Chapter 2 of Interface is up

True to my words, I’m pacing myself a bit more on releases, but it’s about time for the next one.  I actually had all the writing done weeks ago, but I wanted to have some more time to play around with the images.

Quick link to the story itself.

This was mostly because Daz3d, the software I use for my rendering, recently got iRay support, and it’s a pretty awesome package.  You may notice a slight difference in the way the images look this time compared to chapter one, and I’m not just talking about the fact that Becks’ hair is so much longer now that she’s let it down (sorry, that’s just life in 3D art world.. nobody has actually made a set of 5 hairs that are all the same head in different styles, it’s like each one was expected to be a completely different person, it’s annoying).

Anyway, I’ve spent a few weeks getting comfortable with iRay rendering, and frankly it’s kind of awesome.  The light is just so much more detailing, so I’ll probably continue with that for the time being.  Some part of me is really tempted to make chapter 3 a full comic book, just so I can up the amount I get to play around.

We’ll see.  One way or another, I plan to release more of this story, we’ll see what the format is when we get there.

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