Old And New

Hello All,

Work continues on posting some of my older works, I’ve put up two, including one that I never re-released on Amazon after my first hiatus.

I’ve also gone ahead and released something new, the first of my “Hybrid” stories, that hopefully will scratch my itch for doing 3D art while still giving you guys new stories.  Those of you who have been following all along may remember I tried something with a story called Interface, that has since been taken down.  It may return in a rewrite at some point.

Astute observers will notice that the Hybrid story has the same title as one of the older stories I posted, Spell Bound.  Spell Bound was a neat premise, but it just wasn’t really sustainable, at least not in my mind.  I really didn’t like how it turned out, but I really liked the characters and premise, so I decided I’d reboot it.  It’s a complete reboot, not just an edit, the characters are completely different (no pseudo-incest, for one.  Incest is nice for some stories, but it was forced into that one) and the motivations are also different (it’s very hard to have a protagonist in an MC story that isn’t too much of a sexual predator.  I think I revised that well enough).

Anyway, I’m planning on continuing with the story for a bit, see where it goes. Overall, I’m having a lot of fun with the 3D art and hope people enjoy the pictures as well as the story.

Until next time.

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