt, and was reminded of yet another thing she’d forgotten before going to work.  Her keys were bad enough, but Kimberly almost couldn’t believe that she’d forgotten a bra.  Her nipples had been popping out all night, and she’d gotten so frustrated that she’d been tempted more than a dozen times to go in the back room and just user her fingers to get herself off.  In the end, her worries that her boss would walk in and find her with her pants half off had won out, and she’d resisted.

Now, however, she just wanted to collapse into bed.  She was tired, and horny, and frustrated, and ready for this awful night to be well and truly over.  The sun was just peeking over the horizon, but she’d long ago learned how to sleep when it was bright.

She dropped her bag on the counter, as she kicked off her shoes, looking around her small apartment.  It was a mess, since she lived here alone, and never really felt the need to clean it.  Occasionally, she’d feel the urge, but she could never really focus on the activity.  At least the bathrooms and kitchen were fairly clean.  Anytime she tried to clean more than that, she told herself it was just clutter, and could be cleaned up in an hour or two.  That usually let her go a week without thinking about it again.

She stretched and pulled off her shirt as she walked into her bedroom.  With how worked up she was feeling, some part of her wanted to get in some time for herself, but the exhaustion she was feeling won out, and she decided to just turn in for the morning and deal with her arousal when she awoke.  She threw her shirt in ahead of her, letting it join the pile of clothing on the floor.

Kimberly stopped in her tracks when she noticed that her bed was occupied.

“Who the hell are you?”

The intruder seemed oddly familiar, but she was having a hard time putting her finger on where she’d seen him before.  She turned, looking around the living room for something to pick up to use to defend herself, if the man became aggressive.

He stirred and mumbled something unintelligible.

“Get the hell out of my room!”  Kim shouted, before she realized how stupid she was being.  If the man was asleep, she should have just called the cops, but she wasn’t thinking straight because of how tired she was.

Kimberly reached into her pocket, fishing out her cell phone to remedy the situation, when the man stirred and looked up at her.  Their eyes locked for a moment, before his face lit up in recognition.

“Oh, you’re home.”

Why was this guy talking like he knew her?  She paused a moment, in case she was making a mistake and actually knew this guy, but even though she was wracking her brain, she couldn’t remember where from.

As she was about to give up and call the police anyway, she noticed a brilliant light shining from the device he’d quickly plucked off the table next to her bed, and her thoughts evaporated like mist.

Erwin held the device on her to make sure that her mind was shut off properly, and watched as her face went blank.  In some ways, she looked almost like she enjoyed the fact that she’d finally gotten to relax, until her mind wasn’t capable of enjoying anything at all.

“I can’t believe you’d be so rude to your own guest.  You should feel terrible for waking me up like this.”

He shut the light off as he chided her, but then his own brain managed to finish waking up, and reminded him that telling her to feel terrible wouldn’t accomplish much when she was in her current state.  She’d just feel bad when he woke her up, and that wouldn’t accomplish much.

“Well, I suppose it couldn’t be helped, so I’ll let it slide.  But from now on, if you walk in and find me asleep, you’ll respond a bit more civilly.  Wake me up and ask if you can do anything for me next time.”

“Yes Master.”  Her mind absorbed the command, even though he was rambling.

“Well, now what.”

He turned and looked at the clock.  It was only a little while after six.

“Too awake to go back to bed and get any real sleep, my meeting is at eight.  I’ll need to leave around half past seven.  Oh, I’m taking your car, so if you need to go out, walk or ride the bus.”

“Yes Master.”  Kimberly lived enough in the city that she often skipped her car in favor of other transportation.

That was when his mind caught up to the fact that her breasts were hanging exposed.  Her nipples were still hard, now from a combination of the arousal she’d just been feeling as well as the cool air of her apartment.  He walked over and cupped them, before leaning down and sucking gently on the tip of her right tit.

He played with them for a few more minutes, before realizing that he really wanted to freshen up before moving on to anything more serious.

“Well then, I think I’d like a nice hot breakfast.  I’m going to go take a quick shower, and you go make me something.”

“Yes Master.”

Kimberly turned and walked out of the room, heading for the kitchen.  Her brain barely registered the sound of him getting ready for his shower, since it wasn’t really relevant to obeying the commands she’d been given.  Instead, she took stock of what was available to prepare for her master.

