Getting The Itch

So, first and foremost, I am not dead.  Just something to get out of the way.

As I’m sure anybody reading this can imagine, I got burnt out and needed to take a break.  Still not completely back, but I’ve been feeling a major creative itch lately, and I think I’m going to start writing again.  No guarantees about what, and I’ll probably be a lot less hard core about things than before.

I’ve also decided, at least for now, that I’m not going to release through any sales outlets.  There’s a number of reasons, but putting yourself out there kinda sucks, and also having to constantly dread Amazon’s draconian rules schizophrenia definitely sucks.  Good news though is that means anything would be posted up here directly.  Also means I may post partial/incomplete stuff, which I suppose is a mixed blessing.

Regardless, here will be the best place to find things.  I’m also thinking about posting my old stuff as well, so keep eyes peeled for that.

One other thing, as some of you who were reading right before I bowed out for a bit know, I really enjoy 3D art. Some part of me wants to do comics, but I just don’t have the time.  For the time I spend making one comic release, I could do three or four novels.  But I really like having images to go with my stories, so I think I might just start doing that, rendering a few scenes per chapter, and just linking them on the story page.

We’ll see how things play out.  The short of it is that I’m thinking about writing again.

New Releases (06/24/2014)

Ah, time flies when you’re busy as hell.  Sorry that these are a little delayed.  Smashwords versions of these will be up probably tomorrow for those that are waiting, I want to make a couple small revisions to the covers.

Also, some of you may notice something a little different about the covers as compared to previous releases.  For a number of reasons, I’m giving 3D covers a shot.  So far, I don’t think it seems to make much of a difference.  I do plan to try my best to make the images of high quality, and I think the first couple have turned out really well.

Power Plays – Homecoming   Amazon  /  Smashwords

Power Plays - Homecoming SM


So, I’ve been teasing for a while that the On Call universe was far from over, and Power Plays starts off the third series.  Beth’s been a little absent while we’ve watched Jacob rise to power, but she’s back and ready to start having fun with her master.  Also, Shawna is still under the effects of the commands given to her by Leah, and she’s hard at work keeping Matt distracted and making sure that he won’t interfere with what Joshua has planned.

Watch how the story unfolds as Joshua and Matt become more aware of each other, but there’s always the chance for something new on the horizon


Mind’s Vault – Opening   Amazon  /  Smashwords

The Vault - Opening

Speaking of new things, I’ve stared an entirely new series, Mind’s Vault.  I spent a long while debating on the name (it’s getting harder and harder to name these things).

Greg’s just found out that his grandfather died, but it was several years ago.  Due to some strange terms in the will, he’s set to inherit a lot of money, as well as his Grandfather’s remote house.

Now, he and his girlfriend are heading out there to take a look at the place, and he finds out from the caretaker that there’s a mysterious vault in the basement that only he is allowed to enter.  And what he finds there should make his girlfriend much easier to live with.


Well, that’s it for the new releases.  This week has been a little busy, but I hope to have a release or two up before the 4th of July.  Both of these series are going strong, and I have plenty of ideas, it’s all about time at this point.


Trying to Dust Off

So, the good news is, things have finally calmed down enough that I’m trying to dust off and get back to writing.  The bad news is that Amazon decided to block the first two things I tried to release, which were the Omnibus editions of Hypnotic Condition and Crystal Rapture.

My theory is that it’s because I’m trying to change around my author name, and that they’re basically accusing me of copying myself (even though my old name is still listed as an Author).  In usual Amazon style, there is almost no information about why they blocked the title, leaving me to guess what happened, only this time the email notification of the block included language that my account could be terminated if I submit more material with the same problems.  Because of this, I’m hesitant to try again in case they’ve suddenly decided that something else is the problem.

I’ve got an email in now asking for at least more detail about the category of the issue, but we’ll see. If they don’t respond with more info, I’ll probably go ahead and try releasing under just my old author name and going from there (maybe just only release truly new stuff under Amy Sadal, but I want people who don’t read this to follow the switch).

Either way, that managed to zap my motivation to almost zero.  If things get resolved today or tomorrow, I’ll start working again, but that’s going to be at the top of the list.  Once things do get moving, I’m planning on writing the third part of On Call, finishing the first part of Soft Bots, and working on something else, but I’m not quite sure what yet (I have a couple new stories I want to write, but some part of me also wants to either keep going with Hypnotic Condition, or maybe further Spell Bound in a story line that came to me during the break).

Either way, I appreciate any patience, and feel free to raise your fist at Amazon for their obscure rejection schemes for me.

