Hypno Hospitality – Chapter 1

“Here’s your room keys.  Everything is in order.  Please enjoy your stay with us and have a nice evening!”

Kimberly tried to put a smile into her voice, even though she wasn’t really feeling it.  The guy had been checking her out the entire time she’d been checking him in.  She’d appreciated the irony of the statement the first couple times she thought of it, but now she was just tired of guys so openly staring at her.  This one even turned and gave her a hungry look over his shoulder as he started walking toward the elevators.

Still, she had to put on a cheerful front, because she needed the job to pay her rent.  As long as the guy didn’t do anything other than look, there wasn’t a whole lot she could do, and she didn’t want to get fired over a stupid customer complaint.

The tight V-neck uniform shirt her boss had given her wasn’t helping.  It was one of those stretchy girly affairs, and didn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination.  The snug black fabric clung to her breasts, and outlined her shapely torso well.  Kim was proud of her thin waist, and kept herself fit with frequent jogs, push-ups, and sit-ups in her apartment.  Since she didn’t have much money for other forms of entertainment, she could afford to at least take care of herself.

She’d been a looker back in high school, and it had opened more than a few doors.  Her petite frame and just below average height had convinced more than a few guys to give her preferential treatment.  Now, however, it took more than just a pretty face to get ahead, and her boss here didn’t care as long as she didn’t get any customer complaints.

Kimberly looked around the lobby, knowing that it was empty, but making sure, just in case.  She worked the overnight shift at the Five Towers just outside the city.  Since it was already a little past midnight, she was unlikely to get any new guests.

She turned and walked into the back room, sighing in relief.  Kim liked her job, at least as far as anybody could like something you had to do.  It could be worse, though.  Since she worked the overnight shift, she got a lot of time to herself, and didn’t really have to do much of anything.

Reaching into her bag, she pulled out her phone, and started playing some games to pass the time.  She’d gotten pretty good at most of them over the last couple months, and they really served to help pass the time.  After she’d been focusing on the device for about twenty minutes, she got bored, and decided it was time to pick up something new.  She couldn’t afford much, but she could afford a couple bucks to help make work more tolerable.

Before she managed to pick something, she heard the service bell ring.  Kim looked up at the small monitor that showed the front camera, and saw a man standing at the counter.  He’ set a garment bag down and had a small roller suitcase next to him.

The camera was there in case somebody was trying to rob the place, although it was silly because the only money here was what she had on her, in her own wallet.  Anything else that came in went into the safe, which wouldn’t be opened until eight in the morning.  Kimberly was glad nobody had tried, but she enjoyed having the camera there anyway.  It let her get a gauge for who was calling for her attention.

“Good evening, Sir, and welcome to the Five Towers.  Can I get the name your reservation is under?”

The man looked up at her and smiled, and Kim braced for him to start staring at her, but he kept his eyes on her face.

“Hamilton.  Erwin Hamilton.”

He looked younger than his name would imply, probably no more than thirty, although he might have crossed the barrier and just looked a little young.  Still, when Kimberly thought of an Erwin, she always imagined somebody much older.

Kim typed at the computer to pull up his reservation, and worked quickly to make it through the screens to get him processed.  She’d found a game that caught her eye, and wanted to get back to it.  She could check in a guest in under about two minutes, if they didn’t ask too many questions.

Mr. Hamilton seemed to be more than comfortable with the check in process, and already had a credit card before she even asked.  Once she put the information on file, he was all set, and she handed him his room keys.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, Sir?”

“Actually yes, there is one thing.”

Erwin nodded, reaching into his coat pocket, and pulled out a small, narrow device.  Pressing the switch on the side, a beam of soft red light shot out the other side, which he pointed toward Kimberly’s face, shining it brightly into her eyes.

Before she could react to the light and shield her vision, her mind started to feel sluggish, and a moment later her thoughts evaporated, leaving her staring blankly into the light.  Erwin left the device on for several long seconds, making sure that the young woman’s mind had been completely emptied, before he thumbed the device off.

He hated these business trips, but knew that they were a necessary part of being a senior executive with such a powerful company.  He’d gotten the device from one of the more unscrupulous men in research, who understood the cost of his considerable research budget.  Erwin considered the device to have been a bargain, overall, and it made these trips much more pleasant.

“Now, my dear, what is your name?”

“Kimberly, Master.”  Kimberly replied without hesitation, her eyes glazed and empty, her mind void of all thought except obeying the man in front of her.

“Very good.  And are you working alone tonight?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Can you lead us somewhere a little more private?  I’d like to get to know you a little bit better.”

“Yes, Master.”  Kimberly turned and walked into the back room, and Erwin gathered his things and followed.  He set his bags down near the entrance, and turned to get a better look at his entertainment for the evening.