He’d told her that he wanted something hot, so she looked for items that would qualify.  She had a few eggs that were still within date, and some pre-cooked bacon.  She grabbed both, along with the butter, from the refrigerator, before going to the panty and grabbing some bread.  Eggs, bacon, and toast were simple, but more extravagant than she ever would have willingly prepared, given how tired she was.

Kimberly was no longer listening to her own body’s protestations of exhaustion, and instead set the items on the counter, before reaching into the cabinet to pull out the frying pan.  She set it on the stove and turned on the heat, before grabbing a spatula.

Her mind wasn’t capable of coming up with something to do while she waited, so Kimberly just stood passively while the pan rose to the necessary temperature.  A few minutes later, she grabbed a knife, throwing a little butter in the pan to help the eggs cook, before cracking three of them, their contents sizzling as they landed on the hot metal.

Following the routine she employed when cooking for herself, she turned and started the toast, before throwing the bacon onto a plate to place into the microwave.  She then returned to check on the eggs, to make sure that they had finished cooking before flipping.

She was still standing in front of the stove when Erwin walked out of her bedroom, his hair still damp from the shower.  He was naked, having not wanted to get dressed quite yet.  Even though the air was a little on the cool side, he found the feeling refreshing.  He moved to stand behind her, and inhaled the scent deeply.

“Ooh, that smells nice.  You’re not half bad in the kitchen, are you…. Er, what was your name again?”

“Kimberly, Master.”

“Right, Kimberly.  I really should remember that.  Bit of a flaw of mine, good with faces, terrible with names.”

Kim ignored his comments, since they weren’t commands, and leaned forward to flip the eggs in the pan, so that they would cook on the other side.  The gesture caused her rear end to push out into him.

He laughed as her ass bumped into him.

“Well, I like a girl who’s a little frisky in the morning, and I’m glad to know that you deliver.”

He put his hands on her hips, and leaned in forward, letting his cock press between her legs.  He ground himself into her rear, hardening as he remembered the fun they’d had the night before.  His arousal made him want to bury himself inside of her, but he was reminded a moment later that her jeans wouldn’t allow it.

“Bah, so inconvenient.  From now on, when I’m around, wear clothing that makes your pussy easy to access, understand?”

“Yes Master.  I understand.”

Erwin’s stomach growled, and he decided that he’d leave the girl to her devices to finish off his breakfast.  He went and sat at her small dining room table, pushing several objects out of the way to make space to eat.

“Does this girl never clean anything up?  How can she live like this?”

He shook his head, wondering at some people.  A moment later, Kimberly walked over to the table, setting a plate containing the fruits of her labor in front of him.  She then set down a fork and knife beside the plate, before returning to stare blankly forward, her default state while locked under his control with no command to follow.

“Well, at least you redeemed yourself a little by being a good hostess and bringing the meal to me.  Now, get out of those pants, I want to play with you a little.”

“Yes Master.”  Kimberly reached down and opened her pants, pushing them down her legs in a smooth motion.  Since she hadn’t been commanded to make a show of it, she kept her motions utilitarian, and followed his commands without adding anything of her own.

“Phew, what’s that smell?”  Erwin looked over at Kim, before he realized it was coming from her.  She still smelled of last night’s sex, which he could see dried in tendrils on her legs.

“Well, maybe I won’t be playing with you.  At least, not that hole, till after you’ve taken a shower.  On your knees under the table, I want you to blow me while I enjoy this wonderful looking breakfast.”

“Yes Master.”  Kimberly descended to her knees, before crawling under the table between his legs.  She took his dick in her hand, the warmth of her touch causing it to harden and spring back to life.

As she took him in her lips, he leaned back, enjoying her hot mouth as it enveloped him.

“Go really slow, I want to enjoy this.”

Her acknowledgment was of course again muffled by her full mouth, but her speed slowed to almost a crawl, her lips moving up and down his hard shaft in a slow smooth glide.

Erwin smiled as he realized how good this morning was shaping up to be.  It had started out poorly, getting roused from bed, but now he had a warm breakfast, and an obedient hostess making sure his day got off to a good start.

Still, he remembered how roughly she’d woken him, and decided that Kim needed a little punishment.

“Kim… Kim.  Gotta remember that.  Ok, Kim, as punishment for waking me up so rudely this morning, I want you to finger yourself while you suck me off.  You cannot stop until I orgasm, but you’re still not allowed to orgasm.  Do you understand?   You’re not allowed to orgasm until I give you permission.”

She spoke something in reply, and he felt her shifting.  A moment later, he could faintly hear her fingers moving within her, and light slurping sound as she started to juice in response to the attention.  Kimberly still kept moving her head up and down his prick, unable to speed up to reduce the length of her punishment without a command from him.