Hiatus, Catalog cleanup, and possible Author Name change.

Hey All,

As many of you have probably noticed, I’m in the middle of a bit of a break.  Unfortunately, the day job had just been a bit too much of late, and I haven’t had time to devote to my writing like I should.  Thankfully, I managed to get out the end of the first arc of Hypnotic Condition, so there should be at least a little closure there (or at least it’s a good natural stopping point).

Once things settle down, I’ll be back to writing as usual.  I appreciate the patience.  Summer usually slows things down a little bit, which means I should be able to put some more time into things.

Once thing I do want to mention is that I’m going to be doing a little Catalog maintenance.  Many of my stories have had omnibus editions released, but they still have the individual parts up.  I’m going to be dropping many of the individual parts, in order to make things easier to find and reduce clutter.  There may also be some price changes (drops, of course).

Also, some of you may remember I toyed around with using a different Pen name (Amy Sadal) a while back.  I didn’t really go through with it (it got complicated) but I’m thinking about trying again.  Part of it is just that my current name, Tri3Ax, worked really well back when Proteus was the only thing I had, but now more of my stuff is hypnosis or softer themed, and something that sounds so mechanical really doesn’t work.  Plus, it seems weird putting “Unit” in as a first name (some sites expect a real First/Last name setup is why).

I debated a long while about it, but I think when I do my early summer cleanup, I might go ahead and switch things around.  For a transition, I’ll list most of my current stuff with both the old and new, and then also release the next few things under both, before I start only using the new name.  Part of why I didn’t like doing two at once was knowing where the barrier was, but long-term I think I less outlandish name will sound better.

At any rate, nothing much for the next couple of weeks until things finish quieting down.

Slow Week

Unfortunately, do to WAY too much going on with the day Job, I’m not able to get around to doing any releases this week.  I’m hoping that things will be quiet and I can catch up a little bit over the weekend.

The good news is that I already drafted out the next part of Hypnotic Condition and Soft Bots, so they’re present, they just need to get edited and cleaned up.  After that, I can keep going with both Series.  I think I’m going to get both out to their full “Season 1” releases before releasing anything new, just to avoid getting off point.  They’re both slated for six parts for the initial segment, although Hypnotic Condition will very much continue after that (it will just be the end of the first real story arc, and it’s good to divide up when you release in a serial format before you move things on further).

As always, thanks for your patience and understanding.  Unfortunately, my stuff doesn’t have universal enough appeal to be a full time job (oh how I wish it did) so sometimes priorities have to shift.

Until next time.

Status Update

Hey all,

Not a lot today, just posting to make sure people know I’m still kicking.  Unfortuantely, life events are still not being kind to me, and dealing with continuing issues from some personal matters.

The good news is, I’m having plenty of time for brainstorming, plot development, and even a good chunk of writing.  The bad news is, almost no time for publishing.  Things are going to have to wait until I get back to normalcy, which is likely to not be until next weekend.

However, I do have three releases written out, they just need editing and covers, and will probably be able to easily cover two to four more over the course of the next week. This should leave me with plenty of material for once I’m able to open up the pipe once more.

For those of you looking for specific series, Soft Bots and Hypnotic Condition are definite yes, I’m hoping to get another part of Crystal Rapture up, and also I’m starting a new series.  No details on the new series, and I’ll be holding off on releasing it a little while to not over-complicate things (I worry I have too many open and I know people are waiting for some of my older stuff to close out).

At any rate, wanted to make sure I said something, to  let people know that releases are coming, they just might be a little delayed.

Until next time.

Life and upcoming

Hello all,

I normally don’t mention too much about my offline/real life, but I wanted to mention that I’ve had a bit of a personal emergency that may limit my schedule over the next couple weeks.  I’d like to keep writing, because honestly it’s a nice escape from reality, but time might be limited.  I wanted to make sure to get a blog post up, just to keep up the habit.

That said, I fully intend to get at least one thing released this week, if not two.  Part 2 of Soft Bots is drafted, and I just finished up Part 3 of Hypnotic Condition (which introduces a new character).  I may not have time to edit and prepare covers for both, but what this means is that I have a solid pipeline, even if I have to slow down, I won’t be stopping.

I may be able to get Soft Bots out tomorrow, if not Monday.  Over the course of the week, I’m going to write when I can, but might not be editing or publishing, since my focus is a little scattered.  I hope to further both story lines, as well as wrapping up Crystal Rapture.  Once Crystal Rapture is at a good stopping point, I’ll continue on with something else while I keep these lines open.

Until next time.