Not Dead, Just Busy

Hey all,

Figured I should say a little something, at least every now and then.  For starters, I am not dead (nobody asked, but always good to start with making sure that is known).  Between the day job and life, I’ve just been very very busy.

I am writing, somewhat.  A couple of new things, and ideas.  I’ll publish them as I’m comfortable.  There should be more spell bound, I just need to make some time.  I may hold off on bothering with art for a while since I’m on more of a writing kick, then fill in the artwork in a larger block, since it’s efficient to make more at a time.

I have also gone ahead and published a couple more stories.  The one tonight was On Call, which I imagine more than a few people will be happy to see.  Remote control will go up sometime in the near future (no promises on when).

Anyway, just a short update.