He’d been flying for seven hours, when you counted the connection, which couldn’t be avoided in this day and age.  He always found flying to be a terrible chore, and it had only been made worse by the fact that the stewardess had been stacked as hell.  He’d imagined using his device and ordering her to let him stick his dick between her tits, having her suck him off while he enjoyed her enormous pillows.  Unfortunately there was no way he’d be able to pull something like that off in such a crowded space.

Thankfully, he now had somebody who could help him relieve the built up frustration.

He reached out and cupped Kimberly’s breast in his hand, trying to get a gauge for the size.  Erwin liked the outfit that the girl was wearing, since it really showed off her assets well.  He was glad to know that such a tasty girl would be helping him relieve his frustration.

“How big are your tits, girl?”

“D cups, Master.”

Erwin nodded.  He’d thought that was right, but wanted to confirm.  He started to knead the fleshy bags, taking one in each hand and pressing them together, before moving the pair in circles.  He loved spending a little while getting to know a body before he got inside of it.

Kimberly stood passively while Erwin played with her body, her mind completely unresponsive to his hands.  Until he gave her a command, she had no reason to think, and her mind just waited patiently for its master’s next order.

She didn’t even respond as he started playing with her nipples, flicking and teasing the tips of her jugs until they were both standing erect.

“Lift up your shirt.”

“Yes Master.”

Kimberly reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up over her breasts and holding it up for her master.  He reached forward and pulled down her bra, exposing her perky buds to the cool air.

Erwin leaned forward and licked the tip of Kimberly’s nipple, before sucking it into his mouth and biting down, slightly.  He looked up at the girl, who continued to stand impassively, not resisting in the slightest.  He played with her tits a little longer, sucking and flicking them with his tongue, while Kimberly stood, continuing to hold her shirt up, following her master’s command.

He finally decided that he’d had enough foreplay, and spotted a chair out of the corner of his eye.  He walked over to it, and sat down, turning to face his entranced slave.

“Come stand over here.”

“Yes Master.”

Kimberly moved to stand next to him, still holding her shirt up.

“Strip out of your clothes.  Slow and sexy.”

“Yes Master.”

Kimberly kicked off her shoes before she turned away from him.  She opened her jeans while also leaning forward, sticking out her ass toward him.  Erwin reached out and slapped it playfully, and Kimberly reacted to the gesture by shaking her ass invitingly in response.  She slowly slipped her jeans down her legs, before kicking them off.

She then turned to face him, hooking a finger on either side of her panties, before she started to lower them as well.  As she did so, she swayed her hips back and forth, thrusting her pussy toward him, before swinging it away.  Erwin noticed that the hair of her crotch was glistening slightly with moisture, signs of her body’s arousal at his earlier attention.

Once her panties had joined her pants on the floor, she pulled off her shirt, before pushing her breasts together for him to see in her bra, before it too joined the rest of her outfit on the floor.  Commands complete, she returned to a neutral, passive stance, staring forward while waiting for his next command.

Erwin opened his belt and pulled down his pants, letting his hard cock spring free.  He’d been frustrated all day, and his desire to play with his new toy was competing with his desire for quick release.  Still, he wanted to have a little more fun before things got finished.

“Come here and kneel in front of me.”

“Yes Master.”

Kimberly moved to kneel in front of her master, not ashamed in the slightest at the fact that she was completely naked.  Feelings like shame or embarrassment would require more thought than she was capable of.  Now, she knew only mindless obedience.

“It’s time to put those lips of yours to good use.  Open your mouth, as wide as you can.”

“Yes Master.”

Kim opened her mouth, forming her lips into a large circle.  Erwin grabbed her head and positioned her over himself.  She didn’t resist, since she would obey any command, spoken or otherwise.  He tilted her head and pressed her down onto himself, letting her wet mouth cover his dick with her saliva, before he started to move her head up and down along himself.

He could have commanded her to give him a blow job, but he was in the mood to fuck himself with her face, and she wasn’t in any position to object.  He moved her head slowly up and down a few times, enjoying the feeling of her warmth.

“Look up at me while I fuck your face.”

Kimberly mumbled an acknowledgment, but her mouth was of course too full for it to make any sense.  She turned her head to look up at her master, and he looked down into her pretty eyes, loving the way they looked staring at him blankly.  The girl had no thoughts at all.

He continued to use her mouth for a few more minutes, not really trying to get himself off, just enjoying a good long warm up.  Since he’d been feeling in the mood all day, he didn’t want to rush things.  Finally, though, he decided to finish things up.

“Ok, enough of that.  Get up here and put my cock in your little cunt, now.”

Kimberly raised her head, and he popped out of her mouth.  She stood in front of him, shifting her legs so that one was on either side.  Reaching down, she placed his tip into her entrance, and as soon as he was in position, her obedient mind didn’t hesitate before plunging down onto him, letting him fill her hole completely.  She shook her hips slightly to help her settle on top of him, before coming to rest with him buried deep within her.

