Career Break

Chapter 1:

“So, basically, what you’re saying is that you just don’t want to pay, and you’re calling me up to ask me to stop sending you bills?”

The person on the other end of the line sighed, as if she were talking to an idiot.  “Yes, exactly.  Please stop sending me these bills.  It just ruins my day getting them, and it’s making me very upset.”

Kelly pinched her nose, trying to fight off the growing headache.  “And you don’t want us to cancel your service?”

“No, of course not.  I need my television.  I told you, I work very hard for a living, and I don’t appreciate you people asking for more of my money.  I work for that money, I need a way to relax at the end of the day.  All I’m asking is for you to stop sending me so damn many bills.”

This call had been going on for almost twenty minutes.  Kelly might have been able to keep it together, if it hadn’t also been the third call of its kind, today.

“What are you, stupid?  If you get something from a company, you pay for it.  You’re basically telling me to give you service for free!”

Kelly knew she shouldn’t have said it, but she didn’t care.  This self-entitled bitch was going to be complaining about her anyway, she might as well get to blow off some steam because of it.

“Oh.  My.  I have never, ever, been spoken to that way.”


The woman sputtered.  “What the.  You put your manager on the phone right now.  I will have your ass so fired, you won’t even be able to get a job flipping burgers.”

“You realize I only took this job because the fast food places turned me down?”

“Well then nobody will hire you, you arrogant little…”

Kelly was sure she had more to say, but she wouldn’t be hearing it, as she’d just hung up the call.

Kelly leaned back in her chair.  Her coworker in the next cube was staring at her, on a call, and clearly having a difficult time maintaining his composure after her outburst.

Her phone rang, indicating that she had another call.  Realizing she was already fired, Kelly decided to have some fun, and punched the button.

“Hey big boy.”

She was in luck, the caller was male.  “Um.  Wait.  Is this ComWorld service division?”

“Oh yeah, it is.  We’re trying out something new, it’s called the customer always cums first.  My names Cindy, what’s yours?”

“Um… Brad Stinson.  Do you need my account number?”

“Aww, why the rush, Brad?  You got somewhere you need to be?  Why not take your time, and savor the moment?”

Kelly heard a clicking on her headset, and knew that her manager had just stepped into the call.

“I’m very sorry sir, but we’re currently experiencing some difficulty.  Please hold a moment while I transfer you to another customer service associate.”


Kelly sighed.  She knew what came next, but she wasn’t going to give Ron the satisfaction of heading into his office before he called for her.  She figured it would take him about forty seconds to get to her cube.  He could have easily covered the distance in ten, but he couldn’t run, can’t let the other drones know that something was up.

Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two.

She debated what she’d tell him.  Nervous breakdown? She did need the job, maybe they’d take pity on her, again, and not fire her.  She doubted it, people like her were a dime a dozen.  Actually, since the market crashed, companies could get four free for their dime when they bought in bulk.

And forty.

“Miss Hatfield.  My Office.  Now.”

Kelly slid her chair back and stood up.  Ron hadn’t even stopped to see if she was following, he was already working his way back to his office.  Kelly looked around at the dozens of other call center associates, who were looking around, curious about the disruption.  She flashed them a big smile and a thumbs up, like she’d just gotten a promotion.

Ronald Mullins, or Ron to pretty much everybody, was a big man, who many of the staff liked to talk about behind his back.  Kelly had made a barb or two, trying to fit in with her coworkers, but she found most of them to be pretty poor conversation.  Anybody who’d been at this job for very long tended to be, well, missing something.

Ron banged his hand down on the top of the chair in his office, indicating that Kelly was to sit.  After she’d done so, he moved around and filled his own chair.  Kelly searched his face to see just how mad he was.  It was clear that it wouldn’t take much pushing to get him over the edge.

“Explain.”  Was all he said, steepling his fingers beneath his chin.

Kelly’s head began to throb.  She kicked herself for not using her half-minute to take something for that.

“Well, you see.  She was complaining that we charge her, they all were.  How do people not get that of course they have to pay their bill.”

“Miss Hatfield, do you remember WHY I am monitoring your calls so closely?”

Kelly deflated.  “Because I hung up on that guy last week.”

Ron nodded.  “And?”

“Another guy the week before.”

Kelly smiled at her boss as disarmingly as possible.  She knew she had a problem with her temper, but she did need this job.  Now that she was out of the moment, the whole thing seemed so stupid.

