Micro Update

Hey All,

Just announcing that I finally have something of an update!  I just posted the third chapter for the new Spell Bound, and I literally just wrote it (it’s considered draft status, consider yourselves warned).  There’s no images, I’m trying to capitalize on the time I have available, but I may do 1-2 just to give images for the newest characters.

Additionally I have changed the story from third to first person.  I do plan to go back and revise chapters 1 and 2.  For the pacing of the story, I like it better.

Additionally, I have slightly redone the menu structure.  I realized just how terrible it was on mobile, and let’s face it, tablets are nice.  You can now access all stories without needing to rely on hover links.  The story link now takes you to an index page, where you can select what you want, and then get to each individual chapter.

Spell Bound – Chapter 3

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