A little update

So yeah, can’t believe it’s been a year.  I’ve come back and looked at the blog once or twice, but didn’t really feel up to it.

So, as many of you have probably noticed, I’ve pulled all my stuff from Amazon.  You may remember I had some problems with it, and I decided it just wasn’t worth it any more.  Dealing with their rather wishy-washy policies, lack of information, etc.  It was just not something I wanted to ever deal with again.

So!  Why am I bothering to say anything here, rather than just scrapping this blog?

Well, for one, I’d hate for all my material to just poof, and only be available to those that paid for it long ago.  So I am going to go ahead and start uploading stories, at my own pace.

Secondly, I still get the urges to create, from time to time, but with work and everything else, I don’t have the time for writing.  The day job only gets to consume more of my regular time, and i just can’t set aside large blocks like I used to.  Also, as many of you remember, I was having a lot of fun with 3D art before my last hiatus, and that’s continued.  So i’m going to upload pictures, maybe some simple comics, etc.

As a teaser for that, I’d like to upload something I’ve been working on, that I’m hoping will be part of a short comic in strong MC theming.

Page 3-Beauty

Stay Tuned for More.

2 thoughts on “A little update

  1. Good to know you’re still out there. Even if Amz isn’t working for you there are other places you can publish at least your old works. You still have a listing on Smashwords, and there are sites like Excitica that specialize in stuff that Amz rejects. You’ve already got it written, with covers, and ready to go. If it makes you a couple of extra bucks then it probably pays for the time to put it up on the site.

    • There’s other reasons I don’t want to go through the hassle. If things in life change, then maybe, but for now at least, I’ll just post them here.

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