“Look, Kelly.   I’m really having a hard time figuring out what to do with you.”

“I know.  I’ll get my plant.”  Kelly stood to walk out the door, ready to head to her space and get her one personal effect.

“Sit back down.”  Ron barked.

Kelly paused, then did as she was told, stunned at the tone he’d used.

“Kelly, you are not fired.  Directions, from the chief himself, say we are not to fire anybody.  Employees here should feel safe, and comfortable in their jobs.  However, that doesn’t mean that they have unlimited license to do whatever the hell they please.  So you have two options.  You can quit, or you can speak to the company counselor.  After he’s done with you, he will make a recommendation.”

She was speechless at this news.  “Wait, so I may be able to keep my job?”

Ron nodded.  “Yes.  Once we’re sure an outburst like that will not be happening again.”

“That.  That’s amazing.  Um, thank you Mr. Mullins.  I really need this job.”

“I know Kelly.  Talk to the counselor, tomorrow.  You’re suspended until you do.”

Kelly’s arms slumped.  Being suspended was bad news, because it means she wasn’t working any hours, which meant she wasn’t getting paid.  Still, it was only for three more hours this afternoon, and however long this counselor took in the morning.  She knew she could convince him it wouldn’t happen again.

“Ok.  I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“See that you are.”


Chapter 2:

Kelly fidgeted as she sat in Dr. Boyle’s waiting area.  She was the only person in the small room, having been told where to find it by the Counseling group’s receptionist.  Apparently, they wanted to keep employees running into each other to a minimum, as each of the four counselors had their own small waiting area.

She picked at her sleeve, nervous about what would happen during the interview.  She’d made a point of dressing nicely, sure she’d need to make a good impression if she was going to keep her job.  Much as Mullins might say he couldn’t fire her, the company shrink saying ‘she’s nuts’ would probably put her on the fast track out of here.  Kelly didn’t have anything really all that formal, but the sweater she was wearing wasn’t too threadbare, and she’d even broken out her one pair of slacks.

The door clicked as the nob turned, and a person she could only assume was Dr. Boyle peeked out.

“Kelly Hatfield?”

She nodded.

“If you’ll just follow me please.”

Kelly stood, and walked through the door behind him.  It wasn’t like she really needed to do much following, the waiting area fed directly into his office.  It was bigger than she’d expected, given the size of the waiting area, but she supposed people wouldn’t feel as comfortable talking while they were feeling like the walls were closing in.  She saw another door behind her, and one behind him, and guessed that there were two waiting rooms for this one office, and the visitors must alternate through.

“Have a seat please, Miss Hatfield.”  Dr. Boyle motioned to the large chair in front of him.

Kelly took a moment to figure out exactly how to do as he’d told her.  It looked most like a dentist’s chair, honestly, large, sturdy, and permanently reclined.  She managed to maneuver herself onto it, but it left her feeling small and exposed.

Dr. Boyle sat in his own chair, which was a bit more traditional.  She’d expected him to start staring at the clipboard, speaking in that removed, clinical tone of psychiatrists on TV, but he surprised her by setting the board down beside his chair, crossing his legs, and just looking at her.

A silence formed between them which went on for several awkwardly long moments.   Just when Kelly was thinking of saying something, just to fill the space, he spoke.

“So, how do you feel?”

Kelly had been expecting that question, but the long silence had thrown her off balance, so she was less prepared than she could have been.


“You can lie if you want, but this will be a lot more productive if you don’t.”

She sighed.  “I don’t know.”

“Ok.  I understand.”

Kelly waved one of her arms at him.   “I’m not trying to dodge the question, I really don’t know how I feel.”

He nodded.  “I believed you the first time.”

She looked over at him and sighed.  “Why does everybody think there’s something wrong with me for thinking our customers are a bunch of morons?  They call up, asking the stupidest things, and demanding that we basically give them stuff for free.  Every single one of them tries to lie, cheat, and steal from us.  I’m not even trying to be rah rah company cheerleader girl here, but I can’t think of a single customer I have any desire to help.”  She was surprised at that, once the words started to pour out, they just kept coming.

Dr. Boyle smiled over at her.  “Feeling better?”

“A little.”  Kelly sighed, her shoulders relaxing after getting that off her chest.

