New Release

So, there’s two words I haven’t put together in like, a year.  After a long, long break, I’ve finally released something new.  I’ve decided to start a new project, rather than just picking up one of my old ones (although some of the old ones should continue, at some point).  It’s also completely free, and I’ll be hosting it here.

The story is called Interface, and it’s got a lot of my favorite (and most prevalent, some might say) elements, a Mind Control chair, human programming, and cute girls being forced to wear sexy clothing.  Good stuff.  Like most of my stories, it’s not just all sex all the time, so fair warning, there’s none in the first Chapter.  This one serves more to introduce characters and what’s going on, but I always think that serves to make it even better once they get down to business.

Interface – Chapter 1

As mentioned before, I’ve also started making pictures of events in the story, but they’re not essential to enjoy the plot.  Rather, I think they help serve to convey what I’m imagining, and also I think many of them are sexy as hell.  They also help me maintain focus, and I’m hoping that it’s a good balance between just a plain old text story, and a true comic (which as I mentioned, don’t have the time to do regularly).

Each chapter should have a number of images conveying significant plot points, and I may also put up some “promo” images as well, depending on the chapter and my mood.  The first one doesn’t have anything that I’d consider a good promo image, but starting with Chapter 2 I’m making a few just as I compile things in my rendering setup.  Chapter 2 will hopefully post this week.

As always, please feel free to either leave a comment, or send me an email at  I love hearing from people.

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