Status – 02/18/2016

Hey Folks, weekly status update time.

This week saw the release of another of my older stories, Mind Matters (originally Mind Matters – Twisted Love but I simplified it down).  I originally released the story as a Valentine’s day story, so the symmetry seemed appropriate.

Work on new material has been a little more tepid than I would have liked.  A combination of having to make an unexpected trip, bad weather, and the day job being more draining that usual all combined to pretty much kill forward progress.  I think part of the problem is that my current project is extremely long, 80k words, and a story like that is nearly impossible to work on in bits and pieces.  Since I can’t find a good chunk of time, I can’t progress on it.

In a way, this highlights why the old serialized release format was so good for me.  It allowed me to put out a little bit of progress when I could.  I still think that sticking with a longer format is a good idea, but I may reverse my decision to only ever work on one project at a time.  I think having one story that’s longer and more meaty, as well as one that’s a bit more light-hearted (and sex heavy) will pay off in the long run.

Either way, we’ll see how things go.  I still have a couple backlog items that I’m working on getting re-released, but there will probably be a bit of a dry spell after that as I get things back underway.  No news on what the next release will be, as nothing’s close enough to even be teased yet, but I think I may start working on something in the 30K range that’s a little less deep, along with my major project.

That’s all for this week.  Thanks as always for your support.

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