He reached down and grabbed the clipboard scanning the contents, but Kelly actually felt reassured by the gesture.  She wasn’t just some file to him, she was a person who happened to have a file, and now he was looking at it.  Kelly was starting to like Dr. Boyle, and thought her prospects with the company were looking up.

“Miss Hatfield, it says here that in the eight months you’ve been with us, you haven’t put in any requests for time off.  Why is that?”

Kelly groaned.  “Can’t afford it.  Hell, I can’t even afford this right now.  Between rent, student loans, and bills, I’m barely managing to stay above the water.”  Her head started to throb at thinking about bills.

“So would you say income to expense is a big part of the problem?”

“Oh yeah.  Definitely.”

He nodded.  “Student loans.  Ah yes, you went to school at Cal Poly Pomona?  A good school, what happened there?”

“The usual, these days at least.  Throughout high school, everybody said you gotta go to college to get a good job.  What they keep forgetting to say is that just going to college isn’t going to get you a good job, they leave that part out.”

“I see you have a degree in business management and communication.  Pretty overqualified for a call center girl.”

Kelly nodded.  “Yup.  But there’s only so many positions, and companies don’t want to take risks on some fresh out of college nobody, so I didn’t manage to find a job.  Even moved out here, hoping things would be better, ‘cause you know California, not much in the way of job market right now.”

The doctor nodded in sympathy.  “Parents back out west?”


“Why haven’t you asked them for help?”

“I, I don’t talk to them as much as I probably should, honestly.  I dunno, pride, maybe?”

“Well, it’s pretty clear that something needs to change.  Kelly, if I just asked you flat out, ‘are you happy?’ how would you respond?”

Kelly scrunched her face.  “How’s that any different than just asking?”

The doctor laughed.  “You got me.  You know, you’re a pretty smart girl, all things considered.”

“Thank you.”  Kelly blushed and looked away.  “No.”

“Excuse me?”

“The answer to your question, its no.  I’m not happy.  I’m not even close to happy.  I can’t even remember what happy was like.”

It was the doctor’s turn to sigh.  “That’s not right.  A young woman, your age.  She should be enjoying her life.  So I have another question for you.  If we could find another position for you in the company, that isn’t answering phones, would you take it?”

“Yeah, probably.  I really hate dealing with customers.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

She smiled up at him.  “That would be awesome.”  She hesitated.  “Does that mean I have to go back to answering phones until then though?”

He shook his head.  “Nope, you’re not cleared for going back to that either.  Let’s face it, it would take a miracle for you to make it two days before you snap again.”

Kelly collapsed back into the seat.  “Well shit.”

“Shit indeed.”

“Wait, doctors aren’t supposed to swear!”

“Says who?”

“I dunno, lots of people.”

He laughed.  “Well, I do have some good news for you.  I’m pretty sure that you’re just overstressed, and that I can do something about.  Call it, well, stress therapy, while I try and find something you’d be really good at.”

“Umm… ok.  Sounds weird.”

“Less so than you’d think.  It won’t take long, and you can get right back to work after.  Are you interested?”

“Um.  Sure, yeah.”

“Ok, so what I need you to do is take this, and slide it on your head.”  He reached behind himself and grabbed a metallic hemisphere, which he handed to her.

“Looks like a hair band, almost.”

“Yup.  Just slide it on, and then relax.”

She slid the metal band over her forehead, tucking the ends behind her ears before pushing it back.

“It feels a little tight.”

“In a bad way?”

“No, it’s good.  The pressure makes my head ache a lot less.”

“That’s part of the goal.  Now, I’m going to turn it on, and you might feel a slight tingling sensation, but I want you to know that there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Uh, sure, yeah.  So what is this, some sort of brain massager?”  She winked at him, trying to relieve the bit of nervousness she’d built up with a joke.

“You could say that.”  He reached behind himself, and flipped a switch, watching as Kelly collapsed into the chair.


Chapter 3:

Kelly woke with a start, the room dark around her.  She was disoriented, and took a moment to look around and catch her bearings.

She shook her head, trying to shake out the remnant fog of the dreams she’d been having.  Looking at the wall clock, she saw that it was seven forty, twenty minutes until she needed to be up to make it to work on time.

Kelly rolled onto her side and curled into a ball, debating whether she should just get up now.  She was awake, and she wasn’t really tired or anything.  She remembered back when she was growing up, how she used to fight waking up, but now she didn’t feel the need to fight for every moment of sleep.  It was one of the advantages of having something fulfilling to wake up to.

