Final Shutdown

So Amazon went ahead and issued the final notice that they’re shutting my account down (not surprising).  Still no additional information as to WHY they find Hypnotic Condition so offensive.  They didn’t provide any details, and so the only possible conclusion is that they don’t want any hypnosis themed work, even if the sex within in consensual.  Either that, or it really is just a random game of whack-a-mole where they’ll just eventually ban any erotica if you go on long enough.

Anyway, stuff will start appearing here.  Since they terminated the agreement (effective immediately, so they’re serious) that also means that the KDP Select agreement is also terminated, so hey, I’ll be putting that stuff up here.

Once again, I’d like to remind people that if you do like my work, PLEASE head on over to Patreon and pledge, even at a lower level.  It’s a way to know that I’ll still be able to reach my audience, and that they feel that my work is of a quality that they feel is worth paying for.  Rather than giving it to Amazon like in the past, give it to me.

Also, the first Patron only reward is up.  It’s a sneek peak at the first chapter of Hypnotic Relation, sequel to Hypnotic Condition.  Story must be good if Amazon doesn’t want it, no?

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