Back Online for Now

So, hopefully I’m not Jinxing it, but for now it appears my stuff is back up on Amazon.  I’m hoping I can put all this behind me and get back to work.  Still not quite sure what the issue was with that one book, but for now things seem to be making it through again.

3 thoughts on “Back Online for Now

  1. For the record, since I began reading your stories on Amazon at the tail end of January, I haven’t had any irregularities with the stories on my devices. I’ve read one after the other on Unlimited, purchased Hypnotic Condition (although I see it says it’s KU now), and now reading a couple of others that showed up on your author page. Then I’ll have read everything available it seems. Purchased the one from Smashwords last weekend. At this time I’ve been using the Kindle App on iPad, iPod, and Android phone. Your author page at Amazon didn’t have anything vanish in the books pictured when I’ve checked it.

    I thought I’d let you know that it looks normal from my end.

  2. Correction to the previous comment, in that the one I purchased (Hypnotic Condition) obviously isn’t in your selections at this time, so it’s obviously not an Unlimited title either. I was confusing it with Remote Control. Hypnotic Condition is still on my Kindle app on the iPad.

    • Yeah, catalog wasn’t down long. Hypnotic Condition is dead though, don’t want to risk putting it through approval again. Don’t know what about it set them off but it really did, almost cost the whole account. I’ll post it to the blog once the Kindle Select clock runs out.

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