New Plan

My apologies for the daily updates of late.  As you can imagine, things are a little chaotic on my side right now.  This whole ordeal has been more stress than I really want in my life.

After some discussion and reflection, I’ve decided that I do need to be able to get income from my work.  I’d like for Patreon to be enough, but at least in the short term, it isn’t.  So what I’m going to do is I’m going to be moving my catalog over to Smashwords.  I used to publish there, and I did ok, although of course it was nothing compared to Amazon, but who knows, as more erotica gets banned at Amazon, perhaps the other retailers will gain popularity and customers.

The idea of just giving it away for free and living on generosity is a nice one, but it’s not honestly all that practical.  It was a decision made in the heat of the moment.  For now, I’m going to instead move to a more traditional model of selling for a profit etc.  I think that having income to show for the work will also allow me to continue with quality releases.

I’m still going to be leaving the Patreon up, and it will still be a source of early access items and special rewards and input.  Additionally, I may still put up bonus material and other 3D art and possible comics, which would be free, as Smashwords doesn’t allow internal images of a suggestive nature.  Also, Patreon will just allow people who appreciate my work to show extra support.

Over time, I’ll see where things settle.  I hope I can end up with a nice income on Smashwords.  Before they gave me the final boot, my Amazon sales were up to almost $100 a day, between traditional and Kindle Unlimited.  I doubt I’ll be able to come close to that on Smashwords for a long time, but it wouldn’t be the first time in my life I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

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