Deciding that she was done with sleep for the night, she stretched slowly, before pushing back the covers and sliding out of bed.  Her feet hit the soft carpet and she ran her toes through the scratchy material.  She padded across the small dormitory before flicking on the light, bathing the room in the soft, comforting glow she found so familiar.

Kelly had lived in the company provided dorm for, well, as long as she could remember.  She knew when her employers had found her, she’d been penniless, on the street, and a complete mess.  She’d run away from home, not able to stand being with her parents any more, but had found that the world outside wasn’t any better.  It had chewed her up and spat out what little remained.

The company had changed all that, given her a place to live, a job, and a new lease on life.  She owed them everything, and she wanted to work as hard as possible every day to pay them back for it.

She stripped off the silky nightdress she wore to bed, throwing it in the hamper beside the door, before walking into the small bathroom.

She let the water run down her back while she stood in the shower, just enjoying the sensation.  This was one of the best parts about getting out of bed a little early, being allowed to take her time getting ready.  She loved the way the hot water felt cascading down her back, feeling the tiny rivulets as they crisscrossed and wove in unpredictable patterns that Kelly found dizzying just thinking about.

She leaned forward before she plunged her head under the stream, letting the water cascade over her long, dark hair.  She reached up and grabbed the shampoo, working it into a lather over the course of several minutes.  It took a while to wash her hair every morning, but it was worth it.  She knew her boss just loved the look of her long, silky hair, so she made it a point to take extra care of it.

Her hair done, she worked through the rest of her body, making sure every inch of herself was well scrubbed and clean.  A good start to the day just made everything better.  She even soaped up a finger before sticking it up inside her, making sure she was clean head to toe, inside and out.

Shower done, she dried herself off before starting to work on her makeup.  Mascara, a little eyeliner, some lip gloss (her boss only wanted stick if she knew there was a meeting, he liked to keep things casual otherwise, but of course she kept on in her small bag).  She ran a brush through her hair, working out all the tangles before pulling it back into the ponytail her boss so loved.  He told her it made her look sexy and stylish, and she enjoyed that he liked looking at her.

Work in the bathroom done, Kelly walked back out into the dorm’s main room, opening her small wardrobe.  It didn’t have many clothes inside, but that was ok, it had everything she needed, and if for some reason she needed something else, she could just requisition what she needed.  She reached in and grabbed a strapless bra, wrapping it around herself before pushing everything into place.  Mr. Russell liked her girls, and wanted her to make sure they stayed as perky and playful as ever.

Next came the simple white blouse, buttoned up to just over her breasts.  Mr. Russell had told her a long time ago that he, unlike some of the other executives, didn’t want a slut for an assistant.  It wouldn’t do to have to send her away at a critical time if somebody dropped in on short notice.  She was his assistant, and he relied on her to always be ready for all things, both public and private.

She checked off the rest of her work outfit as she worked through her closet.  Simple panties, a gray pencil skirt, black thigh-high stay ups, and black heels, high enough to give her a sexy swing without making her taller than her boss.

She turned and gave herself a final look in the full-size mirror next to her wardrobe, straightening her skirt to make sure it sat on her hips just right.  She didn’t like to brag, but she allowed herself a moment to appreciate just how sexy she was.  It wasn’t just praising herself if her boss said it too, right?

Her eyes swept the room one last time to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything before she stepped out into the hallway, ready to head for the elevator and up to work.

“Hey Kelly, looking good this morning!”

“Not too shabby yourself this morning, Erica!”

Kelly walked up to her hall mate and gave her a big good-morning hug.  Erica was the girl in the dorm across the hall from Kelly, and the two girls both worked for executives in ComWorld’s contracts division.  They’d spent many a night chatting about work and just blowing off steam together, often with some of the other office girls who lived in the company dorms.

They all had similar pasts, rejects of the world who’d been discarded, their value unappreciated until ComWorld had found them, and offered them a home, a family, and meaningful work.  Kelly couldn’t remember a time when any of the office girls had been unhappy, they were all really good friends and looked out for each other.