Everything finally settled, he leaned forward, and began to eat.  He took his time, since he didn’t like feeling rushed in the morning, and he knew that Kimberly wasn’t going to object.  He imagined how she looked down there, her eyes blank, open, and mindless.  He loved the way a woman looked when he used the device on her, her mind firmly and tightly controlled.

Erwin remembered what these business trips were like before he’d gotten his little toy, and was glad that he didn’t have to go through that very often any more.  Whenever he made it to the hotel, he always hoped the clerk would be an attractive woman, who he could use to make his stay more enjoyable.  If it was a guy, he’d wait and see if the morning clerk was closer to his needs, otherwise he’d go looking through the hotel for somebody to keep him company.

He finished his breakfast, and leaned back to enjoy the slow attention of his latest companion.  He always told himself that it was just that he didn’t want to be alone.  After all, what guy wants to spend several days in a lonely room, with nobody to come back to?  After his meeting today, he was looking forward to getting to blow off some steam with Kim here.  She really was good with her mouth, after all.

“Hey, Kimberly, I have some instructions for you today.  After I leave, you’re to take a shower and get yourself completely clean.  Once that’s done, you can take a nap if you need to, but I don’t want you getting the bed all dirty.  No masturbating, either, until I give you permission.  You’re being punished, after all.  Anyway, I should be back around six this evening.  When I arrive, I expected the place to be picked up and clean, I expect you to be getting dinner ready, and I expect you to look nice.  Do you understand?”

Her reply was muffled.

“Kimberly, stop for a moment and speak clearly, please.  I want you to repeat my instructions back to me.  Keep going with your hand while you do so.”

She pulled her head back and he popped out, and she started pumping with one hand.

“Master, I am to clean myself after you leave.  Then, I may sleep.  I am forbidden from masturbating until I have Master’s permission.  I am to have the apartment clean, to make myself look nice, and to be preparing dinner when you arrive at six.”

Kimberly paused a moment, her mind running through her commands to see if she’d forgotten anything.  While her mind wasn’t able to think of anything but obedience, she was able to recall his commands with remarkable clarity.  Since she had finished following his command to repeat his instructions back to him, she returned her mouth to his dick and resumed slowly sliding up and down his length.

Erwin thought for a moment to see if he’d missed anything, but couldn’t think of anything.  Looking up at the clock, he realized what time it was, and that he needed to get moving to make his appointment.

He reached down and grabbed Kim’s head with his hands, before he started to push her up and down, increasing her speed.  She soon started moving her head faster as well, matching his pace, her tongue swirling around his shaft as she switched from slowly bobbing to giving him a full blowjob.  She bounced her head up and down, letting her tongue go flat against his base, and he stopped holding in his release, spurting up and cumming into her mouth.

“Swallow, of course.”

Kimberly gulped down his white goo, swallowing every drop, before she straightened her torso, resuming her neutral position.  Her fingers were also finally allowed to stop, and her sore pussy ached with the abuse it had been taking.

“Get started on cleaning while I get ready to go.”

Kimberly crawled out from under the table, and grabbed her Master’s plate and setting, moving to place them into the dishwasher.  She then began to gather other items from the kitchen, oblivious to the fact that she was moving around in just her underwear, which was visibly soaked with a combination of pussy juice and sweat.

Erwin stood and walked into the bedroom, opening his luggage to pull out the suit he would be wearing for the day.  It didn’t take him long to get dressed, shaved, and ready to go.  He walked into the main living area of Kimberly’s apartment as she was just gathering the last of the dishes.

“There, much better.”  He looked over at her, and wanted to encourage her to continue such behaviors in the future.  After all, she’d be much happier if everything in her apartment wasn’t such a mess.

“Kimberly, from now on, when you finish cleaning up, you feel a big sense of accomplishment, and you feel really happy.  You’re going to enjoy keeping your apartment clean from now on.”

“Yes Master.”

“Ok, I’m going to be off.  You remember all of your instructions?”

“I remember every command, Master.”

“Good, excellent.  Well then, I’ll be back tonight, look forward to some more fun times.”

Even though he’d just intended it as an offhand comment, Kimberly’s mind took the statement as a command.

“Yes Master.”

Erwin looked down at the device in his hand, and fiddled with the dial, setting it so that Kimberly would awaken five minutes after he left.  He flashed the device into her face, and then walked out the front door.