Status in Flux

I’m currently trying to work through issues with Amazon presently by reaching out to their title submission department and attempting to get any information they’re willing to share.  My catolog is currently pulled in order to make sure nothing unexpected happens while I review.

I’m hoping that a reasonable and respectful request to work together will end up with the KDP staff letting me know more details around the problems they’re having with certain titles. If I CAN get that resolved, I very much want to put my titles back up on Amazon, as it’s the best outlet for getting my work out to readers like you.  I will, however, consider the title in question to be dead as far as Amazon is concerned, just to be safe.

Please stay tuned for more information.  If you like my work, please sign up to get email notifications from the blog (you don’t need to register or anything, and only I see your email).  That way, if anything should happen, you’ll still be able to find out where to find my work.  If you were mid-story on Amazon (through Kindle Unlimited) when the stories were pulled, please be patient.  I’m hoping I can have have them available in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Status in Flux

    • Yes. I’m really hoping that I can continue to publish on Amazon. The exposure makes it very easy to continue writing. I may rotate titles out of Select in order to let people read them on smashwords etc. for periods of time. I really do appreciate all your support through all of this. If I could find somebody who has the description from Hypnotic Condition from January, it would help. I foolishly didn’t keep a copy, and I want to read through it. They won’t let you see the information for books that are blocked, which makes it difficult, to say the least.

      • From Google cache:

        Contains All Six parts of Hypnotic Condition, a story of Hypnotic seduction.

        Malcolm has had his eye on Wendy ever since the first time she came over to his house, but he knows she’s not interested in him that way. However, he’s been practicing hypnosis, and he thinks he’s finally gotten his skills to the point where he might be able to help her change her mind. Still, he knows he can’t just put her under and tell her to sleep with him, let along be his girlfriend. No, something like this requires a bit more of a soft touch, and an investment of time.

        Back to Basics: This story gets back to the basics of erotic hypnosis, focusing heavily on the hypnotic aspects. There are no mind control rays, entrancing devices, or other shortcuts here.

        • Thanks. I have a theory. Either way, I’m calling Hypnotic Condition dead on Amazon, but i think i can avoid a repeat of this, at least for the time being.

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