The two women walked to the elevator, Erica munching on a granola bar as they talked about their plans for the day.  Erica’s boss liked her to be ready to start working the moment she showed up, so she’d eat before she got there.  Mr. Russell, on the other hand, liked to actually go out of the office with Kelly to grab something, saying that it was good for her to get out into the world once in a while, lest she get too cooped up.  Kelly didn’t mind, because it meant that she and her boss would get to chat about things, and he’d tell her about all sorts of things that had happened to him growing up.  She loved his rambling little stories, and envied him such a normal childhood.

The elevator dinged as they arrived on their floor, and Erica waved goodbye as they went their separate ways.  Kelly worked in Mr. Russell’s office, on the east side of the building.  He was lucky, and high enough in the company, that he got a window office, so she by extension also got a nice view.  She sat down at her desk, flipping the screen on and entering her password, her manicured nails clicking slightly.  She kept them as long as possible while still being able to type at the speeds Mr. Russell often needed.

She looked through her boss’s calendar, and digested the emails that had come in overnight, making adjustments and replying to the ones she knew the answer to, before coming up with his schedule for the day.  She printed it out, setting it inside the manila folder that had the other documents that he’d need to run through while they went on their morning walk.

Her tasks done, she grabbed the small bottle of water off her desk, poured some on her plant, the only ornament on her desk, then decided to zone out for a bit.  It was something that Mr. Russell actually encouraged, and she knew it was a big part of why she didn’t have any problems facing her day.  It was something she’d learned while going through the company’s training program, they called it ‘Being in the Moment.’  When she needed to focus on work, she’d do so, completely, and was therefore able to finish her tasks with minimal distraction, and with a great deal of efficiency.   But when she had nothing to do, she’d just space out and relax, allowing herself to just, well, be, in the moment.

She took a deep, steadying breath, enjoying the tranquility of it all.


Chapter 4:

“And that wasn’t the last time Frank and I got into trouble, let me tell you that!”

Kelly smiled at Mr. Russell, enjoying hearing him tell yet another story about the trouble he and his friends had gotten into back in college.  She swept the spoon through the parfait cup that had been her breakfast, enjoying the last of the cold, tangy, blueberry flavor.

Mr. Russell sighed and looked over at his secretary.  “Well, I suppose we do need to get back.  Honestly, I could stay here all day, but you know how it is, duty calls.

She gave him another smile, but nodded, understanding what he meant.  Today wasn’t packed, but they had things they had to get done.  She stood and grabbed the tray in front of him, throwing out her parfait cup and the plate containing the last scraps of his breakfast sandwich, before joining him at the door.  He smiled at her, his way of saying thanks, and she warmed inside.

They worked their way back to the office, taking a full fifteen minutes even though it could have only taken five.  Still, Kelly considered it a success, the big boss, Mr. Leighfield himself, had told her once that Mr. Russell could get lost in thought, and it was her job to keep him focused.  He wasn’t that much older than she was, honestly, but he just had that grandfatherly attitude to him.  She’d told him that once, and he harrumphed that he was only thirty five.  She’d reminded him that most thirty five year olds didn’t harrumph.

Back at her desk, she reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down her legs, quickly removing the garment, before sliding open her desk drawer and hiding it inside.  That done, she turned back to her computer, working her way through the new messages while Mr. Russell reviewed the ones she’d flagged earlier as important.  She flagged a couple more, then zoned out for a bit again, letting breakfast settle.

When the clock finally struck nine-thirty, she focused again, standing from her desk and walking to rap gently on his door.  After pausing a moment, in case he was in anything important, she turned the handle and walked in.  She glanced up quickly to make sure he wasn’t on the phone.  She could wait if need be, but he wasn’t.

“Mr. Russell, it’s time for your nine-thirty engagement.”

Her boss looked up at the clock, then smiled and slid his chair back from his desk, clicking send on one final message.  Kelly closed the distance quickly, standing in front of her boss as he worked at his pants, opening them and sliding them slightly down his legs.

She reached down and took hold of him, purring slightly.  “I see you’ve been working too hard, you haven’t even been getting yourself ready.  No matter, we can take care of that.”  She leaned down and blew on the length of his shaft, a sure fire way to get him in the mood.  As expected, he responded by hardening slightly, enough that Kelly could slip her fingers around and begin to gently stroke up and down.

He leaned back in his chair and groaned, softly, as her expert hands finished working him to life.  In just a few minutes, he was fully rock hard, and ready to continue.  She stroked him a few more times for good measure  before slipping on top of him in the office chair, aligning herself over him and sliding down, her legs popping through the armrests as she slid into place.

