Releases (06/08/2014)

So, I managed to figure out what was causing Amazon to not publish my stories, even though they still haven’t responded to the email I sent to them Thursday morning (they state in their auto-reply that they have a 24 hour response time, 7 days a week, clearly not).  It looks like the problem was the author name switch, so I’m going to only put my new name on new stuff, and I’ll abandon trying to relabel older stuff.

With that, however, I am glad to announce that I now have some releases!  They’re just omnibus editions, but I know there are people who hold out for them, so I’m happy to announce:

Hypnotic Condition    Amazon / Smashwords

Complete SM

This story was something I wrote because I really do enjoy a good hypnotic story.  While Deepening Desires worked, and was a great story, it ended up without a whole lot of room for more.  Hypnotic Condition, however, lends itself much more to having further fun stories with the characters.  This Omnibus edition contains what I consider the first Arc of the story, and shows how Malcolm manages to use hypnosis to get his long term crush Wendy to be more receptive to his advances.  More to come in the next arc, but I don’t think this story will disappoint.


Crystal Rapture – Girlbot Marie    Amazon / Smashwords

Crystal Rapture - SM

Crystal Rapture was another fun story, even though releases took a bit of a break in the middle.  I like many of the images that this story conveys, since the thought of a blank, mindless girl with an athletic body is one that can really stand out in my mind.  As is usual, it has my more romantic twist on it, but overall I think it strikes a nice balance between control, eroticism, and softer elements.


And now that the wheels are actually turning, I’m going to be getting back to the grind and starting to write some new stuff.  No comments or commitments on what (which people should be pretty used to by now).  Soft bots is definitely toward the top of the list, since it’s an unfinished arc, but I’m not sure if I want to write something totally new (I have at least three really strong ideas for completely new series) or a follow-up (which I have at least four strong ideas for follow-ups).

So much to do, so little time.  Stupid day job.


Trying to Dust Off

So, the good news is, things have finally calmed down enough that I’m trying to dust off and get back to writing.  The bad news is that Amazon decided to block the first two things I tried to release, which were the Omnibus editions of Hypnotic Condition and Crystal Rapture.

My theory is that it’s because I’m trying to change around my author name, and that they’re basically accusing me of copying myself (even though my old name is still listed as an Author).  In usual Amazon style, there is almost no information about why they blocked the title, leaving me to guess what happened, only this time the email notification of the block included language that my account could be terminated if I submit more material with the same problems.  Because of this, I’m hesitant to try again in case they’ve suddenly decided that something else is the problem.

I’ve got an email in now asking for at least more detail about the category of the issue, but we’ll see. If they don’t respond with more info, I’ll probably go ahead and try releasing under just my old author name and going from there (maybe just only release truly new stuff under Amy Sadal, but I want people who don’t read this to follow the switch).

Either way, that managed to zap my motivation to almost zero.  If things get resolved today or tomorrow, I’ll start working again, but that’s going to be at the top of the list.  Once things do get moving, I’m planning on writing the third part of On Call, finishing the first part of Soft Bots, and working on something else, but I’m not quite sure what yet (I have a couple new stories I want to write, but some part of me also wants to either keep going with Hypnotic Condition, or maybe further Spell Bound in a story line that came to me during the break).

Either way, I appreciate any patience, and feel free to raise your fist at Amazon for their obscure rejection schemes for me.

Hiatus, Catalog cleanup, and possible Author Name change.

Hey All,

As many of you have probably noticed, I’m in the middle of a bit of a break.  Unfortunately, the day job had just been a bit too much of late, and I haven’t had time to devote to my writing like I should.  Thankfully, I managed to get out the end of the first arc of Hypnotic Condition, so there should be at least a little closure there (or at least it’s a good natural stopping point).

Once things settle down, I’ll be back to writing as usual.  I appreciate the patience.  Summer usually slows things down a little bit, which means I should be able to put some more time into things.

Once thing I do want to mention is that I’m going to be doing a little Catalog maintenance.  Many of my stories have had omnibus editions released, but they still have the individual parts up.  I’m going to be dropping many of the individual parts, in order to make things easier to find and reduce clutter.  There may also be some price changes (drops, of course).

