New Release (08/05/2014)

So, first real new release announcement on the new site.  Hopefully people have signed up to get email announcements, if they were so inclined.

Mind’s Vault – Friends and Enemies   Amazon / Smashwords

Friends and Enemies - Sm


Greg Walker’s story continues in part five of Mind’s Vault.  Things have gotten pretty routine for our mind controlling protagonist, and he’s enjoying the attention of his three loving companions.  A snap decision to enjoy an evening out could, however, have some unintended consequences.  After all, did anybody really expect Greg to be able to keep all of this a secret forever?

As a side note, I really like the way Monica turned out in this cover, her expression speaks loads to the fact that she’s under a conform to clothing command.


More to come, the next two parts of Mind’s Vault will actually be told from the viewpoint of a new character.  Unlike with On Call and Remote control, I think the POV will always “snap back” to Greg, with other characters only allowed a small arc but never being promoted to main characters.  I think that’s part of the problem I’m running into now with Power Plays, there’s 4 points of view and it gets confusing and jumbled.

Other than that, not a lot going on.  Feel free to check out the second chapter of Doctor Sexton’s Toys, which is now up.  I’ll probably drop the depths section in the near future, since that’s going to become a traditional novel.   I’m enjoying the 3D art, but let’s face it, Depths is probably something I can sell, and for now I can’t sell the 3D stuff.

As always, please feel free to drop me a line with any feedback, and until next time, enjoy.

Releases (7/5/2014)

Howdy folks,

Got 2 releases this week, and things are going strong

Mind’s Vault – Changes    Amazon  /  Smashwords

Changes - sm

Mind’s vault ended up being more popular than I imagined, not that I’m complaining.  Part 2, Changes, shows Christine after Greg uses the chair on her and changes her outlook a little.  She’s a lot easier to get along with, and way more willing to enjoy a little fun.

There’s plenty more to come in this series, so stay tuned for more.

Power Plays – Contrast    Amazon  /  Smashwords

Power Plays - Contrast - SM

The second release for this week is another chapter for Power Plays.  Things continue to unfold for our young heroes, this time from the point of view of Jacob’s side of the struggle.  Leah’s still coming to terms with her new life as a slave, but she’s getting more and more comfortable as time goes on.  Can she figure out a way to let her new master act freely, without fear of retaliation from her brother?

Stay tuned for more as the story unfolds.


That’s all for this week.  The plan is to try and get another release out for Mind’s Vault (since it seems to be going over well) and time permitting, more of Power Plays.  I’ve got both series planned out for the next several releases, it’s just a matter of getting things down and ready to go.

Thanks as always for watching this space.

New Releases (06/24/2014)

Ah, time flies when you’re busy as hell.  Sorry that these are a little delayed.  Smashwords versions of these will be up probably tomorrow for those that are waiting, I want to make a couple small revisions to the covers.

Also, some of you may notice something a little different about the covers as compared to previous releases.  For a number of reasons, I’m giving 3D covers a shot.  So far, I don’t think it seems to make much of a difference.  I do plan to try my best to make the images of high quality, and I think the first couple have turned out really well.

Power Plays – Homecoming   Amazon  /  Smashwords

Power Plays - Homecoming SM


So, I’ve been teasing for a while that the On Call universe was far from over, and Power Plays starts off the third series.  Beth’s been a little absent while we’ve watched Jacob rise to power, but she’s back and ready to start having fun with her master.  Also, Shawna is still under the effects of the commands given to her by Leah, and she’s hard at work keeping Matt distracted and making sure that he won’t interfere with what Joshua has planned.

Watch how the story unfolds as Joshua and Matt become more aware of each other, but there’s always the chance for something new on the horizon


Mind’s Vault – Opening   Amazon  /  Smashwords

The Vault - Opening

Speaking of new things, I’ve stared an entirely new series, Mind’s Vault.  I spent a long while debating on the name (it’s getting harder and harder to name these things).

Greg’s just found out that his grandfather died, but it was several years ago.  Due to some strange terms in the will, he’s set to inherit a lot of money, as well as his Grandfather’s remote house.

Now, he and his girlfriend are heading out there to take a look at the place, and he finds out from the caretaker that there’s a mysterious vault in the basement that only he is allowed to enter.  And what he finds there should make his girlfriend much easier to live with.


Well, that’s it for the new releases.  This week has been a little busy, but I hope to have a release or two up before the 4th of July.  Both of these series are going strong, and I have plenty of ideas, it’s all about time at this point.


Releases (06/08/2014)

So, I managed to figure out what was causing Amazon to not publish my stories, even though they still haven’t responded to the email I sent to them Thursday morning (they state in their auto-reply that they have a 24 hour response time, 7 days a week, clearly not).  It looks like the problem was the author name switch, so I’m going to only put my new name on new stuff, and I’ll abandon trying to relabel older stuff.