Her ‘be here now’ training kicked in, and she felt the world around her begin to melt away, and all that was left was the feeling of him inside of her, stroking her insides in the most delectable way possible.  She flexed her leg muscles, lifting herself off of him, feeling their flesh sliding against each other, their inner selves skimming in opposite directions, gliding gently and deliciously, before she lowered her legs back down, driving him once again up inside of her.

For his part, he just let himself go, relaxing and slumping back in the chair, feeling her practiced muscles as they twirled around him, grabbing him before dragging up, feeling like he was being lifted up in the air, before she rushed back down again with well-practiced balance, her lips hungry, and desperate for more.  He couldn’t believe how amazing she was at this, every motion she made was practiced, measured, and perfect.

She kept going, her tight, youthful body easily and eagerly able to keep up.  She looked forward to this part of her day, knowing that she’d get to take care of Mr. Russell’s needs, and her own.  She loved mornings the best, because it always left her feeling the most satisfied, but she even enjoyed the more sedate, afternoon blowjobs he was fond of, and she usually fingered herself to climax while getting him off.  Sometimes, he’d even make use of her in the evenings, before he left for home and her, her dorm.  He usually did that when he’d had a rough day, bending her over a table to take the lead, slamming in from behind.

But for now, this was all that mattered, nothing else, and she was happy to be living in this moment, here, and now.



Dr. Boyle looked at the email he’d just received and smiled.  He had expected as much, his conversation with Kelly had left him highly confident about his success.  He switched to his other monitor to place her file in the archive before shutting his computer down for the evening, still hearing the text of the message as though Mr. Russell were speaking.

Dr. Boyle

Allow me to congratulate you on a job well done.  You, sir, are an artist, and I am saddened by the fact that I am unable to summon appropriate words to convey my appreciation.

After just one day, nay, one morning, I am already enamored with my new secretary, Kelly.  She is a delightful girl, a wonderful companion, and the perfect assistant.  She accomplishes her tasks easily, and with a focus that I find admirable.  I have never seen an agenda so well laid out, and my day proceeded like clockwork in her capable hands.  She has even made suggestions about organizing my conferences, and setting agendas that have reduced my workload considerably.

I know the final goal of your program is to find somewhere for these lost young ladies within our family, but I would like very much to consider the possibility that Kelly’s permanent place be here, with me.  I hope very much that your program is capable of performing long term, as I would be greatly saddened by her loss.

I look forward to hearing good news from you.

Leonard Russell.


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With a quick, “Yes Sir,” she worked her way up into his chair, threading her legs through the armrests and wrapping her arms around his neck, comfortably settling against him.  His hands rubbed over her sweater vest, tracing the lines of her stomach, then her side, before finally moving up to cup her breasts gently, rubbing where he knew she was most sensitive.  Her clothing muted the effect, but she could feel his fingers, ever so gently teasing her and hinting at things to come.

“I like a well dressed girl.”  He told her, one hand wrapping around to press flatly against her back, as the other began to probe at the hem of her top.  “It lets me feel like I’m unwrapping you.”

She leaned into him as his hand began to probe up under her shirt, placing her lips next to his ear so she could whisper quietly directly to him.  Every fiber within her told her she should remain as quiet as possible.

“I love that you find me acceptable, Sir.”  She purred, unintentionally sexy, but she felt the shiver that he gave in response.

“Acceptable doesn’t even come close to describing you.”  He massaged her chest for a moment, his hand cradled warmly beneath her clothing, before shifting his hips.  “Now, I need you to help me up, so to speak.”

April sighed with contentment and leaned against his neck as she began moving her hips to brush up against him.  She teased herself, feeling him through her tights, loving the feeling of potential that the gesture provided.

Words started to flow into her mind.  Outside, in the office, in front of others, she felt she needed to put on a stronger image, to be seen as competent, as worthy of helping her boss.  However, once the door closed, she knew she could just let go, to melt, and relax.

“I live to please you, Sir.”  She punctuated the statement with another thrust of her hips.  “I want nothing more than to spend each day doing a good job for you, Sir.”  She leaned forward and nibbled gently on the bottom of his ear.

“You’re a natural at this”

“Thank you, sir.”  April felt him stirring beneath her.  “Speaking of unwrapping things, Sir.”