Also, some of you may remember I toyed around with using a different Pen name (Amy Sadal) a while back.  I didn’t really go through with it (it got complicated) but I’m thinking about trying again.  Part of it is just that my current name, Tri3Ax, worked really well back when Proteus was the only thing I had, but now more of my stuff is hypnosis or softer themed, and something that sounds so mechanical really doesn’t work.  Plus, it seems weird putting “Unit” in as a first name (some sites expect a real First/Last name setup is why).

I debated a long while about it, but I think when I do my early summer cleanup, I might go ahead and switch things around.  For a transition, I’ll list most of my current stuff with both the old and new, and then also release the next few things under both, before I start only using the new name.  Part of why I didn’t like doing two at once was knowing where the barrier was, but long-term I think I less outlandish name will sound better.

At any rate, nothing much for the next couple of weeks until things finish quieting down.


So,  I don’t normally bother to post about these sorts of things, but occasionally I like to point out a milestone or two.  As of a few days ago, I officially have thirty followers on the blog.  While that’s not many by a lot of standards, it’s thirty more than I ever expected, so I’m counting it as a win.

Also, once I finish this post, I’ll be putting together the cover for a new release (Hypnotic Condition – Sowing Seeds).  Fans of Deepening Desires should be pleased to hear that it’s a back to basics hypnosis piece.  Expect it up soon.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll spend the remainder of the evening editing another piece to sneak out late night, or working on drafting out something new.  Either way, always so much to be doing, and so little time.

Until later

Yet More Ramblings

Just a status update today, followed by a ramble.

Last night, I finished writing out the final part of Deepening Desires.  It’s in a pretty raw form, since I wanted to just get all the ideas I still had down onto the page, but it’s there, and it’s complete.  I’ll be editing it tomorrow, and hopefully submitting it either tomorrow evening or early Sunday.

The final part of Partner Programming will be the same.  With luck, both will be submitted to Amazon by Sunday morning.  It will be great to get these off my plate.

Incoming Ramble:

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been having a lot of ideas of late, but I’ve also noticed that my stories often vary widely in their content.  Stories like On Call, or Gun Bunnies, or even Proteus, feature strong, frequent, sexual elements.  They also break down into serial chapters much better because of this.  Every part can fit the Erotic Mind Control genre because it’s easy to get those components into the stories.

Other stories, like Deepening Desires, Spell Bound, and many of the ideas that I’ve been bouncing around of late, don’t really fit as well into those molds.  Spell Bound, for example, was supposed to be more of a magical adventure story.  While there can be MC elements along the way, trying to maintain it as a primary focus of the story just isn’t possible.  I could just start new stories of similar kind (e.g. another guy finds some magic, controls a couple girls, the end) but that’s not what I want to write.  I want to write a good adventure story that is primarily that, but also doesn’t shy away from sex, and may meander to control frequently, but not more often than it needs to.

A couple more of the ideas that I’ve been having are similar.  Also, Deepening Desires has shown me, without a doubt, that I don’t need to have heavy sex, or even heavy control, to write a good story that still appeals to people who like mind control.

All of this comes together to tell me that I’m now writing more than one kind of story, and I’m beginning to wonder if publishing everything under a single pen name is the way to go.  To that end, unless I really change my mind in the next few days, I’m going to be starting another pen name.  I’ve known all along that if I start writing “all ages” material, I’d start a new one, but I think I need to start one even to split up my adult oriented material.  Unlike if I was starting a mainstream author, I’m not as worried about these being kept apart, so I’ll announce the new author here.

Stories that fit the primary EMC mold, such as On Call/Remote Control, Proteus, Hypno Hospitality, etc. will stay under Tri3Ax.  The split isn’t about control style, so Doctor Goodman’s Practice will stay under Tri3Ax as well.

Stories that don’t quite fit, such as being more romance, adventure, etc. will now be under my new pen name, Amy Sadal.  I’m going to leave Tri3Ax as a co-author on anything published in the past.  The existing stories that will move over to the new name are Deepening Desires, Playing with Kitty, and Spell Bound.  New stuff will be released under that name as well.