With that, however, I am glad to announce that I now have some releases!  They’re just omnibus editions, but I know there are people who hold out for them, so I’m happy to announce:

Hypnotic Condition    Amazon / Smashwords

Complete SM

This story was something I wrote because I really do enjoy a good hypnotic story.  While Deepening Desires worked, and was a great story, it ended up without a whole lot of room for more.  Hypnotic Condition, however, lends itself much more to having further fun stories with the characters.  This Omnibus edition contains what I consider the first Arc of the story, and shows how Malcolm manages to use hypnosis to get his long term crush Wendy to be more receptive to his advances.  More to come in the next arc, but I don’t think this story will disappoint.


Crystal Rapture – Girlbot Marie    Amazon / Smashwords

Crystal Rapture - SM

Crystal Rapture was another fun story, even though releases took a bit of a break in the middle.  I like many of the images that this story conveys, since the thought of a blank, mindless girl with an athletic body is one that can really stand out in my mind.  As is usual, it has my more romantic twist on it, but overall I think it strikes a nice balance between control, eroticism, and softer elements.


And now that the wheels are actually turning, I’m going to be getting back to the grind and starting to write some new stuff.  No comments or commitments on what (which people should be pretty used to by now).  Soft bots is definitely toward the top of the list, since it’s an unfinished arc, but I’m not sure if I want to write something totally new (I have at least three really strong ideas for completely new series) or a follow-up (which I have at least four strong ideas for follow-ups).

So much to do, so little time.  Stupid day job.


Trying to Dust Off

So, the good news is, things have finally calmed down enough that I’m trying to dust off and get back to writing.  The bad news is that Amazon decided to block the first two things I tried to release, which were the Omnibus editions of Hypnotic Condition and Crystal Rapture.

My theory is that it’s because I’m trying to change around my author name, and that they’re basically accusing me of copying myself (even though my old name is still listed as an Author).  In usual Amazon style, there is almost no information about why they blocked the title, leaving me to guess what happened, only this time the email notification of the block included language that my account could be terminated if I submit more material with the same problems.  Because of this, I’m hesitant to try again in case they’ve suddenly decided that something else is the problem.

I’ve got an email in now asking for at least more detail about the category of the issue, but we’ll see. If they don’t respond with more info, I’ll probably go ahead and try releasing under just my old author name and going from there (maybe just only release truly new stuff under Amy Sadal, but I want people who don’t read this to follow the switch).

Either way, that managed to zap my motivation to almost zero.  If things get resolved today or tomorrow, I’ll start working again, but that’s going to be at the top of the list.  Once things do get moving, I’m planning on writing the third part of On Call, finishing the first part of Soft Bots, and working on something else, but I’m not quite sure what yet (I have a couple new stories I want to write, but some part of me also wants to either keep going with Hypnotic Condition, or maybe further Spell Bound in a story line that came to me during the break).

Either way, I appreciate any patience, and feel free to raise your fist at Amazon for their obscure rejection schemes for me.

Slow Week

Unfortunately, do to WAY too much going on with the day Job, I’m not able to get around to doing any releases this week.  I’m hoping that things will be quiet and I can catch up a little bit over the weekend.

The good news is that I already drafted out the next part of Hypnotic Condition and Soft Bots, so they’re present, they just need to get edited and cleaned up.  After that, I can keep going with both Series.  I think I’m going to get both out to their full “Season 1” releases before releasing anything new, just to avoid getting off point.  They’re both slated for six parts for the initial segment, although Hypnotic Condition will very much continue after that (it will just be the end of the first real story arc, and it’s good to divide up when you release in a serial format before you move things on further).

As always, thanks for your patience and understanding.  Unfortunately, my stuff doesn’t have universal enough appeal to be a full time job (oh how I wish it did) so sometimes priorities have to shift.

Until next time.

Releases (04/09/2014)

Hey Folks,

Had a few things come out over the last few days.  Amazon’s author linking is being a little wonky, so it might not show up in searches for a while, but direct links seem to work ok.

Crystal Rapture- Mostly Human   Amazon

Mostly Human - SM


The fifth and final part of Crystal Rapture is now live.  I had a bit of a difficult time figuring out how I wanted to end, but I think it turned out well, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Brian has finally managed to get Marie to go on a date with him, of her own free will.  Now he just needs to avoid blowing it from being so nervous.  Will he end up impressing her, or will she forever remain out of his reach?

(Smashwords catch-up of this series pending)


Remote Control – The Complete Series   Amazon / Smashwords

Syndication - SM


Fun and Mind Control continues in Remote Control, the sequel to On Call.  Matt’s made a new invention, a remote that can control the mind of anybody it’s pointed at, and his sisters have managed to lose it at school.

Jacob, a bit of a nobody at school, has managed to find it, and quickly discovers how to use it.  Can Leah manage to find the wayward device before he wreaks too much havoc on the lovely ladies around him?

Probably Not.


Hypnotic Condition – Bonds of Friendship     Amazon  /  Smashwords


Bonds of Friendship - SM


Jacob continues his quest to ‘convince’ Wendy to sleep with him in the fourth part of Hypnotic Condition.  Things heat up as he enlists his sister, Sabrina, to help get past her friend’s barriers.  With her help, how much longer can Wendy fight the feelings he’s awakening within her?