“Now, go ahead and get me off, slave.”

“Yes Master.”

Kimberly began to raise and lower herself on him using her legs, her arms coming down onto his shoulders to steady herself.  She began to pump up and down as though her entire purpose were to bring him pleasure.  In many ways, with her thoughts erased, it was.

“Oh, and I don’t want you making any noise.  It’s probably safer if you don’t orgasm, understand?”

“Yes Master.”

Her mind hadn’t originally had any thoughts of focusing on her own pleasure, but she now clamped down on any feelings of enjoyment.  Her motions were entirely devoted to obeying his commands, and nothing else.

Erwin reached up and started playing with her tits again, wanting to enjoy the generous flesh while Kimberly continued her work.  His enthralled slave continued to pump up and down, not upset at all that she was responsible for all the work.

He remembered back in college, when one of his fraternity brothers had joked that a woman being on top was the worst position during sex, since it meant that she had the power.  All that meant was that he’d never tasted true power.  Erwin didn’t care whether he was on the top or the bottom, only one person in this small room had any power, and it definitely wasn’t her.

“Faster.  Much faster.”

“Yes Master.”

Kimberly began to bounce up and down on top of him as quickly as she could.  The exertion taxed her to the point where her breathing grew heavy and ragged, no longer able to be controlled by her programmed mind.  Instead, she did everything possible to follow his commands, and beads of sweat began to form on her head and body as she worked hard to get him off.

Erwin looked up into her still blank, obedient face, as he came into her, spurting up deep inside her willing pussy.  Kimberly slowed as she felt him release inside of her, commands obeyed.

He spent a moment catching his own breath after his release, with her still sitting on his lap.  He loved the way she looked, and was looking forward to getting to make use of her again.  However, he did have things to do in the morning, and couldn’t afford to be up all night.  With how important his meeting was, he couldn’t afford an all-nighter, and needed to be on the top of his game.

“Ok…” He spent a moment trying to recall her name.  “Oh yeah, Kim.  Get up.”

“Yes Master.”

She moved into a standing position in front of him.  As she did, some of their mixed juices starting to run down her leg.  She made no motion to do anything about it, as she hadn’t been commanded to care.

“Go ahead and put your clothing back on.  Oh, but leave your bra off.”

“Yes Master.”

Kimberly moved to grab her underwear, and slid it up her legs.  She caught part of their joined drippings on the way up, and there was plenty more still clinging to her swollen lips.  Her empty mind gave no reaction to the fact that her underwear was now stained with a slowly spreading wet mark, and instead she reached to grab her jeans, pulling them up over her legs.

He grabbed her bra as she was putting on her shirt, stuffing it into his jacket pocket.  Erwin liked keeping a trophy from each of his conquests, and Kim was no different.  He turned and looked at her, now that she was dressed, and noticed that her nipples were still standing out through the fabric of her tight shirt.  It made sense, given that her body had just been through a round of enthusiastic fucking without release.  She’d probably be horny as hell for the rest of the night.

Erwin smirked, having no problems with that.

He stretched, and yawned without realizing it.  Apparently he was more tired than he thought.

“How far away do you live, my dear?”

“It’s about a fifteen minute walk, Master.”

“Oh, well that’s not so bad.  Do you walk it, or do you have a car?”

“I drive, Master, in case I need to run errands.”

“Good.  Go ahead and give me your keys, and write your address down.  I’ve no intention of staying here, and you’ll be able to keep me company while I’m staying in town.”

Kimberly turned and pulled her keys from her bag, before grabbing a sheet of paper from beside the office phone, scrawling her address down.  She handed both objects to her Master, before returning to wait for his next command.

“Ok, when you get off your shift, just walk home.”  He looked up, trying to think if he’d forgotten anything.  He spotted her nipples again, and nodded.  “Oh, and no matter how horny you are, no masturbating without permission, do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”  Her mind absorbed his commands without resistance.

He could give commands to people under the effects of the device, both to be carried out immediately and later as well.  She’d be unable to resist obeying, and given the state of arousal of her body, she was in for a pretty rough night.

Glancing at the clock, Erwin saw that it was already almost one.  He had to be at his meeting at eight, so he needed to get back to her place and get some sleep.  Erwin reached down and fiddled with a setting on the device, setting it to a five minute delay.  He’d have enough time to leave before she came back to her senses.

He raised the device and pressed the button, shining the light once again in Kimberly’s eyes.  The light flowed into her mind, beginning the process of unlocking her thoughts.  Once the delay was up, she’d be able to think normally, but wouldn’t remember a thing that happened while she was under.  Her mind would fill in any gaps as it needed to.

Erwin reached up and gave a last few flicks to her nipples, before giving her tits one last squeeze.  He was going to look forward to having some more fun playing with those bags again later.