My hope with this is that people will be able to better find what they’re looking for, but also that I’ll be able to get exposed to a wider audience.  Many of the stories I release get aggregated (by Amazon recommendations) to be presented to the same people, who are only looking for hard core control/domination stories.  I’m hoping that my new author name will be able to branch out to people looking for stuff on the softer side.  I expect that Amy will have infrequent releases (probably one a month, maybe only one every two months) but that they’ll be longer.

As always, thanks for your support.  I know a lot of this probably doesn’t matter to most people (see story, read story, enjoy, and the like) but I do like having some people to share my ideas with.  I’ve been enjoying my writing very much this year, but I take enough pride in my work that I want people to be able to find me, but also to know that what they’re getting is what they want.  Having everything in one giant bucket doesn’t really seem to be the best way, any more.

Until next time.

New Format

Incoming rambling thoughts:

So, those of you who’ve been following for a while know that many of my stories are released using the Serial format.  This format has served me well for the last few months, since it works well with my work schedule and allows me to tell stories that are short and self-contained.

That being said, I’m starting to feel that certain stories just aren’t lending themselves to the format very well.  I was working on part 5 of Spell Bound, and trying to figure out how to work it into the plot that I wanted the story to travel to, and realized that it just wasn’t working.

I think part of it is that since each release has to be a self contained “mc erotica” story, I find myself putting those elements in, to the detriment of the story itself.  Many people have commented that they enjoy the stories and my characters, and that the sex and erotica shouldn’t be the entirety of the story.

Anyway, that’s a lot of rambling to get to the point I want to make, which is that I think I have many stories I want to tell that need a bit more “room.”  Spell Bound was always supposed to be an Adventure story that had a bit of eroticism and mind control elements woven in, but it hasn’t really worked out that way.  I also have a couple other stories that would need a lot of time to get going.

I think this is part of why Proteus worked out so well, there was plenty of room to work in.  Proteus was originally written as 12 parts of a continuous whole, without any real plans for breaks in between.

Now, I’m still planning on finishing out Spell Bound, Partner Programming, and Deepening desires.  Partner Programming and Deepening Desires won’t be having sequels (at least not likely), but Spell Bound I plan to continue.  However, future posts in spell bound will probably be less frequent, longer posts (at least 20,000 word short novels, but more likely 40-80K word full stories).

I also have plans for a couple new stories in this format.

There will still be some releases in the old Serial format.  You may notice that I haven’t talked about On Call/Remote Control.  These stories are PERFECT for the serial format, because much of the story is the control and the sex.  Remote Control is a story about a guy who has a control device that he uses to get sex, that’s he plot.  So these stories will continue.  I’m more referring to the stories that I’ve been forcing into the serial format, and they haven’t been as great as they should have been.

Feel free to reach out to me, either through comments or email, if you have anything you want to say.  I know it’s not exactly like this is a communal effort, but if anybody thinks this is a terrible idea, please feel free to tell me.

With that, back to work.  I’m hoping to finish out my current series over the course of the month, and then begin the new format soon.  I’m hoping that business will survive switching to the new format, and we shall see.

It’s not like I can’t just change my mind in a couple months if it doesn’t work out.

Thanks for the kind words

Hey guys, more of a fluff update today.  I just wanted to say thank you to those who have sent me emails or other words about my work.  I’m very glad to know that people are enjoying what I do.  When I first started out, I was very worried that my style wouldn’t be very appealing, because I actually aim for “story that has sex” more than just a quickie story that only focuses on the erotic parts.

The first thing of any real merit I ever wrote was Proteus, which is a short novel length story, and contains about a dozen sex/erotic scenes.  This means that there actually needs to be some plot points in between, and I was terrified that people would just think they were a pain between the juicy bits.  I’m glad to know that isn’t the case.

My Goal is to make my stories be good stories, that have memorable bits that people may re-read later for… purposes… but that they’ll enjoy the story as well.

Now I just have to hope I can pull that off with Spell Bound, because I have some awesome plot elements in mind there.  Hopefully Labor Day gives me some time to get back into the swing, my day job has been a little busy, unfortunately.