“So I take it your game went well?”  Brian asked across the table.

“Absolutely, Master.”  Melody responded.  “Marie was finally back on her game, and it was amazing.  I’m so glad you got everything settled.  She was like a little volleyball playing machine.”

Marie blushed, but Melody continued.

“In fact, I was wondering, maybe you could have us try practicing while we’re not running our personalities.  That way, we can really focus on the game, and drive out all distractions.”

“I’ll think about it.”  Brian responded.  “I do find the both of you very hot when you’re just staring off into space.”

His comments got a laugh out of the two girls.  The three of them were enjoying lunch together.  A couple of weeks had passed since Marie was clued in about her nature, and she and Melody had both had a lot of fun taking turns with their master.  He’d had to miss their latest game, so the two girls were filling him in on the details.

“So, got any plans for the weekend, Master?”  Marie asked, once they’d worked a little more through their food.

“Not really.”  He replied.  “I have to go talk to a friend of mine, Wayne, a bit, but that shouldn’t take all of Saturday.  After that, I was thinking of having some fun with a couple lovely ladies of mine.”

Marie smiled.  “I hope you’re planning on having fun with us outside of the bedroom, too Master.”

He nodded.  “Actually, yeah, I was thinking it might be fun for us to do something, the three of us.  Maybe paintball, or laser tag, something we can run around doing.  I need to get out more.”

Melody nodded in agreement.  “That sounds like it would be fun.  But…”  She said, turning to Marie.  “After, we can have fun inside the bedroom, right?”

Marie laughed and nodded.  She wasn’t opposed to the idea, but ever since her master had made it clear he wanted a girlfriend and not just a sex-bot, she’d been trying to temper how much time the group hid from the world.

“Now, if you two will excuse me, I need to take a moment.”  Brian said, as he stood up.  The two girls smiled at him and waved, as he moved toward the restrooms.

The waiter stopped him when he got there, holding up a hand.

“Ok, how the hell did you pull that one off, man?”

“I’m sorry?”  Brian responded, confused.

“Those two hot girls.   How the hell are you friends with them?”

Brain turned and looked over his shoulder, looking at Melody and Marie as they were talking at the table.  He turned back to the guy.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but it’s a long story.”  He reached up and unconsciously thumbed the rapture device through his jacket pocket.

“One that I don’t think you’d believe if I told you.”

With that, he walked past the guy, and headed into the bathroom.  He took a few minutes to finish his business, before returning to the table, finding Marie and Melody still chatting animatedly.  They giggled at each other, but the sounds cut off as they realized he was back and sat down.


“Nothing, Master.”  Marie responded.

“Oh, come on.  Out with it.  Tell me.” He gave them a stern look.  “That’s an order.”

Melody smiled as she obeyed.

“We’re pretty sure we’re not actually robots, Master.”

Brian froze.  If they’d figured out what happened, that would be bad.  He had the rapture device in his pocket, but there were enough people around that using it here would be dangerous.  If they decided to make a scene, he was in a lot of trouble.

Marie smiled at him, and laughed.

“Calm down, Master.  We’re not going to go crazy and start screaming or anything.”

She reached across the table and put his hand on his, helping him to calm down.  He looked back and forth between his two semi-robotic slaves.

“How did you find out?”

It was Melody’s turn to laugh.

“What idiot would build a sex-bot that he can’t use one week out of the month?  Unless you’re saying you’re a total masochist to make your robots experience actual cramps!”

Brian froze.  He hadn’t considered that aspect, but it made a lot of sense. Finally, he nodded.

“You’re right.”  He said, cautiously.  “I, well.  I used this thing on you.”  He didn’t pull out the device, but he gestured to his jacket.

“I used it on you, and used it to make you think you’re robots.”

“Ok.”  Marie responded.  “Just one question.  Why?”

“Well…”  He started, but then the words caught in his throat.  “I guess.  I guess it’s because I’ve liked you for a long time, Marie.”

She rolled her eyes.

“I know that, Master.  I meant why robots?”

He looked between the two girls, trying to figure their reactions.

“I guess because I thought it would be sexy and hot?  Seeing you standing there all mindless under the effects of the device, you looked really really… you know.”

“Fuckable?”  Melody offered.  She and Marie laughed at the reaction that got from their master.

“Yeah.  That’s the word.”  He said, sheepishly.  “Are you two mad?”

Marie turned and looked at Melody, before looking back at him and shaking her head, her ponytail flicking back and forth.

“Nah.  I just wanted to know, that’s all Master.”

Melody nodded as well.

Brian breathed a sigh of relief, glad that his life hadn’t fallen apart at the discovery.

“Now.”  Said Marie.  “I believe you said something about us getting to shoot you tonight, Master?”