Free Audiobooks (Must Send Request for Coupon Code) and Updates

Audible has given me several coupon codes for free copies of some of my Audiobooks.  I have only a few coupon codes for Deepening Desires – Scratching the Surface, but I have a healthy number for Party Tricks and Recruitment Drive.

Therefore, if any of you people who read this are interested, please send me an email at to request a coupon code.  I can’t just post them, because each can only be used once, and I want to make sure that nobody has to do the frustrating game of trying a dozen codes only to find they’re all bad.

Just submitted a new story, Crystal Rapture – A Girlbot Made.  I’ll do the formal release announcement once Amazon approves it, but you can sneak an early look on Smashwords.

Also, I’ve gotten a few good responses on my Poll, so thank you all for that.  The two most popular answers were a longer romantic story similar to deepening desires, and the Augmented reality idea.  I’ve already brainstormed a LOT about both ideas.

Tennis Trance – This was originally going to be a short serial format story, but I found I wanted there to be more buildup.  Expect to maybe see a sneak preview of a chapter or two soon.  This story will be following Tommy and Ashley’s hypnotic dance, as he offers to hypnotize her to help her with practice.

My other Story has a title, but I’m not going to share it here.  I’ve decided that I want to tone it down a bit and turn it into something more akin to the Teen/Young Adult romances that are available.  As such, I don’t want it associated with this Author Name (for obvious reasons).  As it becomes closer to release, I may post to allow readers to request a review copy, and also to find out the title if you’re interested in purchasing.  It will have fetish fuel for the mind control readership, but would still be considered appropriate for “normal” consumption.

Anyway, that’s all for now, stay tuned for updates.  I have plenty coming, as I find time.

Positive News – 15 Followers, 25 Audiobooks Sold

Since I’ve been posting a lot of stuff that’s rather a downer (and that headache continues, Amazon is all over the place right now) I figured I should post something that focuses on something good happening with my writing.

A couple days ago, I managed to pass 15 followers.  I know it’s a small accomplishment, but it’s something, and still not something I ever really expected to happen.  It’s nice to know that there are a few people out there who think my stuff is good enough to keep tabs on.

Also, yesterday I sold my 25th Audiobook Copy.  I know that is also a small accomplishment, but it means there’s at least some market for this stuff.  I’m hoping that, like with normal books, more available motivates more sales.

Just wanted to post that.  Now back to working a bit on drafting and outlining plots while being tempted to distraction by all the video games that have come out recently.

Oh, and re-posting the poll from before so that it doesn’t fall down too far, I really want to find out what people are interested in.

[polldaddy poll=7471540]

Two More Audiobooks!

Ok, apparently Audible got off their keisters and decided to start approving everything.  I’m pleased to announce that Recruitment Drive – Involuntary Volunteer, and Deepening Desires – Two Dragons, are both now available in audiobook format.  Please check them out!

I still have another part of Recruitment drive in the pipe, after that there will be a small delay.  I wanted to have these get out there and into the wild, and see how they do, before I go ahead with making too many more.  However, if you are interested, please give them a shot, and as always please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Party Tricks – Now available in audiobook format

Thanks to the lovely voice of Miss Lana Lee, who has a most awesome accent, by the way, Party Tricks – Hypnotic bonds is now available as an Audiobook from Audible and Amazon.  Lana really managed to bring Chrissy to life, and her reading of the character is simply awesome.

Check it out at

As always, stay tuned for more info, and expect more literary goodness soon.

Releases (09/07/2013)

So, first off, some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little less active lately.  Unfortunately, authoring is my night job, and work has been hellishly busy lately.  Also, once things started to calm down, I was hit with a cold that pretty much wiped me out for a few days.  I was exhausted, the kind where even just sitting up at a computer was just too much.

That being said, here’s hoping this next week will see more than a few new releases.  I have PLENTY of ideas, it’s just getting them down that’s hard.  I want to continue with Spell Bound, Remote Controlled, Linder, and have a couple new ideas that could also be a lot of fun.

That being said, I do have two announcements for new things for the past week

Gun Bunnies   Amazon   Smashwords

Gun Bunnies - Omnibus_Small

Gun Bunnies is the omnibus of Promotional Materials.  I figured the name was better, honestly.  While it’s not something new (in fact it was one of my first series) I decided it was about time to release the Omnibus (plus I feel bad for not having more new stuff).  Gun Bunnies was a fun series, heavy on sex and control.  I originally wrote it because I wanted a hard control story where a character gets brainwashed in a heavy handed way, and things just kept going.  I honestly think it’s a lot of fun, and very sexy.

Also, I have another Audiobook Release

Recruitment Drive – Company Policies   Audible

Company Policies - ACX - Small

So, due to the quirks of ACX manual review process, the second book in the series is available before the first.  I have mixed feelings about this, honestly, but if that’s what happens, it happens.

Recruitment drive was a fun series, featuring the slightly ethically deficient Doctor Goodman as he works to get his psychiatry practice up and running.  Of course, he seems to be putting more effort into having fun with his sexy employees than getting business, but nobody is perfect.

Ok, as I said, hopefully, more soon, but until then, I hope everybody is enjoying things so far!