New Release – 08/18/2013

So, I’m starting to fall into a pattern of one release on Sunday, two on Wednesday.  We’ll see if that holds.

Today’s release gets back to the story that started it all.  That’s right, I’ve finally decided that another part of Proteus is ready for release.  These take a little longer, because each is actually about 4-5 times longer than an individual release for my shorter serial stories.

Proteus: Linder Academy – Part 1 – Admission  Amazon / Smashwords

Sorry for the mouthful, but I don’t just want to call them Parts 1 2 and 3, it would sound a little weird to me.  The story started in Proteus: Corporate takeover continues in this new book, introducing the prestigious Linder Academy for Girls.  Jessica has always been a little down on her luck, but after the Academy gives her a full scholarship, she hopes she’ll be able to turn things around.  But of course, all is not as it seems.

Both New characters and Old favorites return in the second chapter of Proteus.  I hope you all enojoy!